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Looking for info for grandparents. Grandfather was Robert Riedel born in 1875 in Neudorf, Romerstadt. Grandmother was Barbara Sedmick born 1877 in Rutka. Related surnames were Sponer and Blaschek.
email: - - Posted 04 January 1998

Researching: PSENAK
I live in Montreal, Canada. If you have any information on the roots and the history of Psenak family, please contact me. Thank you.
email: Patrick Psenak - - Posted 04 January 1998

Researching: SARMIR
We lived in towns near Bratislava. Our surname is Sarmir.
email: - - Posted 04 January 1998

In February 1996 I posted a looking for message. The first name I listed was Adrejicka. It should have been Andrejicka. Thank you.
email: Tony Janecka -
anthjane@MNSi.Net - Posted 04 January 1998

Researching: CHACHKO
Please send me any and all info you have on Chachko. Although uncommon, I've recently found a few others in the United States with the same surname.
email: Dave Chachko - - Posted 04 January 1998

Researching: ZAVADA
I am interested in researching my family tree. The family name is Zavada. I believe they were from eastern Slovakia.
email: Thomas Smith -
TOMS@TKENT.COM - Posted 04 January 1998

Searching for families with the surnames Gabrik, Hancarik, Yuscanitch in Papin or other areas of Slovakia.
email: Gerald & Maryann Mickle - - Posted 04 January 1998

Researching: BATORA, BATORY
Roun Translvenia and Siebenburgen in Rumenia.Mi ruc is from Siebenburgen.Bi dockument i em Famile of a Princ Batory nou a Princ Batora.
email: - - Posted 04 January 1998

Andrew Kurcina and Pauline Adamica were born in Babin in Oravsky Podzamok . I was born in Canada and wish to research my grandparents and great grandparents on both of my parents. Also looking for possibilities of any relatives in other parts of the world. There are some Kurcinas in the United States but so far we can find no connection. Is there a link somewhere along the line. My husbands parents were from Slovakia but they died when he was just a toddler. He was raised by grandparents in Canada. He is searching for family, especially on his father's side. His father was Martin Alaksa and his mother was Mary Alaksa. His grandfather was John Alaksa and his grandmother Anna Dobrocky. The family lived in the Cekovce region. Hope to hear of some information.
email: - - Posted 04 January 1998

Looking for the following names last known in the Presov region: Sinal, Drozda, and Kutny. Thank you.
email: Thomas J. Shinal - - Posted 04 January 1998

Researching: RYBAR, RIBAR, DANA
I am searching for ancestors on my paternal side. I am looking for any relatives of Joseph Rybar originally from a village called Stare Hory who came to Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada. The original surname may have been changed in spelling from Ribar. Also, I am looking for Information on any ancestors of Mary Dana (maiden name) and Ethel Dana (also maiden name), both sisters from Slovakia, unsure of the city.
email: - - Posted 04 January 1998

Looking for ancestry of Anna Sabol who came from the town of Hummene in Slovakia -- Came to United States arround late 1890s and settled in the town of Tresckow, Pa. near the larger city of Hazleton, Pa. She is survived by Grandaughter. She was married to John Donish also of Tresckow, Pa. Also looking for ancestry of Mary Bakos who possibly came from the same area and during the same time period. She was married for the first time to Michael Pavlick (Poblick) (Povlik) (Pavelik) and the second time to John Kornulik and also lived in the area of Tresckow Pa. or Slaptown, or Audenried or Mcadoo, all are generaly in the same area.
email: - - Posted 04 January 1998

