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Kiski / Hurka / Jeternicky

All of these recipes were given to me by my Grandmother Julianna Lazorik Barnyik Ambrisko, who was born in Kosicka Bela, Slovakia on June 15, 1882. I have had them since I was twelve, when I watched her make all this on holidays.... now I do...

Kiski / Hurka / Jeternicky

5 lbs of ground pork
1 lb pork liver ground

Put into large pot cover with water bring to boil

Add 4 chopped onions

Stir often

Add 4 cups instant rice salt & pepper to taste

Cook for 1 hour

Skim fat off

Add seasoning - for seasoning add  garlic, alspice, sage & margarium, keep smelling & tasting till flavor is right

Pour into several large flat pans

Let harden in refrig. (Or can be pushed into casings like sausage.)

Cut into squares (enough for a serving for your family) freeze separately

To cook: let thaw, fry in frying pan or bake in oven (20 min).

Serve with eggs or Haluski's Kapusta

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