Photo Show Pro Toolkit for FREE

The Photo Show Pro Toolkit for the STe or Falcon is now available. Even in a compressed format, the toolkit would require over 18 high density 1.44 meg diskettes to distribute. The Photo Show Pro Toolkit is now available on CD rom as part of Crawly Crypt 2.


The BACKGRND folder has 100 backgrounds for text overlays or for use as collage backgrounds.

In the folder you will also find a couple of examples using the backgrounds. PSP.BMP is a Photo Show Pro title screen done on a sky background. STL_ZOO.BMP makes use of the GRANITE.BMP with accents using a darker shade of brown. USE_BACK.BMP is an example of text overlays on a background image.

All backgrounds are in 24 bit true color format, 384 pixels wide and either 240 or 256 pixels tall.

To view the BMP files, you will need to copy the SCRIPTS folder to your hard disk or use your registered copy of Photo Show Pro.


The ANIMATE folder contains animations and fades done using Photo Show Pro images as a starting and ending point. The animations are in FLI format and can be played back with the Photo Show Pro animation module on the Falcon or with your favorite FLI player on the Falcon or other machines.

The Photo Show Animation Module to view FLI animations from a Photo Show Pro script is available for $10.00, postpaid, from It's All Relative Software and requires a Falcon with 4 meg or more of memory.

We can do similar animations with your images. Just send us a starting image and ending image created with the Photo Show Export Module and saved as a TIF format in RGB 384 by 256 format. We will send back a FLI animation on floppy. If you are using a 4 meg or smaller machine, specify maximum size for the animation.

Include $5.00 for postage and handling.


The AVR_LOOP folder contains top quality music loops in AVR format. The loops were recorded at 12.5 Kh. and 25 Kh in stero or mono and can be used with Photo Show Pro or any other sound application that reads the AVR format. Depending on the quality needed or memory available on your system use the format that best suits you.

25S - 25 Kh. Stereo

25M - 25 Kh. Monophonic

12S - 12.5 Kh. Stereo

12M - 12.5 Kh. Monophonic

The music was recorded directly to a Falcon 030 and sequenced using an Atari STe, Roland SoundCanvas and Roland JV-880 sythesizer module. MOONLIGHT.25M was recorded to tape and then digitized on a Falcon.

To use with Photo Show Pro, you will need to change the file extension of the files to the .AVR extension.


The SCRIPTS folder contains scripts for various Photo Show Pro demo programs that have appeared on CD's in 1994.

Copy the entire scripts folder to your hard disk to use.

Some demo programs have had problems using GDOS and ExtenDOS while reading from a CD. The demo player in this folder fixes the problem and will allow you to view the demo programs running ExtenDOS as well as the ultiTOS XFS drivers.

All demo scripts assume drive P: as your CD rom drive. If you are using a different drive letter, the scripts can be put into a word processor and a search and replace of P: for your drive letter done. The files must be saved as ASCII text when you are done.

There are demo viewers for both the Falcon and STe in the folder. The Ste version will also run on a Falcon machine.

If your a registered user of Photo Show Pro for the STe or Falcon, version 2.31 or higher also has this DOS/ExtenDOS fix installed.

You will find the scripts for:

GEMini by Walnut Creek

Crawly Crypt CD Volume 1

Romware Graphics Disc 6



The extras folder contains an AVR loop tester for the Falcon. You can use this to sample the AVR files in the AVR_LOOP folder or check the timing on loops you create with the S.A.M. recorder.

Filmterm determines the type of film used in making a Photo CD disc and any special corrections applied by the scanner. Full documentation is in the folder.

SPECKLES and SPIN_DRY by DMJ Software can be called from a Photo Show Pro script to apply an unusual effect to your image. Just press any key to return to the script.


All images and sounds are copyright 1994, 1995, It's All Relative Software and may be used for any purposes other than making of a sound or graphic collection on CD.

Ordering Information

The Photo Show Pro Toolkit is available for the STe and Falcon lines of Atari computers as part of Crawly Crypt 2.

That's right, you get it FREE as part of Crawly Crypt 2.

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