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Researching: KOKAVEC
Researching the above surname. Anyone with information, please contact me.
email: - - Posted 26 May 1999

Please post these surnames on your list. Thank you.
email: Sharon S. Sima - - Posted 26 May 1999

I would like any information on my mother's and father's families. .My father's name is John Henry Pavlus, b. 2/22/1907, Hempstead, Long Island, NY, d. 1/6/64 Johnstown, NY. His Father was John Henry Pavlus, b. 12/15/1881, Myjava, Czechoslovakia, d. 6/14/56, Johnstown NY. His Mother was Katherine Kostsal, b. 11/4/1882, Stara Tura, Czechoslovakia, d. 3/5/1947, Johnstown, NY. I have a living aunt, who is a sister to Katherine Kostsal. Her name is Mary (Kostsal) Ferjanick, age 102. My father has 3, brothers and 1 sister, Edward, George, Steve and Pauline. My mother, Mary Albina Orsell, b. 3/24/08, Piermont, NY, d. 12/7/43, Johnstown NY. Her father's name was Rudolph Orsell, b.4/17/1878, Trnava, Austria [Dobra Voda]. His parents were Joseph Orsell and Elizabeth Adamec. My Mother's mother was Maria Somoline, born in Austria, and her parents were Imrich Somolany, b. 1847, d. 1939, lived in Tomky. At age 23 he married Elizabeth Tomek, b. 1848, d. 1920. Also, I have a close friend, Steve Hladik, who's family comes from Somolanyi. If any one can hook us up some way I would appreciate the info. The old timers say we are related some way. Thank You.
email: John Pavlus - - Posted 26 May 1999

I'm looking for information on a village called Sosujfalu. I have a copy of my great- grandmother's birth certificate. It is Hungarian, but it also was dated 1867, so I'm not sure where the boundaries were. I believe it was in Saros county (Sarosmegye), village of Sosujfalu. Her maiden name was Szabolik, daughter of Mihaly Szabolik and Anna Yackanin. Any help would be great. Thanks!
email: Paul G. Sabol - - Posted 26 May 1999

Researching: BANICK
Looking for information on my grandfather, Joseph Michael Banick, b. 2 Feb 1901, came to the US at age 13 or 14. Please help me if you have any information. Thank you.
email: Debbie Wolfe - - Posted 26 May 1999

Researching Cvercsek, Gubic, Havrilla, Ivancso and Zebak from the villages of Okruhle (Saris cnty.), Zvala (Zem.), Dargov (Zem.), Bacsko (Zem.), Dlhe Klcovo (Zem.) respectively. All settled in Cambria County, Pennsylvania, about 1880-1895. Thanks for helping.
email: Patrick White - - Posted 25 May 1999

Researching: PAULOV, PAVLOV
I am researching the surname Paulov / Pavlov. The name was found in church records that were from the town of Hazin nad Cirochou in the region of Humenne, Slovakia, dating back to the early 1800s. I would appreciate any information that anyone may have. Also, does anyone know if this is a Slovak name?
email: Peggy - - Posted 25 May 1999

I am researching my Grandparents, George Sirokman, 1865, wife Mary Procz or Mirman, 1871, from Velke Zaluzice, Slovakia, and brothers John and Michael and sister Mary. John settled in Alabama (city unknown) and married Nancy Morgan before moving to Colorado to join the others. I am trying to find families in Slovakia that might be related.
email: Bette Friden - - Posted 25 May 1999

Researching: KELLNER
Seeking information on subjects who resided in Leutschau [now Levoca, Slovakia] and their children; Paul Julius Kellner, b.1/5/1856; Carl Paul Matthias Kellner, b.1/16/1858; Gustav Adolph Daniel Kellner, b.11/27/1859; Colomann Alexander Kellner, b. 4/11/ 1862; Carolina Olga Kellner, b. 1/18/1865; Paul Johann Kellner, b. 12/23/1867; and Olga Marie Kellner, b. 3/17/1872.
email: Roger Kellner - - Posted 25 May 1999

