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If you have questions about towns and researching in Slovakia, stop by at our Eastern Slovakia Genealogical Research Question and Answer Forum and post your question.

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Seeking info on the following that were from Toriska, Spis Nova Ves and Levoca. Kasper, Turek, Galajda and Chipkala.
email: - - Posted 28 February 2000

Doing research on the name Michael Pavlenic married to Dora Kapelic; Please email me with any information.
email: - - Posted 28 February 2000

Researching: HANKO, DRABIK
I am searching for any Hanko's, Drabik's. Found my 2 Aunts last year and also found some cousisn's I haven't seen since I was very small. My Grandparents settled in a town called Streator, Illinois in the early 1900's. I was told there are many more family members out there who I would love to meet. I have new e-mail account to write me.
email: Betty (Ramanoskis) Lorance - - Posted 28 February 2000

Researching: ZMIGROSKY, BIK
I am researching my husbands family "Zmigrosky". They came to US via Hamburg in 1902 on the SS Barcelona. It list their last residence as "Vodolory" or "Yodolory" in Austria. Are you familiar with that village. I believe it was in Galicia. Any help would be appreciated. Also, I am researching his Mothers maiden name, Bik. Her parents came to US from Carpathian Mtns. She thinks the village name was Bik.
email: Shelah Zmigrosky - - Posted 28 February 2000

I am currently searching for any information about the Unreiner surname. My grandfather Ralph Unreiner was born in Saskatchewan Canada. I believe that his parents immigrated to Canada from Russia. Ralph Unreiner homesteaded near a hamlet called Schuler in the early 1900's. He married Rose Schafer. I would also be interested to know if anyone has any information on the Schuler surname. My grandfathers name was Tillman Mackinley Schuler.
email: - - Posted 28 February 2000

Researching: PLATKO
I was born Donna Lee Platko. It would be wonderful if I could find anyone related to me in CZ. My grandfather was named Andrew Paul Platko. When he was 12 years old he was sent for by his Uncle from America. He came on a cattle boat all alone. He landed at Ellis Island. He was born in either Lubotin or Podpilla CZ. After he got a job he saved his money and sent for his sister, I believe her name was Delphine or Delores. He never saw his mother,father, or other brothers and sisters again. Thanks for any help.
email: Donna Platko Beard - - Posted 27 February 2000

Researching: URBAN, MIKLAS
I am researching Urban and Miklas names and a city called Vadovce.
email: - - Posted 27 February 2000

Researching: ONDERCIN, PAL
Looking for relatives of Micolaus Ondercin, son of Anna Pal and Micolaus Ondercin, of Kalava. He was born 20 January 1903. His brothers were: Stefan born 31 July 1899; Jukub born 17 December 1907; Andrej (or Ondrej) born 6 October 1913. His sisters were: Marka (or Maria) born 31 July 1899; Anna born 11, November 1909. Micolaus emigrated to the United States around 1921. His nephew Stefan (son of Stefan senior) was a mayor in Slovakia; not certain what town.
email: - - Posted 27 February 2000

Trying to find relatives living in Canada. As far as I know their birthplace was Micholovic, Slovenia. My uncle, Mike Sabo,(Ethel) his sister Rose Sabo Smolak. Mike, and his sister Julie Sabo, (NICK)Tanomanovic. Mike has two children, GarySabo , and a daughter Linda Sabo, don't know her married. Last known address of Mike Sabo, Edmonton, Julie Tanomanovic lived in Toronto. Julie has two daughters, Julie, and Mary, I believe she married a Kopar. Can you tell me the best way to locate some information on these relatives in Canada. Thank you very much for your assistance in this request.
email: Vera Holman - - Posted 27 February 2000

John Paul is searching for information about his grandfather, Michael Diabolka, who was born about 1870 in Vikartoves, Spiska Zupa and came to America. He died in 1917. His wife was Sophie Straka. John's father was Joseph Paul, why the name was changed from Diabolka to Paul, John does not know. If anyone can help John please E-mail.
email: - - Posted 27 February 2000

