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Egg Cheese

All of these recipes were given to me by my Grandmother Julianna Lazorik Barnyik Ambrisko, who was born in Kosicka Bela, Slovakia on June 15, 1882. I have had them since I was twelve, when I watched her make all this on holidays.... now I do...

Serrik or Egg Cheese. They call the Easter Cheese Hurda too. My Grammy called it Serrik.

This makes 2 balls of cheese (the size of a grapefruit)

1 dozen eggs
1 qt & 1/2 of milk
1 tsp vanilla
1 tblsp sugar
a pinch of salt

Beat together well

Cook slowly over LOW heat stirring constantly

When it looks like yellow cottage cheese & liquid separates, pour into 2 CLEAN NEW knee High (stockings)

tie it so it looks like a BALL

hang it from the kitchen cabinet & let it drip, about 2 hrs.

Refrigerate over night

take the stocking off & slice.

Don't laugh at the stocking thing it works better than cheese cloth no strings!! If you come to my house at Easter & Christmas time I have balls hanging from the cabinets!!

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