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Researching: PYRCH, PYRCZ
I am looking for surnames Pyrch, or the original spelling Pyrcz.
email: John T. Pyrch - - Posted 15 April 1999

Researching: HNAT
Looking for the Hnat surname. This was my grandmother's maiden name and we believe it to be Ukrainian.
email: - - Posted 15 April 1999

My fathers name was Andrew James Hasara born 14 February, 1910 in Girard, Illinois. His father, my grandfather was George Hasara. He came from the village Rozkovany near Sabinov, Slovakia about 1896 to work in the coal mines in Pennsylvania and then LaSalle County, Illinois. We have not been able to identify his parents in Slovakia. There names were George Hasara and Anna Robut or Kobut. There are many Hasara's in Illinois, Pennsylvania, Minnesota and Texas, as well as a few in Canada. The origin of the family name, to my knowledge has not been identified prior to my grandfather coming to America. I have recently found the name of Peter Hasara, of Presov, a Dentist, on the internet but have not made contact as yet. Naturally any help making a connection to the Hasara name and origin in Slovakia will be greatly appreciated.
email: Robert A. Hasara - - Posted 15 April 1999

My name is Patrick John Kelbel. I live in Petoskey, Michigan. My relatives are from around Kocise in a town called Myslava, I believe. Are there any interested relatives who would like to stay in contact via e-mail? My great grandfather was named John Kelbel and he married Mary Rinock, also of the same area, Myslava. I believe the name is Rajnak in Slovakia. I believe the wife of my great grandfather's youngest brother is still living. I believe his name was Martin. I know the females add "ova" to Kelbel. My great aunt, Sister Helen Kelbel has visited them in 1993, but she is the last surviving relative of that generation and I would like to establish contact before she is gone some day.
email: Pete & Linda Kelbel - - Posted 15 April 1999


I am looking for any information on relatives that might be related to an Irma Grosz, Lillian Grosz, Samuel Grosz, Ethel, Louis, Joseph, Sara Grosz. Max Grosz. They were born to Izador Grosz - self employed and Hani Gutman - Housewife. They resided in Szegilang. Irma was born in 1899 and at that time. Izador was born probably in 1865. Hani was born probably in 1872. Samuel Grosz was 9/23/04. Ethel was 12/20/year unknown probably after 05 or 06. Lillian was born in 1908. I would like to find out as much information, birth certificates, hospitals that they were born in. Location of where they lived in Hungary. Relatives before my great grandparents Izador Grosz - Hani Gutman. Any information is helpful. We believed that at one time the family owned vineyards. The family probably came over after 1910.
email: Holly J. Davis - - Posted 15 April 1999

My paternal grandfather was George Joseph Hanko (b. 1896) and immigrated through Ellis Is around 1908-1910 and settled in Luzerne County PA. He married a Mary Timcho from Eckley PA. One of my maternal great-grandmothers was a Mary Geneive Hareslak who immigrated from Budapest around 1910 settled in Perth Amboy NJ area. Her mother also immigrated at same time and maiden name was Heymer (first name Antoinette)(d. 1932). Another maternal great-grandmother was Agnes Kowalski who lived in Perth Amboy NJ and died in 1932.
email: - - Posted 14 April 1999

Researching: FURCHAK, HUDAK
Any information concerning relatives, living or dead, of my grandparents will be greatly appreciated. Joseph Michael Furchak and Mary Edna Hudak were both born about 1885 in the town of Glaga Bana, Czechoslovakia. (I would also like any information available about that town.) They came to the US about 1900 and lived for a while in Bayonne, NJ and then settled in Detroit, Michigan. Mary Edna died in 1916. Thank you for any help.
email: - - Posted 14 April 1999

I am searching for my GGgrandfather John Gajdos B. May 26, 1865 and was married to Mary Mericko b. Sept. 8,1962. Mary's father was John Mericko and mother was Mary Hidock. John and Mary Gajdos emigrated to the USA around 1892. Can anyone help me find out more about my relatives?
email: Jeanne Gides - - Posted 14 April 1999

I'm looking for any relatives of either family. John (Jan) Habrun married Agnes Zabojnik in 1903. He came to America in 1905 - Canton, Ohio. Agnes came over several years later. Jan was from Porubka, Slovakia (near Zilina). Agnes was from Turo, Slovakia (also near Zilina). Jan had a brother and sister Stefan and Johana. Agnes had two sisters Zofia and Beta.
email: Dean Habrun - - Posted 14 April 1999

Researching: BOSEVICH
Researching in Carbon, Lehigh & Northampton Counties? Check out my Web Site
email: Sue Bosevich - - Posted 14 April 1999

