Photos of Your Ancestral
Village in the Slovak Republic

 Mowers from Belejivci
Mowers from Belejivci, Slovakia

Visit the places of your ancestors from the comfort of your home. You can have photos of any village or town in Slovakia, Poland (Lemko Region), and Ukraine (Subcarpathian Rus'). Many American Carpatho-Rusyns, Ukrainians, Jews, Lemkos, and Slovaks have their roots in this area. We will visit these places, photograph them, and provide you with photographs so you will feel as if you actually were there.

 Pious act in Zyndranowa
Pious act in Zyndranowa, Lemko Region

 Metal Crucifixes
Metal Crucifixes, Museum of Lemko Culture, Zyndranowa

 Abandoned Rusyn House in Keckivc
Abandoned Rusyn House in Keckivc

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