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I am in the process of getting records from our church in Pennsylvania, and trying to get Naturalization records for a more exact timeline and village. This may take a few weeks. My fathers name is George John Gaydosh 1936-present ,grandfather was John (Johan) Gajdos (Sept 16,1884-Oct 20,1953). John left a farming community in Austria-Hungary, Kabilie, for the US, from Trieste, Austria, May 24 1905,arriving here June 9,1905. I understand a stepfather may have been in the house hold at that time. Supposedly, another brother (perhaps by the name Joseph) may have arrived here around the same time period. John was naturalized here August 5,1919. Originally came to the US and lived in Chicago, ILL, briefly.After arriving in the US he brought over and married (in the Slovak Rite) believed to be his first wife Suzana (maiden name unknown) born December 15,1881,in Benedicos, Austria , she was slightly crippled.They resided in New Boston, PA, and adopted a son George Gaidos (deceased 1980's),not sure if it was a legal adoption or they just took him in. Suzanna died in the US in 1929. John Gajdos remarried (in the Byzantine Rite) Helen Hromjak Kohan 1896-1968 (bore 6 or 7 siblings all deceased). They had 2 children Leona Gaydosh Peel 1933 and George J Gaydosh 1936. George J Gaydosh married Christine M Scislaw 1960 and had 2 children Gary J Gaydosh (self 1961) and Karen A Gaydosh Czarniecki (1963). Please help me find a connection in your data base if possible or send me in another direction to help me trace backwards. Grandfather John (Janos) Gajdos born Sept 7 1885 in Kobyly, Saros county. A stepmother, Maria Raikos. First wife Suzanna Cerula of Benadikovce. Brother Andreas.
email: Gary & Becky Gydush - - Posted 30 June 1998

I have the following information: My grandfather was from the village of Rozhanovce near Kosice. He was Roman Catholic and was presumably baptized in the parish called Vysny Olcvar. (phonetically olchvar) My grandmother whose last name was Koritkova was from Levoce. I have visited Slovakia twice, once in 1978 and again in 1993 and stayed with my mother's (deceased) cousin's family. Due to language problems I was unable to get all the info that I would have liked. Prilis palienka, pivo atd! I would like to get info on their birth certicates if possible so I can trace back to my greatgrandparents. Any help would be appreciated.
email: Bob Mansfield - - Posted 30 June 1998

Anyone with information please contact me about the Luckhowec, Brozman, Cwik, and Komora families.
email: John Burke - - Posted 30 June 1998

I am looking for help in both Slovakia as well as the USA. My Mudry and Janitor lines are all from Polov and Mala Ida, which is just south of Kosice. My Grandfather George Mudry came to Canada while his brother John went to Cleveland Ohio in the 1920's and 30's. John was married to Mary and lived at 10100 Manor Rd in Cleveland. The both died in the 1970's. They did have a son John born in the 1930's. He was in the US Airforce. Sometime in the late 1970's early 80's he moved to somewhere in Pennsylvania. I would like to try to find his whereabouts. My Grand father also had brothers Stephen and Andrew and a sister Maria. All stayed in Polov. The Janitors are also from Polov and Mala Ida. My Ggrandfather Mihaly Janitor was the chuch Custodian in Polov. The Rusznak's and Bubrick's are also from Polov. I still have relatives living in and around Polov. The Havran, Sinchak, Pado and Harhaj are from around Cecehov, Hazin, (Rebrin/Krassok)-(This area is now known as Zemplinska Siroka) These villages are just South East of Michalovce. Once again there are still relatives in these area's. If anyone has ties to any of these names or to these area's I would like to hear from you. My research has taken me back to the late 1780's but I need information on current family still residing in Slovakia. Thank you.
email: George Mudry - - Posted 30 June 1998

Researching Papiernik, Wolanowski, and Mordczelevicz.
email: Francis Papiernik - - Posted 30 June 1998

I am searching for Michalicek's with roots in Vazec in the High Tatra Mountains. My great-grandfather's name was Andrew. He had four brothers and one sister. Matej, Jan, Daniel, Michal and Zuzanna. There parents were Michal and Eva Michalicek. Andrew married Meri Chovan after immigrating to the U.S. Matej, Michal and Zuzanna also immigrated to the U.S. Daniel and Jan stayed in Slovakia. Any information is welcome especially prior to Michal and Eva. Thanks!
email: - We need a valid email address here. - Posted 30 June 1998