I have the family names of Kocha or Kosha, Rakos, and Porezany and a village or town of Kapusany. I believe all are Slovakian. Any ideas of ways to find these people? My grandmother, Barbara Porezany, was baptized in Slovakia in 1868. Her father was Yuraj Porezany and mother Maria Yaguitin. God parents were Yan Rakos and Anna Porezany.
email: Katheryn Kocha - - Posted 25 May 1999

Searching for info on the surnames Juriga and Hladky (Hlatky). My grandfather, Juriga, was baptized in the village of Radimov in 1906. Shortly thereafter, his family came to the USA.
email: Alison Prainito - - Posted 24 May 1999

Researching: HNATIW
Looking for Hnatiw.
email: Chrystyna Hnatiw - - Posted 24 May 1999

Researching: KUCERA, KUTCHER
Looking for ties to Joseph Kucera/Kutcher from the Presov/Presof area. He was married to Mary Kucera. Thank you.
email: Susan - - Posted 24 May 1999

My grandmothers maiden name was Zavatsky. Was told she was born in Lithuania and her mothers name was Rosenburg. She came to America around 1906 or 1907 and settled in Pennsylvania coal region. My grandfather was born in Russia in 1880. I'm interested in learning more about her. Don't know much more than that. My maiden name is Kulpcavage. Can anyone help?
email: Connie Rizzardi - - Posted 24 May 1999

I'm searching for information on the surnames: Bobnak, Timko, Tirpak, and Ondek. These families were believed to be from Slovakia and/or Prague. I am interested in any information concerning the surnames listed above. My grandparents were Bobnaks who, we believe emigrated from Slovakia and Prague at the turn of the century. They, as well as the Tirpaks, Ondeks, and Timkos, settled in Exeter Pennsylvania as well as other small communities around Scranton. They were primarily Greek Catholic. We believe that the names were "Anglo-sized" when the relatives entered the country. If you have any information about the origin of these peoples, especially the Bobnak family, in Slovakia or the Czech Republic.
email: George S. Bobnak - - Posted 24 May 1999

Researching: SMAJDA, KAZIMIR
I am trying to gather info on: Mikel (Michael )Smajda, Upora Austria, Hungary. Born 1874, he immigrated to USA, to New Jersey. He married Mary Kazimir, born in Trebisov. Any info would surely help.
email: - - Posted 23 May 1999

Researching: RUTTER
Researching Rutter.
email: Christine Rutter - - Posted 23 May 1999

Greetings. I'm not Slovak, but my ancestors lived in Smvlnitz during the 1600 & 1700s. I would like to learn about life in that time period and maybe go to the 1500s. I understand they were copper miners and one was a Senator. Various spellings are: Tirmenstein, Th|rmenstein, Tirmelstein, and Toronuksy. I realize these names are not popular in Slovakia, but my folks lived there for many years and I would like to learn more about the country then. If anyone knows of a book about that time period (in English) please let me know.
email: Augie Braun - - Posted 23 May 1999

Researching: BUTORAC, BANAS
My Grandfather was John Butorac, from Zagreb, married to Mary Banas, grom Orava. If you have any information, please contact me.
email: Paula Raspopovich - - Posted 23 May 1999

I am searching for Kapitula who came to Cleveland, Ohio just before 1900 in the persons of Stephen Kapitula and his wife Anna Boryk. Stephen's parents were Samuel Kapitula II and Elena Kilko. Thanks.
email: Gae Goode King - - Posted 23 May 1999

Researching: KRISCO
Looking for Father, Thomas Boyd Krisco. Please help. Visit the
Krisco Family Facts Database.
email: - - Updated 24 October 2007

Looking for the above surnames. Both died in Beaver Co., and raised family in Ambridge, PA.
email: - - Posted 22 May 1999

Researching: PROKOP, BEREZA
Searching for Prokop. I know nothing about their background before settling in Chicago. Grandfather's name was Steven or Stephan. I am also searching for Bereza, from Ukraine, settled in Chicago around 1904. Grandfather's name was Stephan and Grandmother's name was Anastasia.
email: - - Posted 22 May 1999