Dzurbala, Jurbala, Almasy, Almasi, Almaci, Almashie, Pauk, Pavik, Pavuk, Powk, Polk, Povik, Rusnak, Glazaroszki, Glazarovski, Glazarovick, Lazaroszki, Lazarovski, Lazarovick, Esterhazy. Michael Dzurbala was born in Nyznia Jablonka (Also Jablonka), Zemplyn County in 1835. His son Michael was born in Nyznia Jablonka in 1872 and emigrated to the US in 1894. George Almasy was born in either Zavidovo or Beregszasz, Bereg County. His family was from either Csehtanya (Almasitanya) or Torokszentmiklosi, Szabolcs County. His daughter, Anna Almasy was born in Zavidovo, Bereg County in 1893 and emigrated to the US in 1908. Anna left three brothers and three sisters, Sophia, Bertha and unknown in Zavidovo. Vasily Pauk was born in Zavidovo, Bereg County in 1887 and emigrated to the US in 1907. His brother, Andrew, emigrated with him but returned to Zavidovo. Las know contact with him was from Mukachevo in 1956. Sophia Rusnak was born in Beregszasz, Bereg County. She was the wife of George Almasy. Jacob Lazaroszki was born in either Zarszyn or Odrzechowa, Sanok County in 1814 and moved to Nyznia Jablonka with his mother Francheska Vanhol or Vashol who was born in Jasliska, Sanok County in 1795. Jacob's son, Joseph Lazaroszki was born in Nyznia Jablonka in 1849. He and his daughter, Anna Lazaroszki who was born in Nyznia Jabonka in 1882 emigrated to the US in 1890.
email: Stephen B. Jurbala - - Posted 04 January 1998

If there is anyone with information on the Surnames of Durica, Gyuricza, or Djuritza and Kitko, Kitka or Komider I would greatly appreciate having it. My great-grandfather, George Durica (also spelled: Gyuricza or Djuritza), immigrated to the United States from Balarvajas, Slovakia in 1904. In 1913, he married Anna Catherine Kitko (also Kitka or Komider), whose parents were also from Slovakia. My great-grandfather's parents were John Durica, Jr. ( also spelled: Gyuricza or Djuritza) and Martha Matalic, from Belswetsa, Czechoslovakia and his parents were Jan (John) Durica (also spelled: Gyuricza or Djuritza) and Anna Matiszko, from Spisska, Czechoslovakia.
email: Sherry Truax - - Posted 04 January 1998

Researching: JARJAPKA
On my recent trip to Iklad, Hungary, I found out my Grandfather's family originally came from Trencin, Slovakia. When my Grandfather's father lived in Trencin, it was a part of Hungary. My family name is Jarjapka. Anyone having any information please contact me. I'm at a dead end! Thanks!
email: David Puckett - - Posted 04 January 1998

Researching: KALAFUT, UHRIN
I am a student at Penn State University. For my english project I am to do a family tree. While searching on the net, I came across your
Stanislav page. I noticed that you had an Anna Kalafut listed. My great-grandmother's maiden name was Justina Kalafut. Her father's name was Michael Kalafut. Justina Kalafut was born in 1884. I know that this side of my family came from Rudnany, Slovakia. I learned that this town used to be referred to as Koterbach.
email: Sylvia Uhrin - - Posted 04 January 1998

Researching: JUPINA, CHUPINA
Looking for information on Jupina or Chupina.
email: Mike Jupina - - Posted 04 January 1998

Researching: DUSA
Looking for information on the Dusa family.
email: Gail Dusa - - Posted 04 January 1998

Researching: SUGA
My grandmother's parents came to the U.S. from Velky Lipnik. The surname is Suga. I am looking for more information and possibly pictures to her of Velky Lipnik. Thank you for any help!
email: Joleen - - Posted 04 January 1998

Researching: GAZSI
I grew up in USA, but I was born in the Slovak Republic. Visit the
Gazsi Family Facts Database.
email: Katrin Gazsi now is deceased - Posted 04 January 1998

Researching: GETZIE
Researching the Getzie family name.
email: Nathan Getzie - - Posted 04 January 1998

Researching: OLEKSAK
I am looking for any information on the Oleksak name. The village is Zdiar. Any info will be welcome.
email: Bill Oleksak - - Posted 04 January 1998

Researching: KAPCALA
Researching the Kapcala surname.
email: Dean Kapcala - - Posted 04 January 1998

