National Slovak Society

50th Anniversary
of the 19th Regular Convention
Youngstown, Mahoning County, Ohio
August 5-10, 1946


Youngstown District Assembly

In 1937, the Hazleton Convention enacted by-laws for the establishment of district assemblies in the 26 states in the Union and in the several provinces in Canada where the Society has lodges, so that the assemblies and circles of each district, as one large united body, might function more effectively and with greater unanimity in charitable, benevolent, humanitarian or society matters, which particularly concern the members who belong to such assemblies and circles.

The Youngstown District Assembly, known as the Seventh District, was organized on September 11, 1938 at a meeting held in Youngstown. Representatives from 26 subordinate assemblies and about the same number of circles attended.

The officers elected follow: Andrew Palencar, President; John Slivka, First Vice-President; Andrew Matta, Second Vice-President; George Puhalla, Secretary; Stephen Kubicko, Treasurer; John Antal, George Kovac, and Joseph Nemetz, Auditors.

Our district assembly bears the name of Jan Slovensky, as patron that great Slovak nationalist, a contemporary of Rovnianek and Wolf, who played such a prominent role in the early life of the Slovaks in America.

A year or so later, about a half of the assemblies and circles allocated to this district, upon application made by them to the Supreme Assembly, were permitted to establish a separate district with its seat in Bellaire, Ohio, as a result of which the Youngstown District Assembly now consists of Assembly 8 and Circle 49 at Youngstown, Assembly 13 and Circle 301 at Beaver Falls, Pa., Assembly 64 and Circle 47 at Struthers, Assembly 205 and Circle 134 at Wampum, Pa., Assembly 232 at Sheffield, Pa., Assembly 262 at Sharon, Pa., Assembly 314 and Circle 338 at Youngstown, Assembly 528 and Circle 178 at Farrell, Pa., Assembly 611 and Circle 68 at Youngstown, Assembly 722 and Circle 283 at Campbell, Assembly 731 and Circle 297 at Warren, Assembly 742 and Circle 316 ac Newton Falls, Assembly 755 and Circle 362 at Leavittsburg, and Assembly 765 and Circle 435 at Youngstown.

One of our district assembly's greatest achievements is the "Fraternal Day" held annually, under its auspices, in one of the city's parks, to rekindle the fraternal spirit and to do honor to the National Slovak Society, as the oldest and foremost fraternal benefit: society of the Slovaks in America. These days have grown from year to year and each occasion has been graced by the presence of an outstanding Slovak dignitary, such as Col. Vladimir Hurban, the then Ambassador of the Republic of Czecho-Slovakia to the United States of America; Dr. Jan Papanek, then Consul-General of CzechoSlovakia at New York; Dr. Jan Slavik, then a member of the Czecho-Slovak Government-in-Exile in London; Maj. Jan Ambrus, Wing Commander in the Czecho-Slovak Air Corps. Each such occasion has also been graced by the presence of a Supreme Officer -- President V. S. Platek has thrice appeared as a speaker, Secretary R. J. Pallan, then Treasurer Michael Schram, Trustee John Prepelitza, Vice,President Joseph Saladiak, Editor Joseph Zary and Legal Advisor John A. Willo have each appeared, at least once, as speakers. Some of the programs have been broadcast over stations WKBN and WFMJ, all to the glory of the Nationai Slovak Society.

Among the outstanding Americans of Slovak ancestry in our district who are members of the National Slovak Society are found: among the Catholic Clergy, Rev. Joseph L. Kostik, D.S.T.; among the lawyers, John A. Willo and Paul Vansuch; among the doctors, Francis G. Kravec, M.D., Toseph B, Kupec, M.D., Martin P. Mahrer, M.D., and Michael J. Sunday, M.D.; among the merchants, Michael A. Buddie, Michael Cvengros, Martin Dolak, Joseph Dravecky, Charles A. Felice, James Hovorka, Paul Judin, and Michael Volosin; among the undertakers, Albert Kubina, Andrew Podolsky, Joseph F. Schultz and Joseph G. Vaschak; among the bankers, Milan Salva and John Kovac; among the realtors and insurance brokers, Joseph J. Schromofsky and Michael Bobby and among the printers, Matthew Mraz. Our District Assembly takes just Pride in their membership -- as each of them is an outstanding American, a recognized leader in his chosen profession or life's work.

The activities and achievements of our district assembly have proven the wisdom of the creation of district assemblies by the Hazleton Convention.

The incumbent officers are: Joseph J. Schromofsky, President; Frank Hudik, Vice-President; Matthew Zelinsky, Second Vice-President; Joseph Granchie, Secretary; Stephen Hriniak, Treasurer; John Scavnicky, John Basista and Joseph Nemetz, Auditors.

The National Slovak Society is very active in America today. For the latest information on the National Slovak Society visit the official National Slovak Society Web Site "Where Fraternal Benefits And Financial Security Have Met Since 1890".

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