Old Homes of New Americans


While much of this book is the result of personal observation and study of the people in the countries herein described, I desire to render especial acknowledgments:

to Professor Morfill's Poland in The Story of the Nations series;

to Professor Vambery's Story of Hungary in the same series;

to Count Liitzow's History of Bohemia;

to Miss A. M. Birkbeck's Gleanings from Eastern Europe;

to Our Slavic Fellow Citizens, by Professor Emily Greene Balch;

to The Whirpool of Europe, by Archibald R. Colquhoun and Ethel Colquhoun ;

to Dr. Julius de Vargha, Director of Statistics of the Kingdom of Hungary, for his illuminating book on Hungary;

to Races and Immigrants in America, by Professor John R. Commons;

to Aliens or Americans? by Dr. Howard B. Grose;

to the Reports of the Commissioner-General of Immigration of the United States for 1911 and 1912;

to President Taft and to former President (Theodore) Roosevelt and others for letters of introduction that opened to me many sources of information.

F. E. C.

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