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 Remember Slovakia
The cassette, Remember Slovakia was the fourth recording done by the Slovakaires and is loaded with classic Slovak folk songs including a wonderful version of Hej Slovaci.

The popularity and longevity of the Slovak Classics sometimes tends to breed over-familiarity which lessens their impact. The smooth, natural, and compelling singing style of the Slovakaires gives these classics a fresh and exciting sound, a polish and vitality as new as today.

The Slovakaires are joined by the Andy Carroll Trio on Remember Slovakia. The trio consists of Andy Carroll, Mike Goga, and Bucky Banyas.

Although each village, town, and zupa in Slovakia may have had their traditional songs, many of these have blossomed into national favorites and are sung throughout the Slovak Republic and the world because a Slovak folk hit has no geographical bounds and is sung wherever there is a Slovak.

Songs on the album include Hej Slovaci, Kto Za Pravdu Hori, Pridi Janik, Tancuj Tancuj, Preletela Prepelicka Prosa, Boleraz Boleraz, Hej Andy's Oberek, Ten Sarissky Zamok, Hej Pod Krivanom, Stary Nas, Pasol Jano, Tariara, Pridi Ty Suhajko, Flirtation, Sedemdesiat Sukien, Tecie Voda, Vodu Vodu, Hej Javor Javor, Ja Parobok Od Mihalovec, Moje Mile Premilene, Anicka Dusicka, Scarpie's Polka, and Redovy - the Slovak Wedding Dance.

Available on cassette, this recording sells for $9.00 plus shipping and handling.

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