Researching: SANTA
I would like to know where the last name Santa originally comes from. I am in college and I am planning to do a report on my ancestors.
email: Leonard Santa - - Posted 22 May 1999

Researching: BALOGAC
I am looking for any connection to the surname Balogac. I am looking for my relatives. I went to the year 1746, Hudcovce, Slovakia.
email: P.Kubik - - Posted 22 May 1999

Searching for Arnold Konfal, Edward Brtko and Jozef Caban, from Selce near Banska Bystrica.
email: - - Posted 21 May 1999

Researching: KOZOJED, KLIMES
I am researching the above surnames, both Slovak. All we know about the locations are that both people were born in, or are 1st generation Americans.
email: Pam Crawford - - Posted 21 May 1999

In March I sent in a search for information on my grandmother Anna Oravetz. I have since obtained additional information which I would like added. My great grandparents were from Osturna, Slovakia and were Roman Catholic. My grandmother also had sisters and brothers named Mary, Catherine, Elizabeth, Frank and Michael. My great grandparents went to the US a few times, finally settling back in Slovakia. My grandmother, Anna, was the second youngest (Michael was the youngest) and was born in the US. I would like to know who my great grandparents were. Any information on the Oravetz, Kovalchik or Harabin families from Osturna, Slovakia would be appreciated. I am also searching for information on the Buynak (Bujnak) family from Prague. My great grandparents were Nicholas and Sophia Fristek Buynak. Thank you.
email: Denise Kovalchik Mollo - - Posted 21 May 1999

My Grandfather emigrated from Slovakia about 1896. His name was George Hasara. We believe he came from the village of Rozkovany, a few kilometers north of Presov. He had a brother named Andrew, who followed him one or two years later. On his marriage license in the US in 1899, he listed his father's name as George Hasara and his mother's maiden name as Anna Robut or Kobut (hand writing of county recorder is unclear). I am trying to find a connection to these names in Slovakia.
email: Robert A. Hasara - - Posted 21 May 1999

Researching: BILO, SEMO, KOCH
I am trying to research these surnames. Bilo is my surname and for the past five generations my immediate ancestors (brother, father, grandfather, great-grandfather, great-great-grandfather) have all been Stephen J. Bilo. Semo was the name of my great- grandparents. They came over from Austria-Hungary with the surname Koch and changed it to Semo. If anyone has any information about these names, please e-mail me.
email: - - Posted 21 May 1999

Researching: KRESILA
Researching the Kresila surname.
email: Charisse Kresila - - Posted 20 May 1999

Researching: BIRK
My grandmother's town was Ublana, in Yugoslavia. In the early 1900's it was Austria- Hungary. Her married name was Ursula Birk. I don't know about my grandfather.
email: - - Posted 20 May 1999

My father, Thomas Brejchak, was from Osturna, Slovakia, of Carpatho-Rusyn ancestry. He was born April 22, 1880. My mother, Anna Bombara, was born November 3, 1889. She was from Rychvald and a Slovak. They settled in New Hartford, CT and later Greensburg, PA. Is there anyone else out there searching these names and towns?
email: Jo Braschak Beers - - Posted 20 May 1999

Researching: LOUPAL
The family name is Loupal and they used to live in the village of Ebersdorf in Niederoesterreich, probably before and after World War l.
email: - - Posted 20 May 1999

These are the surnames I am looking for. They are from my great grandfather and great grandmother. My great grandfather was from Bardejov (spelled bardiov on his immigration papers) and they said my great grandmother was from Kruslav?
email: Timothy P. Burnosky - - Posted 20 May 1999

I am looking for any information about my great-grandparents who were married in Bratislava in the Slovak Republic.
email: - - Posted 19 May 1999