I am researching Klein, Suran, Grunhut, Kohn, and Diamant, but I am also interested in learning about the history, demography and the characteristics of the towns and villages where they were born, schooled, married and died. My father, Ignac Klein was born in Dolne Oresany, went to schools in Trnava and Nove Mesto nad Vahon, and emigrated to the U.S. in 1922. His mother, Julia Suran, was born and married in Stvrtok near Trencin, and was buried alongside her husband, Adolf Adam Klein, in Sucha nad Parnou. Five of Julia's children died early in childhood and were buried in Horne Oresany. Adolf's sister, Netti Klein, married Salamon Grunhut from Laksarska Nova Ves. Two of Netti's children, Heinrich and Leopold, emigrated to the U.S. at the beginning of this century. They changed their names to Henry and Leo Greenhut. My father's brother, Markus, and his wife, Frieda, lived in Malacky up until 1949. I have been unsuccessful in researching Bertha and Armin Kohn, and Elsie and Julius Diamant/Diamont, all of whom emigrated in the 1920's to New York from Slovakia. Much of the information about my ancestors going back three generations was obtained from archives in Casta and Bosaca through the facilities of the Regional Archives of Bratislava. I would appreciate hearing from anyone who has visited these towns or has information about them or about my relatives.
email: Dolph Klein - - Posted 04 January 1998

Researching: HANDLOVICS
I am looking for the family of Handlovics. Looking for a town called Schalgo Tarian. I can't find that town in any countries. Do you have any ideas. Does this sound like a Slovakia town or village? They lived there in the 1881.
email: Keith Spear - - Posted 04 January 1998

Researching: VAVRA
John Vavra, known to have emigrated from Kocise to Homestead, Pennsylvania area to work in steel mills of Andrew Carnegie during period between 1910 and 1917. Married prior to emigrating to US, son John Vavra born on ocean voyage. No other info, all leads to family surname and village appreciated.
email: Andrew Vavra - - Posted 04 January 1998

Researching: BELYUCH, BELUCH
I am interested in any information of a family from Chelovce, Austria Hungary. (ALSO known as Celovce Slovensko). The person from that area would have spelled name any of the following: Anrij Beluch (on Birth Certificate); Andrew Belyuch (on marriage certificate); Andrej Bekuch (on other European Legal forms).
email: -
BELUK@IMAIL.IIX.COM - Posted 04 January 1998

Researching: GERDA
My grandfather, John Gerda, was from Slovakia and arrived in America in the late 1890's or early 1900's.
email: -
ROSEGLITER@AOL.COM - Posted 03 January 1998

My maternal grandfather, Justin Kostyal von Tarno, left Trencsen, North Hungary in 1891 (at the age of 17) and came to Brazil before immigrating to the United States. In his October 1891 letter, written during a yellow fever epidemic in Brazil, he mentioned his father, Ludwig Kostyal von Tarno, Administrator of the General Hospital in Trencsen, and his brother, Aloyisious Sylvester Kostyal von Tarno. I am posting this query after reading, on another web page, that Trencsen is now known as: "Trencin zupa, Slovakia (formerly Trencsen varmegye)". I would very much like to connect with anyone doing research on the Kostyal surname and history.
email: Kathleen Giel - - Posted 03 January 1998

The only information I have is that my grandfather, Michael Yankura (or Jankura) was born in Czechoslovakia in the 1870's or 1880's. I also have information that he was born in the village or region of Lubitza. I have no idea whether this is in the Czech Republic or Republic of Slovakia. My grandmother's maiden name was Mary Lesondak. They emigrated to the USA around 1901.
email: J. Wallencheck - - Posted 03 January 1998

Researching surnames Huzicka, Valkosky, Makatura, and Bugos. Of particular interest is Michael Huzicka or descendants of Michael Huzicka. Born in
Youngstown, Ohio early 1900's.
email: - BHuzicka@AOL.COM - Posted 03 January 1998