Researching: JURKIEWICZ
Searching for the name Jurkiewicz from Gorzanka.
email: Jean Jurkiewicz - - Posted 30 June 1998

Researching: MARKOTAN
We are researching the name Markotan. They came from the following villages in Slovakia: Susany and Zulusany (spellings might not be correct).
email: Tom and Marlene Markotan - - Posted 30 June 1998

Surnames are (Eva) Petrik and (Vasil) Sikoryak. Village is Litmonova.
email: - - Posted 30 June 1998

I am searching for information and or relatives of my grandparents, John Stephen Krcha and Josephine Kristina Drugo. He is the son of John Krcha and Maria Kiaba. He was born in Klucany, Nitra in 1893 and had (known) 3 brothers and 2 sisters. She is the daughter of Joannes Andreas (John Andrew) Drugo and Josephine Andel. She was born in Povina, Trencin in 1909 and had 2 sisters born there as well. I believe her mother's family came from Radola.
email: Karen Collins - - Posted 30 June 1998

Researching: FURIAK
Looking for family genealogy for the surname Furiak.
email: John Furiak - - Posted 30 June 1998

I am looking for my grandmother's family - the name is Kruly and they were out of Zborove - Joseph Kruly married Mary Markovich and their children were Anna, Emma, Andrew and Joseph - any information or additional family names would be appreciated - so would any information on where they resided (even general town information).
email: Annmarie Paoli - - Posted 30 June 1998

I am researching information on Thomas Danek & Eva Mihalovic who came to the U.S. in the late 1800's & settled in Johnson City, New York. These are my Great, Great Grandparents & I haven't been able to research any farther back into the old country. It has been brought to my knowledge that the Danek's may be from the town of Gbely. Any Information would be appreciated.
email: - - Posted 30 June 1998

Researching: KISIDAY
Andrew Kisiday was my grandfather. He came to the United States after WWI. He settled in Pittsburgh, Pa. All I know about his origins, is his home was in Slovakia. Relatives are still living in Slovakia, however, I don't know where.
email: Andrew Kisiday - - Posted 30 June 1998

Researching: SPOLERICH
I am unsure of original spelling, only info I have is my grandfather and his parents came over to US approximately 1904. The were supposedly from Austria, but people from Austria say the name sounds more Slavik. My grandfather's name was Steve Spolerich, his parents were Nicholas and Catherine.
email: - - Posted 30 June 1998

Researching: CERNIK, LEVA, SUBIK
I am searching for all information about the Cernik Family from KOSICE and the Leva family from Bratislava and Trnava. I am also interested in the family Subik originally from Trnava who emigrated to the US , New York State. All information most welcome and greatly appreciated.
email: Peter - - Posted 30 June 1998

Researching: VEJCHAR, ZISKA
We are searching for help on our family tree. Grandparents Frank Vejchar and Mary Ziska, Cleveland, Ohio area. We have very little info and would appreciate any help. Thanks.
email: - - Posted 30 June 1998

Researching: HANKO, DRABEK
Researching Hanko. My grandfather, John Hanko married Susan Drabek in Czechoslovakia and came to America around beginning of 20th century. They had nine children, but I only know the names of George, John, Zoda, Anna Mae, and Albert. They lived in Streator, Illinois. My father was John Hanko. Any information on the Hanko family would be appreciated. Thank you,
email: Kit Chase - - Posted 30 June 1998

Researching: SZIRAK
I am tracing my family name Szirak, I now my paternal grandfather and great-grandfather were born in Velka Lomnica, near Poprad in Slovakia (previously Austrio-Hungary). My greatgrandfather, Samuel Szirak died in 2/15/1928 in Velka Lomnica. My grandfather's name was also Samuel Szirak; he was born in Velka Lomnica 7/18/1884 and immigrated to the United States. He had brothers and sisters, but I do not know all of their names. I believe he had a sister named Maria Szirak and Elizabeth. I would like to hear from you if you can help me. Thank you!!
email: - - Posted 30 June 1998

Researching: HAAS, HANUSOVA
Daniel Haas was born in 1879 and I am unsure where exactly in Slovakia it was. He lived during the 1920's at Hacava where he was a manager at the magnesite plant there. Married to Marta Hanusova and he had 4 children (2 boys, 2 girls). He died in 1950 in Trnavka, Bratislava. He had 2 children to a first wife (all names unknown) who may have moved to America in 1922 from Hacava.
email: - - Posted 30 June 1998