My name is Mark Szep and I am researching the surname Szep. My great grandfather was Kalman Szep and he was born in Zemianske Kostolany, Nyitra, Austria-Hungary. Today this town is located in Slovakia near the city of Nyitra. Kalman left Slovokia in 1905 and came to the U.S. He left behind his mother Josephine, a brother Zigmund, and a couple of sisters. One sister was named Marienka and married a man with the name Rejmanova. Another sister married a Kmet. She had several children including Jozef, Anna, and Julius. My great aunt Josephine Nowicki was in contact with Jozef Kmet. He sent her a letter in 1976. At that time he was 72 and living in Lipt. Mattiasovce, Slovakia. Kalman also had cousins with the name Kontsek or Koncek who were from the town of Kostany, Slovokia. Apparently, one of his cousins owned a saloon or a hotel in Kostany. During his lifetime, Kalman kept in contact with these family members. Unfortunately, after his death, contact was lost. Any information regarding these families would be greatly appreciated.
email: Mark Szep - - Posted 19 May 1999

Researching the above surnames, all from Ungvar/ Uzhgorod area, esp. Koliboboice or Koromla. All responses appreciated! They were in that area at least between 1860s to 1940 or so. Several came to NYC between 1910-1939.
email: Loraine Davis - - Posted 19 May 1999

Researching: PRENICZKY
Researching the above surname, first name John, from PA, married to Sophia.
email: - - Posted 19 May 1999

I'm looking for information on Jan Karovic, Johanna Janos, Stefan Michalovic, and Alzbeta Haramia (possibly Karamia, Karamin, or Karamis). I know they all lived in Lozorno in western Slovakia in the late nineteenth century. Jan Karovic and Johanna Janos were married, as were Stefan Michalovic and Alzbeta Haramia. Their children, Tomas Michalovic (1882-1944) and Agnesa Karovic (1888-1974) were married and immigrated to Chicago in 1910. Any help would be appreciated.
email: Mark Michalovic - - Posted 19 May 1999

Researching: GRUSS
Looking for anybody related to Michael Gruss, my grandfather, from the villages/towns of Singlar (Sindliar) or Sarias (Saris). He lived in Harwood, PA and Plains,PA.
email: Joanne Gruss - - Posted 18 May 1999

I'm searching for any Glistas for my genealogy project. My father, Josef Glista, came from Gron, Nowy Tary, Galicia, Poland in 1905 to Ellis Island in America. The next town Bialka had the church then. He left behind some siblings. I would like to expand my tree to their descendants and my father's ancestors. At present, I have 10 Glista genealogy trees which I would like to merge, most likely in Poland. My mother, Agata Rytwinska(i), came from Sukowiec, Russian Poland and I cannot find this village on any map. Can anyone help me?
email: Kazimir Glista - - Posted 18 May 1999

Researching: LIPKA, LITKA
Looking for relatives from Levoca, Sloviaka. Lipka or Litka came to America about 1904.
email: - - Posted 18 May 1999

I just traveled to Luzerne County Court House from my home. It took 1 3/4 hours! I was able to get my grandpa's naturalization papers. On these it says he is from KISHKOLLEN, Austria. Are you familiar with this village? The surname also appears as: Palo, Pavlo, and finally Powell - 4 different spellings!!!!! In addition, the surnames Kurpita and Juda are also in my family. Can you please e-mail ASAP if you have possibly the names of villages with this name or info on the family names? God bless you and thank you from the bottom of my heart!
email: Elinka - - Posted 18 May 1999

Researching: DIENEN, DIESEN
I haven't any more information but am looking for some you may have run across. My great-grandfather, Martin Dienen (Diesen) was a promotions man for Cunard lines and Immigrated with his family (wife Ella, daughter Ilone/Eleanor). I am seeking information on these people. If you have run across any, please contact me. They were originally from Budapest and their surname was changed to Warm once in New York.
email: Catherine Haight - - Posted 18 May 1999

Antl, Benedik, Bröstl, Eiben, Friedl, Frindt, Göbl, Grollmus, Hähnl, Millner, Müller, Quallich, Roob, Ruschwarski, Scholtz, Schmoczer, Schmotzer, Schürger, Schwartz, Schuster, Sorger, Tischler, and Tremko. We are researching the above families from Metzenseifen, and we have a photo of Slovak presidential candidate Dr. Rudolf Schuster of Metzenseiffen at our
Unter- and Ober-Metzenseiffen web site.
email: Heinz Schleusener - - Posted 17 May 1999

