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Omackou, kysela s krumpole

Not sure of the spelling -- this is a recipe for mashed potatoes in a sour cream sauce. My college son likes this and enjoys it when I give him a jar or two for late night snacks. I grew up with this as the main course (after soup) with some soupmeat (beef) added or worse -- tripe which I ate around.

Cook enough potatoes for 5 people. Reserve the potato water. Mash the drained potatoes.

Blend 5 tablespoons of flour into 3/4 pint of sour cream. Then mix thoroughly with an egg beater.

Add some cooled potato water that a bouillon cube was added to. Add l/2 cup of dill pickle liquid (or 3 T. vinegar and chopped fresh dill). Cook this sauce for a good 10 minutes. Add some more potato water when it thickens.

Add to mashed potatoes. This is what I call Slovak soul food!

Julia Matchett

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