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Slovaks all over the world recognize the name Slovakaires as one synonymous with good Slovak singing.

We invite you to browse through some great Slovak Music done by the Slovakaires, who are joined by Aristocrats, The Andy Carroll Trio, and The Knights of Harmony in some spectacular Slovak song.

We have the new Slovakaires Favorites CD available.

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Remember Slovakia

Chardas Treasury

Christmas With The Slovakaires

Souvenir Latin Mass

Something Special

Time to Shine

Go Wild Chardas

John Antonich, John Bjalobok, Joseph Kovach, George Pacasa, and George Rohal are the members of the Slovakaires.

In an article published by the Jednota, the newspaper summed up the Slovakaires very well in one sentence, "Slovak som a Slovak budem - the Slovakaires."

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