Researching: VANOSKY
My Grandfather and Grandmother are from a town south of Bratislavia called Bzovik. I am not sure of the spelling of this town! I beleive it was once Austria-Hungary. Moved to America, worked in Phillipsburg, Penna. USA and eventually moved to Erie, Penna. (Sterritania) near Fairview Penna.USA) I am curious to see if he had any brothers or sisters. My Grandmothers maiden name was Vanosky. If anyone has any information, I sure would appreciate it.
email: Robert Bacik - - Posted 13 April 1999

Researching: EVANCHO, IVANCO
Looking for grandfather and grandmother Steve and Helen Evancho or Ivanco fron Czechoslovakia.
email: - - Posted 13 April 1999

Researching: MIHAL, CEGIN
Searching on information concerning the Mihal and Cegin families from Bardejov Nov Ves area.
email: George Ostapchenko - - Posted 13 April 1999

Researching: JAKUBOVIC
Looking for Bernard Jakubovic, Ester Cili, Sari, and Helene Jakub. Would greatly appreciate any information regarding the above referenced people. Surname is Jakubovic. Last place of residence: Kolbasov, Slovakia Previous place of residence: Hostovice, Slovakia. Thank You.
email: Ron Robinson - - Posted 13 April 1999

Looking for Zajec, Koptschar, Dorn, Cerar, and Kopcar. I am trying to locate some of my relatives from Slovenia. I have a picture of Marijana Kopcar which has Trzina on the headstone. I would like info on who her husband is and where Trzina is. I have a name of Leopold Zajec which states vas Trzin Lt 20, Tosta, Menges 110 Slovenija Yugoslavija. I am unsure what this states for sure, maybe an address, but I would like to find out his relation to me. My grandfather, Frank Zajec, US Naturalization papers states that he was a citizen of Austria which I am told that that part is now part of Slovenia. He has a military passport with the name of Franz Zajec with Ortsgemeinde: Tersein and Land: Krain (?) I also have what I believe is a death announcement of Antonia Cerar geb. Koptschar which is in Deutche. The family names list family members with the children with the last name of Dorn (Antonia) and Cerar (Franz). I would appreciate any help in tracing back my ancestors. Thank you.
email: Jeff Pierson - - Posted 13 April 1999

Researching: TALAY
My family's surname in the United States has always been Talay (pronounced tal-ee). For years we had assumed we were Hungarian because that was the country that my great-grandfather and his family had originated from. Recently, however, I learned that we are not actually Hungarian but possibly Slovakian. My great-grandfather came over from Europe in the 1880s or 1890s, and definitely before my grandfather, Michael Talay, was born in 1909. My grandfather and his family were Greek Orthodox, and my grandfather's grandmother came over with the family but later returned to Hungary in the 1910s. If anyone knows anything about either Talay or our nationality, please let me know!
email: Christina Talay - - Posted 12 April 1999

Researching: MACIK, MATSIK
I am interested in information about the Macik family who are from the village of Kamienka, Slovakia. Several sons (Georg and Josef) settled in Pittsburgh, PA where their name was changed to Matsik. Need details about the family left behind: siblings Mikhaly (sp?) and Olga, their parents and other ancestors. Believe famous Dr. Konstantin Macik is related but not exactly sure of the connection. Thank you for any help.
email: A. Matsik - - Posted 12 April 1999

Looking for Alzbeta Szabo married to Jan Danko 14 Oct 1824 in Michalovce, Slovakia. Looking for Anna Butkovszky married to Mikulas Danko 14 Aug 1836 in Michalovce, Slovakia. Looking for Maria Mendzezoff married to Mikulas Danko 14 Dec 1865. Do we connect?
email: - - Posted 12 April 1999

Hoping to find anybody with the surname of Malavo, Wanosik, Vanosik, Kovac,or Niznik grandparents came from Divina, Slovensko, Zilina, Czechoslovakia. Would greatly appreicate any information. Thanks!
email: - - Posted 12 April 1999

Researching: MARHEFKA
Sister Gladys Marhefka is looking for relatives in Bialstak, Poland. A map of area in Poland or Slovakia would be greatly apreciated, thank you and God bless.
email: - - Posted 12 April 1999

Researching: KOTULIC
Researching Kotulic from the village of Jurkova Vol'a.
email: A. G. Kotulic - - Posted 11 April 1999

Researching: TOME, SERAFEN
Searching for anyone with the name of Tome or Serafen.
email: - - Posted 11 April 1999

