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Time to Shine

 Time to Shine

The Slovakaires feature The Aristocrats on Time to Shine. Time to Shine says it all and best describes the Aristocrats whose members are truly stars in the music world.

A Real highlight on this cassette is Na Pondelok Rano or in English, On Monday Morning.

John Antonivich, producer and director has done it again with this memorable collection of songs and music that will please those of Slovak heritage and will instill pride in the mother country, the Slovak Republic.

John, who is the driving force behind the scenes and who sings bass, recognizes the need to keep Slovak music and tradition alive for future generations.

Joseph Kovach, who also sings bass, is the dynamo who sees that the words and music are authentic. Joe is the only memv=ber of the Slovakaires that was born in Slovakia. He truly understands and interprets the feeling necassary to move the heart to sing and the feet to dance.

John Bjalobok sings lead for the Slovakaires. His solos are truly done with pride and feeling that has produced a quality sound that can be instantly recognized as Slovakaire. Follow his lead and join in singing along. It's your Time to Shine.

Songs on this cassette include Dajce Me Mamocko, Tancovala, Clarinet Chardas, Cez Zelene Zitko, Helenko, Nieto Krajsie, Mala Ja Muza, Pomiknuj Se, Kozi Polka, Na Pondelok Rano, Crazy Pony Polka, Ked Som Isel Pres Ten Les Ked Som Kvam Chodieval, Ja Parobok Z Kapusian, Esce Si Ja Chardas, Do Dolinu Tecie Voda Chardasio, Nebudem Nebudem, Dobry Vecer, Drifting Away Waltz, Zakukala Kukovocka, and Mala Som Frajera.

Available on cassette, this recording sells for $9.00 plus shipping and handling.

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