I am looking for relatives who came from (north)Jadlova and from Kruzlova, both near Svidnik in the Saris district of the Presov Region. My grandfather was Andrew Zumar; his parents were Jan Zumar and his wife, Anna Timan (or Teman) Zumar. My grandmother was Anna Mihaly who married Andrew Zumar. Her parents were Josef Mihaly and his wife Ilya Krako Mihaly. Any help out there? One of my great-grandmothers was probably named Paraska Sauka (unsure of spelling), and my grandparents came here around 1907-1912, I think. Thank you and God bless us all!
email: - - Posted 03 January 1998

Researching: GAZEREK, BENDIK
Researching my Dad's family name - Gazarek. He was born in Skalica, Slovakia in 1911. His father's name was Franta. Dad had 5 brothers: Josef, Imrich, Jaros, Franta, and Stepan. Any information appreciated. Also my Mother was born in Celovce, Slovakia in 1921. Her father's name was Pavel Bendik. No other info. Any info appreciated.
email: Rudy Gazarek - - Posted 03 January 1998

Researching: LUZER, STIKA, SVEC
I am currently searching the names Luzer, Stika, and Svec names; Ohio and Chicago, Illinois areas.
email: - - Posted 03 January 1998

Looking for info on the Dudas family in Zavadka, Slovakia or Tisovec or Banska Bystrica, and later in the U.S.A.
email: -
PDudas@AOL.COM - Posted 03 January 1998

I am looking for anyone with the Hroziencikova, Hroziencik, or Hrozencik names. I was told that my ancestors came from the village Brataslava.
email: -
Drkrmgirl@AOL.COM - Posted 03 January 1998

Looking for information for the names Sinal (Shinal), Kutny (Kutney), Drozda, and Hussar (Husar).
email: Tom Shinal - - Posted 03 January 1998

We were read at your site a research: I am looking for info on the Lebensky, Broboro and Lesko families from Kelecsen (now Kosicky Klecenov) and Garbocz-Bogdany (now Bohdanovce) in East Slovakia near Kosice. My great-grandmother Marie Lebensky was born in Kelecsen in 1857 and immigrated to NY about 1880. Her second marriage was to Edward Straube in NY in 1893. That marriage certificate says her father was Josef Lebensky and her mother was Haesin Broboro (her name is difficult to decipher from the handwriting). Marie's first husband was a Lesko (possibly also from Kelecsen), and her relative Andra Lebensky (I don't know the exact relationship) lived in Garbocz-Bogdany. We are the researched persons! We sent messages for this person e-mail, but we haven't got any answer yet. We are waiting for an answer! We live in Miskolc, Hungary. Thanks for your help! Our web site is
email: Akos Lebenszky - - Posted 03 January 1998

My grandfather, born Joseph Masaryk in Strada in 1884. Surname spelling changed to Masarik by US immigration at Ellis island. I cannot locate the village of Strada, exactly in the pre-WW I maps of the regions. Looking for information as to any brothers, cousins, or uncles with same surname. Thank you.
email: Dennis Masarik - - Posted 03 January 1998

Surnames are Ihnat, Demchik, Halajcik, Ondejko, Pado, and Cmil Villages are Jastrabi, Brezoce, Zbudza, and Uzhorod.
email: Richard Ihnat - - Posted 03 January 1998

Researching: MATEJOVIC
Researching the Matejovic surname.
email: - - Posted 03 January 1998

Researching: BJEL
My last name is Bjel and my family resided in Orava. Looking for other Slovaks with the same last name.
email: - - Posted 03 January 1998

Anyone out there with the Kmec, Kmecz, Boczko, Botsko, Kolar or Kollar names in their family? They come from Kladzany and Klembarek (now Klenov) near Presov. I have been researching these names for several years. Am just now attempting to locate relatives in the US (found a Kmec cousin in Slovakia) Anyone who might have these names in their ancestry, please mail me, I would love to correspond with you.
email: Laurie - - Posted 03 January 1998

I am researching Kuchta, Zloch, Plesa, Vrablic, Skodacek, Matulky (Matulka) Bajzovey and Valek. My ancestors seem to have come from Vrbovce or Myjava area of Western Slovakia to the Holic area. They were Lutherans. My gg grandfathers name was listed as Jana Kuchtu - Dudika. Dudika might be a part of my ancestry. Any help or connection with both ancestors or descendents would be appreciated.
email: David Kuchta - - Posted 03 January 1998