My grandfather, Johan Dolny, emigrated from Austria 15 Oct 1880. Born 17 Jan 1872 in Austria. I was told that the place of birth was a village called Oltsnava, County of Spisska Stolica. His parents were Matthew Dolny and Katie Doman. He arrived at the port of NY and settled in Smoke Run, then in Morann, PA and worked in the coal mines. He married a woman from the same general area: Maria Fillip, born in 1875 to Steve Fillip and Esther Zedlock in the village of Hincosce, County of Spisska Stolica. Not sure of spelling of villages. Any help would be appreciated.
email: Beverly Powell - - Posted 30 June 1998

My father, Eugene Zinn, was born in Huncovce in 1924. He is the only member of his immediate family who survived the Holocaust. We are searching for information about any other relative who may have survived. The family name also may be spelled Czinn. His mother's maiden name was Helena Hartman. The Mormon genealogical records for Huncovce were very helpful for background but were sketchy after 1900. Any leads would be greatly appreciated.
email: Harry Zinn - - Posted 30 June 1998

Dear Svec Family member, I am writing this letter in the hope that you may have some information on any of my relatives or perhaps you may even be related to me. My name is Michael John Svec and I currently live in San Diego, California. My uncle just recently passed away. He was the only sibling left in the family who was born in Czechoslovakia. He was the only one who had any information on his father, brothers and sisters. My uncle, Edward Svec, and the majority of his brothers and sisters were born in the town of Kuty and moved to Johnstown, NY. His four brothers and four sisters were named Paul, Martin, John, Louis, Maria, Theresia, Helena and Anna. Their father was Paul Peter Svec, born on 21 June, 1880 in Svaty Jan. Their mother was Magdelena Karafiat, born on 22 July, 1881 in Kuty. I have been told that Paul Peter Svec had four brothers, Mike, Steve, John and Peter and two sisters whose names are unknown. My Uncle Eddy thought that two of the brothers moved to Wein. I also know that Paul Peter Svec's parents were Martin Svec (who was supposedly a musician) and Helena Matiask. Both of them were born in Svaty Jan.
email: Michael Svec - - Posted 30 June 1998

I'm looking for any information pertaining to my grandfather. His name was Yan Yuracka (the americanized version is John Jurosko) the only info we have is that he lived in Czechoslovakia it was known as Austria-Hungary. He traveled to the US about 1900. Also my grandmothers family (his wife) her maiden name was Andrejcko (americanized version was Andrico). Her father's name was Michael Andrejcko. They were from Jovsa - in the east near the Aborec River. Eastward from Bratislava. The village was cleared out and flooded for a reservoir so that it no longer shows up on maps. Thank you so much.
email: - - Posted 30 June 1998

Researching: SIMKO
I am looking for any information regarding a Joseph Simko and Cecilia Simko from Chlebnice, Slovakia. They immigrated to the U.S. in the early 1900's.
email: Tom Dykiel - - Posted 30 June 1998

Researching: BEDNAR
Looking for any information relating to the Bednar family. (Rusyn/ Greek (Byzantine) Catholic heritage from the village of Lukov near the town of Baderjov in Saris county.
email: - - Posted 30 June 1998

Grandson of Mary Simko/John Wargo(Varga). Simko was from the Paul Kardos family and Wargo was the son of Ann Hodzina and John Varga of Penkovec Leka, Slovakia and he was born 17 Sept 1890. Mary Simko Kardos, his wife, was born 16 Oct 1897 in eastern Slovakia. Please help locate their ancestry.
email: - - Posted 30 June 1998

Barbara Cernansky, born Dikun, arrived at Ellis Island in 1913 from Salatvina. Original spelling was Szereanzaszki. Does anyone know where this is located?
email: - - Posted 30 June 1998

Researching- Frank, Marksheid, Trop, and Gebierer of Ottyniya. The Frank family had an inn and dairy before WW I. Emigrated to Cleveland in 1922/3. Trop left after WW II. Would appreciate any information on exactly where in Carpatho-Ruthenia the inn may have been.
email: - - Posted 30 June 1998

