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Researching: DUDAS
Dudas from Zavadka nad Hronom, Slovakia. Visit the Dudas Family Facts Database.
e-mail: - - Posted 29 November 2007

I'm researching my mother's family and my mother's mother's family; my grandfather Jan Psenko born in later 1800s in Luky, Hungary; my grandmother Margaret Starek born in 1894 in Budapest; my (maternal) great grandmother Agnes Skuta born around 1860s or 1870s. Visit the Starek Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Barbara Barad - - Posted 29 November 2007

Researching: DIEGAN, DIGON
Looking for information on the name Digon. My grandfather was George Digon, later changed to Diegan? Any help please. Thank you. Visit the Digon Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Richard A. Diegan - - Posted 29 November 2007

To all the researchers out there. I am desperately searching for more information and the existence of any relatives. My mother's name was Hanna Werner, born August 21, 1927/28 in Prague Czechoslovakia. Her father and mother were; Otto, born 28 April 1892, and Ester Werner, born Adler in Lodz, Poland 16 December 1904. Their last address was; Praha 1 Benediktska 2. The Grandparents and siblings of Ester Werner, nee Adler, were; Gerson Adler, born 11 May 1877 born in the Zdunska, Wola province of Lodz, Poland. His wife's name was Nach/Natalia Adler, born in Lodz, Poland 4 January or 23 December 1876 and their daughter Anna Adler, born on the 4 February or 3 December 1911, Lodz, Poland. I have very little information on my gr gr grandmother Natalie and her daughter Anna Adler. The son, Mosek Sljama (Moritz?) Adler, was born on the 22. March 1903 (Brezna). They lived not in Prague, but in Slany near Kladno. Natalia, Anna, and Mosek Sljama. Their last known address was; Praha XIV, Na zahonech 16. There was also an Ida Adler born 14 January 1909. She married in approximately 1930 a Jindrich Hoffman, born 25 September 1905. I believe they immigrated to Palestine and were the people who cared for my mother between the years of 1939 and 1947. Visit the Werner Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Sherry - - Posted 25 November 2007

Searching for relatives born in Czechoslovakia. John Perchinsky, moved to New Jersey then to Natal, British Columbia, Canada. He married Margaret Serek in May 1930. They had 3 children who all live in Canada. John's mother; Veronica (Dora) Josyoi? Perchinsky was born January 1, 1883. John Serek (Margaret's father) was born in Padjal, Orafskalupa, Czech on December 16, 1881. John Serek married Rosa Sevec born in Czechoslovakia. Rosa and John had 5 children, the only one remaining is Margaret. I have very little information on these people. Please email me. Visit the Serek Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Tracy Hubbard - - Posted 25 November 2007

Am looking for relatives of my Uncle George Macik (sp?) who was a child when his mother, Catherine Macik (widowed or divorced) married my grandfather Florian (John) Zilincik, born1871 in Marikova Slovakia (Austro-Hungarian Empire at that time). They had three other children, Joseph -1896; Stephen -1901; Mary Veronica - 1904. Grandfather Florian came to the US in 1901-1903 and again in 1905. He evidently returned to Marikova and then brought his family to the US after 1905, as I cannot find them listed on the same Ellis Island ships manifest. Visit the Macek Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Virginia McClure - - Posted 25 November 2007

Seeking information on Jan Oleriny (1869-1958); Zuzana Mesko (1873-?); Jan Krajci (1863-?); Cecilia Konder 1868-?); and their families. They were from Poniky, Banska Bystrica and Kulantovo. Visit the Mesko Family Facts Database.
e-mail: - - Posted 25 November 2007

Researching: STRAKA
I am searching for relatives with the last name Straka from the old country. Thank you. Visit the Straka Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Hollie M. Straka - - Posted 25 November 2007

Researching: DZIAK, RELOVSKY
I am looking for information about my great grandmother, Grace Dziak. I have been told she was born Gisela Mary Dziak in Kolachkov, Slovakia in 1895(?) to Josef Dziak and Maria (Mary) Relovsky. Josef was born June 21, 1868 and emigrated to America from Bremen, Germany in May 1895. He went to Collinsville, CT to work as an axe grinder. Mary came with young Grace in 1899 to join with her husband. I am interested in collecting any information. Visit the Dziak Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Jennifer Soucy - - Posted 25 November 2007

I am interested in knowing the whereabouts of the village my parents are from. Their names were Andras Kurinska and Anna Soltis. They came to the US from Komenica, Slovokia before WW I. Can you help me out? Thank you. Visit the Soltis Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Julie (Kurimski) Williams - - Posted 25 November 2007

Researching: CHOBOR, HOBOR
Looking for Hobor or Chobor of Hniezdne, please E-Mail me. Visit the Hobor Family Facts Database.
e-mail: - - Posted 25 November 2007

Seeking information about any Rakovszkys in Senica. Especially about Vilmos (von) Rakovszky, ca. 1861-1919, probably town-clerk or notary of Senica. Also about his wife, nee Ilona (Helene) Sooky (1860-1936). Other information about Rakovszkys in the old county Nyitra would be also welcome. Visit the Rakovszky Family Facts Database.
e-mail: M.S.C.A.M. de Rakovszky - - Posted 25 November 2007

Searching in Modra nad Cirochu for the above. Visit the Hancar Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Mike and Cheryl Hancar - - Posted 25 November 2007

