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Researching Senita from Saris, Kopera from Oscadnica, Marusa from Saris, Valkuchak, and Gaydos or Gajdos from Zemplin.
email: John Kopera - - Posted 31 March 1999

Researching: SKOVIRA
Hello, I`m searching for any information on Joseph and Zuzanna Skovira, who immigrated to Pennsylvania from Spisska Nova Ves, Slovakia around 1890. I would greatly appreciate any information.
email: Philip Skovira - - Posted 31 March 1999

My Grand Uncle was Nichita Procopie Dudka. He had two brothers, Andrea and Simeon. Andrea became my grandfather. All three brothers immigrated to Canada in early 1900's. Nichita baptized a daughter and it was registered in Rucsin, Parih Hotin, Basarabia, Roumania in 1912. His wife, Alexandra Feodor and daughter, followed later to Canada. There are lots of Dudka's and Dutka's in Canada and the States. However, we are interested in finding out more history about Dudka (Dutka's) in Romania. Is Rucsin a place, or is Hotin a place? I have lots of info on Canadian relatives and will share.
email: Judith Richards - - Posted 31 March 1999

Researching George Pastirik and Mary Dzvonyicsak, from Michalovce, Pozdisovce, and Zaluzice.
email: David Pastrick - - Posted 30 March 1999

Researching: FRIMMEL
I am looking for information about the family name Frimmel. Anyone with any information, please send information to me.
email: Ivan Frimmel -
Ivan.Frimmel@COMPAQ.COM - Posted 30 March 1999

John Vodensky was born in Sirk, Slovakia, ca 1890 - 1910. We will be visiting Sirk, June and July 1999. We would like to locate the home where Mr. Vodenski (Vodensky ) was born. Any information will be appreciated.
email: Barry & Anita Arnaut - - Posted 30 March 1999

I am searching for information about my dad's background. His name is John M. Pempek and his Father's name is John Louis Pempek. He married Katherine Maslonka. We are not exactly sure if Katherine's last name is spelled correctly. John Louis had a sister, Louise Swianton (spelling is questionable). John Louis and Katherine came over to the U.S. We do not know anything about his sister, Louise, and what happened to her, or of his wife Katherine's family.
email: Mary Jane Schuchardt - - Posted 30 March 1999

Researching: MARGITA
My father is John E. Margita. His father was Hungarian and his mother was Slavic. I do not have much info. Can you help me?
email: Cheryl Margita Schmidt - - Posted 30 March 1999

Researching Hasior, from Novy Sacz in Poland, Mucha, from Lublofurdo, Krejc, from the Poprad area, and Bartos, from the Presov area. Anyone looking for like ancestors in like towns please respond.
email: - - Posted 29 March 1999

I am researching the above names prior to 1900 from the following villages, roughly 95 mi. east of Bratislava; Dubove, Pliesovce, Ostra Luka, Cekovce, Vrbovok, Suchan & Krupina.
email: Steve Hlasny - - Posted 29 March 1999

Searching for surname Dzuryachko, Bereg, Zemplin late 1800's; also surname Philipanics.
email: - - Posted 29 March 1999

Researching: DUBOVY
I am doing a thorough research on Belgrade architecture in which Czecho-Slovakian architect Ian Dubovy (born 1892, Lazice) held an outstanding and prominent place. So far, Yugoslav art historians didn't find out when this talented artist died. As a year of his death they vaguely mention 'about 1955' and as a place of death -Hradec Kralove. Could you help me establish those facts with scientific accuracy? Any further information about Ian Dubovy, his family, work etc. would also help. Thankful in advance,
email: Slobodan Gisa Bogunovic -
gigie@eunet.yu - Posted 29 March 1999

I am researching my husband's paternal grandmother's family. Her name was Mary Boda. I have very little information on the Boda family. Mary had a sister named Agnus. They lived possibly in CT, or MA in the late 1890's early 1900's. Mary was born about 1886. She married George Lagutaris probably in MA about 1904. They migrated west to CA about 1913. Mary died in CA in 1923. Agnus married Michael Schuller and moved to the Detroit area. They had 2 daughters, Sophie and Mary. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
email: Linda Lagutaris - - Posted 29 March 1999