Researching: DUHA
I am looking for relatives of Camillus John Duha. Whiting, Indiana.
email: - - Posted 11 April 1999

Researching the above surnames who lived in the villages of Rostoka Mala, Skladiste, and Maciejowa, Galicia.
email: - - Posted 11 April 1999

Looking for family of Hedwiga Wexberg. Her parents were Siegmund Wexberg, who may have been a Chemist, and Antonie Proksch Wexberg, who may have been a teacher. Hedwiga was born in Belisce Osijek, Yugoslavia, on 9/19/1906. She lived in Austria, Croatia and Japan. Hedwiga's father had 5 or 6 brothers, one or more of the brothers may have moved to South Africa. Antonie Proksch, (Hedwiga's mother) did not have any siblings that we know of.
email: Kay Boyer, Researcher - - Posted 11 April 1999

My grandparents, Andrew (Andreas) Petriscak and Maria Havrilla, were from Circ. It is my understanding that they were Carpatho-Rusyns. They immigrated to the U.S. sometime around 1925 and settled in Cleveland, Ohio. My grandfather was born May 15, 1888 and his parents were Joannes Petriscsak and Maria Varchola. I appreciate any information available. Visit our web site
email: Debi Petriscak-Onken - - Posted 11 April 1999

Researching: DUSEK
I am researching Frank Dusek, born in the town of Usti nad Orlici, sometime around 1878.
email: - - Posted 11 April 1999

I am looking for the above surnames, from the towns of Stropkov, Kalinov or Olka, which are near Kosice, in Zemplen County in NE Slovakia.
email: -
EYSUSSKIND@AOL.COM - Posted 10 April 1999

Does anyone know of George Hajduk or his wife Julia Yourchak, who left Muran about 1900, returned briefly about 1907, and settled in Johnstown, Pennsylvania? Any relatives still in the Muran area?
email: Joe Hayduk - - Posted 10 April 1999

I am searching for the names of Magusin in Hostie, Judin in Obice and Halus in Hostie. I am wondering where the Magusins originated from. They apparently arrived in Hostie in 1385.
email: Peter Magusin - - Posted 10 April 1999

Researching: CHASKO, CHACKO
I'm looking for any information on the following surnames: Chasko & Chacko. If you have any information, please forward to me. My grandfather's name was Michael Chasko and I believe he had a brother that was killed in one of the World Wars. Thank you.
email: Jim Stricklin - - Posted 10 April 1999

Researching: KLOPCHIN
Tracing Raymond, Peter, Joseph, Andrew, and William Klopchin.
email: Helen Klopchin - - Posted 10 April 1999

Researching: KORPAS
Looking to trace my ancestors. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
email: Louis Korpas - - Posted 09 April 1999

Researching: STROHMER
Searching for any information on Strohmer family from Reichstadt, now named Zakupy. Johann Paul Strohmer had a tannery in 1709 which was handed down through the family to Wilhelm Strohmer in early 1900s. Other given names were Vincenz, Daniel, Joseph, Sebastian and Fidelius, who lived there in the 1800s.
email: Shirley Atkinson - - Posted 09 April 1999

I am looking for the ancestors of my grandfather, Sergie Ristakov (1877-1961). I believe his father was Dimitri and his mother was Maria. They were from Hommel, Zakruzia, Russia. He changed the name to Rossen when coming to America (1915ish). How do I obtain Russian records?
email: Lori Rossen Michaelson - - Posted 09 April 1999

My grandfather was Paul Veselovsky and my grandmother was Rose Helen Pisarcik. They were from Kosice.
email: Dolores M Veselovsky - - Posted 09 April 1999

Researching: MECCA
Searching for the name Helena Mecca from the village Shio.
email: - - Posted 09 April 1999

Researching: POLERECKY
Am searching for any relatives or information about the surname Polerecky.
email: Marion Powers - - Posted 08 April 1999

Researching: BOBKO, SAMBRON
Researching Bobko from Torysky and Sambron (unknown location).
email: - - Posted 08 April 1999

Researching: KAHANEC
Please add Kahanec to your surname list. Thank you.
email: Cheryl Kahanec-Saylor - - Posted 08 April 1999

