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Celebrating their 25th anniversary in the year 2000, the official Folklorna Skupina (folklore group) from Slovinky, Slovakia, is finally available on CD. These songs (except perhaps the religious songs) originated in the village of Slovinky, according to a Slovinka member, and are among those sung at Festival performances. The Skupina is composed of members ranging in age from teens to sixties who meet weekly for practice. They sing and dance at festivals in Sloviakia and perform for civic and other occasions. Part of the group is pictured in authentic Slovinky costume on the Vol.1 CD. Character dolls in the popular amusing folk art style are shown on the Vol.2. CD.

The lyrics and melodies of those old songs have been collected from the old folks and brought to life by Slovinka. Some lyrics are startling in their frankness, as in "Ej Skare Ta Boze" (May God Curse You!), some utilize symbolism with sensitivity as in Vysoka Jedlicka (The Tall Tree). The lyrics provide a real glimpse into the hearts of our forbears as they went about their daily life, expressing the anguish of loss as in "Ej Ked Ja Isla" which describes the heartache of a young wife left behind when her husband left for America. There are also the "roasting" songs sung by exuberant wedding guests as in "Just you wait, Marinko"! or simply nonsense songs such as "Titilombom," or seasonal and religious songs. Many of the songs are sad, because as Maria, a member of the group, said, times were often very hard for the people.

The songs are sung in the dialect spoken there around 1900, some call it "ponasomu," others "po Rusnakovy" or "Rusyn." If you do not understand the dialect, the loosely translated English version will enable you to enjoy and appreciate the songs and even sing along with many of them.

The original analog recordings were made informally at practice sessions in Slovinky just to share some of their songs with relatives in the States. On Vol.2 there is some distortion due to singing too close to the microphone, but all of the songs can easily be understood. Sound editing was kept to a minimum to retain the original flavor. The original lyrics and melodies are just too good not to be shared with others who are eager to get a better "feel" for the real heart of their ancestors who lived, loved and died there in the eastern Slovakia and the Carpatho-Rus area. We feel this is a real collector's item for those who already love our heritage or for those who wish to learn more about it. Music reveals the heart of a people.

 Slovinka zo Sloviniek Volume 2

In the old days wedding guests in the procession to and from the bride's house amused themselves by singing these and other related songs.

These were often of the "roasting" kind with the bride and/or groom being the object of their humor.

Songs 1 through 12 deal with wedding traditions beginning with the wedding guests in procession following the groom in search of his bride, through the removing of the bride's "partu," the symbolic headdress of the maiden, to the final song sung by some guests who have had a lovely time and a bit too much and are now ready to head for home.

Ked se u Mladoho (When at the Bridegroom's Home)
Puste ze Nas (Invite Us In)
Pomaly Mna Vedte (Lead Me Slowly)
Do Kostela Jedno (To the Church Went One)
Partu Snaty (Removing the Partu)
Nasej Mladej Chyza(At Our Bride's House)
A Ket Mi se Rozletime(If We Rush Off)
Ej na Nasej Luky(In Our Meadow)
Ne Cepte Mna Mamo (Don't "Bonnet" Me, Mama)
*Cekaj Ty Marinko (Just You Wait, Marinko)
Us Lem Se Vidala (Now That I Am Married)
Dobri Nam tu Bulo Buty(It Was Great to Be Here)

Song 13 is Mnohaja Lita (Many Years), the traditional wishes for many ahppy, healthy years.

Songs 14-17 on the CD are Christmas Eve Caroling and greetings in the Carpatho-Rusyn tradition of Slovinky.

Ztamtej Strany Jarka (The Other Side of the Stream)
Lem Jedna Hvizdocka (Only One Star)
Predivna Novina (Amazing News)
Vjincovana (Greetings and Good Wishes)

The next two tracks are New Year's songs.

Stary Ruk Isol (The Old Year Has Gone)
Pobubnovany (Noise Making);

The last three tracks include songs for fun.

Pila Palenky (She Drank Spirits)
Hopa Cupa, (Nonsense)
A lullabye, Lu Lu Lu
Isol Kohut Z Kraju (Rooster Left the Old Country)

The lyrics and catchy melodies really bring to life the old days --making you want to don your "Chizhmi," dancing boots, and join the party.

This CD was recorded and produced in the Slovak Republic and published in America. Lyrics in Rusyn along with English translation are included with the CD.

Available on CD, this recording sells for $16.00 plus shipping and handling.

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 Slovinka zo Sloviniek Volume 1

The song titles are actually the first few words of the song, and are loosely translated into English along with the Rusyn lyrics included with the CD. Sing along and know what you are singing.

Slovinka zo Sloviniek, Vol.1 contains 15 folk songs from Slovinky. Tracks 1 - 3 address the heartbreak of the emigrant and those he left behind. On tracks 4 - 15 are folk songs about village life including curses on a fickle lover.

Songs on the CD along with English translation are:

Ket Se Slovjak do Cudziny Poberal (As a Slovak Was Leaving Home)
Ej Ket Ja Isla Vcera (As I was Going Homeward)
Kanada Je Rozsirena (Canada Is Very Wide)
Vysoka Lisocka (A High Tree)
Vysoka Jedlicka (Under A Tall Fir Tree)
Boze Boze (Lord, Lord)
Zdaleka Ja Poznam (I Can Recognize My Sweetheart From Afar)
Ale Si Muj Mily (Although You Are My Sweetheart)
Titi Lom Bom (Titi Lom Bom)
Ach Hanicko Nase (Ach, Our Annie)
Parubci se Zente (Young Men Get Married)
Spite Lude Spite (Sleep, People, Sleep On)
Poracaska Dolina (The Porac Valley)
Paci Se Mi (My Sweetheart Pleases Me)
Ej Skare Ta (Oh, Curse You)

This CD was recorded and produced in the Slovak Republic and published in America. Lyrics in Rusyn along with English translation are included with the CD.

Available on CD, this recording sells for $16.00 plus shipping and handling.

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