Our Slavic Fellow Citizens - 1910

Slovak Emigration
Chapter VI


For livelihood the main dependence is agriculture.

Agricultural work is the main occupation, that is, including stock raising, but all on a very small scale. As in Russia, the mechanics and factory hands and the wandering peddlers and workers are in most cases simply peasants temporarily employed otherwise than in their fields.

The thickly settled village, which to American eyes suggests town life, is surrounded by land belonging to the houses and employing men and women alike. Population is not dense absolutely, but take into consideration the character of the soil, the amount of land held in large estates (and this is apt to be the best situated), the amount that is in woodland or otherwise unfit for tillage, the degree of subdivision of property, the primitive methods and the frequent indebtedness, and it is not hard to understand why, as Hurban Vayansky's pathetic song of the wandering Slovak says, "Our native village does not give bread to her children."


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