Researching: BYKIW
I am in Australia and I am looking for information on my family who where born in Ushgorod; Olea Bykiw 1907 and Iwan Bykiw in 1928 were my grandfather and father. Visit the Bykiw Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Steven V. Bykiw - - Posted 25 November 2007

I would like to find my family. The name is Fedrochko. The other name, on my mother's side is Cimbolic or Cimbolak. Please let me know if I need to supply you with any other information. Both sides were from the Austor-Hungrarian Empire. They came to the US in the very early 1900s and settled in the New York - New Jersey area. Mostly Bayonne, NJ. Thank you. Visit the Fedrochko Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Paula Fedorochko - - Posted 25 November 2007

Researching: HRESKO
My grandfather, Jan Hresko, was born in Humenne, Hazin, Slovakia in 1873 and came to the USA in 1898. Visit the Hresko Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Philip Hresko - - Posted 25 November 2007

Researching: GALL, SCHMIDT
Searching for any information on Edward Bernard Gall's family born August 24 1905 in Cleveland, OH. His father was Edward Gall who emigrated from Nagy Seros, Austria-Slovakia on the ship Southwark arriving 31 August 1898 at Ellis Island. He married Emma Schmidt September 1905 in Cleveland, OH. Visit the Gall Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Larry Carr - - Posted 24 November 2007

Any information on either Menosky, Menovsky, Menovska, Menyovska from the Plavec region. Also, how about the Norko relatives from the same region. Visit the Menosky Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Fred Menosky - - Posted 24 November 2007

Researching: SULKO
From the town of Trnava Slovakia. Visit the Sulko Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Stacy/Yvonne - - Posted 24 November 2007

Researching: KRALIK
I am trying to research my father's birthplace which was Spisske Bystre. His name was Michael Kralik and was born July 18,1920 and was baptized in Spisske. Any information you can send would be appreciate. Sincerely. Visit the Kralik Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Kerry Kralik - - Posted 24 November 2007

All we know is that they migrated to northwest Pennsylvania. We think at the turn of the century. Thanks! Visit the Petruna Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Darcy Holden - - Posted 24 November 2007

Researching: DRUGA
Searching for Michael Druga, settled in Pittsburgh, PA. Visit the Druga Family Facts Database.
e-mail: - - Posted 24 November 2007

Researching: GAZDIG
Please let me know where the Gazdig family originated. Thank you. Visit the Gazdig Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Joan Gazdig - - Posted 24 November 2007

Researching: CHOVANEC
My mainden name was Cynthia Chovanec. I'm sorry, but I only know my ancestry up to my grandparents, which are both deceased. My grandfather's name was Paul Chovanec, my father's name was Paul Chovanec (he and my mother are both deceased), my brother's name is Paul Chovanec, his son's name is Paul Chovanec, and the fifth generation in the USA is also Paul Chovanec. We made a lot of Pauls huh? I sure would like to know more. Thank you for any help. Take care. Visit the Chovanec Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Cynthia (Chovanec) Grosvenor - - Posted 24 November 2007

Researching: BELUSAR
In 1997 someone was searching for the relatives of Michael Belusar. Unfortunately, I just found your site and the email address for the person who posted the note is no longer active. Michael Belusar was my grandfather. If is still looking at this site I would love to be in touch with them. Thank you. Visit the Belusar Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Shelley Belusar - - Posted 24 November 2007

Researching: RICHNO
I'm trying to find the history on my family's name - Richno. I've been told I'm Indian and Italian, please email me back. Thank You. Visit the Richno Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Richno Family - - Posted 24 November 2007

All came from Lysa pod Makytou in the beginning of the 1900s. Visit the Janicek Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Carol A. Watkins - - Posted 24 November 2007

Researching: EDELMAN, STERN
I am researching information re: Stern family (M. J. Stern, Victor Stern, Hannah Edelman) from Dubinne. Victor Stern, stated born on July 4, 1878 in Dubina, Hungary. M. J. (parent of Victor) was a distiller, immigrated to the US and lived in Circleville, OH where he embarked in the clothing business, became a US citizen and then returned to his homeland. Thank you. Visit the Stern Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Richard Stern - - Posted 22 November 2007

The names I'm interested in are Domenice Barbich and Simeon Zuppicic(h) they had a son Antonio Zosef Zuppicic(h) born 15 January1841 in Selves, Dalmatia, Austria. Any help would be appreciated. Visit the Barbich Family Facts Database.
e-mail: .Yvonne Neilson - - Posted 22 November 2007

I live in Alberta, Canada and am searching for relatives in Horodenka. Byckal (or Betscal), Wladiczka, Bilan, Nykiforuk. Can anyone help? Looking for telephone listings also. Thank you. Visit the Bilan Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Natalie - - Posted 22 November 2007

Reseraching Csurilla, Hvizdjak, Mitzan from Vysny Hrusov, Slovakia. Anyone wishing to write and trade information on this town would be welcome. Visit the Mitzan Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Michael Churilla - - Posted 22 November 2007

Searching for the above names. Visit the Stefanko Family Facts Database.
e-mail: - - Posted 22 November 2007

Researching: SEDLAK
Looking for my father, George Sedlak, who was born in Terebes, Hungary in 1885 and came to the US around 1906. Slovak speaker. Came through Ellis island and settled in Bridgeport CT. Visit the Sedlak Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Edward Sedlock - - Posted 22 November 2007

