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Vilo Mesko of Terchova

 Vilo Mesko

The recording Na Terchovskom Moste by Vilo Mesko features authentic Slovak Folk Music from Terchova, done in the very unique style of the village including quite a few of the traditional folk instruments.

If you are looking for old style traditional music from the area of Terchova, this is a very good choice.

Songs on the cassette include Suhalko Od Meskov, Na Terchovskom Moste, A Veru Po Jeden, Na Tej Luce Na Zelenej, Hej ked Vojacik Narukoval, To Nase Humienko vetrik Prefukuje, veru Som Ja Chlapec, Sluzil Som Ja U Tkaca, Ked Som Ja Cez Trencin Masiroval, Mysli Ze Ked Ma Dlhe Vlasy, Isla Jedna Stara Baba, Pockajze Ty Kucerava, A veru Po Jeden, Pod Horou Je Over Drobny, Horela Horicka, Moci Dievca Konope, Jeden Dva Tri Styri, V Nedelu Nadranom, Boze Boze Co Si Mi Dal, A Veru Terchovci Hanba Prevlicka, and more.

There are extensive liner notes in Slovak.

This cassette was recorded, produced and manufactured in the Slovak Republic and imported to America by It's All Relative.

Available on cassette, Na Terchovskom Moste sells for $9.00 plus shipping and handling.

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