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My great grandfather, Frank Koczur, emigrated to the US in 1900. His wife Mary Anna Zilka followed a few months later. They were from the area in and around Spisska Nova Ves including the villages of Bindt and Hnilcik. Once arriving in the US, they settled is Western Pennsylvania. Any help in tracking these surnames would be most appreaciated.
email: - - Posted 19 February 1998

Looking for information on Pituch, Szypula families from Wola Senkova, Sanok Province, Galacia (Austria-Hungary), settled in Beaver Meadows, PA. Looking for information on Anna Fulda, married ?Danko from Trebisov, Slovakia. Looking for information on Michael Balaz (Balash) from Slovakia, settled in Tresckow, PA. Has a stepfamily in the Pittsburg, PA area.
email: Barbara A Yuhas - - Posted 19 February 1998

Researching: PETKO
Searching for Jozef Petko's family. State Trustees of Melbourne, Australia is looking for relations of Jozef Petko born in Zipov, NNE of Kosice in 1928/1929.
email: Rod Skilbeck - - Posted 19 February 1998

Searching for Mishlen or Mishlan or Miszlan surnames.
email: F. Stokes - - Posted 19 February 1998

I have a traveled several times to Slovakia and I have a rather extensive family tree dating back to about 1880. We have a very large family both here in the states and in Slovakia. I have listed some of the major family names. Please contact me if I can be of any further service. Culen from Brodske, Slovakia; Fajtak from Brodkse, Slovakia; Gulisek from Brodske & Kuty, Slovakia; Trubiroha from Brodske, Slovakia.
email: Rosemarie (Culen) Lewandowski - - Posted 19 February 1998

My grandparents emigrated to Brooklyn, NY and then to Ohio and finally to Hartshorne, Oklahoma (Pittsburg County). My grandmother was Teresa Bogan and my grandfather was Andrew Slota (aka Slotta). My grandmother's birthday was April 9, 1892 and they were both from Swatkova, Galicia, Poland. Any information that you can provide will certainly be appreciated. My father was John Slotta, born March 6, 1912 in Hartshorne, Oklahoma.
email: Theresa Mae Slotta Harrison - - Posted 19 February 1998

Researching: SOFRANKO, VAJS
Looking for informaton on the Sofranko family of Turiany. Vajs - Velka Frankova.
email: - - Posted 19 February 1998

I would like to get sonme information on the village of Tarnov in Poland and the families of Singer and Nichtern or Nuchtern. Also information on the the village of Lemberg in Poland and the name Bader.
email: - - Posted 19 February 1998

Searching for any of the Topak, Korenacek, and Plekanek names in the village of Valaska Bela.
email: - - Posted 19 February 1998

Researching: HARMATA
I am looking for the origins of people named Harmata. I was raised as a Slovak and am wondering exactly where Harmatas originated.
email: Michael Harmata - - Posted 19 February 1998

Researching: VLAHAC
Looking for information regarding Vlahac family, have relatives in Canada but none in the USA, also looking for village of birth for family.
email: - - Posted 18 February 1998

Researching: TORMA
I'm looking for the surname Torma and locations of villages. I would like to have a map.
email: Michael Torma - - Posted 18 February 1998

I am searching for relatives with the last names Zumar, Mihaly, Krako, Teman (or Timan). Also, I would like to know what Zumar, Krako and Teman (Timan) mean in English. My relatives were from the Presov region, just miles from the town of Svidnik.
email: Maria - - Posted 18 February 1998

Researching: JURSIK
Looking for the Jursik's who live in Bratslava. Please e-mail me with any info. Thank you.
email: - - Posted 18 February 1998

I am currently trying to research my grandmother's family. Her name was Susan Stefanik. She was born on January 31, 1897 in Czechslovakia, I think it may have been a town called Clenovitz but I am not sure. She married Steve Fodor in Bessemer, Michigan on May 18, 1916. Susan's parents were Paul Stefanik who was born April 1, 1871 and Susan Balint who was born October 28, 1877. Paul's parents were Paul Stefanik and Judith Balczar. Susan Balint's mother's name was Mary Martin but I do not know her father's name. I would love to here from any of my relatives or anyone who has information on my family.
email: Nancy Fodor - - Posted 18 February 1998