Researching: MILANIAK
Please send info on how to search for surname Milaniak in 1900 in Slovakia.
email: - - Posted 28 March 1999

Researching: GERBA
Looking for any friends or family of Charles Gerba. He came from Aust-Hung. in 1912. He was from the county of Maramoros, the town was called Dolhozavnyin. I would like to make contact with anyone that had ties with this county and town, if the town did exist? Could anyone help with e-mail addresses for finding birth registration or church documentation. I would like to find the name of the ship he came over on, location from which it departed!
email: George Gerba - - Posted 28 March 1999

Researching: HEFKA
Looking for information on Hefka from Relov, Slovakia.
email: - - Posted 28 March 1999

Researching: KOLAR
Researching the Kolar surname.
email: Jim Kolar - - Posted 28 March 1999

Researching: HLASNY, VOLNIK
Surname is Hlasny; Village/Town of Dubove, Pliesovce, Ostra luka, Cekovce, and Suchan. Surname is Volnik of Bosace.
email: Stephen G. Hlasny - - Posted 28 March 1999

All names come from Austria-Hungary, Austria, or Czechoslavakia. Papers I have, have conflicting places-but, all are Slovak. Andrew Spisak b:Dec. 1842 d:1920(?), Raritan, NJ m:1866-Anna; immigrated through Ellis Island in 1882 In 1900, Andrew is living at: 30 2nd. Ave., Raritan Town, Somerset Co., Bridgewater Township, NJ, mill laborer. Andrew's wife Anna, b: June 1842, d:1920(?), Raritan, NJ immigrated through Ellis Island in 1895. In 1900, could not read, write or speak English. Had 5 children/4 living. Andrew and Anna's children: (1) Andrew Spisak b:March, 1880 m:1904, Raritan, NJ-Mary Mosler, parents John and Mary Mosler Immigrated through Ellis Island in 1896 or 1897 In 1900 living at 30 2nd. Ave, Raritan Town, Somerset Co., Bridgewater Township, NJ farm laborer, can read, write and speak English In 1910, weaver at wool mill, not naturalized and living at same place (2) ? Spisak. (3) dau. Spisak, who supposedly had a daughter named Margaret Boback(?). (4) Elizabeth Mary Spisak b:Jan. 18, 1873 d:Sept. 16, 1960, Raritan, NJ buried: Bridgewater, NJ. m:April 18, 1893, Bayonne, Union Co., NJ-Paul John Pastor immigrated through Ellis Island in 1882 or 1890, had 6 children. Elizabeth Mary Spisak's husband: Paul John Pastor; b:Oct. 1867 or Jan. 11, 1869 d:Jan. 31, 1944, Raritan, NJ buried:Bridgewater, NJ Immigrated through Ellis Island in 1885 or 1886. I was told that his parents lived somewhere near Budapest, perhaps In 1900, lived at 30 2nd. Ave., Raritan Town, Somerset Co., Bridgewater Township, NJ Also lived in Neshanic, NJ, at one time. belonged to Saint Bernard's Church in Raritan, NJ In 1900 census, Pastor has an accent over the O. Also living at same place was: John Charnox; b:May, 1878, immigrated in 1899 Joseph Terpis and Elizabeth Timko, stood as Godparents for Paul Pastor's children, I was told they were related somehow.
email: Adam Steele - - Posted 28 March 1999

I am looking for relatives or information on the Ficek, Fitzik, Fitzek, Vojtulek. Came for Radiostha Czechoslovakia and/or White Russia in early 1900's. New home was in St Clair, PA. USA.
email: - - Posted 26 March 1999

Researching: JENO
Researching my great-grandfather Anton Jeno. From Brezovicka (formerly know as Hamborek, Hungary). He settled in Argo, IL USA around 1910. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
email: Andrea Jeno - - Posted 26 March 1999

Researching: PETEREC
I am searching the location of Nemeckalupa, Liptovskazupa, Slovakia. I can't find that town on map. My great-grandpa Louis Peterec was born in Nemeckalupa on Nov 15, 1880. I need to know whoever Roman Catholic Church' s address, keep the records of baptisms , marriage and died in Nemeckalupa. , also whoever can translator from English to Slovak genealogical researcher close to Nemeckalupa. I don't know his parents were. He refused to tell my family about our ancestor in Slovakia. Louis moved to Chicago, IL, USA on Aug 14, 1901. and died in Chicago, aged 99. Hear from you soon Thanks.
email: Thomas Peterec - - Posted 26 March 1999