Researching: REPAS
Searching for any information on the name Repas. Of course, the Hungarian name is normally spelled with accents, but I do not have access to that on the computer. Thank you.
email: Mihaly Repas - - Posted 17 May 1999

Looking for any information on the above names. My mother was born in Northeastern Slovokia in 1911. Shrin was her grand-father's name and Ugan was her maiden name.
email: Jo-Ann - - Posted 17 May 1999

I am looking for info about Yesenov, Eastern Slovakian ancestors. I would like to establish contact with anyone in the area that may have been related to Mihaly Zofchak (Zsofcsak). This is my great-great grandfather. His children, John and Michael, were born around 1882, so I am anticipating that his birth time would have been about 1850. Are there any people living in that area that know of any Zsofcsak (American spelling is Zofchak) family that still reside near Jesenov? Hope to hear from you.
email: Cindy Zofchak - - Posted 17 May 1999

Is it possible to search for Abraham Arnstein, Rachel Landau and David Arnstein, from Uzhorod, Czechslovakia? Abraham and Rachel were the parents of David Arnstein (born 1898). All came to the United States between 1910 and 1920. What can I find out about these families? Thank you.
email: - - Posted 17 May 1999

Seeking the above family names from Kolibabovce or Uzhgorod/Ungvar area. Thanks for the site and the opportunity to post!
email: - - Posted 17 May 1999

Researching: OSCE. CZOVEK
I am looking for information on my g grandmother Johanna Osce. She was born probably in Lastocz Zemplen, Hungary (now Lastovce, Slovakia ) in 1873. She married Istvan Czovek in Hungary c. 1894. They had four boys: Istvan, b 1895; Joszef, b 1898; Ferenz, b. 1900; and Bela, b. 1902. In 1911, the family immigrated to the US. All were admitted, except Bela, because of an eye disease. He returned to Hungary. The other boys stayed in the US. In 1923, Istvan and Johanna returned to Hungary, which was by then Slovakia. Istvan died in Plechotice, Slovakia in 1941. I can find no death entry for Johanna. I would appreciate hearing from any one researching this surname.
email: Nick Covell - - Posted 17 May 1999

Looking for the names of Gabrick & Pekala from the village of Papin in the county of Zemplinska-Stolica. Also looking for the names of Fedok (Fedock) from the village of Plavce (Hungarian name - Palocsa) in the county of Saros (Saris). Any information about the village will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
email: John G. Pekala - - Posted 17 May 1999

Researching the family name of Vandak and Ostrdicky, from the Boleraz and Trnava, not far from Bratislava. I do have some of the family information going back to the early 1800's but would like to make contact with others who are researching this area.
email: Thomas H. Semelbauer - - Posted 17 May 1999

Looking for information on Arvay or Andrejcik families from Snina, Slovakia.
email: - - Posted 17 May 1999

If anyone has information in reference to the above surnames, please contact me. John Butorac was from Zagreb and Mary Banas was from Orava. We were contacted by Andrew Sepich, however, lost E-Mail Address. Please contact again. Thank you.
email: Paula Raspopovich - - Posted 16 May 1999 P>

Researching: STOICO
Searching for any Stoicos.
email: Ken Stoico - - Posted 16 May 1999

Researching: POLLOCK
Is Pollock a Slavic surname?
email: - - Posted 16 May 1999

Researching the above Czech and Slovak names.
email: Michael and Mary Lefner - - Posted 16 May 1999

I am searching for information about my grandmother, Elizabeth Hlavaty (Hlavati), born 9/5/1879 to George Hlavaty and Bertha Hyduk Hlavaty of Boliarov, Austro-Hungary. She arrived in New York in 1900. Any links or information will be appreciated.
email: John Lashnits - - Posted 16 May 1999

