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- Updated to 31 July 1999 -

Post your surnames and villages of interest on the internet along with your email contact information. Over 18,000 surnames now being actively researched are listed here. Send email to to add your surnames and villages to this page along with email contact information. There is no charge and the only restriction is that the names must be from Slovakia and related areas or a Slovak or Carpatho-Rusyn surname. For Czech, Bohemian, and Moravian surnames we suggest Czeching Out Our Ancestors.

If you have questions about towns and researching in Slovakia, stop by at our Eastern Slovakia Genealogical Research Question and Answer Forum and post your question.

Surnames posted after 31 July 1999 are not included in the index

To post your surnames and email address leave email to with surnames and locations. The only restriction is that the surnames must be from Slovakia or related areas.

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