I am planning a trip to Hungary and Slovakia in June, 1999 and am searching for relatives of my maternal grandparents. Their family history follows. Margit Szaniszlo, born July 18, 1896, to Elizabeth Varga and Andrew Szaniszlo, in Csecs (or Cecejovce) Hungary, located 13 miles from Kosice, Slovakia. Her sister, Mrs. Barbala Sanislas and Barbala's daughter, Margit Pastorova, may still live in Kosice. Eugen Pastor, of Kosice, is also a name of a possible relative that I have. My maternal grandfather was Daniel Szabo, born April 7, 1890, in Bagamer, Hungary to Agnes Asztai and Daniel Szabo, and the grandson of Lydia Asztai and Paul Szabo. Both my grandparents immigrated to the United States in the 1900's and eventually located in the Cleveland, Ohio area. I would very much appreciate any information or directions to agencies where I could do further research on my ancestors, as well as find any distant cousins who may still live in the area. Please forward any information to me.
email: Debbie Morgan - - Posted 07 April 1999

Researching: CAHOJ, NASTICKY
Emery Cahoj and Marie and Julia Nasticky are relatives on my husband's side. Emery was born in Bobot Lehota, Austria. They had a son, Stephen J., born 9/11/1881, who peddled bread before he immigrated to the U.S., settling in Rawlins Co., KS. Stephen married Julia Nasticky, born in Lutov, Austria, who had sisters Betty and Susan and brother John. These are my husband's grandparents. We would like to find any other family that is somewhere other than in NW Kansas.
email: Jan Faimon - - Posted 07 April 1999

Researching: KORS
My family, Kors, emigrated from the area near Kosice to the United States at the turn of the 20th century. Does anyone know if members of the Kors family remain in the Kosice or Mihalovce area? Does anyone know anything of the family? Thank you.
email: Alan Charles Kors - - Posted 07 April 1999

I am searching for my great-grandmother's family in eastern Slovakia. Her name is Mary Kolesar, born on March 17, 1860, in Prakovce. Her parents' names were Jan Koleszar and Maria Grega. Koleszars were Roman Catholic. If you have any information on the Koleszars living in that area, please contact me. I am also researching the surname Foltin/ Fulton. Andro Foltin immigrated to USA in the late 1800's. He moved around to Hazelton, PA, Rock Springs, WY, Livingston, IL and Streator, IL. I have marriage records that say he was married on February 6, 1906 in Columbus, NE to Anna Jasemska. Anna was from Poland. Some records say Andro was born on April 26, 1861 and some say August 26, 1863. He could have been born in Kurima, Slovakia.. It also says Zupa Sariska. It could be Saris County. Two children were born in Columbus NE: Mary, born in 1908, godparents Anton Trella and Anna Kula; Andrew Jr., born in 1911, godparents Andrew Skornuk and Victoria Paprocki. Anna Foltin died Dec. 9, 1921 in Livingston IL. She also lived in Staunton, IL. Andro and children moved to Streator, IL about 1922. Does anyone have information about Andro Foltin or his parents born in Slovakia? I would like to know who he immigrated with and where he lived when he immigrated.
email: - - Posted 07 April 1999

Researching: RAFAJ
I am a Rafaj, whose ancestors originally moved to Moravia, about 100 years ago, from the village of Rafajovec or Rafajovce, near Vranov nad Topl'ou, in Eastern Slovakia. I would appreciate hearing from anyone concerning this surname.
email: - - Posted 07 April 1999

Researching: RONGYOS
Surname we are searching is Rongyos from Tarnave / Tarnava.
email: Jacquie Homko - - Posted 06 April 1999

Searching for Simcina name in area of Zemplin, other possible spelling Simscina pronunciation (Simchina) and the Dzugan name in area of Medzlaborce.
email: - - Posted 06 April 1999

My maternal grandparents, George and Hedwig Volosin, came from Szerednyei in what was then Hungary but is now in Russia. He arrived just prior to 1900 and she arrived in New York City on December 20, 1900. Her DOB was October 15, 1869. They lived in Mountaintop, PA. She eventually went to Yonkers, NY with six children. He died in PA. She died in Yonkers. The surname has been spelled several different ways in documents (Volosin, Walason, Walosin, Wollison). Thanks.
email: - - Posted 06 April 1999

Researching: KELEMEN
I am searching for descendants of Marton Kelemen, who came to the United States from Kosice in 1938. In Slovakia he owned a dressmaker`s on the main street in the city of Kosice.
email: - - Posted 06 April 1999

Researching Names Chuba, Radachovsky. Anna Chuba married James Radachovsky and had a son named Stephen Radachovsky Born 10-27-1883 and married Maria Dohan (Duhan) in Peekskill, NY on 10-05-1905. Researching Names of Ziach and Merritt. Anna was born 3-11-1865 died in Peekskill ,NY 9-3-1946 married Joseph Smith born 12-26-1865.
email: - - Posted 06 April 1999