Researching: LIPTAK, KIVADER
I am trying to find records from churches, cemetary stones etc and l hope living relatives of the Georgy Liptak family that left Terna, Austria-Hungary/Slovakia in 1911 and Anna Kivader-Liptak who went to join her husband in 1913. They were both born and raised in Terna. There is no evidence of this village on any map I have access to. Much Thanks
email: - - Posted 25 February 2000

Researching: STROKA
Researching the surname Stroka from the village of Backov.
email: Michael Stroka - - Posted 25 February 2000

I am looking for information about the Matochik surname and relatives both in Slovakia and in America. The spelling may vary a little: Matocik, etc. Slovakian towns that are mentioned in our family history include Slovenska Kajna, Kosice, Ortasa, Borove, and Ceremene. My father, Joseph Smatko, is looking for information about the Smatko surname and relatives both in Slovakia and in America. Slovakian towns that are mentioned in HIS family history include Slovenska Kajna, Kosice, Ortasa, Borove, and Ceremene.
email: Monica Smatko - - Posted 25 February 2000

We are trying to locate information on the Chervenak and Ballak families who immigrated from the village of Jasenov, Slovakia approx. 1935. Any help will be appreciated.
email: J. Chervenak - - Posted 25 February 2000

From Biloveza, Czech - Ratica, Ktanik, Vrabel, Svec, Bombic, Grohol; From the Bihor region of Pre-1919 Hungary: Szabo, Papp (Popp), Burki--- If any of these names are on your research list, please contact me. Thanks.
email: - - Posted 25 February 2000

I am researching my fathers family and would like any information anyone has. My paternal grandfather's name was John Hrabovecky and my grandmother's maiden name was Mary Dzurishin. My grandfather was born in Gesnonicy, Austria. I can't find anything on this town and I wonder if it might be misspelled. My grandmother was from Prague [ I believe]. I would like to find any relatives that are over there and could tell me anything about the Hrabovecky and the Dzurishin families. I think my grandfather had siblings but I don't know how many. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
email: Carol Miller - - Posted 22 February 2000

Researching: BASISTA, BANAS
Searching for information on my grandfather Paul J. Basista who was born on January 13, 1897 in what was then Austria-Hungary. I believe his parents were Paul and Anna Basista. His brothers and sisters may have been John, Stephen, Andrew, Julia, Helen, Anne and Susan. I believe my grandfather came to the United States in 1912. He settled in Cleveland, Ohio and worked for the New York Central railroad. He died January 14, 1965. His wife was Margaret (Banas) Basista and he had two living children Bernadine and Richard (commonly known as Edward).
email: Tom Basista - - Posted 22 February 2000

Researching: ROVNAK
I am looking for any information on the Rovnak family -my grandmother's mother or my great garanmother was Zuzanna Rovnak and her brother was named John-they supposedly came from Austria. My grandmother was born here in 1896 so they came sometime before that. By here I mean Loidel Pennsylvania, USA. I really don't know anymore about them excrept their mother and father were Endre and Zuzanna Rovnak. Any info you can give me I where the Rovnaks came from would be greatly appreciated.
email: Virginia Homewood - - Posted 22 February 2000

Researching Bobal, Kazmar, and Pickney. My Grandfather, Andrew Bobal, was born on June 19,1864 in Malcov, Austria. He emigrated to the USA in 1882 and settled in Beaver Meadows Pennsylvania. My Grandmother, Katherine (Kaczmar) Bobal Pickney was born on January 4,1873 in Malcov Austria. She emigrated to the USA on March 12, 1887 and also settled in Beaver Meadows Pennsylvania. They were married on June 6, 1887 in Saint Michael's Greek Catholic Church in Shenandoah Pennsylvania. Looking for others of these surnames.
email: David Weingartner - - Posted 22 February 2000

Researching: VARGO, RIDILLA
I am researching the Vargo or Ridilla family from Sedikart, Slovkia. They settled in Baggley, Pennsylvania in the late 1800's - early 1900s. My grandmother was Mary Ridilla - Vargo. My father was John Edward Vargo born in the 1920's in the Baggley/Latrobe area. Any assistance would be appreciated. Thank you!
email: Tim Vargo - - Posted 22 February 2000

