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Bryan Palus 1/1/88

Of course, I'm looking for a relative. Plenty of them. Just back from the Palus family reunion up in New Jersey. About 300 people of the Palus Clan showed up. And there are hundreds more scattered around the good old USA who could not make it to the gathering this year.

But my time is growing short. Already I am the first generation of the my Palus branch of the family. All generations who have preceded me have died. Although it may be years, my time is next. And others in the Palus family who might have had knowledge are also passing away, some within the next 6 months.... Therefore I am writing this message and hope that whoever can see this, might be able to direct me to information, about the village of Velky Folkmar, the type of people who lived there at the time and descendants that might exist in the Slovakian region.

Many years ago, somewhere around 1898, A man named Joesph Palus, the surname might be spelled Palush, or it might be spelled Palus with a checkmark at the end. This man Joesph left his wife, family, children and village behind to travel to the New World. Establishing himself in the area of Johnstown, Pennysylvania, (passing through the immigration port of Ellis Island, New York City, New York State, USA), Joseph then sent for his family.

From scraps of information (our family was very close-mouthed about relationships during the many years. we were outsiders trying to gain acceptance in the american culture, and feared persecution and reprisals). Here is the little that I know

Joseph Palus married Anna Grega They had 13 children.

Mary Palus (Grega) born 1894 (?) immigrating to America with her mother in 1899.

Joseph also had a brother and two Sisters .

John Palus married Anna Ficko.

John Palus stated his address upon a birth certificate of his newborn Joseph Palus born November 26, 1908 somewhere around Johnstown, Pennsylvania.

John (brother of Joesph and having a newborn son named Joseph) gave his place of birth as being the village of Velky Folkmar, Spis, Slovakia.

His wife was known as Anna Ficko born in the village of Cahanovce, Abauj, Slovakia

Does this villages still exist. A map showed Velky Folkmar as being no longer in existance. One hundred years ago would they have been cities in an farmland country. What would life have been for these people, were the births and deaths being recorded???

Is the correct spelling of the last name Palus, Palush, or Palus with a checkmark at the end.

Information that might assist with the search would be very much appreciated.


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