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Krjacok Laliovy

 Krjacok Laliovy

Fans of Carpatho-Rusyn music will love the singing of Anna Servicka on the cassette Krjacok Laliovy

Anna is accompanied by traditional folk instruments and strings of Sarisan on this lively album of folk favorites from eastern Slovakia. If you're a fan of Sarisan, you will quickly add this to your favorites list.

Songs on the cassette include Krjacok Laliovy, Za Dunaj, Mamko Moja, keby Som ja Muza mala, Povedz Mi Povedz, Biela Ruza V Pohariku, Ej Kukucka Kukala, Mala Matka Tri Krasne Dcery, A Na Hore Biely Orgovan, Zelena jedlicka, Kapura Kapura, Za Dedinou Pri Mlyne, Z mestecka Do Mlyna, Dvanasta Hodina, prisla karta, A V Lete V Lete, A Ta Nasa Zahradocka, Bite Ma Rezte Ma, Islo Dievca Z Pola, Polana Polana, Kalina, Ide Postar Ide, and Parada Parada.

Song titles in the liner notes appear both in Rusyn and Roman letters.

This cassette was recorded, produced and manufactured in the Slovak Republic and imported to America by It's All Relative.

Available on cassette, this recording sells for $9.00 plus shipping and handling.

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