Photo Show Pro for the Atari Falcon 030

Photo Show Pro supports Kodak Photo CD on the Atari Falcon 030 and allows the user to create scripted slide shows and presentations that make maximum use of the built in hardware capabilities of the Falcon 030.

Photo Show Pro has twenty different fades and disolves when creating scripts, allows overlay of text on graphics in your choice of system colors, screen fades to black or white, inverse colors, and image overlays. Photo Show scripts can be created directly from CD using the Kodak Photo CD PCD format or created from disk using the FTC 16 bit true color format. All effects are super smooth, even when running under MultiTOS.

Digitized sound files in AVR format can scripted along with graphics allowing the user to add commentary, sound effects, or background music to their presentations.

For creating titles, Photo Show Pro displays 24-bit BMP files in the Microsoft Windows bitmap format.

Photo Show Pro can be used with VGA, RGB (Atari monitor), and standard broadcast televisions. Slide shows and presentations can be recorded to VCR using either RF output or the higher quality composite output of the Falcon 030.

Full 16 bit color with correct aspect ratios are displayed on all monitor types except monochrome.

Photo Show Pro will auto show your Kodak Photo CD graphics using 16 different effects directly from your Photo CD discs. A special Corel mode allows the same auto shows using the Corel series of Photo CD images. Corel has released over 450 theme discs of Kodak Photo CD graphics with each disc containing 100 images.

You can take photos with your own camera and have them developed to CD ROM using Kodak Photo CD. The photos below have been reduced to 256 colors from their 16-bit originals on the Falcon to keep access time to a minimum If they look good in 256 colors, imagine 16,000,000 colors!

Here's a photo of my daughter Irene and her cousin Rebecca taken at our last visit to Sea World

My brother got quite a good deal on his new truck. He said it is one of a kind.

Conversions can be made to 16-bit FTC, 24-bit TIF, 24-bit EPS, and 24-bit RAW formats from Kodak Photo CD's PCD format. Image conversions can be done in pixel resolutions of 192 by 128 up to 3072 by 2048.

A special XFS CD rom driver for MultiTOS is included with Photo Show. The driver works with the Toshiba 3401, NEC-38, NEC-55, NEC-74, and NEC-84 cd rom drives. On the Toshiba drive, the XFS driver supports multi-session Photo CD and 9660 standard (MS-DOS) discs. NEC drives support single-session Photo CD and 9660 standard discs. The driver senses the type of disc in the drive and can switch to and from Kodak Photo CD and 9660 format on the fly with no need to reboot to switch disc types.

For best use we suggest ExtenDOS Pro by Anodyne Software.

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