I am searching for traces of my family from Bukovina (Hasenkopf, Hasenkoph). The family comes from Althuetten and Augustendorf. I'd appreciate any help in locating a map that identifies the German name with the Ukrainian / Romanian names the towns now have. Known male ancestors include Wenzel Hasenkopf (married Christine Romankiewicz) and Ambrosius Hasenkopf (married Maria Straub in January 1879). Wenzel's grandchildren and great-grandchildren now reside in New York State. Also searching for traces of the Poetscheneck family which I believe came from Slovakia. Any help here would be great.
email: Sylvia Hasenkopf - - Posted 03 January 1998

Researching: KUNCA
Vladimir Kunca from Vranov nad Toplou.
email: - - Posted 03 January 1998

My great, great grandfather's name was Michal Fleischhacker. His wife's name was Katarina nee Dubek. Their son, my great grandfather, was born in Modra, and it seems that they all lived in Bratislava at least for awhile. I don't know where Michal and Katarina were originally from. I think they stayed in Slovakia. My grandmother said she never met them. My great grandfather, Paul Fleischhacker, came to America in 1907. He was born in Modra, and lived in Bratislava for awhile. His wife, Susan, also came from Slovakia. Her maiden name was Kovar. Any information would be appreciated.
email: Larissa Blankenship - - Posted 03 January 1998

The Fedick (Fedik) and Onufer families immigrated to South Bend, Indiana circa 1901 - 1910, moved to Star Junction, Pennsylvania circa 1912-1924, moved to Bedford, Ohio circa 1924. Villages: Baranincy or Baranice (Baranyai in Hungarian); Seredne or Serednjeje (Szerednyei in Hungarian); Volkovoje or Vikovyie (Valkajai in Hungarian).
email: Curtis R. Torrey - - Posted 02 January 1998

Researching: RIGO
Searching for relatives with the last name Rigo from the town of Leles. Scott M. Senger
email: - - Posted 02 January 1998

I'm trying to locate records on the Boczko, Botsko, Kmec, and Kollar families in the areas of Kladzany, Zemplan, Klenov, etc. Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.
email: Laurie - - Posted 02 January 1998

I am looking for any information regarding relatives in the U.S. or elsewhere with the last name of Jakubisin or Machalek. The Machaleks were from Holic / Spiska Stolic, Slovakia. I am not sure where the Jakubisin name is from.
email: - - Posted 02 January 1998

I would like myself listed as the contact for the following families because I am a direct descendant of those family names. Those are as follows: Matis (was) Matisz from Ordzoviany; Smihulya from Bijacovce; Magerko from Slovinky; Bistarkey from Slovenky (Kunava).
email: Bob Matis - - Posted 02 January 1998

I am looking for information on great-grandparents and beyond. I believe they are from the Slovakia area, but with border changes, they may now be in Hungary and Poland. They all ended up in the Chicago area. Michael Wilczek (b. 1859) m. ___Budz and they had Jozef Wilczek (1878 Lesnica Poland/Slovakia). Jozef married Rose Bafia (1883, Chocholow, Poland) in Chicago in 1906. Her parents were John ( a farmer) and Agnes (Bator) Bafia. On another line, John Danielczak married Antoinette Zientek (they lived along the Danube) and came to Chicago around 1900 but returned to Europe to only return with World War I mobilization. Any information would be much appreciated.
email: Meghan Dewhurst - - Posted 02 January 1998

