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The album Radost by Peter Kizak features Jewish folk music from the Slovak Republic in modern renditions.

Songs on this recording are Shalom Rav / Hojnost Mieru, Unser Nigdnl / Nasa melodia, Eliezer a Rivka, Papir is doch / papier je Predsa, Chanukah, Lomir, Sabbath, Tumba, Tapuach Zahav / Pomaranc, Moyshele / Maly Mojsis, Purim, As Der Rebe / A Ked Rabin, Hava Nagila / Podme Radujme Sa, Shpilche Mir / Hraj Mi, and Kholem / Sen.

This cassette was recorded, produced and manufactured in the Slovak Republic and imported to America by It's All Relative.

Available on cassette, Radost sells for $9.00 plus shipping and handling.

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