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"I would like to send my cousin a copy of a video we took in Slovakia last summer. Will he be able to view it as is, or will he need to make some adjustments on it in order to see it on his machine? Thanks for your help!"

Hello Irene: RE: Heritage Tours: Do you mean the tours lead by Father Basil Stroyen or the tours of the Carpatho-Rusyn Society of Pittsburgh? Father Stroyen's tour goes to Uzhhorod each time and to Presov (to see Bishop Nicholas). Lavrentij Krupnak
Submitted by Laurence Krupnak on 01/04/98 23:02:00EDT

Larry, thank you for the information. I will call my cousin next weekend, as he works in Uzhorod Mon-Fri, and I don't think his wife would know much about VCR's., as I certanly don't! I believe you mentioned the 3rd. annual Herritage Tour a while back. I participated in the first one and would love to go again. Do you know the dates?
Submitted by Irene Yurista Mikkelson on 01/04/98 22:23:00EDT

Hello Irene: if you will be doing many video conversions, you can buy a gizmo that will convert from NTSC-PAL-SECAM. You also need another VCR to make the converted copy. Beware of copyrighted videos though; you don't want the Copyright Police knock on your door!. Lavrentij Krupnak.
Submitted by Laurence Krupnak on 01/04/98 21:53:00EDT

Hello Irene: The best thing to do is call your cousin and ask if he/she knows what video format his/her VCR uses. In America our video standard is NTSC. (National Technical Stanadards Code). Countries in Europe howvber don't use NTSC. A country may use PAL and SECAM. But, currently people in East Europe have free markets and they could buy just about any kind of VCR. So, it all depends on what your cousin bought. My cousins in Ukraine bought two types of VCRs: one PAL and one NTSC because I ship them American videos (NTSC). But, irregardless of what type of VCR they have you can take your video to any good video studio and the format can be converted. Your cousin can do this also in Slovakia. So don't worry, the video can be seen, sooner or later. Lavrentij Krupnak
Submitted by Laurence Krupnak on 01/04/98 21:42:00EDT

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