My grandfather, Arnost Duschnitz, was killed in the great war around about June or July 1918. My father was born prematurely on account of the shock of the news to my grandmother, Frantiska (nee) Rothova in Prejte, which is in the region of Trencin, Slovakia, I believe. I would be grateful if anyone could tell me where I might locate any military records which would then lead to other information. Grateful thanks for any help.
email: Freda Holding (nee Dusnic) - - Posted 26 March 1999

Trying to find info. about my grandfather's family. His name was Andrew Mata, changed to Matta after he arrived in USA in 1897. He settled in Mahanoy City, PA. He may have been travelling with a sister, or a brother. He was born in Vonoz Vogay, Austria Hungary in January 1877. His father's name was Michael Mata (Matta) and his mother's name was Anna Zubik. Also trying to find info. about my grandmother's family. Her name was Marie Kotch (Tkac). She was born in Mahanoy City, PA. Her father's name was Andrew Kotch (Tkac), born in Hungary June 1851, and her mother's name was Maria Minarik born in Hungary March 1853. I would greatly appreciate any info. that anyone could pass along. Thanks!
email: Mona - - Posted 26 March 1999

Looking for information about town called Maniga Nytra in Hungaru and family name Pekarovich or Pekarovic. Any info will be appreciated. Unable to locate this town or this family. Also interested in family Reicica from same town. immigrated to u.s. around 1905-1910.
email: B. Pekarovich - - Posted 26 March 1999

My family and I are trying to research our ancestors and gather information (such as villages, who came America & when, etc.). Our family name is Kraznansky and my grandmother's maiden name was Jancovich (sp?). I don't know the name of the villages where my Grandparents grew up. I believe that my Grandfather came to America before 1925. My Grandfather's name was Joseph Kraznansky and my Grandmother's name was Agnes Kraznansky (Jancovich). I hope this is enough information. Thank you.
email: - - Posted 26 March 1999

Searching for my ancestors (period before 1870) mainly in Detva, Pukanec, Plastovce, Hor. Turovce, Hrusov, Vinica and other villages in East Slovakia. The wives were from the Valach (Walach), Fonody, Rabso and Holy (Holly) families. Any information will be welcome!
email: Gabor Gyuricza - - Posted 25 March 1999

I would like to add the following names to your postings - Straka and Tucek. Martin Straka married Katharina Tucek. They lived in Loimersdorf, Austria. They also had a daughter, Anna Straka, in Landshut, Maehren, on the 8th January, 1870. I have been told this was in Bohemia. Anna Straka later married a Lorenz (Laurentius) Janeschitz and lived in Loimersdorf, Austria. Unfortunately I do not have dates of birth or address of Martin and Katharina, nor do I have further information of Katharina Tucek.
email: - - Posted 25 March 1999

I am researching the above surnames from Stara Lubovna, Eastern Slovakia.
email: - - Posted 25 March 1999

Researching: MOLNAR
I am just beginning my search. My family name is Molnar and we originated in Hungary. Any information on relatives in Hungary would be helpful. Thank You!
email: Laurie A. Molnar - - Posted 25 March 1999

Researching: DUTKO, ONTKO
I am from Fayette County Pennsylvania. I am very curious about Dutko information. My maiden name is Dutko. Do anyone know anything about Paul Dutko? His father was Joseph Dutko, married to Annie Ontko. They were from Fayette County. Thank you,
email: Vicki - - Posted 25 March 1999

Researching: SMOLKO
Searching my family name of Smolko. My parents and grand parents came from the old country around 1909. Paul Smolko, born 1875, came to USA. Is this the original name or was it shortened to Smolko. I need any and all immigration information on Paul's brother and sisters, such as date, ship name, port of departure, port of arrival. Thank you!
email: - - Posted 25 March 1999

