Porac, Slovakia

Panoramic view of Porac, Slovakia

The village of Porac, Slovakia

We welcome you to a quick virtual tour of the village of Porac, Spis County, Slovakia thanks to Charles Stanislaw of Raleigh, North Carolina. Charles took the pictures found here on a recent visit back to land of his ancestors. The Stanislav family has lived in the Porac / Koterbach area for over 200 years. Some of the first entries in the Parish Register of Porac include the birth of Maria Stanislaw and Georgius Stanislaw in 1790.

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Stephen Hanuscin of Bardejov has compiled a History of Porac that is most wonderful. Stephen's ancestral home is Porac.

Ladies from Porac, Slovakia

Ladies from Porac - circa 1988

The town of Porac was founded in 1382 and located southeast of Spisska Nova Ves, just past two miles east of Koterbach (now known as Rudnany), in the Carpathian Mountains of eastern Slovakia. It is a Rusyn village that has a large Greek Catholic population.

In 1848 a severe typhus outbreak struck the area and over 100 deaths were recorded during the first three months of the year.

In the late 1870's the first immigrants to America left Porac to settle in Fayette, Westmoreland, and Green Counties in western Pennsylvania.

In 1877 the population of Porac consisted of a little less than 1,400 people with most of them, 1,300, Greek Catholics who attended Saint Demetrius Church, the only church in the town. Between 1880 and 1890 a few more immigrants moved from Porac to America.

Beginning in 1890 and continuing through 1910 more and more of the young people left Porac to settle in America, severely cutting into the population of the area. Some of the immigrants ended up in Canada.

In western Pennsylvania many of these immigrants went to work in the coal mines and coke yards while others began farming the land.

About 1900, many of the immigrant miners left the mines to move to Youngstown, Ohio, and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to work in the steel mills, leaving many of the early mining communities in western Pennsylvania almost deserted.

By 1928 the population of Porac, Slovakia, had fallen to 889 people as much of a generation moved to America.

Village Some homes near Saint Demetrius Church, Porac, Slovakia

From looking at the pictures of Porac, they remind you of the foothills of the Allegheny Mountains in Fayette and Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, where many families immigrated to at the turn of the century. The picture at the above could have been taken in Leisenring or Dunbar, Pennsylvania, with the houses built on the sides of the hills.

Saint Demetrius Church, Porac, Slovakia The Steeple of Saint Demetrius Church

Porac, Slovakia, is the home of Saint Demetrius Greek Catholic Church. Thousands of Byzantine and Orthodox Catholics in the United States can consider this church to be their mother church in the homeland.

Family names found in the Parish Register include Bakoss, Barbush, Bednar, Belley, Biluch, Capak, Czebulya, Durica, Galajda, Fabian, Fiffiik, Gabor, Hanuscin, Hvarim, Kalafut, Kimik, Kolesar, Kopcsak, Kovaly, Kranyak, Litska, Margetka, Maxim, Midlik, Mrozko, Olsavsky, Ondejko, Polkabla, Potsatko, Purda, Rusnak, Sevachko, Sirilla, Smidt, Stanislav, Stecz, Steiner, Stopkovik, Szopko, Uhrain, Varmega, Voytilla, Vrabely, Walkosak, Wojsko and hundreds more.

We invite you to join us in a virtual tour of Saint Demetrius Church in Porac and some history related to it.

The Moxin Family from Porac

The above photo is the Maxsim (Moxsim, Moxin) family originally from the village of Porac and Koterbach, Slovakia. The photo was taken after the family emigrated to Canada.

While many members of the family settled in western Pennsylvania, this branch of the family emigrated to Canada and the photo is a group picture taken in Canada early in the Twentieth Century.

We don't have names for any of these family members so if you can put a name to the faces or know where in Canada they settled, please let us know.

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