Researching: HRDLICKA, REKK
I am searching for any information on Hrdlicka - located in Bratislava and surrounding areas. Grandparents were Jan and Franteska Hrdlicka, 3 Children - Frank (deceased 1960's, Magdalena (deceased 1996 - 2 children, daughter died in infancy, son - Jozef Maly, Bratislava), Michal (deceased 1997 - 3 Children - Jan Michael, Richard Allen and Lynn Ellen - all living in Ontario, Canada where Michal came to at end of WW2. Michal married Ella Rekk from Otepaa, Estonia) Would love to learn more about my heritage. Any relatives out there?
email: - - Posted 21 February 2000

Researching: UCHAL, UHAL, LITVIN
Trying to locate family with surname Uchal or Uhal. Would like to find birthplace of grandparents, Johan and Mary. Lived in Connellsville, PA. Died in a mine accident. Wife Mary then married Paul Litvin. Moved to Monessen, Pa.
email: - - Posted 21 February 2000

Researching: NADZAM, KOZAR
Researching Nadzam and Kozar.
email: - - Posted 21 February 2000

I have finally acquired firm information on my grandmother's surnames and far eastern Slovakian villages. The names are Jacsisko and Micikas (Miczikasz). The villages are Valaskvoce and Dedacov. It has taken me five years of extensive research with lots of patience. It seems that I am now part of the Carpatho-Rusyn clan on her side of the family.
email: Pete Semanick - - Posted 21 February 2000

Researching and trying to make contact with family. Grandmother was Zofia Susan Smehyl from Zilina. Came to U.S. in 1907 at age 17. May have had a brother Vincent who died before she came to U.S. Their parents died young. Grandfather was Martin Edward Bugan from Vicov, a part of Austria at the time. He had brother Frank and other siblings. Both grandparents were born in 1890. Martin and Zofia came to U.S. seperately but married in Massachusetts, U.S.A. They have five children living in Massachusetts. The parents are buried here. My great grandparents names are unknown to me. They are buried in Slovakia or nearby. We have cousins living in Slovakia or Czech Rep., but lost contact. Their last name is Orzanik. One cousin in particular is Cecile Orzanik. She was born in Larkiearon, and has cousins in U.S. named Eva, Mary, Alex, Rosalie, Josephine (Pinka), and John Bugan. I need information and papers on any relative whether ascending or descending. I would love to get in contact with my family!
email: Darlene (Bugan) Jacobson - - Posted 21 February 2000

I am searching for relatives of John and Elizabeth Dzubay Kondis Churay. Father and Mother are Theresa Benack Churay and Stephen Churay (Spelled C'uraj in Slovakia). Also, father's name of Theresa is Abraham Dzubay from Bashkovce Zemplinska. Stephen was from Brataslava and his father was to have been a town squire and raised horses, and he died while trying to save them from his barn which burned down.
email: - - Posted 20 February 2000

looking for Kuzma, Pirnaga, and Kazimir from Nizna Hrusov and Budkovce Also looking for Grega, Mayti, Nagy, Kurta, Gergely, Rusczak, Vargo, and Szopko, from Nizny Mysla Slovakia. Some came to Erie PA and others stayed there Wondering if there are any still there.
email: - - Posted 20 February 2000

Researching Dzibjak, Szibjak, Szybiak, Zibyock, and Zevyuck from Szklary. Researching Chupaska, Chupasko, Cupaska, Csupasko, and Csupaska from Czeremcha.
email: - - Posted 20 February 2000

Researching: POTSEK
My husband's grandfather was Martin Potsek, possibly Pacek in old country. He came from Zavadka about 1900. I'm not sure where Zavadka is now. It was in Austria- Hungary then. How can I find his family history?
email: Nancy Morris Brown - - Posted 20 February 2000

Researching: KALABUS
I am searching for my family name. It is Kalabus and the family was located in a small village in slovokia, that I believe was close to Zilina . I am not sure but the village was Mala Becha or something like that. I have not been able to find it on any map. I will continue to harvest information to try to find out more. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
email: Ed Kalabus - - Posted 20 February 2000