Last year I began my family search. With a new and improved computer I hope to gain information via the internet. What are the names of Roman Catholic Churches in Visoliia and Mojtin. My GFather Anton Dilik and Anna Kadlec had the following children Amtionette, Anna, Guy, William, Nick, Bertha, and Elizabeth, we believe there were at least two other siblings which died in early childhood. My g-uncle John Dilik and Mary Kadlec had the following children Erma, Julianna, Joseph - Ladisla, Irene, Ulana, Anna Roseca, Paul and Ernest. This information was given to me back in 1978 and I have been able to verify some information through birth certifcates (Slovak) and census from 1920. Any starting point would be greatly appreciated.
email: -
BroRo@AOL.COM - Posted 18 February 1998

The surnames I have are as follows: Kamenca, Kulicka, Krajeck, and Okapal Any information would be helpful details of origin are sketchy at best an all grandparent have past. They all arrived in the US during the 1900 and teens.
email: Joe Okapal - - Posted 18 February 1998

Researching: MERTL, HORAK
Trying to find information on the family of Albert Mertl emigrated from Brescne (?) or Roscani (?) area of northern Czechoslovakia in the year 1902 to New York, USA. also any information on the name Horak probably from the same area.
email: Jerry Przybyla - - Posted 18 February 1998

Researching: MRAVA
I am looking for information on the name Mrava. My great grandfather was from Hungary and his name was Andrew Joseph Mrava. His son was Andrew Henry Mrava and he was born in 1914. Can you help me?
email: Dana -
GD4LORES@AOL.COM - Posted 18 February 1998

Looking for information on Lieberman or Liebermann from Stara Lubovna.
email: Gerald Lieberman - - Posted 18 February 1998

We would like to do research on my wife's family name "Krajcir" , perhaps "Krajcsir". They came from Miskolc, Hungary or Kosice, Slovakia in 1904. Her father's name was Victor Krajcir, whose father Rudolph perhaps was born in Chiznois in 1872. My wife's mother's name was Galinsky and they were also Slovaks originating in the Martin area, we believe. Can anyone suggest a method on the internet?
email: Joe Mayer - - Posted 16 February 1998

Researching: SCHWABIK, LACH
I'm looking for information on Joseph A. Schwabik, born March 17, 1885, in Spisske Nova Ves, (Iglo) his father, Josephus Schwabik or his mother Anna Lach Schwabik.
email: Wendy Erickson - - Posted 16 February 1998

Looking for family members of John Palesch. He left Skleno, Slovakia around 1912-1915 with his wife Anna Wagner Palesch and 4 daughters, Joanne, Anna Marie, Hedwig and Esther. A 5th daughter was born in USA - her name was Agnes. I believe John Palesch (my grandfather) had a twin brother Charles, who possibly preceded him to USA and settled in Chicago, Illinois. John Palesch or his father was the "burgermeister" of Skleno. Skleno is near Martin, Slovakia (originally Austria Hungary). John Palesch arrived at Ellis Island and eventually settled in Germantown, Penna. and later moved to Willow Grove, Penna. My mother Anna Marie (Anne) married Gordon Biddle of Jenkintown, Penna. Anna Wagner Palesch (grandmother) had a mild stroke in her 40's and a woman named Veronica Bealish came from Skleno to live and care for her for a few years.
email: Bonnie Sheppard - - Posted 16 February 1998

We are searching for any information on our family name. It could be listed any of these ways: Feryance, Fariance, Ferianc, Ferjanc, Ferjance. We do not have a particular villiage to search in at this point. Interested in finding any information about the Rys surname. Frank and Helen Rys are my grandparents who were born around the 1920's.
email: Jon and Becky Feryance - - Posted 16 February 1998