Researching: DAVID, SOUCEK
I am searching for possible relatives from Kocise, Slovakia. My father was born there in 1927 and lived there until 1954 (approx). He is a Holocaust survivor. I was always told by my mother and father that we have no family members that survived but recently found out that my father did have family in Kocise after the war. His mother and sister did not survive but he had many cousins, uncles, aunts, and may be even a brother. Please add my name to the list of people trying to find relatives in Kocise, Slovakia. He also had uncles who did make it to America before the war. This may have been late 1940s or early 1950s. His name was William David and he married Eva Anna Soucek from Prague, Czechoslovakia. Thank you for your assistance with this very important matter. Visit the Soucek Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Joanne David - - Posted 22 November 2007

Researching the Hikanik, Gandzik, and Urdak families from Papradno, okres Povazska Bystrica (Central Slovakia). Visit the Urdak Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Alena Hikanik-Gregorian - - Posted 22 November 2007

Andrew Kvasnak and Anna Urda Kvasnak, both from Slovakia. Andrew (or variant of Andrew) born in Circ, Slovakia, slso known as Circs or Cercs. Near border with Poland. Andrew came to western Pennsylvania in the 1880's. They were the parents of Mitro, Andrew, Anna, Joseph, George, and Mary. Thank you. Visit the Urda Family Facts Database.
e-mail: J. Kaye - - Posted 22 November 2007

John F. Hromyak, son of John Hromyak and Mary Stefancin of Stelbach, Slovakia, came to the US in the late 1870s with his brother, George. John F. married Katherine Pavlico (aka K. Sauleska) in Youngstown, OH. They settled in New Castle, PA, where they ran a grocery store. Their son, John, became pastor of Saint Nicholas Greek Catholic Church in Youngstown, OH. Father John's son, also named John, became a priest and also pastor of the same church on his father's death. Thank you. Visit the Hromyak Family Facts Database.
e-mail: J. Kaye - - Posted 22 November 2007

All from Brezova, Slovakia. Thank you and best regards. Visit the Juricek Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Val Laking - - Posted 21 November 2007

Researching: ROMANYSHYN
I am trying to find some information on some of my roots of the name Romanyshyn I do know that my grandfather's name is William Romanyshyn and my grandmother is Marta Wakula Romanyshyn. I believe the town or area they live in was Ternopole Ukraine. I hope this will help you in the research. Visit the Romanyshyn Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Nancy - - Posted 21 November 2007

My great grandfather was George Sefcik, born April 17, 1897 in Chicago but his birth certificate said "Sevcik." His father was Frank Sevcik, born in 1851 in Bohemia) and his mother was Marie Sykora (Sikora or variations thereof), born in 1852 in Bohemia. Frank and Marie Sevcik had 9 children. George Sefcik born in1897 was married to Emma Hladilek, born in 1900 in Chicago. Emma's parents were Jacob Hladilek, born in 1856 in Velka Chyska and Mary/Marie Lecjek, born in 1875 in Kracovice. They had 6 children. The midwife on my grandfather's (George Sefcik, born 1920) birth certificate is Mary Husek Lejcek. I'm assuming that this is my 3xgreat grandmother, whose maiden name was probably Husek. I would very much appreciate any information on these names or people. Thanks! Visit the Sefcik Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Jason Sefcik - - Posted 21 November 2007

Researching: DUDICH, KISLIK
I'm searching for the surnames of Dudich and Kislik. I know they come from the area of Sninska Hamra, Slovakia. I'm wanting more information on my families background. Thank you! Visit the Kislik Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Teresa Dudich-Whittaker - - Posted 21 November 2007

Searching for information on the above mentioned families in Liesek, Slovakia area. John Matejcak (Mateycak), son - Josef Mateycak, daughter - Maria Mateycak in Liesek, Slovakia. John's first wife died in Liesek, Slovakia around 1918 in her 20s. Anna Gorek was from Liesek, Slovakia. Anna's father was Jam or Jan Gorek from Liesek, Slovakia. John Matejcak married Anna Gorek and relocated to Smithfield, PA; High House, PA; then Chicago, IL, USA. Visit the Gorek Family Facts Database.
e-mail: James Mateyack - - Posted 21 November 2007

Researching: HUSARIK
I am trying to find out information about my great grandparents. My grandparents came to the US from Slovakia (it was then called Austria-Hungary) in 1907 and 1909. Their names were Cirill Husarik and Maria Husarikova. Maria's parents were Stefan Husarik and Eva (Chechova) Husarikova. The last name supposedly came from the village where they were born, Husarikova or Husarikovci. My grandparent's last residence before coming to America was in Cadca (Csacza, Hungary) I think that is now in Slovakia. Is there a town called Husarikova and was it named after Russian horseman? Did some of the villagers raise horses? Do you have any information about when Stefan died and who his parents and Eva's parents were. My grandfather, Cirill (Cyril) came from the same village. He came to America with his brother, Janos. We have no information about his family and parents. We just know both grandparents had the same surname since they came from the same village. We would like information about Cirill's family also. I would appreciate any help that you can give me. Visit the Husarik Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Maggie Jan - - Posted 21 November 2007

Researching: PRASCHAK
Looking for Praschak, in the Austria/Hungary, Carpathian mountains. Visit the Praschak Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Jane Guzek - - Posted 21 November 2007