Researching Bench, Tokar and Wavrek surnames from Austria/Hungary. Stephen Bench was born in Gerglak, Saris, Slovakia on Mar. 19, 1876.... Dorothy Tokar was born Feb. 20, 1879 in Kanas, Saris, Slovakia . Both came to America and settled in the Cambria and/or Westmoreland counties....They married in 1899 and the 1900 census records show them living in Latrobe, Derry Township, Westmoreland Co. They moved to Johnstown around 1903. Would like brothers or sisters names or possibly the maiden names of their mothers. John Wavrek came to America in the late 1800's or early 1900's from Slovakia.....he lived in Johnstown, Pa. Cambria County and married a widow Anna Fetsko Timchak.....would like the names of any of his brothers or sisters and any children. Also if anyon knows the village they came from. See you later.
email: Claudia - - Posted 30 June 1998

Researching: POLAK, GAVORA
My parents are Steve Polak and Ann (Gavora) Polak. My grandparents mother's side Paul Gavora and Kristine my father's side Mike. They all came from same area to Canada in the 1930's.
email: Steven Polak - - Posted 30 June 1998

Researching: KNASKO, GLACE
I am looking for any information on the surname Knasko / Glace. they came from the town or village of Knapally, Slovakia around 1900.Any information or search avenues will be greatly appreciated.
email: - - Posted 30 June 1998

Researching Siroky, Gladaya, Zdynak, Jacobs, and Odroneic. Wanting to compile family tree. Paternal grandparents: Michael Siroky and Mary Gladaya (midwife) born in Czechoslovakia. Lived in Duquesne, PA. Maternal granparents Anne Zdinyak of Czechosolavakia married Peter Jacobs / Odroneic. Settled in Mingo Junction Ohio, then moved to Dravosburg, PA. Any info helpful!
email: Marie - - Posted 30 June 1998

Researching: STEFFEK, FAJTA
Augusta Steffek was born 1921 in the village of Dimburk and came to America in 1937, the village was later renamed Suchohrad, 30 km south of Bratislava on the river at the Austrian border. His father was also Augusta and his mother was Aneshka Fajta born in Zohor.
email: - - Posted 30 June 1998

Researching: HRICZ, RITZ
I am interested in finding information about Joseph Hricz who emmigrated in 1903 from Odelburg Slovakia. He had three sons with him one who was named John.
email: John Ritz - - Posted 30 June 1998

I am in the process of doing a family tree and would appreciate any information you may have on my grandparents. George Scerenscko, John Mucha, and Elizabeth Tevis.
email: - - Posted 30 June 1998

Researching: HANNIS
I would like any information regarding the Hannis family.
email: - - Posted 30 June 1998

Please add my surname to the Slovak list, i.e., Hross. My father, Julius, was born in Zilina in 1913 where his father, Andrej (Andrew) owned a furniture manufacturing company with Stephen Matejka. Andrej was born in 1882 and married Mary Marsalko. Andrej was from Podvysoka, north of Zilina, and was the son of Jiri and Irena. Irena died in a field fire while harvesting potatoes. Jiri later went on a wagon train to the Ukraine in the late 1800's.
email: Mark Hross - - Posted 30 June 1998

Researching: ZUBAL, BUNETTA
Looking for the surnames Zubal and Bunetta that hailed from Zagreb, Yugoslavia and or Slovakia in the late 1800's to early 1900's. Resided in
Mahoning County, Youngstown Ohio.
email: Leslie Greer - - Posted 30 June 1998

Searching for relatives of Heinrich Fischgrund and Helen Platzner Fischgrund who emigrated to the US about 1900 as young newly weds. The came from the Spis area-Tatra mountains and spoke of the villages of Poprad, Pudline, and Kezmarok. Josef Platzner was father of Helen, also of Adolph, Ignatz, and Bertha. Josef was involved in timber business and last resided in Banska Bystricia, as did Bertha who married Karlov (Karlova) and died in 1970s. Fischgrund family settled in Franklin, N.J. Some members of family may have changed names to Foster and Fiske.
email: Harold Fischgrund - - Posted 30 June 1998

Andrew Kvasnak and Anna Urda Kvasnak, both from Slovakia and a town possibly called Czrch, came to western Pennsylvania in the 1880's. They were the parents of Mitro, Andrew, Anna, Joseph, George, and Mary.
email: J. Kaye - - Posted 30 June 1998

