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We are surfing in INTERNET

Porac with thousand of inhabitants has own web page

English Translation by Stephen Hanuscin

We are surfing in INTERNET

Porac with thousand of inhabitants has own web page

The village of Porac in Spiska Nova Ves district has one thousand inhabitants but it has extraordinarily interesting page on web. It is due to Charles Stanislav from North Carolina (USA) whose ancestors for more than 200 years have lived in this Spis village.

Because it is now fashionable in America to search family roots, the Stanislav family has also done it.

They have evidently liked the village of Porac, because you can perceive an admiration from the web page of this piece of Slovak country. You will find information about foundation of village, especially about traditional families who had been living in Porac and about the directions the Porac people have migrated to. The author has used the Internet for searching for other emigrants from Porac. He challenges visitors of the web page to send him e-mail information about history of village, especially about the church of St. Demetrius (you can see a virtual tour with pictures). The page has been done unusually well and you can perceive a hand of a professional or at least a skilled layman.

What a pity that it is only in English format only. In fact its purpose is neither to provide practical advice nor to invite strangers to village. It wants to connect people coming from this village and complete, by archived materials and knowledge, a history of Porac and its families.

The article was published on 21.Aug.1998 in the Slovak newspaper of SME. The newspaper SME is available on line in the Slovak language.

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