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A Slovak Christmas

The Slovak tradition of the Jaslickare is one of the most prominent Christmas customs of the Slovak people.

Roman Niznik and Aurelia Hvizdos brings this Slovak tradition to your home for Christmas.

The carols on the CD include Cujte Bratkovia, Co to Znamena, Povedzte Nam Pasterovia, Do Mesta Bethlehema, Narodil Sa Spasitel, O Svata Noc, Vesele Vanocne Hody, Pospeste Sem Pastuskovia, Anjel Nam Priniesol, Narodil Sa Kristus Pan, Jak Si Kras Ne Nevinniatko, Hore Bratia, Tich Noc, and Cas Ra Dosti Veselostl.

Roman Niznik and Aurelia Hvizdos are joined by the American Slovak Carolers on this holiday treat.

Available on CD, this recording sells for $15.00 plus shipping and handling.

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What better way to spend a A Slovak Christmas than with the Slovakaires at Saint Mark's Roman Catholic Church singing carols on Christmas Eve and then celebrating the birth of Christ at Midnight Mass.

The production of A Slovak Christmas by the Slovakaires filled with carols and hymns of praise is undoubtedly the most pleasing and satisfying accomplishments of the group. Nurtured in the music of the Church since early boyhood as impish choirboys, many a harried nun-organist toiled long and weary hours teaching them, particularly the hymns from that "Bible" of Slovak Hymns, the Kvietky.

The Slovakaires recorded this music at Saint Mark's Church putting you there with them for Midnight Mass. In anticipation of the coming of the Lord, Saint Mark's Church and its pastor, Reverend John J. Sima, continue the ancient custom of singing Hosanna to the new born Jesus and singing Slovak carols before Midnight Mass.

The organ accompaniment is by Sister M. Eugene Prokop O.S.F. of the School Sisters of Saint Francis, Bellvue, Pennsylvania. She has served as both teacher and organist at all the parishes served by her order. She studied under Montani and Rossini, and graduated from the Duquesne School of Music, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Vocal arrangements on the recording are by Mildred Antonich, the Slovakaires vocal arranger and rehearsal Accompanist.

Side one features some of the more popular, festive, and happy songs of the Christmas season interspersed with the seldom heard Latin Proper of the Midnight Mass. The dedication and devotion of the Slovak people to the Sacred Heart and Blessed Mother is reflected in the hymns on side two.

Hymns and carols on the album include Narodil Sa Kristu Pan, Introitus, Dnesny Den Sa Radujme, S Touzebnostou Pri Cgadzame, Graduale, Co Je To Za Svit, Do Hory Do Lesa Valasi, Offertorium, Narodil Sa Kristus V Bethleheme, Pasli Ovce Valasi, Communio, Ticha Noc Svata Noc, O Matko Krista, Podte K Srdcu Najsvatejsiemu, Krasna Si Maria, Adoro Te, O Maria Radost, O Jak Sa Sladko Spieva, and Zdravas Bud Maria.

Available on cassette, this recording sells for $9.00 plus shipping and handling.

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 Button Box Christmas
Frankie Spetich and his Orchestra invites you to a Button Box Christmas with Mom and Dad.

The recording is a wonderful blend of traditional Christmas carols and Christmas polka and waltz tunes.

Many of these Christmas carols you have heard hundreds of times before but never done on the button box accordian.

The cassette is a real holiday treat.

The songs on the cassette include Pop's Polka, Silent Night, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Silver Bells, When I Meet You Waltz, O Tannenbaum, Christmas Polka, Angelesko Peje, Cescena Si Marija, Winter Wonerland, Mom and Pop Waltz, and Auld Lang Syne.

Available on cassette, this recording sells for $8.00 plus shipping and handling.

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 A Tiny Child Will Come
Jesus' Awesome Musicians has released a CD of Christmas Music.

Randall Kopchak who has done most of the on line music for the Christmas in Slovakia area and our genealogical research pages at It's All Relative is a member of J.A.M.

If you have enjoyed his on line music, you will love this Christmas collection from Jesus' Awesome Musicians, their second CD.

The songs on the cassette include Carol of the Bells - RealAudio Track, A Tiny Child, Angels We Have Heard on High, Candlelight Carol, For Unto Us a Child Is Born, O Holy Night, Light in the Darkness, What Child is This, Do You Accept the Lord, Still Still Still, and Night of Silence

This recording sells for $8.00 plus shipping and handling on cassette or $10.00 plus shipping and handling on CD.

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