Researching: STANOJEVIC
Researching Stojan Stanojevic born Lucina, Yugoslavia, migrated to Australia in 1950s. Visit the Stanojevic Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Jacqui Ianson - - Posted 21 November 2007

Researching: HAZUCHA
Searching for Hazucha. Visit the Hazucha Family Facts Database.
e-mail: - - Posted 21 November 2007

Researching: PENKSA, SMORADA
I am trying to locate my great grandparents' information. Josef Penksa was born February 24, 1859 and died in Pennsylvania January 10, 1904. He was married to Veronika Smorada. Visit the Penksa Family Facts Database.
e-mail: - - Posted 21 November 2007

Researching: HOLIK,PACEK
Stefan Pacek from Dolna Marikova, Slovakia, born 1889. Father - Andrew; mother - Anna; brother - Andrew, Cousin - Gasper. I know Stefan came to the USA in 1912. I think brother Andrew came in 1910. Unsure about if parents came or if any other family. Was a John Pacek that was older that lived by them. Mary Holik came to the USA around 1914 with parents, Michael and Pauline and brother George and little sister Pauline. She was born 1898. Then went and stayed in Cleveland, OH. Visit the Pacek Family Facts Database.
e-mail: PACEKJ@HOTMAIL.COM - PACEKJ@HOTMAIL.COM - Posted 21 November 2007

Researching: ANGERMAN
My grandmother's name was Ella Angerman from Belke, Hungary. She came here in 1913 to meet her older sister Miriam. She left behind her parents Levi and Esther (?), a sister Lillian, brother Eugene, there may be more. If you have any information please contact me. Thank you. Visit the Angerman Family Facts Database.
e-mail: David V. - - Posted 19 November 2007

Researching: BIRES
I want to find my relatives from my grandpa, Stephen Bires, he was born in approximately 1864. He came to the USA in 1884. Immigration papers show his age as 36 years old. Grandpa's birth place was Zalacka, he is white, he immigrated to Bethlehem, PA or South Hampton ward 3 North Hampton, PA, as stated on immigration papers. Anyone that has any information on the Bires from Zalacka, Hungary please get in touch with me I want to speak to anyone that is part of my family or my relatives. Visit the Bires Family Facts Database.
e-mail: B. B. - - Posted 19 November 2007

Searching for Godula, Dunay, Puhala, in the towns of Smolnik, Odorin, Hincovce. Michael Godula settled in western Pennsylvania in the 1890s, Westmoreland county. Was married at Mt. Pleasant, PA. Later lived in Turtle Creek, PA. Katarina Dunay (Dunaj), married name Artman, born in Helcmanovce. Visit the Godula Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Micque Brown - - Posted 19 November 2007

Do you have information. I am the daughter of Joseph Valesko, born August 1920, and Mary Valesko. Visit the Valesko Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Diann Valesko - - Posted 19 November 2007

Looking for Anna Valerie Hreno or Andrew Stephen Plascak who came from Trenchen Slovakia and moved to Cleveland, OH. Anna also had a sister (name unknown) who had a son named Adam. He changed his name to Mackura later on in his life. Visit the Hreno Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Rene Holz - - Posted 19 November 2007

Researching: KOLARIK, SMERA
Searching for Kolarik from Csany and Smera from Kosice. Visit the Kolarik Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Ed Bassler - - Posted 19 November 2007

I had relatives in Bardejov, their name was Apotheker. I also had relatives in Michalovce. Thier name was Koenigsbuch. They lived there until 1942. Thanks from Jerusalem. Visit the Apotheker Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Jacob Rosen - - Posted 19 November 2007

Researching: KUKURA
My name is Barbara-Anne Kukura, daughter of Michael Kukura. I live in Sparwood, B.C, and would also like to trace the Kukura Family tree. Please contact me. Visit the Kukura Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Dieter Hinz - - Posted 19 November 2007

I would be grateful for assistance in finding documents related to the life of a Miss Kapral, born in Sunava about 1850. Her first husband, Johan Pavliga passed away in Sunava in the early 1870's. She had one son, Johan, born in Sunava in 1872. The widow, Madame Pavliga subsequently married a Mr. Diabelko of Sunava in 1877. There are no other known facts. Please email if anyone can recover church or civil records regarding any of the foregoing family names. Visit the Kapral Family Facts Database.
e-mail: John W. Pawling - - Posted 19 November 2007

My grandfather, Steven Kusner (Kusnir or Kusnyir) and grandmother, Justina Bacovcin married and raised 9 children in Pittsburgh, PA. Only 2 of those children remain alive, my father, George Kushner, 86 and his sister, Helen Kroft, 88. I would love any information that helps me find where my grandparents may have come from! Thanks. Visit the Kusnir Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Rich Kushner - - Posted 19 November 2007

Researching: KOLLAR, TIRPAK
Mike Tirpak born in 1867 in Kosice, Austria/Hungary/Slovakia. Anna Kollar born August 11, 1871 in Kosice. Parents were Jacob and Bertha Kollar. Trying to find where my family ancestor information can be found and if there are other relatives still living in the area. Thank you. Visit the Tirpak Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Dan - - Posted 19 November 2007

