Our Slavic Fellow Citizens - 1910

Slovak Emigration
Chapter VI

Village Life of Today

But of more interest than romantic ruins and traditions is the living variety of the people today. The villages, while sometimes dreary, are often full of life and charm. As a quiet pond is a common feature of a South Bohemian village, characteristic of a Slovak village is a brook running through its midst. It is peopled by geese, now newly plucked and dismal, by playing children and by women knee-deep in the cold water pounding their linen on little wooden stands. Willows and a foot bridge, and a wagoner watering his horse before he drives through the shallow ford, perhaps complete the picture.

If it is a town and not a village, there may be a church, occasionally of some architectural pretensions, and perhaps a good deal else of historical interest, but as the remains af the old wall that kept out the Turks in their day, with a stone cannon ball embedded in its side; the former gallows hill; and an old linden which now shades the image of a Christian saint but under which a heathen god may once have been worshipped (for the linden is the sacred tree of the Slavs).


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