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Mickey Zahurak

Mickey's One-Man Band features authentic early Slovak and Carpatho-Rusyn songs as sung in Slovinky and other Slovak and Carpatho-Rusyn villages in the old country. His music has the flavor of the immigrant mining towns of Pennsylvania.

 Slovak Favorites
Mickey's One-Man Band brings you some real "gathered in the back yard with family and friends" Slovak folk music with accordian and vocals by Mickey Zahurak. His love for the music of his ancestors shines through beautifully in Slovak Favorites.

You can find Mickey as a strolling troubadour at restaurants in the Reading, Pennsylvania area.

Songs on the CD are Ja Som Sirotek, a Czardas medley, Pod Tym Nasim Okeneckom, Tancuj Tancuj, Studenka, Parobek Z Kapusan, Zahorami, Tancovala Julianka, Cinglingi Bom, Zomrela Ciganka, Za Hory Lesy, Mila Moja, Zakukala Kukuvocka, Pri Studenke, Dobra Noc Ma Mila, and a Slovak medley.

Available on CD, this recording sells for $16.00 plus shipping and handling. A lyrics sheet is enclosed with the CD.

 Slovak Favorites by Mickey's One-Man Band

 Slovak Festival Songs
Mickey Zahurak is a familiar face at Slovak Festivals. Join him in singing Slovak Festival Songs. To help you join in the songs, a sing-a-long lyrics sheet is enclosed with Slovak Festival Songs.

The lilting melodies and everyday lyrics of these folk songs transports you back to the early days our grandparents would gather together to sing on a Sunday afternoon, before facing the coming work week.

Songs on the CD include Nad Tratrou Blyska, Slovak Som A Slovak Budem, Vezmi Zajdu, Vidala Mamicka, Hore Vahom, Hej Pod Krivinom, Pridi Janik Premileny, Zasadil Som Ceresienku, Pridity Suhajko, Pri Presporku Na Dunaji, Kto Za Pravdu Hori, and Dobru Noc Ma Mila.

Available on CD, this recording sells for $16.00 plus shipping and handling and includes a lyrics sheet.

 Slovak Festival Songs by Mickey's One-Man Band

 Slovak Wedding Memories
The album, Slovak Wedding Memories is a collection of songs you could expect to hear at almost every down home Slovak wedding reception. Mickey's One-Man Band captures the spirit and tradition of a Slovak wedding reception.

Mickey Zahurak presents the music as was heard in American Legion, Falcon, and Sokol Halls all over America at the Saturday night wedding reception. The only thing missing is the food, open bar, and Rolling Rock.

A real highlight of the CD is Na Pondelok Rano (On Monday Morning) with the song done with both Slovak and English verses. Find out what you really singing all those years. Lyrics are included for you to sing along.

Songs on the CD include Cepenie (the Bridal Veil Song), Redovy (the traditional Slovak Bridal Dance), Trencianske Hodiny, Slovenske Mamicky, Hej Lucka Siroka, Ked Komara Zenili, Katarina, A Od Presova, Okolo Levoci, Mariana, Od Ungvara, Ej Haj, Na Pondelok Rano, On a Monday Morning, and everyones favorite, Hej Slovaci.

Available on CD, this recording sells for $16.00 plus shipping and handling. A lyrics sheet is included.

 Slovak Wedding Memories by Mickey's One-Man Band

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