Researching: DULEBA
My name is Paulo and I live in Brazil, and I would like to ask one simple question for you about the surname Duleba, because this name is very important to me and my relatives. My grandfather came from Austria\Prussia but my grandmother came from Poland. But my question is, where to start looking for our name, which is our history? I know these facts are very important to me and my relatives. But if you can help us, we'll thank you. Could you help us. I'd like to learn much more about my family and my history - when and where to start, because here in Brazil, no one knows about that reall history because our grandfather died a long time ago. If you have any information about this name please make a contact us in Brazil. One day if I could help you, I'll do the same for you if you want. I'll be your new friend when you write me. Bye, thanks a lot. Visit the Duleba Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Paulo Budal - - Posted 19 November 2007

Researching: HRONEC
Searching for Martin Hronec, Sr. last known address Hrobakova 9, 85102, Bratislava, Slovakia. Visit the Hronec Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Frank.CTR.Bakos@FAA.GOV - Frank.CTR.Bakos@FAA.GOV - Posted 19 November 2007

I'm looking for any information about the Horvat family from Nagy Michai today Michaelovce, in eastern Slovakia; the Hering Family from eastern Slovakia; the Riesman family Frieder family from Sznina, eastern Slovakia. I'd appreciate any information on those families and of Jewish life in that region. Visit the Horvat Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Judith Ben-Tovim - - Posted 19 November 2007

Researching: STAUROSKY
I would like to add my grandfather's name to the list from Puste Cemerna, Michalovce, Kosice born Michal Staurosky in 1891 while that part of Slovakia was under Hungarian rule. The spelling has since changed back to the Slavic spelling, the only spelling I have is on the birth certificate with the above spelling. I am planning a fall or next summer visit to relatives with relatives to Vol'a, we still have relatives in Puste Cemerna, which is next to Vol'a. Visit the Staurosky Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Veronica Stavrovski Victor - - Posted 18 November 2007

Bumbera in Trebisov. Dszmura and Dzmura in Lvov/Livov. Thank you. Visit the Bumbera Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Barbara (Bumbera) Nash - - Posted 18 November 2007

Researching: BUDAY, PAPP, SZOKE
Alexander Joseph Papp (Papp Sandor Jozsef) was married to Maria Szoke both from Debrecen, Hungary. We have lots of information on the Papp side of the family but we are looking for the Szoke's side of the family history. We know Maria Szoke was born April 25, 1884 in Mako, Hungary. Her father was Steven Szoke and mother was Rosa Buday. Maria died August 28, 1924. That is all we really know. I am hopping someone out there can help us. Thank you. Visit the Papp Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Lisa Papp - - Posted 18 November 2007

Researching: KACVINSKY
I am searching for information from Velka, Slovakia. The family surname is Kacvinsky. My grandmother's name was Mary Kacvinsky, she was born in Velka in 1893. There were five children. This is the only information that I have. Visit the Kacvinsky Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Sally Carlin - - Posted 18 November 2007

Looking for information on Andrew Chervenitski born 1879 in Austria Hungary and died in Pennsylvania in 1920. He married Anna Herman who was born in 1889. Also looking for the name of the town where they lived. Visit the Chervenitski Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Elizabeth Davis - - Posted 18 November 2007

Researching: HLUZEK
I am searching for any information on the last name Hluzek, origin or any information please. Visit the Hluzek Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Sarina Hluzek - - Posted 18 November 2007

Researching: GONDOLY, KICOS
Looking for Andrew Gondoly information, born 1878 in Snina. Mary Kicos Gondoly, born 1883 in Snina, and Michael Kicos and John Kicos. Visit the Gondoly Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Bob Necciai - - Posted 18 November 2007

My name is Jozef Perzel and I was born in Rudlov, Zemplin district, near by Vranov nad Toplou, Slovakia. I live in Vranov and I am 34 years old. I am searching for sons and doughters of my great grandparents who left Slovakia in 1920. I think they was from Zamutov, near by Vranov. I have photo of this family at home and I can send it if somebody wants. Some of them could also have the surname Pupko or Tutko. Thanks. Visit the Perzel Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Jozef Perzel - - Posted 18 November 2007

Researching: VOLENICK
Searching for any records of a Gregory or Jeni (Yeni) Volenick. Visit the Volenick Family Facts Database.
e-mail: - - Posted 18 November 2007

Researching: JABLONSKY
Hello I am Ivana Jablonsky, I live in Slovakia and I would like to know more about my ancestors or relative, but I have no information. Visit the Jablonsky Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Ivana Jablonsky - - Posted 18 November 2007

Am seeking information on John Merva family from Kojsov, Slovakia. Also Mnich and Minyoski families from Slovinky. Visit the Merva Family Facts Database.
e-mail: The Marics - - Posted 18 November 2007

Researching: SANDOR
Looking for anybody that knows anything about the Sandor's that used to live in Chyzne Slovakia. My father passed away in Windsor Ontario Canada a few years ago. He used to send pharmacuticals to the village when it was run by the communist party. Thanks. Visit the Sandor Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Ron Sandor - - Posted 18 November 2007

I am searching for records of ancestors. My grandfather Jakub Jakubovits was born October 3, 1884. His mother was Feiga Sajovits (Sejovits, Sojovits). His father was Hers Jakubovits. They came from Koveliget. My grandmother was Lia (Leah) Abrahamovits born December 17, 1891. Place of residence was Atrokalocna. Her mother was Sara Davidovits and her father was Nalhan Abrahamovits. The license was issued in Kolochava. If you have any information about these people, please contact me. Visit the Jakubovits Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Carolle Baskin - - Posted 18 November 2007