My father's parents immigrated, I believe, in 1900. His father's name was Paul (?) Yanko, and nine children were born to that generation, all of whom are now deceased.The first eight were born abroad, and my father, William Yanko (also called Vasily) was born in Snyder, NY (?). The family settled in Berwick, Pa, and most lived there all of their lives, but at times some worked in Pittsburgh, in Hammond, Indiana, and in other places in New York state. My father identifed himself as "Rusin" from somewhere east of Uzhhorod. My mother's maiden name was Mary Kucera. Her mother and father immigrated about 1908, and my mother was born in Taylor, Pa (?) in 1910. A year later, on the death of her father, the family moved back to Ruthenia, as they called it. My mother used to mention a village called Maly Berezni. With the onset of war and famine, my mother was sent back to the United States to live with an uncle's family in Scranton, Pa, named, I believe Mikita. Her brother and mother remained in the village. I believe her mother, Anna, was lost during the second world war. Her brother, John Kucera, lived on in that region. His two children, a son and daughter, I have heard, removed to Moscow, but this is not verified. If anyone has any information about either of these two families and their origins, I would be grateful to hear about it.
email: Ann Wilkinson - - Posted 02 January 1998

Researching Bencur of Dolny Kubin, Jasenova, and vicinity in Slovakia and Hrabusa, Hrabusay, or Hrabusak of Ruzomborek, Slovakia.
email: Carol Harbushka - - Posted 02 January 1998

Researching: ZIDO
My grandfather, George Zido, came to Ohio from Kocise in 1920. Seeking any info on Zido name and background.
email: Josh Zido - - Posted 02 January 1998

Researching: PETRUS, SNEIR
I am looking for any information on my grandfather George Petrus who came from a village near Bratislava called Bardejov Nova Ves. He came to the Pittsburgh area around 1900 with his brothers Thomas and John. He married Mary Sneir and lived in Donora, PA. I was told that he had sisters back in Slovakia who died during WWII but had surviving children. I would be interested in hearing from anyone who knows anything at all about the family.
email: Celesta Harhai - - Posted 02 January 1998

Looking for information on the Chlebik and Marecek families from Vrbovce / Tura Luka / Myjava area of Western Slovakia, especially any descendents or members living in the States.
email: Jerry Mraz - - Posted 02 January 1998

Kurncz or Kurucz; Dudash, and Spousta, and location where they are most numerous. Thank you.
email: Arlene Lounds - - Posted 02 January 1998

Researching: HUMAJ, TYLESOVA
Looking for family info on Marian Humaj, Terezia Tylesova, and Silvester Humaj.
email: Marian Humaj - - Posted 02 January 1998

Researching: SOKIRA, KAPRALS
Like to find the names Sokira and Kaprals in Stacin, Slovakia.
email: - - Posted 02 January 1998

Searching for people with similar Polish last names: Buszowski, Wiechnik, Myszak and Krupicz.
email: Mary Buszowski - - Posted 02 January 1998

Researching: BARNIAK
Michael Barniak returned to Poland prior to WWII. He had lived in Cleveland, Ohio and left two sons and a daughter. Does anyone know if there are any Barniaks left in that area or near Biala Woda, which was supposedly near there?
email: Mary Caetta - - Posted 02 January 1998

Researching: PESTA, SPICAK
My great grandfathers name was John Pesta and came to this country with his wife (maiden name of Spicak, I believe) in the turn of the century. I do not have alot of information to go on as I am just starting my search.
email: - - Posted 02 January 1998

Searching for information on Johan Mehalechko, Mary Timko and Mary Zabutsky. Johan was born in Rikov (Pekob) Austria-Hungary 7/18/1885. Mary was born in Turka in 1894. Any information about their families would be helpful. Also check out website under "F" for the Family of Glen Land.
email: Raymond J. Land - - Posted 02 January 1998

My paternal grandfather was an orphan. He emigrated to Cleveland, Ohio in the early 1900's, from Bratislava. His name was Michael Tomasik, married to Susan Borovski. I believe he was born in the mid-1880's.
email: - - Posted 02 January 1998

Researching: LAUCEK
My father was born in Danova and was also George Laucek. I believe I may have a half brother in Slovakia and would like to find out if he still lives there. I don't know his first name but would be interested in finding anyone with the last name of Laucek. Thank you for any help you can give.
email: George Laucek Jr. - - Posted 02 January 1998