Researching: MISKSA
My granddaughter who is 11 and is studying geography etc. and does enjoy information on her ancestry is waiting fruitlessly for information on the name Miksa. She is Heather Miksa. Our pedestrian Irish, Scots, Austrian and Native American has been no problem. Now she wants to assemble information on her fathers roots. They came from Slovakia and spent some time in Poland before coming to the US. There are a couple of Miksa's on a military list in Poland that may well be her Miksa attachments.
email: Carol Riley - - Posted 30 June 1998

Researching: HUSARCHIK
I'm looking for information about the surname Husarchik. I know very little about the family background. My great- grandfather, also named John Husarchik, emigrated from Slovakia, most likely between 1900 - 1910. He entered the US through NY and landed in southwestern PA, his destination from the start. Also, do you have any information on the potential meaning(s) if any of the name Husarchik?
email: - - Posted 30 June 1998

Jan or Yan Maser was born 1790-1800 and was mayor of Hrncarovce in 1850. His wife, Helena Jurisic was born about 1796 and died in 1901 or 02. Josef Maser, his son, was born in Hrncarovce and died 1889 in Voderady. His wife's name was Marie and and she died in 1911. Josef's son, Paul was born in Voderady 12/16/1834, migrated to the US and died in Michigan in 1951. His wife, Alzebeta Oravec was born 2/1878 in Line Slovakia and died in Michigan in 1937.
email: Rick Berkobien - - Posted 30 June 1998

I am searching for family of Yanos Kazsmer (b 1855) from Munkacs, Czech. which today is part of Ukraine. He was born in Kapos, Hungary. I am aware of two son's, Louis (1880), and Julius (1887) my grandfather, who immigranted to USA. There was Ferenc (1882), Maria (1884), Yanos (1885), Istvan (?), Erzebet (?), Ilona (?), Margit (?, married Dezso Popovics), and Jozef (?). My grandfather listed "Czecho-Slovak Republic" as the country he left. Any help in finding relatives would be appreciated.
email: Jay Kasmer - - Posted 30 June 1998

Researching: VINDISOVA
Looking for Katarina Vindisova, Parovska 22, 94901 Nitra.
email: - - Posted 30 June 1998

Researching: CZILLY, CILI, FERE
I was wondering if anyone has information on either the Czilly's or Cili's I am going to Slovakia in July and am 21 years old and very interested in in finding my roots. I am trying every channel to find family. My grandparents are deceased, my mother was born there in a village near Trebisov (Sp?) I know she has a great aunt Elizabeth still there. Her maiden name (Mother and Elizabeth) was Czilly the Czilly's that I am aware of are: Frank (Fere): born on Feb 07, 1920, he was born in West Virginia because his mother had a sister here and she came her so my grandfather could be an American Citizen His siblings were Margaret (in Ohio) Anna (deceased, New Mexico) Michael (Deceased, Slovakia) and Elizabeth (Slovakia) Frank married Mary Cili (born Sept. 21, 1922) and had 4 children: Anne, Mary, Theresa Bernadette & Helen Theresa (my mother) and Helen were twins and Helen died as a baby. That is all the information I can think of right now. thank you in advance for any information you can possibly give me.
email: Bill Guentzler & Theresa (Mother) - - Posted 30 June 1998

Researching: KNISH, MITRO
The Knish and Mitro families left Slovakia for Cleveland, Ohio.
email: -
2kays@CENTURYINTER.NET - Posted 29 June 1998

I have relatives in Eastern Slovakia. Kanuck is the name. Some may spell it as Kanyuk as some Slovaks pronounce it that way. Also in Spisa, Slovakia, I may have relatives on my mother's side. Her name was Antolik. Thank you. Zdar Boh.
email: George J. Kanuck, Sr. - - Posted 29 June 1998

Researching Maxin, Gmitter, Csegeny, Cegin, and Shagen.
email: - - Posted 29 June 1998

Surnames: Radaci (Radison), Groff, Naymik, Lajekar (Ljekar). Village unknown. Settled in Homestead, PA. 1912
email: - - Posted 29 June 1998

Researching: HAJEK, DUDIK, NOVAK
I am searching for my family tree. The names are Hajek, Dudik and Novak.
email: Rudolph Hajek - - Posted 29 June 1998

I am interested in contacting anyone with the last name of Cisarik. My grandparents came from the Trenchen area in the early 1900s. My grandmother's maiden name was Bytcankova or Bicanek depending on the documents. I know there are relatives still living in the Trenchen and Cadca area.
email: Valerie O'Connell - - Posted 29 June 1998