My mother lived either in Zamutov or Sol. Her name was Anna Hirchak before she married John Hirchak of the same region. She came to America in l929 with two sons, Joseph and John. I know that her fathers name was Joseph Hutta and Barbrara Shirotnak. I know nothing about these two grandparents and am searching. Thank you.
email: Theresa Hirchak Boozell - - Posted 24 March 1999

Researching: YOUSAITIS
Attempted to email the person researching the name Yousaitis and could no longer reach him/her via email. Is there anyone still doing the research on the name? I would be interested in contacting them.
email: James Yousaitis - - Posted 24 March 1999

Researching: BERCEL
I am looking for a List or a Web site for western Slovakia, Bratislava in particular. I hope you can point me in the right direction. Thanks.
email: E. Bercel - - Posted 24 March 1999

Researching the above surnames. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
email: Gwen Anhorn - - Posted 24 March 1999

Researching: GALLIK
Researching Gallik.
email: Dan - - Posted 24 March 1999

Researching: JURIK
I am looking for any relatives under the name of Jurik. My father's name was Vendel Jurik and born in Slovakia around 1895. He had 3 brothers. One stayed in Slovakia and his name was Stefan Jurik. He had a daughter and she would be around 60 years old today. She married and we do not know her name today. We do have a picture of her and husband. It looks like the photo was taken at Foto M. Mikus Piestany. Benesova 171. Stefan Jurik's address was: Stara Lehota, Zupa Bratislava, Slovakia My father (Vendel Jurik) moved to America around 1915 and settled in New Jersey. Two other brothers Peter and Joseph came to the United States, one sttled in New Jersey and the other in Pennsylvania. The are now deceased.
email: - - Posted 24 March 1999

Researching the Eigner and Lazarovich family of Goron in Slovakia.
email: William Eigner - - Posted 23 March 1999

Grandfather John Varga, son of John Varga and Anna Medik, immigrated to McKeesport, PA in 1890's. He had a sister named Mary, who married a Senko, probably in Illinois. The marriage license says he was from Palovc, Austria-Hungary. Family tradition says village is in what is now Czech Republic near the Austrian border, though he was ethnically Slovak. Possible correct or current village name is Palovice. Name evolved first to Warga, in Illinois and Arkansas, then to Wargo.
email: - - Posted 23 March 1999

I believe the above surnames are from Lysa pod Makytou, and Ondrejkova in Slovakia. If anyone can give some help on this I would really appreciate it. The above ancestors arrived in the USA between 1906 and 1913.
email: - - Posted 23 March 1999

Researching: MRAZ, MIKULA
I am looking for any information on the surname Mraz. My great-grandfather's name was Andrew Steven (Stephen?) Mraz. He was born in 1894 and immigrated to the US around 1910. He settled in western PA, in or around Mt. Pleasant Twp. I believe that his wife's maiden name was Mikula. I would be interested in any information about anyone with the surname Mraz who settled in the Pennsylvania area.
email: Chris Mraz - - Posted 23 March 1999

I am searching for any record of Nicklas Mrzlak, who left Dugace, Austria, in 1907. He was the son of John Mrzlak and Ludmila Steidelhart from Bosilivo, Croatia, I believe. It was believed that he was related to a Steve Mrzlak, who lived in Kansas. It was reported that his parents were Nika Mrzljak and Anna Kasun and that he had two sisters in Yugoslavia. Thank you.
email: - - Posted 23 March 1999

We would like to know of any people with the name of Voytilla or Vojtila and Popovitch in Slovakia. We understand that they may be in the area of Porac and Kosice, but there may be other locations. Any information would be helpful for our research.
email: - - Posted 22 March 1999

My relatives are planning a summer trip to Europe and especially visits to the birthplaces of their parents and grandparents. Any information you could provide on current living relatives of the following ancestors would be kindly appreciated: Stefan Strelec born in Stiadnik and Hrabovsky born in Hrabove.
email: Darlene Sutara -
sutaradf@MSX.UPMC.EDU - Posted 22 March 1999

Another family of Blahut reside in East Tennessee we are looking for anyone related to the following names, Beiersdorf, Forner & Leppin.
email: - - Posted 22 March 1999

I am looking for any information on my family name Hovanec (Chovanec) and information on relatives living in Slovakia. The names of town and or address.
email: John Hovanec - - Posted 22 March 1999

