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Some artists that will appear here are Grammy nominee Del Sinchak, Eddie Vallus Band, Joe Fedorchak, Mike Wojtila and the Entertainers, Johnny Vadnal, Bob Kravos, Harry Faint, The Johnny Pastirik Combo, Fred Kuhar, Fred Gregorich and the Del Fi's, Eddie Rodick, Frankie Spetich, Joey Miskulin, The Mahoning Valley Button Box Club, The Magic Buttons, Joe Toriskie, Freddie Zwich, Bob Turcola, Tom Brusky, The Zolka Brothers Band, and the WEWL Battle of the Polka Bands.

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 Sunshine by Del Sinchak
The Del Sinchak Band was 1999 Grammy Nominee for the Polka Album of the Year with their album, Let The Sunshine In.

Songs on the Grammy nominated album include Let the Sunshine In, Mimi, Sunflower Waltz, You Are the One, Happy Polka, I'm Sorry Waltz, Come Over My friend, Oh johnny Oh, Flat Iron, Agnus Waltz, Good Neighbor, I Have A Lovely Girlfriend, Hank's Nest, and I Like the Way You Walk.

Musicians and vocalists on the Album are Del Sinchak (Acordian), Danny Klamica (Accordian / Keyboard), Bob Smrecansky (Drums), Joe Colapietra (Sax / Wind Controller), Paul Jacobson (Guitar), and Cliff Grossen (Bass).

Also performing vocals on the album are Jim Hoolihan and Our Girls comprised of Helen Sinchak, Dorothy Hock, Betty Grossen, Sandy Jacobson, and Allegro Colapietro.

On the Button Box are Ray Kovac and Al Romain. The album was engineered and mixed by Gary Rhamy and produced by Del Sinchak.

This 1999 Grammy nominated album is available on cassette for $9.00 and CD for $15.00.

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