I am research the Name of Andrasko, Anna Andrasko came from Lutina also called Lucina, Slovakia. She had a daughter Named Maria Andrasko Duhan born March 6th 1882 ,father's name is Jan. She went by the last name of Duhan in USA. Maria married Stephen Radachovsky in Peekskill, NY 1905.
email: - - Posted 05 April 1999

I'm searching for my grandparents relatives all believed to have come from around the Chlebnice area..
email: Gwen Anhorn - - Posted 05 April 1999

Researching: SKALKOVA
Looking for information on William Skalkova.
email: - - Posted 05 April 1999

Researching: FEDERKO
My grandfather came from Kosice sometime around 1900 to 1912. His name was Michael and his sister Pauline also came here. She ended up in Bridgeport Conn, he in Trenton NJ.
email: Mike Fedorko - - Posted 05 April 1999

Researching: ZUPKO
Looking for family of John Zupko, lived in Egres, CZ. Had four sisters.
email: Jackie Hutchinson - - Posted 05 April 1999

Looking for John and Margaret (Kuska) Engle, from Bohemia. They settled in PA. I am not sure how many children they had, but one was my grandfather, Richard Engle. Also searching for the names Kretovich and Havran in Brataslava, who also immigrated to PA. Any information would be appreciated. Thank you.
email: Mary Fehlker -
FEHLK@POSTNET.COM - Posted 03 April 1999

We are interested in corresponding with anyone who may have leads to the above family names. They all have connections to the town of Lubina, in Western Slovakia. Our branch of the Komorech line immigrated to St. Louis, MO, in 1906. Rojko immigrated to St. Louis in 1905.
email: Jeffry Uecker - - Posted 03 April 1999

Researching: PODLESAKS
Researching Podlesaks from Brataslava.
email: R. Hockstad - - Posted 03 April 1999

Researching: MACO, WRABELCAK
Searching for info. on my grandparents. Michael Maco came from either Bacovce or Bosaca. He was married to Mary Wrabelcak who came from Pobedim. They came over in March of 1902 on a ship departing from Bremen to New York. They settled in Cleveland, Ohio.
email: Michelle A. Mader - - Posted 03 April 1999

Researching: STRASKY, ZIDE
Searching for ancestors of my grandfather, George Strasky, and my grandmother. Maria Zidek, from Bela, Slovakia. They immigrated to Canada around 1929. I know my grandmother had a sister named Sophia . My grandfather, I think, was orphaned. Any help determining ancestors would be wonderful. Thank you,
email: Carrie (Strasky) Swain - - Posted 03 April 1999

Researching: KERTIS, KERTISZ
My mother's maiden name was Kertis and grew up in Bayonne, NJ. I was emailed by a Bob Kertis on 3/5/99, and there is a family connection with the apple farm in Phillipsburg, NJ. My husband accidentally deleted the email before I could reply. Any help in contacting Bob Kertis would be appreciated.
email: Lois Fetsko Armstrong - - Posted 02 April 1999

Researching: MISIAK
Searching for John Michael Misiak born 1848, Pelagia Misiak born 1877. Can you help. Thanks.
email: Judith Marshall - - Posted 02 April 1999

Researching: Matyi, Borai & Kalnank from Zemplan Hungary. Andrew Matyi Born February 1888. Elizabeth Borai Matyi Born September 1889. Andrew Borai date of birth unknown & Mary Kanank date of birth unknown.
email: - - Posted 02 April 1999

Researching: HEFKA
Hefka from Relov village and also in Germany.
email: - - Posted 02 April 1999

Researching: GAZAK
Searching Familie Gazak.
email: - - Posted 02 April 1999

Researching: BEDNAR
I am trying to reach my cousin Joseph Bednar in Slovakia. I was given an email address but am not able to reach him.
email: Gerry Lannie - - Posted 01 April 1999

Researching: YOUSAITIS
I cannot contact the person researching the name Yousaitis. Is someone still researching the name? Has their email address changed? Is there anyone else I can contact? Thank you,
email: Jamie Yousaitis - - Posted 01 April 1999

Researching: BABAS
Looking for the surname Babas; towns where the name may be found are Kosice, Cana, and Szadelo.
email: - - Posted 01 April 1999

Researching: PIMSNER, GEDEON
My grandmother was Margaret Pimsner. She was born in 1896 in Metzenseifen, Austria. My grandfather was Micheal Gedeon. I don't know his birth date. I do know that he was also born in Metzenseifen. I'm interested in learning more about those families and about Metzen. Thank you.
email: Peggy Obrien - - Posted 01 April 1999

Searching the above surnames from Bratislava, Slovakia.
email: - - Posted 01 April 1999

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