Researching Benyo, Cheselka, Hlinka, Marcisak, Petrik, Rusinak, Sikoryak, Vira, and Vislocky. All surnames from village of Litmanova, settled primarily in New York city area and Fayette county, PA. For more information on these and other families from Litmnanova, visit the
Litmanova Roots website.
email: Nick Benyo - - Posted 22 March 1999

Father's name is John Kozelnicky and mother's name is Anna (Mae) Packo. One of them was from Dobreneva and one from Svolen, but don't know which ones.
email: Loretta K. Evans - - Posted 22 March 1999

Am interested in the above family name and its variations. I am not sure whether the cities/towns of interest are in Slovakia or the Czech Republic. The possible cities are Medvedge, Medved, Belo-Rus, Ungrav-Kukumedjo.
email: - - Posted 21 March 1999

Looking for anyone researching these surnames.
email: Ron & Janet Slater - - Posted 21 March 1999

Researching: HASSAY, HASSAJ
Searching for family information: Hassay/Hassaj, origin was in Brataslava
email: - - Posted 21 March 1999

Researching: MOUREK
Surname is Mourek, town is Zborovy. Any information or contact with anyone with information is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
email: Rick Mourek - - Posted 21 March 1999

I'm looking for descendants of Michael Gaydash, a/k/a Gaydosh, a/k/a Gajdos, who was born in Sariska, Slovakia in 1871. Thanks.
email: - - Posted 21 March 1999

Researching: TOMCO
Researching Tomco, from Hazlin, Slovakia.
email: - - Posted 21 March 1999

Researching: LEFKOWITZ
Researching Benjamin and Lena Lefkowitz, circa 1850-75.
email: David L. Florence - - Posted 20 March 1999

I need to find Brindzak from Lozin Slovakia, and Harcsarik from Giraltovce. The Harcarik (Slovak sp) name can be spelled Harcharik.(English sp.) There is a symbol in slovak placed above the c which makes a ch sound.
email: Bill Brandick - - Posted 20 March 1999

I am researching my husband's family. Palinkas. Any help would be greatly appreciated. My husband's mother is Eva Palinkas. Her parents were Joseph Palinkas and Katherine Siler. They were from Apatin, Austro-Hungery (Yugoslovia today). Joseph's parents were Joseph Palinkas and Anna Futterer. Joseph and Katherine settled in Saginaw, Michigan, possibly about 1908. Thank You,
email: Ginny LaBelle - - Posted 20 March 1999

Researching: KASPER
Working on genealogy of grandparents, Michael and Anna Kasper. The village and district may be Torysky Spisska, Slovakia.
email: - - Posted 20 March 1999

Researching the above surnames. Berkovits was born in Kosicze and now live in Australia. Dum and Schlussel were from Muncacz (Munkach).
email: Michael Berkovits - - Posted 20 March 1999

Researching: SMRT, CADA
I am searching for relatives. My grandmother was Antonette Smrt, married to Joseph Cada. Grandmother was one of 10 children. My mother is Josephine, aunts are Anna and Barbara and uncle is William. They are of Slovak decent. We lived in the Chicago, Ill area.
email: - - Posted 19 March 1999

Researching: KAKORCA, SIRC
Searching for information on my great grandparents, who were born in Bohemia in 1890.
email: - - Posted 19 March 1999

Blazek Chesak, born near Czech-Poland border, immigrated with family about 1891 to Central Texas via Galveston. Would like to hear from similar surname researcher.
email: A J Bujnoch - - Posted 19 March 1999

Researching: KASPER
Researching surname Kasper, grandfather Michael, grandmother Anna, from Slovakia.
email: - - Posted 19 March 1999

Searching for the above surnames from the Austria, Ruthania area of the Carpathian Mts., Town of Boksa. Most relatives of Powell/Pavlo heritage lived in the Dupont/ Pittston area of PA and were coal miners. The Mosko relatives lived in Binghamton, NY. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
email: Elinka - - Posted 19 March 1999

My family (both sides) came to this country in the early l900's from the Presov, Soli and Zamutov areas. I am interested in finding families Parcelova and Shirotnak. They would both be my grandparents. My maiden name was Theresa Hirchak. If there are any Hirchak descendants of Nicholas Hirchak please contact me.
email: Theresa - - Posted 18 March 1999

