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Holupki or Polena Kapusta or Cabbage Rolls

All of these recipes were given to me by my Grandmother Julianna Lazorik Barnyik Ambrisko, who was born in Kosicka Bela, Slovakia on June 15, 1882. I have had them since I was twelve, when I watched her make all this on holidays.... now I do...

Holupki or Polena Kapusta or Cabbage Rolls

Mix all above together the night before (exclude sauerkraut &  cabbage)

Chill in frig overnight

Next day scald cabbage leaves till limp - use only the large ones


Take a handful of meat mixture place in cabbage roll up folding sides in to hold meat in.

Place in large pan layered with the rest of cabbage (shredded) & sauerkraut under & over each layer.

Add water and Tomatoe Juice over rolls

Cover & cook slowly 1 1/2 - 2 hours add more juice or water to keep moist if needed

Serve with boiled potatoes & beets with onions & vinegar & crusty rye bread

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