Researching: PRASCHAK
Cearching for Michael Praschak, Petrikovce Slovakia. Visit the Praschak Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Michael Prascak - - Posted 18 November 2007

Researching: ZUFFA
Looking for information about my grandfather in Joliet IL around 1914. Visit the Zuffa Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Louis Zuffa - - Posted 15 November 2007

Researching: PETROS, SHIMMEL
I will be traveling to Slovakia and would love to find the village that my grandparents were from. Visit the Petros Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Ken Newton - - Posted 15 November 2007

Researching: BAKK
Seeking any information on family of Antoni Bakk who left Rogoznika, Galicia in the early 1900s , sailed from Bonn to NYC and entered through Ellis Island and settled in Scalp Level, PA. Visit the Bakk Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Mark Flemming - - Posted 15 November 2007

Researching: CIPOV
My Maiden name is Shelly Cipov my Great-Grandfather came from Vel'ka Lehota, Slovakia. Sincerely. Visit the Cipov Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Shelly Mico - - Posted 15 November 2007

Researching: VAVREK
Looking for information for Steven Vavrek. I heard he was a friend of the czar. He knew my grandmother in Papina or Papnaza. They spoke Slovak and came over to New York and meet again and than got married. Thanks. Visit the Vavrek Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Kathy - - Posted 15 November 2007

Justine Stella Bacovcin (also spelled Bachochin) born approximately August 1884 in Nizna Olka Czech. Came to the USA via Ellis Island in approximately 1904, alone, no relatives in USA at that time. Possibly lived in Pennsylvania. Married 2 years later to Stefan Kusnir. Raised family north of Pittsburgh. Two children alive now, one is Helen Clara Kushner, born October 27, 1917. Any information would be greatly appreciated. I am waiting for a photo by mail. Visit the Kusnir Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Jenny Kroft - - Posted 15 November 2007

My great grandfather John Kopscak Pavlik was born in the late 1850s presumably in Sambron, Slovakia at #9 since there have been Pavliks living at that address back into the late 1700s. He was married to Maria Szedlak around 1875 and fathered Peter 1874, Catharina 1876, and John or Jan on February 14, 1881. John's first wife Katarina died in the 1890s and he remarried Maria Dulya and fathered two more children, Anna and Stephen and later died in Sambron in the mid-twentieth century. John apparently shared the same residence with his brother Stephen who was married to Anna Kopcsak; they had at least 2 children, Maria and Stephen, Jr. His son, John, immigrated to Bridgeport, CT presumably December 20, 1898 on the Kaiser Wilhelm der Gross which left from Bremen, Germany. He was sponsored by a Slovak or Russian owner of a tool manufacturing firm in Bridgeport. His sister Catharina later emmigrated to Flint, Michigan. In 1901, according to Ellis Island records, a Maria (25), Anna (16), Maria (16), Maria (3) and Peter (9 mos) all Kopcsaks, immigrated to the US on the Barbarossa which left Bremen in June of 1901. Around 1910 my grandfather, John Pavlik, married Anna Kochis in Bridgeport, CT. He claimed that Anna was from the same village of Sambron. There are no records at Ellis Island for any Kochis family from Slovakia coming here during that time period so I am wondering if Anna Kochis was really Anna Kopcsak. Visit the Pavlik Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Robert Pavlick - - Posted 15 November 2007

Researching: BECK
I'm serching for Beck family members who lived in Modra. The names I know of this family are brothers Herman and Yaakov Beck. Thanks! Visit the Beck Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Eilon Magen - - Posted 15 November 2007

Researching: MILOVA, STAMP
I am looking to find a girl I once met in Bratislava. It was in 1972 and her name was Ludka Milova she was still at high school and I would love to find her where abouts. If anyone has any information could they please email me. She had a brother called Paul also I am searching for a male called Gordon Stamp he is approximately 26 years of age and I think lived in or around Bratislava. Please can anyone help? Visit the Stamp Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Kim Stamp - - Posted 15 November 2007

Researching: DUBIVSKY
I am trying to trace exactly when John (Jan) Dubivsky came to the US from Komlosa, Austria-Hungary. According to the 1910 US census, it was around 1899, at which time he would have been almost 20 years old. Komlosa is located north of Bardejov close to the Polish border, and is now called Chmelova. I have traced the Dubivsky family in Komlosa back to 1795 based on church records. Visit the Dubivsky Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Carol Dubivsky Becker - - Posted 15 November 2007

Researching: DAWIDOWITZ
I am looking for information about the Slovak village or town of Mihalovce or Mialowitz?. My late grandmother Jenni (Jenja, Jenka) Dawidowitz was born and lived there. Thanks. Visit the Dawidowitz Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Moshe Krausz - - Posted 15 November 2007

I am searching for - Andrew Stephan Pavlik, born 1871 in Spisske Vlachy, parents were Jacob Pavlik and Maria Branstetter. He married Clara Gabriella Benedik, born 1876 in MedZev, parents were ? Benedik and ? Kopacs. Thanks! Visit the Pavlik Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Brian Pavlik - - Posted 15 November 2007