I am from Norway and searching for information about Josef Krizak, born 22.05.1915 M.O. Kuncice Ostrava and his daugther Helena Krizakova. Josef's father Karel Krizak was married with Helena Pasove. Josefs grandfather Karel Krizak was married to Marie Bozonova (daughter of Jan Bozone and Anna). Thank you.
email: Karel Krizak - - Posted 16 February 1998

Searching for information concerning my grandfather (Thomas Sandrick, Sandrek, or Sandrik) . Immigrated to the United States sometime around the turn of the century from The Austro-Hungarian Empire. His Place Of Birth is unknown . His date of birth aproximately 1865.
email: - - Posted 16 February 1998

Researching: MIZIK, MEZICK
Please reply by sending any information that you may find for the Mizik surname from Bednarka. Your help would be greatly appreciated.
email: J. Mezick - - Posted 16 February 1998

Looking for information on the Kovalcin, Sroba, and Shroba families from Tulcik and Demjata, 10 km. from Presov. My grandfather, John Kovalcin (later changed to "Kovalick") emigrated to the U.S. around the turn of the century and settled in Hazleton, Pennsylvania.
email: Bill Kovalick - - Posted 16 February 1998

Researching for information on siblings of my father, Frantisek Ferencik (1/12/1890 - 12/8/1934), all born in Bojnicky, Slovakia of my grandparents Frantisek Ferencik (born 1/28/1857, date of death unknown) and Ursula Pavuk (birth date unknown, died about 1950). They married about 1882 in Bojnicky. The siblings are Ludevit, born 5/23/1895; Justinia, born 9/3/1891; Maria, born 8/14/1888; and Anastazia, born 10/22/1893. The data on my father Frantisek and his brother Stefan (8/15/1884 - 12/24/1963) is already known. Perhaps some of these siblings or their children emigrated to the U.S. as did Frantisek and his brother Stefan. My father Frantisek entered the U.S. in 1913 and married Sidonia Herceg in Binghamton, NY on 11/2/1914 and then lived in Endicott, NY. I have a Ferencik family genealogy from Martin Ferencik, born 1720, died 9/1/1780 the great, great, great grandfather of these siblings and my father Frantisek Ferencik, directly from the state archives in Brataslava.
email: Emil Ferencik - - Posted 16 February 1998

Researching: KASPRISIN
Looking for information on the Kasprisin surname. Thanks.
email: Ken Kasprisin - - Posted 15 February 1998

Researching: MACHALEK, KOLAR
Searching for anyone with info to the Machalek name. Grandfather was Stephen Machalek, and grandmother was Elizabeth Kolar, both from Holic/Spiska Stolic, Slovakia. both are now deceased, but lived in Binghamton N.Y., raising a large family of 11 children.
email: - - Posted 15 February 1998

Researching: STEVANKA, KUBAN
I am researching my mother and father's ancestory. My father was Stefan Stevanka, born in 1890 in Solchany and my mother was Maria Kuban, born in 1895 in Piestany. Any information concerning some family history would be appreciated. Stefan came to the US near 1900 and resided in Cleveland, Ohio, working in a foundary. Maria came to the US in about 1914 and after landing at Paris Island, she eventually also lived in Cleveland, working as a cook in private homes in that area.
email: Irene Rider - - Posted 15 February 1998

Searching in eastern Slovakia for Katana from Hrabovec & Jablon and Chudy (Hudi, Hudy, Chudov) from Udavske.
email: Vaughn Polcer - - Posted 15 February 1998

I live in upstate New York. I was visiting your web site with the intention of getting information on the history of my surname. Over the years my fathers immediate family, which has now dwindled considerably, were unable to provide much substantive detail regarding our family history. I'm hoping your site can. My father was Demitri (Metro) Kramarchyk, born in Maplewood (Albany Cty) New York. His father was Philip Kramarchyk, born in the old country (approx 1870-1880); my father's mother was Tatiana Bilo, she was also born in the old country around the same time. I believe she was born and raised in the Rusyn area until her trip to America. My grandfather, however, I'm not too sure. My father had told me that his father was a paid soldier before coming to America, fighting and being paid by three different countries during his career. I do not know where he held his loyalty, if anywhere; futhermore I do not know where his people were from. Andy assistance you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
email: Andrew Kramarchyk - - Posted 15 February 1998

