Photos of Your Ancestral
Village in the Slovak Republic

What will I get?

You will receive 36 photos from your ancestral village. Size of the photographs are 5 by 7 inches.

How long will it take?

Your photographs will be taken within 8 days of us receiving your payment. Their may be a slight delay if weather conditions are bad. Who wants photos of snow or thunderstorms?

The finished photos will be mailed to you via air from the Slovak Republic. The new air service from the Slovak Republic now promises 5 day delivery to the United States.

Total time would be about two weeks from the time we receive your payment.

What kind of photos can I expect?

You tell us what you want. A typical request would be the village church, the village cemetery, the village school, people on the street, the town hall, houses in the village, and points of special interest. View the sample selection of photographs from the village of Czaslovci in Subcarpathian Rus.

Where can you take photographs?

Any town or village in the Slovak Republic can be photographed. We can also photograph villages in the Carpatho Rus area of Ukraine, Moravian areas of Czech republic or Lemko area of Poland for a surcharge over our rate for the Slovak Republic.

 Area that we can photograph.

Will my pictures have a label telling me what I am looking at?

Your images will be labeled with a description of what is depicted in the photograph.

How can I use the photographs I receive?

You will find the photos will become a family treasure that you will share with friends and family for years to come.

You can use the photographs on your family home page or family village site on the internet with a copyright notice and link back to our photo service. You can't sell the photographs, include them in photo collections for distribution, or use them for commercial purposes. For commercial purposes, please write us for special pricing.

Can you help me find my village?

Current national borders and some of the geographical names are not the same as they were in the past. If you have any problems in locating the place where your ancestors came from, we will try to help you pinpoint the village. You must know the current or past name of the village. We can't do genealogical research for you at this time. We can suggest researchers to help you.

How much will this cost?

Total cost of the 36 photograph set of your village is $129.00 US plus shipping and handling. Payment by check or money order in US funds only. Your payment is sent to a United States address and you have no problems with sending money overseas. A surcharge will apply for villages in Poland, Czech Republic, and Ukraine.

How do I order?

Click on the Order button at the left to review and start your order process.

As a bonus we will provide the addresses of the village mayor and the village priest and a copy of the telephone list with the needed surnames from the villages we photograph.

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