Joseph Kayak, born 1842, Osada. Peter Almasy, Liptov. Katherine Ondrejka, Liptov circa 1840. Thanks. Visit the Almasy Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Pat Watson - - Posted 12 November 2007

I am searching for relatives of great grandfather Mihaly Liska (wife Catherina Radacovic) and his son Janos P. Liska who immigrated to New York from Vistuk, Slovakia in September 1909 and January 1910, respectively. I am also hoping for information about my grandmother, Anna Vicik daughter of Michael Vicik and Roza Danka from BudmerIce, Slovakia. She appears to have came to this country in 1912 and married John in 1913. Visit the Liska Family Facts Database.
e-mail: William J. Liska - - Posted 12 November 2007

Researching: SKOK
I'm looking for information about the family name Skok. My father was John Skok (1929-1985). He came to America in the 1930s with his parents Paul and Zuzana Skok from Vrbovce, Slovakia. Vrbovce is now Okres Myjava. It used to be Okres Senica, Zahorie region. Any information would be helpful. Thank you. Visit the Skok Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Susanne Skok - - Posted 12 November 2007

Researching: BUTCHKO
My grandmother was born in 1896 in the village of Jakubany. It was told to me I was Slovak. My cousin now says I am Carpatho-Rusyn. Did Czechloslovakia even exist in 1896? Her name was Anna Butchko. Visit the Butchko Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Cheryl Mack - - Posted 12 November 2007

Researching: HLAVKA
Searching for Hlavka. Visit the Hlavka Family Facts Database.
e-mail: George Hlavka - - Posted 12 November 2007

Researching: ONDREJKOVA
I'm looking for information on Margita Ondrejkova, deceased since February, 1973. She was born in Spisska Nova Ves on August 4, 1909. She was the daughter of Juraj and Viktoria Ondrejko. She was left an orphan at 14 years of age. Her uncle, Martin Dolak and his wife, sent for Margita to come to Youngstown, OH. Mr. Dolak was a businessman, and owned a department store in Youngstown during the 1920s,1930s,1940s, and until the 1950s. Margita arrived in New York on August 27, 1923 on a Holland-American ship called the "Rotterdamn". Margita was my mother-in-law, and her nine sons and daughters would like to get more information about their mother's life in Spisska Nova Ves, Slovakia before she came to America. I guess my quest narrows down on how to get information from Spisska Nova Ves on Margita's early life in Slovakia. Visit the Ondrejko Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Donald Kleck - - Posted 12 November 2007

Researching: KNARICH
Searching for information on the surname Knarich. Visit the Knarich Family Facts Database.
e-mail: - - Posted 12 November 2007

John and Helen Strbak (Starbuck, Sterbuck), from Strba, Czech., son Martin Sr. (1862) married Mary Matzko (1869) unsure of spelling, in 1887, her sister was named Anna. Martin and Mary came to US in 1889, had 8 children, Paul J., Martin Jr., John, Michael, Mary (Marie), Sue, Anna (Ann), and my mother, Irene. I have no information before Martin and Mary arrived in the US. My cousin, whose grandmother was Anna, and I, hope to help you in your search and would greatly appreciate anything you may have to contribute in our search. Thank you. Visit the Strbak Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Darlene Luke - - Posted 12 November 2007

Researching: STREDNY
My great grandfather came to the US in approximately 1902. He was 15 years old. Can you tell me anything about this name, the origination of the family, was it from either Stredny Sliac, Stredny And, or some other local. I'd like to visit in 2007. At the time 1913 of his US naturalization he spelled his surname Stredny. Regards. Visit the Stredny Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Dale Stredney - - Posted 12 November 2007

Vranik family from today's Lysa pod Makytou, SK (formerly Lisza, Hungary). I have much information and would like to share and exchange. Some changed spelling to Wranik after entering USA. Other surnames married into: Hosmanek, Sieklik-Prska, Plevak. Visit the Vranik Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Denise Wranik McLoughlin - - Posted 12 November 2007

Researching: FARON, KRISAK
Faron, Krisak (last name ) came to the USA in late 1800. I know names of villages and towns have changed names and I am having a hard time matching today with yesterday. Kaminich - don't know if the spelling is right? Visit the Faron Family Facts Database.
e-mail: - - Posted 12 November 2007

Interest in the Martahus, Martahuz, Marthus, and Patik family names. Visit the Patik Family Facts Database.
e-mail: mturner51 - - Posted 12 November 2007

Researching: DUDAS, VARGA, WARGO
I am trying to find out where my mother's grandparents came from in Slovakia. All I know is that their names are Basil Varga (possibly Wargo) and Anna Dudas. They eventually settled in the McKeesport, PA area. Please contact me if you have any information. Visit the Dudas Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Cheryl - - Posted 12 November 2007

I am looking for any information about my great-grandfather Pavel Krisko and his wife/partner Anastasia. Pavel died about 1907 we think near Kosice, Hungary. Anastasia took their son and only child Andras to a village north of Miskolc and left him with friends for 7 years. She came to the united states and lived near Wilkes Barre, PA. In 1914 she met and married George Cipa (Sipa, Seepoe) and then sent for Andras who joined them in Pennsylvania. The Cipas had several more children, George, Maryellen, Peter. Any information would be appreciated, would like to know if any relatives survive. Visit the Krisko Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Cheryl Krisko - - Posted 11 November 2007