Researching: PTACEK
My branch of the Ptacek family comes from New York. My grandfather was Otto Ptacek of Garden City, NY and Bucks County, PA. My great grandfather came to the US in the 1800's and docked (I think) in Pennsylvania. Any Ptacek information will be much appreciated.
email: Paula L. Ptacek - - Posted 02 January 1998

Researching: ONTOLCHIK
Information on Ontolchik family, please.
email: Thomas Richards - - Posted 02 January 1998

Researching: MURGALA
I am searching for any information on Murgala from Bardejov or that area. Any information will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
email: Kathy - - Posted 02 January 1998

Researching: STANO, CHURIK
Researching Stano (Brdar), Stano and Churik (Hanko). Mary Stano (Brdar), born in 1891 md. Michael Stano (birthdate unknown) around 1913. Issue was Cecelia Stano born in 1913. Michael died in the first world war. Mary then md. Ignac Churik (Hanko), born in 1894, in 1920 in the village of Horna Poruba. Migrated to Leechburg, Pa. sometime around 1920. I am interested in any information about these families especially Michael Stano's.
email: - - Posted 02 January 1998

Researching: KEKACS
I am searching for the family name Kekacs. Any help would be appreciated.
email: - - Posted 02 January 1998

Researching: ZDILLA
The surname is Zdilla. I think that the town was called Bordova. I'm interested in knowing about any Zdillas that came to Monessen, PA from Bordova early this century.
email: Michael Zdilla - - Posted 01 January 1998

Researching: FEDOR
Researching John Fedor. Place of Birth Bratislava, April 30, 1878.
email: - - Posted 01 January 1998

Re Vojtko: My father's family are from the Bela pre Martin area. His parents, Jan and Anna (nee Pavlini), immigrated to Sarnia, Ontario, Canada in the early 30s. My father was born in 1932 and shortly after, he and his family returned to Bela. In the late 40's, my father returned to Canada in order to retain his Canadian citizenship and seek employment. His parents and sisters, Vlasta and Martha, remained. Both sisters married, and their children still live in and around the area. Re Stefanik: My mother's father, Paul Stefanik, was born in Luyky okrs Puchov on December 14, 1913. He and his family (parents: Stephan and Anna (nee Behro); sister: Susie; brothers: Steven and John) immigrated to Ontario, Canada in the late 30s. His older sister, Katherine, remained in Slovakia. My grandfather married Zuzana Machac who came from Lazy (she was the only one from her family to leave Slovakia). I regret to say that I don't have much information on the Machac family and would love to hear from anyone that does. Please e-mail me if you have any information about the Vojtko, Pavlini, Stefanik, Machac or Behro families, I would be very interested in hearing from you.
email: - - Posted 01 January 1998

Researching: SUDIA
I am interested in finding information on the John Sudia family from Daliowa, Galicia. John was born in 1850 - wife was Anna.
email: - - Posted 01 January 1998

Researching: BADNITZ
Researching Badnitz, town or village of origin unknown.
email: Albert Badnitz - - Posted 01 January 1998

Researching: JANOVIC, VANYO
My great grandfather came from Slovakia, a town named Janovic. His last name was Vano. When he came to the U.S. in the late 1800's the name was changed to Vanyo. Do you know any information on my family or its history?
email: Chris Vanyo - - Posted 01 January 1998

Searching for info on grandmother's maiden name Veronica Zygmuntovich and her mother's maiden name Domion from the Spis region of Slovakia or Black Hills area of Slovakia. Veronica came to this country through Ellis Island around 1888. The last names could have different spellings. We know her brother Jacob shortened his name to Zigmund.
email: - - Posted 01 January 1998

Seeking any information on surnames Jurysik and Kornafel. Amelia Jurysik Kornafel, killed in Poland in WWII, Husband Frank Kornafel also killed in Poland in WWII by the germans. Had daughter Christine who was raised by her grandparents Amelia & Zygmond Jurysik in france and then came to America on the boat the "United States". All the above were citizens of Poland before & during WWII. Zygmond Jurysik had a brother Bruno. Any information on towns or villages linked to these people would be greatly appreciated.
email: Tim & Kathy Troast - - Posted 01 January 1998

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