We are looking for any info on Motichka or Bednar from Harhaj & Marho(a)n. Thanks.
email: George Motichka - - Posted 15 February 1998

Searching for history of my parents families. My father Edward Sestina, born Ochtina or Iglo. ( At that time part of Austria Hungary) His father name was John and mother Amalia (Hinko). My father Edward migrated to the United States in 1906. Landed at Ellis Island and settled in the Clarksburg, WV area. My mother Veronia Kichak, was born in Spisska Nova Ves (Yglohuta). Her parents were Ludovici (Louis) and Aemilia Tokolys. My mother migrated to the United States in 1907 and joined my father in Clarksburg, WV. I had one brother born in Spisska Nova Ves in 1906, his name was also Edward. I would appreciate any information.
email: - - Posted 15 February 1998

Researching the Tarnoczy, Tarnovszky, Balazs, Kostyal, Valovics, Rovos, and Michaloviech surnames. My primary interest is in researching the surname Kostyal. The other surnames listed here, however, share a common ancestor with the Kostyals, and may possibly find some material relevant to their search at my web site,
email: - - Posted 15 February 1998

I am interested in the family names Fialchovic (a.k.a. Fialchovich, Fijalchovich) of Jestrebie, Slovakia and Banyas (a.k.a. Banas) of Kyjov, Slovakia, county Presov. Also Prevuznak of the town of Jestrebie.
email: - - Posted 15 February 1998

Searching for information on John Ribovic. My grandfather was born in Jakublany, and I understand was mayor of the town in the late 1800's or early 1900's. I am trying to find relatives of John Ribovic and learn something about his past and his family. Also looking for information on Tachar or Belpoh.
email: Victor Ell - - Posted 15 February 1998

Adam Bandur from Divina Slovakia, Anna Michles, and Joseph Taraba. Looking for background from these (Grandparents) relatives back, and how these relatives entered the United States Some of the the Tarabas came in thru Texas and some thru Ellis Island. I would like to know how far back the Banurs and Tarabas and Michaels (Mehalec) can be traced I do know the Bandurs lived in Divina and that there was once a town called Bandur or some close name where the tribes/families resided. I would like to know if they had brothers and sisters and names they married into and what the fore relatives were of Mariska and Adam Bandur and Anna Micheals Taraba and Joseph Taraba (husband and Wives) I know just prior Joseph Tarabs Was married to another Anna Michaels and she died at some other mountain village. Then He moved and found my grand mother Another Anna Michaels and it was uncanny. Thank you.
email: T.L.Alphin - - Posted 14 February 1998

Searching for Backo from the town of Nove Mesto. Searching for Brestensky from the town of Pruzina.
email: Debbie Hudson - - Posted 14 February 1998

Searching or the Rak, Evons, Ivins, Ivans, or Evans names also Reiss - all from Trebisov or when it was called Tok terebes.
email: -
OLSMARIE@AOL.COM - Posted 14 February 1998

Researching: METENJI, METANY
Searching for Metenji or Metany.
email: Beth Meteny - - Posted 14 February 1998

From Canada looking for where name comes from in Slovakia or Czech Republic. Is there any one in country by the name Filadelfi or Philadelphia?
email: Dr Enrique Lizondo - - Posted 14 February 1998

I am trying to find information about my Grandfather and Grandmother who as far as I know lived in a small village of Yedlinka, which is not far from Bardejov. His name was Ivan Buben and as far as I know her name was Suzanna Murin. When and where did they get married? They had two children born there named Mary and John (Ivan). I would also like to know the name of their parents. My mother also came from their from a small village named Polinka (spelling might not be right). She was orphaned at an early age and I am trying to find out the names of her mother & father. Her last name was Purdes.
email: George Buben - - Posted 14 February 1998

Researching: VRECENAR
Anyone researching or know of the Vrecenar family.
email: -
JVrec@AOL.COM - Posted 11 February 1998