I am currently trying to research my parents' families living in Slovakia. My mother was Maria Puttera, born in 1896 in Chtelnica. She came from a family of 12 children. She had a brother, Anton, who lived in either Chtelnica, Piestany, or Trnava until he died several years ago. Her father was Cyril Puttera and her mother was Julianna Basnak. My father was Jan Klenovic, born in Chtelnica in 1898. I believe he had one brother, Petrov and one sister. His parents were Frantisek Klenovic and Julia Provy. I would love to hear from any of my relatives or anyone who has any information about my families.
email: - - Posted 18 March 1999

Researching: FEUERLICHT
I am interested it getting information on the name "Feuerlicht" from the town of Bardejov in Slovakia. I understand that the town name used to be "Bartfeld".
email: Gerson Kaplan - - Posted 18 March 1999

Researching: PUCEL
My grandfather, Ignacious Pucel, came from Dulesko, Slavenia to Ely, Minnesota, in or about 1905. He had several brothers, including Frank and John or Joe Pucel. In the early 1930's, Frank returned to Slavenia. He may have a daughter named Victoria. Any help in locating existing relatives is appreciated.
email: - - Posted 18 March 1999

Researching: BOSAK
Looking for Bosak family in Ocura.
email: - - Posted 17 March 1999

Researching: KUSNIR
Researching the above surname fro the village Kastria, Austria-Hungary. My father immigrated to America from this village in 1905.
email: Frank Kusnir - - Posted 17 March 1999

Researching mother's family. Grandmother was born 1890-92 in Orichovycja, now a part of Transcarpathia, Ukraine to an Anna Langozo and a John Rolla. She had at least 1 brother, George. My mother was born Aug. or Oct. 1911. I do not know her father's name. They were Greek Catholic, now called Byzantine Catholic. George Rolla died in the 1960s in Homestead, PA. He was a cantor at St. John Byzantine church. Mother & grandmother immigrated in 1914 from Bremen on S.S. Berlin to NYC and used the name Czaloka. Any info or help will be appreciated.
email: - - Posted 17 March 1999

Researching: SLAVEK
I'm trying to obtain information on a relative, last name Slavek, who was a sheepman in the Plavec area in the 1940's -1970's. He had two daughters named Hanka and Olga. They also lived at Zdar for a time. Any information greatly appreciated.
email: Ted Phillips - - Posted 17 March 1999

Researching: JOBAK
Looking for Jobak family. John Yobak came to US in 1921 from Jastraba. His father was George Jobak.
email: - - Posted 17 March 1999

Michael Hreha (Sr.) and Barbara (Brecka) Hreha had Michael Hreha Jr., born Sept. 29, 1873 in Ungvar, Austria-Hungary. Barbara was age 52 yrs. old at Jr.'s birth. His twin sister died as an infant. There may be other siblings named John (possibly came to U.S.) and Marie (believed to have stayed in "old country"). Mike Jr. came to the US in 1892 at age of 19. He married Anna Hnevkovsky/Nefosky. She was born May 15, 1880 in Moravia, Austria-Hungary, daughter of Frank and Mary (Homzik) Hnevkovsky. Frank was born in Germany on Jan. 26, 1851. Anna had siblings: Mary (different mother than Anna), Elizabeth, Francis, Frank, Joseph, Agnes and William. Believe there were 17 in all born, but 9 died in childbirth. Nefosky came to NY Sept. 1, 1884 and settled in Wilkes-Barre, PA. Michael Hreha Jr. worked his way west to Washington State. He was a coal miner. Any Hreaha or other related surnames may contact me.
email: Cherie Kuranko - - Posted 17 March 1999

Researching: PECHA, NICHOLAS
Researching the name Pecha. My great grandmother was Katherine PECHA. In 1891, in Yugoslavia, she married Gustav Nicholas. They had two daughters: Katherine, b. 1893, and Mary, b.1900. In 1904, they came to America and settled in St. Louis, MO. They moved to Illinois and had two more children: Mae, b. 9 Jul. 1909 (my grandmother) and William, b. 1912. They had 13 children altogether all but four died shortly after birth. Anyone with information please contact me.
email: Nancy Conrad - - Posted 16 March 1999