Searching for information on my grandparents. My grandmother's name was Mary Balent (later married Joseph Krajnak). She was from Kapusany or Zborov and had a brother located in Bardejov. She immigrated to the US between 1900 and 1915. She was married for a brief while to a James (Prikopa) Tulek and had two sons. James had been married before to a Simco and had one son and two daughters. When James died, she married Joseph Krajnak. Not sure where in Slovakia he is from. My grandfather immigrated to the US around 1910. He had two brothers, Andrew (who was a cook and immigrated around 1913 - settled in Minneapolis, MN) and John (immigration unknown - settled in Whiting, IN). Any information would be helpful. Thank you.
email: Linda Black - - Posted 29 June 1998

Searching for Milley, Milje, Miley, also Cuprisin, Stefanisin, Gmittrisin, Volk, Spak, and Jurecny families all from area of Svidnik, villages of Rovne, Mlynarovce, and Czarne. All immigrated to Ohio Kelley's Island, Marblehead, and Sandusky. Then came to Joliet and Chicago area.
email: Paul Valasek - - Posted 29 June 1998

Researching: DZIADOSZ, SUMA
Looking for information on the family and ancestors of Andrew Dziadosz, who left the Galasia region of what was then Austria, but was originally "Little Poland" region. He was born about 1851 and was married to a Mary Suma. Would also appreciate any information on Mary Suma. They moved to the United States in 1879 and settled in Manistee County, Michigan.
email: Don and Joyce Hamilton - - Posted 29 June 1998

Beginning to construct my family tree. My grandfather Andrew Fetchko (1868-1933) worked for the Berwind White Coal Mines in Windber, Pennsylvania. Married Anna Tkachik (1878-1943). Andrew had a brother John who lived in New Jersey and two sisters who also lived in New Jersey. Andrew's father was also named Andrew. Any information about the ethnic origin of the name Fetchko would be greatly appreciated. Trying to determine year Andrew came to the US.
email: - - Posted 29 June 1998

Looking for information on Ditsky, Dicky, and Brestovansky. I am looking for any information about my father's ancestors. We believe they came from Kosice in the mid to late 1800s, and that the name was changed from Dicky (or something like that) to Ditsky. They settled in the Bethlehem, PA area. Any help would be appreciated.
email: Katherine Dukhan - - Posted 29 June 1998

For many years I'm trying to trace my uncle - Iosif Rogalewicz,b.1896, and his son Vladimir, b.1918, who in 1920 during the civil war fled Russia. My uncle was an officer who in Nov. 1920 on one of Gen. Wrangel's ships came to Istanbul. Since then no information is available. I would be very grateful for your kind response.
email: Yuri Totrov - - Posted 29 June 1998

Researching: PETRANIC
I'm looking for any information about the Petranic surname. I believe my grandfather lived near Kosice before coming to the United States late in the 1800's.
email: Marie Power - - Posted 29 June 1998

I am searching for family information on the surnames of Blicha and Kavka (Kafka) in or near the town of Banska Stiavnica.
email: Erin - - Posted 29 June 1998

Searching for Perevuznik and Sztegun. My in-laws were born in Seredne, Carpatho-Rusyn region. Am looking for any info concerning the families.
email: - - Posted 29 June 1998

Researching: GREGA
Searching for Grega.
email: - - Posted 29 June 1998

I am searching for names of any relatives from Slovakia with the name Marvonek or Cubanck. Both my grandparents came from Slovakia and came to New York in the early 1900's.
email: - - Posted 29 June 1998

I am interested in locating any information on my paternal grandparents. Their names and towns of origin are listed on my father, Andy Mihalics, birth certificate as John Mihalics, born in 1871, is from Palutz, Austria. His wife, Elizabeth Dancse, was born in 1881 and is from Kapas, Austria. I have been unable to find these towns on maps. Any information would be appreciated.
email: Sr. Marilyn Jean Mihalic - - Posted 29 June 1998

Searching for information on Gustav Hrnciar born abt. 1888 in Liskova, Hungary, parents were Stephen Hrnciar and Susie Dvorsky.Imigrated to US about 1904. Also, Theresa Dudka born abt. 1889 in Ludrova, Hungary, parents were Stephen Dudka and Mary Barani. Immigrated to US about 1912.
email: - - Posted 29 June 1998