Researching: KOSIARA
I am searching for any information on the surname Kosiara. I know they left Europe and came to Us in late 1800's. There were several brothers that came over among them, Andrew and I think john. I do not have information going back further than that. They settled in Pennsylvania some around Scranton. I do not know the other brothers names and would like more information.
email: Aline Kosiara - - Posted 11 February 1998

Researching: KURILLA, POLLO
I am searching for information about my paternal great-grandfather. He came to the US in 1912-13 from Revuca Czechoslovakia. That area was part of Austria-Hungary at that time. His name was Stephen Kurilla, had one brother named Albert and a sister (name Unkown). He married Mary Pollo and had two sons ,Stephen Jr. and Paul. Both sons were born in Rillton, (Westmoreland County), PA in 1913 and 1915. Both sons returned with their mother to Slovakia in in 1919 and returned to Ellsworth (Washington County,) PA in 1929 aboard the Bremen Steam Ship. My great-grandfather and his sons all worked in the Western Pa coal mines.
email: John D. Kurilla - - Posted 11 February 1998

Researching Iganatius and Joseph Michalcik, and Katerina Kvasnicak, from the towns of Veselo, Loksa, Oravaksa, and Zupa.
email: - - Posted 11 February 1998

Researching: FETZKO
I am in search of any information you can provide related to the last name Fetzko. I would like to know what town(s) it may have originated, and if it has a meaning. And anything else you may have on it. Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.
email: Jeff Preston (Fetzko) - - Posted 11 February 1998

According to my family information, my paternal grandparents are originally from Iglo' Austria-Hungary (which is now Spisska Nova Ves). Their names were Edward and Lena Zelkovitz ( Lena Moskovitz ).
email: Sanford J. Zelkovitz - - Posted 11 February 1998

Researching: KALNIK
The Kalnik family (father Ondrej, mother Frantiska, nee Vydra) emigrated from the region of Horny Hricov in 1903/04. On a visit to the village in 1993, I could find no relatives living, nor were there persons who knew any living members of the family. We had to assume that the other branches of the family died out in the interim. On Hungarian miltary maps printed in 1909, there is also a settlement called Kalnik. Both places are near Zilina; the former is on the River Vah, the second is in the mountains nearby. Are any searches being made of this family?
email: Andrew E. Kalnik - - Posted 10 February 1998

Researching: YONKI, JANKAY
Searching for information for the Yonki family. Grandfather Peter immigrated to the United States around 1903 and settled in Pittston Pa. Officially changed spelling of family name from Yonki to Jankay. Would like information and contact with anyone knowing the Yonki family.
email: Philip Jankay - - Posted 10 February 1998

Researching: LABAJ
I am looking for members of Labaj Family from Muranska Dlha Luka region Gemer in Slovensko. Number of Labaj emigrated to States and Canada. I am also interested to fined origin of Labaj and where they come from to Muranska Dlha Luka.
email: John Labaj - - Posted 10 February 1998

Researching: KREMPASKY
Am looking to begin research on Krempasky Family tree - any hints or suggestions? Thanks.
email: Elizabeth E. Krempasky -
BrnEyedE@AOL.COM - Posted 10 February 1998

Researching: CHORBA, BENJO
Researching Chorba and Benjo. Looking for information about the above family names. They arrived in America around the turn of the century. We don't know what villages or regions they came from.
email: James Marshall - - Posted 10 February 1998

My last name is Tokar and my grandmother remarried with her last name changing to Balent. my father's side of the family is from Bentlyville, Pa., within an hour's drive of Pittsburgh. On my mother's side of the family, her maiden name was Yankosky. Can you give me any history on any of these names and what they mean? My father said my grandmother is from the Carpathian mountains, but what town or city and what did they do for a living possibly. Thanks.
email: Dr. Nancy Tokar - - Posted 09 February 1998

