Old Homes of New Americans

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As part of our efforts to present different perspectives on the life of your ancestors and the time they lived in we present Old Homes of New Americans, published in 1913.

The book attempts to explain to America exactly who are all these people called Austro-Hungarians and where are they coming from?

The book is written in a third party perspective, not from the point of view of a person explaining who he is. In it you will find misinformation and stereotypes that were typical of the time it was written with a little religious bias added in places.

We do not endorse all statements made in the book but offer it as a source of better understanding of the time in which it was written.

Old Homes of New Americans

The Country and the People of the Ausro-Hungarian Monarchy and Their Contribution to the New World

By Francis E. Clark
Author of The Continent of Oppurtunity, A New Way Around the Old World, Christian Endeavors in All Lands, etc.

Boston and New York
Houghton Mifflin Company
The Riverside Press Cambridge

Published February 1913



Introduction - Why This Book Was Written

Chapter 1 - The Austro-Hungarian Monarchy as a Whole - Preliminary Statement

Chapter 2 - The Romantic Story of Bohemia and Moravia

Chapter 3 - Country Life in Bohemia and Moravia

Chapter 4 - The People Without a Country

Chapter 5 - Some Polish Writers

Chapter 6 - Polish Country Life in Ancient Days

Chapter 7 - The Poles in America

Chapter 8 - Our Ruthenian Neighbors and Their Old Home

Chapter 9 - Where Sea and Mountain Marry

Chapter 10 - Hungary, the Land of the Free and the Brave

Chapter 11 - Hungary - the America of the Old World

Chapter 12 - The Croats in Croatia and America

Chapter 13 - The Slovenians and Their Contribution to America

Chapter 14 - Our Neighbors The Slovaks at Home

Chapter 15 - On the Easternmost Edge of Austria-Hungary - The Buckowina and Transylvania

Chapter 16 - The Great Cities of the Dual Monarchy

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