Researching: VANEK
I am searching for people who left the town of Nejepin around 1881. This is the year my great great grandfather, Josef Vanek, and his wife and three children, moved to America. I would like to know exactly where Nejepin is as I haven't been able to find it on any maps. Any help any one can give would be greatly appreciated.
email: Stephen A. Vanek - - Posted 16 May 1999

Researching: DUDAS
Looking for info on surname Dudas, from Zavadka nod Hronom. This village is between Helpa and Polonkom, about 4 miles from Banska Bystica.
email: - - Posted 15 May 1999

I believe my grand parents on both sides came from Austria-Hungry .The names on my mother's side are Sovich and Kovalick. The names on my father's side are Homrosky or Homrovsky and Lesko. They came to America in the 1890's and settled in PA. Any information will be helpful.
email: George Homrosky - - Posted 15 May 1999

Researching: SLAVEK
My grandfather, Slavek, owned pastureland in the area of two small villages, Plavince and Lubocna, north of Poprad. Could anyone help me locate these villages? These are the names given me in 1945 by my grandfather. Any help will be very much appreciated.
email: Ted Phillips - - Posted 15 May 1999

Looking for information on my great grandfather, Antal Jaczko, b. 1862, in Paczin Hungary, Velky Kamenec, Slovakia vicinity, d. 22 June 1914, Brooklyn NY. His parents were Janos Jaczko and Martha Erhresi. He had siblings named Daniel, Istvan, and Jenu. Two were Greek Catholic Priests. Antal married Amalia Koleszar in Hungary, c 1890. Their children were Josef, Mariska , Erszebet, Illona, Miklos and Janos. Any information is appreciated.
email: - - Posted 15 May 1999

Researching: HUEBNER
I am interested in information on Gablonz, now Jablonic, Austria, was part of Czechoslovakia, and former residents of same. Herman Huebner immigrated to Texas in 1845 or earlier and Franz Huebner arrived in Galveston, Texas, on June 12, 1853 with his wife Clara, who was born July 9, 1828, town unknown. Any info on any of the above will be appreciated.
email: E. A. Huebner - - Posted 15 May 1999

Researching: MAHA, KASICH
Researching the Maha and Kasich surnames.
email: Marlene Almasy - - Posted 14 May 1999

Researching: EGRI, KOHUTKA
I am doing a family search for the last name of Egri. Andrew Egri, was born Oct. 10, 1887. His mother was born Anna Mary Kohutka, Feb 12, 1892. Huta, Strendna Huta, near Uzhgorod and Radvanka are towns that were mentioned. Please e-mail me with any information pertaining to names or villages listed.
email: - - Posted 14 May 1999

I am interested in finding my roots. My father and grandfather's name is Dluzanski(or y). They were from Kosice in Zemplin County. My mother's name and her father's name is Roskovensky. They were from a town to the north of Kosice called Velky Folkmar or something like that. I am a second generation American and would like to learn my homeland's culture, language and traditions, so that when I come to visit, perhaps later this year, I can fully appreciate the experience.
email: - - Posted 14 May 1999

Looking for Jaroslav Kukuca of Nova Bosaca, sent us an e-mail in the US but our e-mails to him come back "User unknown". He is related to Anna Kukuca Dubnicka. Any info appreciated.
email: Albert Dubnicka - - Posted 14 May 1999

Looking for any information on relatives, living conditions and reasons for emigration for the following people, all my great-grandparents: Samuel Gluta, 1884-1949, born in Bochiw, went by the name Goodick in Canada; Rosie Kokanie, 1892-1966, born in Poland, then known as Galicia. I do not know the year they immigrated to Canada, but I believe it to be around the turn of the century. Also researching Paul Kolony, born July 12, 1880 in Galicia and Mary Kolony, maiden name Korpan, born June 23, 1890. Again, it is not known when they immigrated to Canada. Many thanks if anyone can help me with any information, specific or general to that time period, what kinds of things were going on, living conditions, etc.
email: Carol Auld - - Posted 14 May 1999

Researching: SOKOL
Any Sokol's out there? The last name means, "falcon" in Slavic, but I'd like to trace its background.
email: - - Posted 14 May 1999