I am looking for information or descendants of John Dolhanczyk and Helen Karpiak Dolhanczyk. Their children were Stefan, Peter, Millianka, and Wasyl. The children would have been were born in the 1880s. Their village was in Galecia; Biala Woda (Pol) or Bila Voda (Ukr). Children Stefan, Peter and Millianka immigrated to the Philadelphia area in the US around 1900. Stefan married my grandmother, Marta Mihalovich from the village of Folvark/Folyvark, also in the Carpathian mountains. Any information would be appreciated. Visit the Karpiak Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Marta J. Sissons - - Posted 11 November 2007

Majtanyi name, ancestral village Majtanyi (northern Hungary) now Slovakia since 1918. I too am looking for our ancestral home of Majtan, Hungary (Slovakia now). My mother's grandmother was Countess Regina Majtanyi married to Count Juan de Mattos (of Spanish descent). Countess Regina Majtanyi was the daughter of Count Janos Majtanyi and Countess Ilonka Csontra. My mother, who was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1926 has given me this information. Six Majtanyi women were born between 1840 and 1860 of the union of Count Janos Majtanyi and Countess Ilonka Csontra. There were no male heirs thus the line died out. Regina - had 4 children Janka, Janos, Jozef, and Berta (Mattos), Victoria, Luiza, Emma, Janka, Margit. Regina's daughter, Janka (Johanna) was my mother's mother. Johanna de Mattos married Oliver Marosan in the 1880s. And my mother was their only child, Victoria Marosan. Mother came to American in 1944, at age 17, a displaced person. Who survived a labor camp in Germany. The whole family lost in the war and their ancestral home in Majtanyi destroyed. It is not certain, but the Majtanyi family originated in Northern Hungary which in 1918 became Slovakia near the Carpathian mountains. Am trying to find maybe relatives of Count Janos Majtanyi - hoping he had brothers or uncles etc. who had descendants. Any information you have would be ever so welcome. Visit the Marosan Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Victoria Schubert Krogg - - Posted 11 November 2007

Researching: KARAS
I am seeking descendants from these families in Czechoslovakia (Bohemia). Louis Karas (Alois) who married Anna Budzin. Louis is the son of Joseph (Josef) Karas and Barbara Schy or Suka nothing can be further traced back. Josef was rumored to have brothers who died in a mine explosion. Another rumor was he was a illegitimate son of a woman with the last name of Karas. Any information would be helpful. Visit the Karas Family Facts Database.
e-mail: - - Posted 11 November 2007

Researching: DUDA, REBAR
My great-grandparents immigrated to Canada from Slovakia or Hungary. Please contact me if you have any more information. Here is their info. Parents, Alex Duda - born in 1866 in Slovakia/Hungary. Immigrated to Alberta, Canada in 1893, died in 1947. Mary Duda (maiden name: Mary Rebar) born in 1872 in Slovakia/Hungary. Immigrated to Alberta, Canada in 1900, died in 1947. Children: Fred Duda (born 1911, Canada); John Duda (born 1902, Canada); Alex Duda (born 1905, Canada); Mike Duda (born 1908, Canada); Mary Duda (born 1897, Slovakia/Hungary); Ann Duda (born 1895, Slovakia/Hungary); Helen Duda (Born 1912, Canada). Thanks. Visit the Duda Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Suzi Fei - - Posted 11 November 2007

Researching: PALESCH
I am searching for information on the surname Palesch from Klacno which was once Geidel. Visit the Palesch Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Charles Mortenson - - Posted 11 November 2007

Priganc and Volica are the last names I'm looking for. Anna Volica married John Priganc. I believe both are Carpatho-Rusyn. According to, Anna's father was Janhopta Volica. Anna came to the US (Pittsburgh, PA) the 2nd time (with her American-born children) in 1923 after living in Bila, Czechoslovakia. I don't know when she first arrived, but I think she was born in 1894. I have no information regarding John's family since he is not listed on the Ellis Island records (unless there was a misspelling on the records, which is entirely possible. My grandmother, his daughter, spells her last name Preganz, but her brother spells it Priganc). Visit the Priganc Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Mackenzie Morgan - - Posted 11 November 2007

Researching: LUKACS, KALAPOS
I am searching for information on John Lukacs, born in Homonna (Humenne) in 1835, married to Mary Kalapos in Varano (Vranov?) in 1859. Best regards. Visit the Lukacs Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Charles Hofmann - - Posted 10 November 2007

Researching: DEMKO, HALASZ
Looking for descendents of Halasz in Tesare nad zitavou - Tesarske Mlynany, Slovakia. My grandfather Istvan Halasz arrived in 1892 through Ellis Island and eventually came to Canada. He was 33 years old when he arrived. His papers give the name Borzsavere, Hungary as his former residence which is the name above now. would like to hear from people with like name from that or other areas. Looking for Demko descendents from Eperies. Grandmother was Maria Demko, father was Istvan. Believe she was Greek Catholic not Roman. She was an only child. her mother died 1889 when she was seventeen born 1872. Father remarried and Maria left and came to New York. She arrived 1892 at Ellis Island to live with an aunt. Love to hear from Demkos who may be related. Thanks. Visit the Demko Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Rose - - Posted 10 November 2007

Researching: WOLVINE
Searching for Ruby Wolvine USA. Visit the Wolvine Family Facts Database.
e-mail: - - Posted 10 November 2007

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