National Slovak Society

50th Anniversary
of the 19th Regular Convention
Youngstown, Mahoning County, Ohio
August 5-10, 1946


After the bloodless revolution of the Czechs at Prague and the proclamation of the Czecho-Slovak state on October 28, 1918, over 300 Slovak patriots from Kosice to Bratislava, met at St. Martin on the Turiec on October 30, 1918, and issued a manifesto declaring the independence of the Slovaks and in favor of the union of the Slovaks with the Czechs.

The manifesto, known as "The Declaration of St. Martin", bears the signatures of Matus Dula and Karol Medvecky, the president and secretary, respectively, of the then Slovak National Party.

Among these leaders are found the great Slovak nationalists of that era: Dr. Karol Kmetko, now Archbishop at Nitra, Dr. Jur Janoska, now Bishop of the Evangelical Church at St. Mikulas, Dr. Jan Vojtassak, now Catholic Bishop in Spisske Podhrade, Dr. Emil Stodola, a lawyer and statesman, Dr. Stefan Krcmery, a historian, and Dr. Ferdinand Juriga, a clergyman.

The National Slovak Society is very active in America today. For the latest information on the National Slovak Society visit the official National Slovak Society Web Site "Where Fraternal Benefits And Financial Security Have Met Since 1890".

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