Jan Varga was born in Jakubany in Dec 1883, son of Jan Varga and Anna Katrenic. Maria Seman was born in Kapusany Presov in 1882, daughter of Andrej Seman and Maria Hajtas. They were married in Pittston, PA around 1903 and had 9 children. For many years they lived in Dupont, PA, a coal mining community. Interested in hearing from others researching these names or the village of Jakubany or Kapusany.
email: Cathy Dugdale - - Posted 14 May 1999

Researching: EGRI
I Am doing research on the family name of Egri. Andrew J. Egri born Oct. l0, l887 - Huta (near Uzhgorod) now in the Ukraine. My parents were both born in Huta, mother Anna Mary Kohutka Egri born Feb. l2 l892. They returned to Uzhgorod and left in 1923.
email: - - Posted 13 May 1999

Seeking any relatives with the Frimmel family name originally from Slovak & Czech Republic. Any know relatives of Zuzana Strapcova born 11 Apr 1922 - Zazkov, Dolny Kubin Region, Slovakia.
email: Ivan Frimmel -
Ivan.Frimmel@COMPAQ.COM - Posted 13 May 1999

Researching: GAZDA, SABOLIK
I am researching my grandfather Andrew Gazda and his parents and siblings. He was born in Kalnis ? spelling NE Slovakia on Aug 4, 1864. He was Roman Catholic. Somehow he got Streator, Illinois. He was a coal miner all his life. In Streator he married Susan Sabolik. This must have been about 1890. They returned to the old country for a short time for health reasons. It is believed they were in Kaschaw Austria Hungary now Kosice, Slovakia. They moved to Thayer, Illinois around 1905 where he was a coal miner. It is believed he had at least one brother who may have lived in Iowa and who had asthma. He had four sons who lived into adulthood, John, Andrew,Tom, and Steve. My dad Tom was born in 1904 and I was born in Thayer in 1928. For a short time the family lived near Phillips Wis. est 1917. Any information will be greatly appreciated.
email: Thomas D. Gazda - - Posted 13 May 1999

Researching: STRAKA, MALIK
I live in Westminster, Maryland, USA. I am assuming that the final determination as to wether a person is Slovak vs Czech would be the place of birth. I'm just starting to research the family tree and I know my grandfather came over as a young man. Both of my grandparents are now deceased so I don not have a lot of information. I do have half of a church document of some sort her is the information that I can read off of the document. Maybe someone out there can be of assistance. Dioecesi: Kosickom 26 DEC 1947 My grandfathers name was: Stephan Straka. His father was: Andrew Straka His Mother: Mary Malik. Locus domicilii: Yakubovia my c.d. 26. Patrinorum nomen et conditio: Lisak Lstefan rolnik, rim.kat Ondko Alzbesa rim.kad Baptizantis nomen et off: Leglasi Zozef kaplan I apologize but I do not read or write Latin or Slovak. There is a Seal at the bottom of the document At the top of the document on the right Half(the only side I have) it reads uradu v Sabinovo males-Krstny list. esiae paroecialis Rom Cath. in Labinove -kat. farskeho chramu v us Labinov et in diocese Kosickom 26 December Any help would definitely be appreciated. I understand his father was one of 10 brothers and they were farmers. On one piece of paper I found the following information appears: Rimsko Katolicuy Farsky Urad Sabinovo okr. Kosice Czechoslovakia Rodny List Birth Certificate.
email: Larry Straka - - Posted 13 May 1999

Researching: LUNIK
I am researching my grandmothers family of Mary Susan Lunik, who immigrated to the US in about 1906. She married George Wargo in the old country. He came first to US and then sent for her.My mother Mary was born in 1908 in Dunmore PA. Best I can tell she was from Giraltovce in NE Slovakia. She had several brothers and sisteres. Only one brother Mike immigrated to US. I believe her father was a part time soldier but mostly farmer. Any information will be greatly appreciated. She was Roman Catholic.
email: Tom Gazda - - Posted 13 May 1999

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