I am looking for relatives to Mary (Besko) Stanoyevic, Stanojevich and Pater Stanojevich. Besko family settled in Mansfield, Ohio. Emigrated here in 1901-1905. Stanojevich settled in Akron,Ohio.
email: - - Posted 18 February 2000

I am doing my family genealogy. Any information concerning the following, is tremendously appreciated. Thank you very much. Josef Andrasi; Born: March 1st, 1882 in Szepesszombat (H) Spis^ská Sobota (Sv) (a district of the old Hungarian Szepes Megye (county) located in eastern Slovakia.) I believe his village is: Lándzsáso"tfalu (H) Ho^rka (Sv) located 2 miles from Poprad and 14 miles from Spis^ská Sobota; Died: April 19th, 1953 Ironwood Michigan, United States. Joseph was in service under Franc Joseph of Austria in 1905. He immigrated to America in 1907. In 1912 he sent for Veronica and their daughter Julia, age 5. All we know about his family is that he had one brother, Andrew and two sisters. We do not know the names and ages of them or his parents. Joseph's father died when Joseph was 3 years old. His mother died when Joseph was between the ages of 11-13. After the death of his mother, he went to live with a doctor and his wife in Bratislava, Slovakia. Joseph married Veronica Lescoviansky; Born: June 3rd, 1887 Died: 1978 Ironwood Michigan, United States. Veronica's mothers name was: Magdalena. Magdalena's first husband died and she remarried. We do not know ether of these names or dates. There was 1 male child, August and 4 female children, Julia and Millia (these are the only names that we know). Any information pertaining to our genealogy quest is greatly appreciated!
email: Ann Andrashie Ducommun - - Posted 18 February 2000

Researching: KUCHTA
I have been away from this site for almost a year now taking a break from the search. I am still on the search for Kuchta from the spisska valley. I will be getting serious again in about 1 month.
email: - - Posted 18 February 2000

All of these names are from Slovakia. Michal and Honscak came from Nysna Jedlova and Vyssna Jedlova. Dziak, Matuscak, Bajus, Pristas,and Lyzesicin all came from Velikij Ruskov, Dargo, and Kosice. Andrew Michal born 6/6/97/99 married Anna Dziak born 9/27/97/98. Any information would be appreciated.
email: - - Posted 18 February 2000

Researching: MICHLIK, SKOKAN
From Kravany in the High Tatra, researching Michlik and Skokan.
email: - - Posted 18 February 2000

Researching: SKVARKA
Searching for Skvarka's.
email: Selena Skvarka Johnson - - Posted 17 February 2000

I am not sure of the villages for my relatives...surnames above (sp??). Baba (Suzanna) and Dzedo Bulischak had moved to Johnstown, Pennsylvania. Daughter Mary Bulishchak married Peter Stefanik. They had son, John, who became Fr. John Stefanik in Carpatho Russian diocese (recently deceased on 1/22/00). Would appreciate any help at all in tracking possible relatives since my dad is now deceased and I am trying to piece together family tree. I only wish (as others I am sure) I had written all down and asked more questions. Thank you for your help. S'bohom!
email: Christine (Stefanik) Deines - - Posted 17 February 2000

Researching: TEKER, MATEJAK
I am looking for information on the family name of 'Teker" from Senica, Slovakia and also for the family name of "Matejak" from Myjava, Slovakia. Martin & John Teker immigrated to the United States around 1890 and their father's name was Janovej Teker. Danyel Matejak and family immigated to the United States about the same time. I would appreciate any leads.
email: Ron Teker - - Posted 17 February 2000

Researching: RIECE
Searching family name of Riece - Michael Riece - born 1873 -came here from tok Terebes, Hungary which is now Trebisov, Slovakia.
email: - - Posted 17 February 2000

Researching: LIPA, LEPO
Searching for any information for the Lipa surname. Andraeas Lipa was born in the town of Smolnik in 1874. Imigrated to Pennsylvania in the 1900's. Settled in the Punxsutawney, PA area. He made several trips back and forth to Slovakia. He had a brother Frank, who may have settled in the Cleveland, Ohio area. Name may have been Americanized to "Lepo".
email: John A. Lepo - - Posted 17 February 2000

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