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Chardas Treasure

 Chardas Treasure
The cassette, Chardas Treasure, is an great choice for anyone who loves the unusual zest and spice of the Slovak Chardas.

To the Slovak, the word Chardas brings to mind a montage of gaiety, camaraderie, whirling skirts and restless feet, reminiscence of years of tradition, the incomparable expressiveness of the chardas, the Slovak passion for lifeand love as expressed in the refrains of these songs.

In Slovakia, music and dance comes as natural as eating and sleeping. Music is an integral part of every Slovak's life and the chardas is a favorite dance step.

Perhaps, the most significant reason for the popularity of the Slovak chardas is its distinctive beat. This is music with a definite feeling. The songs on this album reflect the true musical mood of Old Slovakia.

The Slovakaires are joined by the Aristocrats on Chardas Treasure.

Songs on the album include Susedovo, Keby Ja Mal, Cie Su To Kone, Nestickaj Mi, Chardase Four, Hej Ked Sa Janicko Na Vojnu Bral, Nechod Janku, Dobra Noc Ma Mila, Nad Tatrou, Ej Pada Rosicka, Slovensky Chardas, Anicka Dusicka Nekasli, Chodieval By Ja K Vam, Sadla Muska Na Konarik, Tota Helpa, and many more.

Available on cassette, this recording sells for $9.00 plus shipping and handling.

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