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The Great Slovak Cheese War of 1996

Slivkove Gule

Since Christmas IS coming and since the cooking-on-the-net book is still pretty slim (Vlado's halusky being the only entry), I thought I'd continue the ball rolling, (pun intended).


Potato dough
Plums (the small oval kind called Italian)
Bread Crumbs
Powdered Sugar

My Mom makes basic potato dough by hand-mashing boiled potatoes with one egg, some salt, and adding just enough flour so it all sticks together (and to your hands as well).

After washing off the stuff on her hands, she sprinkles a board with flour, and places the dough in the bowl onto the board.

With floured hands she rolls the dough into a 3" diameter sausage. She cuts this into 1" rounds, placing 1 plum in each, then rolling the dough around into a solid ball.

These are placed in boiling water until they float.

In the meantime, she has browned the bread crumbs with some butter, then rolls the boiled plum balls in them.

Once all the plum balls are coated with the bread crumbs and on a platter, she sprinkles the whole with powdered sugar. Great hot or cold.

No problem with left over potato dough, as we can then have krumplove halusky, or lokse!


I think the Cheese Wars would make a teriffic introduction to a cookbook.

Julie Jakubovic -

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