I would like more information concerning my Slovak roots. My Grandfather was Stephen Louis Vojtek and my Grandmother was Mary Sopko-Vojtek. The Vojtek name was changed to Voitek. Stephen Louis refused to change his name on most papers even though it was already legally changed to Voitek by his father, Stephen Anthony Vojtek when they arrived in America. My fathers name is Stephen Anthony Voitek. Any information would be wonderful. Our family has so little.
email: Stephen John Voitek - - Posted 09 February 1998

Researching: ROPYAK
Searching for the surname Ropyak. Thank you.
email: Steve Douglas - - Posted 09 February 1998

Joseph Karl Domanovsky b 1868 Hrabushice, m 1896 Plymouth, PA., Catherine Katrina Kloss, b 1876, Hrabushice. Seek parents of both. John Tkach b 1863, Zemplinska, Zupa Co., m abt 1890, Plymouth, PA., Anna Palyo, b abt 1862/63, Zemplinska. Seek parents of both. Voytek, Jan b 1865, Koprvnica, d 1927, Plymouth, PA., m Marie _____ b 1876. Seek parents of both. Many thanks.
email: Lucia Domanovsky Voytek Eaton - - Posted 09 February 1998

I am extremely interested in finding information regarding my ancestors which are from Carpatho-Rusyn towns of Slovakia. My mother's grandmother on her mother's side (my great-grandmother) was born in Folvark (now Stranany) and her married name was Ana Zmina and her maiden name was Kuzmiak. My mother's grandparents on her father's side were from the town of Velky Lipnik very near Stranany. My mother's maiden name is Lipnisky, however, I believe that the original spelling of the name was Lipinitzky. My great grandfather from Velky Lipnik was Andrew Lipnitzky. My great grandparents were probably born around 1885-1895.
email: Nadine Hren - - Posted 09 February 1998

Looking for families with the Janovich, Masar (Masaryk), Srnec, and Kalik (Kalikova) names. Father Janovich was born in Hornemci, Czech. Grandfather Frank Masar was born in Vjzovice, Austria, Morovia. Grandmaother Marie Kalik was born in Sedrace. Grandmother Katerina Srnec was born possibly in Hornemcia, Czech. Grandfather John Janovich, sr. was born in Hornemci. Any listing even close please contact. I am going no where with my search. Thank You.
email: Donna Sexton - - Posted 08 February 1998

Researching: KOLEK
The Kolek's are from Brataslavia.
email: - - Posted 08 February 1998

Looking for information on Josef Kral, John Kuchar and the Hruska family.
email: David Hruska - - Posted 08 February 1998

Researching: PLISKO
Would like to contact anyone by the name of Plisko, or anyone researching the name Plisko. My father was placed in St Agatha's Orphanage in Nanuet, NY in 1894, by a Mary PLISKO. Who is Mary? I understand there are still families in Michalovce, Slovakia by the name of Plisko.
email: Jerry Dailey - - Posted 08 February 1998

My four grandparents came from an area in or near Stakcin (Spelling?). The grandparent family names include: Gonta (Possibly Gaunta), Kushnir, Dubyak, Bundzja, Koist. I would be interested in any information relevant to any of these names, or the region.
email: Michael A. Gonta - - Posted 08 February 1998

Researching: SPEVAK, CERVENI
I am looking for more information on George Spevak (b. in the 1880s in Petrovetz, Austro-Hungary) He married Susannah Cerveni (b.1885 in Petrovetz, Austro-Hungary d.1947 in Dover, OH) The had 2 kids ,Andrew George Spevak (b. in 1905 in Petrovetz,A-H d.1958 in Dover, OH) and his sis, Susanne Spevak (who was a few years younger) Anyone more info on the Spevak or Cerveni line would be appreciate. Susannah Cerveni, I believe remarried after George - a man named Martin Virag - all of this took place in Tuscarawas County (Dover/New Phila, OH).
email: Drew Spevak - - Posted 03 February 1998

Searching for information about Novak, Lukavec, and Vesely families from the village of Podebrady in the period about 1850. Novaks later entered U.S.A. into Cleveland area in 1880 to 1890 period.
email: - - Posted 03 February 1998

Researching: RIBOVIC
I am searching for the genealogy of my father's family, John F. Ribovic, born in Jakublani, October 6, 1981.
email: Victor Ell - - Posted 03 February 1998