Researching: KOHN
I would like to list my great great grandfather Nathan Kohn born in Egbell, now Gbely, Slovakia. I would like any information you can give me. Nathan's father was Hermann, but I am not sure when either of them were born. Nathan married Rosalin. Hermann's wife was Rasi. Thank you.
email: - - Posted 16 March 1999

Looking for information on these families in Hnelic, Slovakia (Gemer): Krempaszky (Krempasky), Blassko and Koleszar (Kolesar) arrived in US 1911-1915. They settled in Fayette and Westmoreland County, PA. In 1920, Krempasky, Blasko and Kolesar moved to Ohio. Any help is appreciated. Thank You.
email: Terry Rushing - - Posted 16 March 1999

I am looking for any information on the above surnames. Thanks.
email: Cindy Ruder - - Posted 16 March 1999

The Mrazek family is located in Rovensko, Slovakia. I am looking for relatives who are related to Josef Mrazek, 1886-1974, and Marina Mrazek, 1891-1931. My mother, Anna Mrazek Chromicky is one of ten children and is currently living in New Jersey. She has been in the United States since 1937. The Chromicky family is located in Vysoka, Slovakia. I am looking for relatives related to Joseph Simon Chromicky (1897-1975). He was the oldest child of Simon Chromicky and Carol Gajdica Chromicky. Simon's whereabouts are unknown as he was missing in action on the Russian front. Carol Gajdica Chromicky later remarried a gentleman named Palko. She died in Vysoka, Slovakia in 1950. I am the daughter of Joseph Chromicky and Anna Mrazek Chromicky. I would like to communicate with any relatives to these families. I am also interested in birth and death certificates for relatives. Any information about Rovensko or Vysoka would also be appreciated.
email: JoAnn Chromicky - - Posted 16 March 1999

My grandfather, Mike Kurimski, came from Kaminica, Slovakia in 1912, with his brother Andrew Kurimski, to steelmills in PA. They moved to Des Moines, then Southern IA . Mike married Nellie Gergley, in 1919, in Albia, Ia. Nellie was daughter of John and Anna (Jacob) Gergley, who also came from Slovakia. Andrew married Anna Solitis in Slovakia.
email: - - Posted 16 March 1999

On the 1920 Pennsylvania census, my Grandfather, Edward J. Krisinski's birthplace was listed as Russia/Poland. His wife, my Grandmother, Julia Ann Pottersnak or Potorsnak, was born in Slovakland. I believe they were married in the United States. They lived in Glassport, Allegheny Co., PA. He died about 1927, leaving a wife and 5 living children. My mother, Leona Eva-Ann Krisinski, aka Leona Patricia Krisinski Stone, being the oldest. Grandmother had a brother, John, living in Weirton, West Virginia. She also had a sister, Mary Pottersnak Lukach, living in Monogahela, PA. Julia Ann Pottesnak or Potorsnak's parents are, John Pottersnak or Potorsnak and Mary Derosco. Any more information on my Grandparents, would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
email: - - Posted 16 March 1999

Researching: RIGO
Searching for Rigo from the town or village of Leles.
email: Scott Senger - - Posted 16 March 1999

Researching: DAVALA, KOZMATA
George Davala married Margaret Kozmata. They were from Austria Hungary (Czechoslavakia) and came to US thru Ellis Island. They settled in Metuchen, NJ. George was a jockey for King Josef of the Hapsburgs. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
email: Al Rivera - - Posted 16 March 1999

Researching: GYEVI
I am looking for a woman named Diana Gyevi. She came to England in the late 60's with her father, Denes Gyevi. They left behind her mother in Hungary, for reasons I could never quite understand. Her father was a driving instructor in England, working for BSM. He went to live in Cannes, France in 1976, thereabouts. She went to live in Paris. I never heard from her, until she told me she was marrying a man called Sadik Akbasli, in 1977. The wedding may never have taken place. I have never heard from Diana since. My name is Rochelle Itzler (nee Sumeray). My parents live in Bournemouth, England, named Pauline and Martin.
email: Rochelle Itzler - - Posted 16 March 1999

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