Researching: CHIPAK
I am researching my family name in eastern Slovakia. My great grandfather was born in 1851 and lived in a small village named Vilogy or Vilogi on the border with Poland. It is now called Szvetlice. Any information on this name, area of Slovakia or how I can find someone to correspond with would be greatly appreciated.
email: - - Posted 03 February 1998

Researching: RADOCHA
Just wondering if anyone has any info on the Radocha's! If so please email me.
email: Megan Radocha - - Posted 03 February 1998

Researching: POLIAK, MIKULA
Searching for information on surname Poliak. Father Stephan Poliak 1850 to 1904, son August Poliak 1894 to 1953 he was from Milushovce wife Anna Mikula she was from Cerveny Kamen. can't find cities on 1990 maps do they still exist. I have a little more information on family if it will help.
email: Ralph Poliak - - Posted 03 February 1998

Researching these families from Ortutova and Lipova, Saris region. The Hungarian spellings were Szabol, Ruszin, Csiszar, Ivancso. Andrew Sabol and Anna Cisar immigrated to Bayonne NJ about 1910.
email: -
NBENYO@AOL.COM - Posted 02 February 1998

Researching: YANSO, JANSO
Yansko was changed to Jansko in America. Came from unknown village near Austrian border called "old town". Worked coal mines in Pennsylvania.
email: James Janso - - Posted 02 February 1998

Researching: BRUDNAK, COCUL
Researching the families of Andrew Brudnak, And his wife's family of Theresa Cocul Brudnak. Their origins were in the area of Svidnik and the the towns of Visny Merisov and Nizny Merisov. Thank you for your help with the above.
email: Andrew Brudnak Jr. -
AndrewB987@AOL.COM - Posted 02 February 1998

Researching: TICHY, BOHUN
My great grandparents Lucas Tichy and Anna Katherine Bohun were from a village outside Bratislava. They emigrated to the U.S. around the turn of the century and settled in the area of Allentown, Pennsylvania. Anna's parents also emigrated to the U.S. They attended St. John's Catholic Church in Allentown where Anna and her parents are buried. Any information on the family in Slovakia would be greatly appreciated.
email: Candice C. B. Leit - - Posted 02 February 1998

I am researching my family history and would like to get information concerning my grandparents or the village where they were born. John Martin Savel, born 1-9-1878 Hranovnica; Katerine Sabo born 11-14-1885 Hranovnica. I have traced my grandfathers family back to a Michael Savely who was born in 1754 in Schavnik, Spis, Slovakia. I have traced my grandmothers family back to her grandfather Josef Szabo. Her father name was Andrew Szabo born in Hranovnica 11-13-1848. A few of the related surnames are: Savel, Savely, Uhrin, Budicky, Maskulta, Barborka, Boratko, Huszain, and Cizmar.
email: Dan Savel - - Posted 02 February 1998

Researching: YARINA
Searching for information for the family of Alec Yarina who immigrated to America in 1906 and located in Johnstown Pennsylvania.
email: - - Posted 02 February 1998

Researching: KARDOS
Researching Kardos.
email: - - Posted 02 February 1998

Researching: MENICH, LICHNER
Researching Menich and Lichner from towns of Rudno and Slovensko Pravno. Seeking further genealogic data about the above names and places, and may be able to provide some as well. My father's family came to the Chicago area in the early 1900's. He has been back to Rudno twice in the last 20 years, and still has a cousin there.
email: - - Posted 02 February 1998

Researching: MORAVCIK
We were looking for Ludimir Moravcik. He's a professional soccer player in Slovakia who played in the 92 World Cup. He would be the right wing for the national team. If you find anything on him, please let me know. Thanks!
email: -
DWerfel@AOL.COM - Posted 02 February 1998

Grandparents Samuel Bjelcik, John Hlavicka, Hedviga Holly came to the U.S. in the early 1910's and settled in N.Y. I'm interested in info. on them and their families.
email: - - Posted 02 February 1998

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