My father's parents were from Slovakia (then Czechoslavia) and I'm just curious if there are a lot of Kusnerik's in Slovakia. (I also understand that the spelling may be a little different. Kusnirik being one of the different spellings) My brother has been trying to trace our family tree for some time and he could provide more info. His e-mail address is
email: Robert Kusnerik - - Posted 29 June 1998

Need info on following names in Becherove, Slovakia: Guzy, Guzi, Grivna and Kalina. Need info on following names in Stebnik, Slovakia: Krajnak, Ruszinyak and Pidani.
email: Paul Guzie - - Posted 29 June 1998

Researching: CEREN, PANKE
I am wondering if you may know anything about the families / lineages of the Ceren or Panke families.
email: Bret G. Ceren - - Posted 29 June 1998

I am researching the family history of my grandparents, John Martin Savel (Savely), catholic, born in Hranovnica, Slovakia on Jan. 9,1878 and Katereine Szabo (Sabo) Luthern born in Hranovnica on Nov. 14, 1885. Am looking for any info that could help. Have traced the Savely name to 1704 and the Szabo name to 1824 using the LDS church microfilm lib. Some family names I am researching are: Savely, Szabo, Barborka, Uhrin, Boratko, Strojny, Csizmer, Dulbelko, Huszain, Maskulta, Kita, Krfyock, Kovas, Korenko, Sacas, Lipstzk, Lux, Lavko, Conjunx, Czvanieska and others.
email: Dan Savel - - Posted 28 June 1998

Researching: BERCIK
I am looking for information on Bercik. My grandfather was Michael Vincent Bercik and I have been told that he emigrated from Czechoslovakia. No city. Anyone have any idea of a town or on the family?
email: Marilyn Steward - - Posted 28 June 1998

I need to locate family from Austria, Don't know much about them other than they settled in Peckville, Jessup, Wilkes-Barre, Pa,. Michael Chergosky, arrived in the year 1885. Mary Chergosky arrived in the year 1848. The spellling of the name could be Chergovsky, and the name in Austria was Bakalar. I am doing a family search.
email: - - Posted 28 June 1998

Reasearching Gajdos, John (Johan) 1885-1953.Imigrated Austria-Hungary, 1913. Naturalized US citizen 1918. Married Suzanna (maiden name unknown) from Czechoslovakia, possibly physically disabled. Adopted son George Gaidos in US (deceased 10 yrs).
email: Gary & Becky Gydush - - Posted 28 June 1998

Researching: LOMPART
I am searching any information on the Lomparts. That family is living in southern Poland (near Piwniczna, Krynica) and northern Slovakia (mainly in Stara Lubovna). My grand-grandfather Wojciech was born ca. 1875 and lived in Kokoszka village and had three or four children. I have not got any information on them - I know a history of his only son - Wojciech junior, my grandfather. I will be very kind for any help.
email: Artur Lompart - - Posted 28 June 1998

Researching: SEFCIK
Researching Sefcik.
email: Charles Brown - - Posted 27 June 1998

Looking for information about the Tushack or Kubiznak families.
email: Marion Tushak - - Posted 27 June 1998

John J. Harcharik was born in 1882 around the Bratislava area. I believe is fathers name in Andrew Harchazik. Mary Barricon was born on October 26, 1888. I believe she was born somewhere in eastern Slovakia. Her fathers name was George Berecin. They both migrated to the USA in about 1890. Any infomation on these people would be appreciated. Thanks.
email: Greg and Karen Harcharik - - Posted 27 June 1998

Researching: SASTKO, SHUSTKO
Mother came from Vishny Orlik, Slovakia. Maiden Name was Sastko but was probably changed at immigration from phonetic Shustko. Grandfather was a Miller, Grandmother, Nancy was a midwife. I would like to contact cousins for possible visit to the area.
email: - - Posted 28 June 1998

Researching: MICHRINA
Looking for information on Michrina from Hocha, Krusinec, and Tisnic.
email: Francis Michrina - - Posted 28 June 1998

Researching: DESKO
Looking for Desko's if you could give me any info that would be great not sure about the village, I know they were Magyars.
email: Lori Desko - - Posted 28 June 1998

Researching: SLEDBONIK
My grandmother's maiden name was Sledbonik. The village was suppose to be Spisha and Zeblinka. Please excuse the spelling but I'm not sure they knew the true spelling. Thank you for all your help in this matter. We would like to know if there are any relatives or if we could find out what happened to them.
email: Jeanne - - Posted 28 June 1998

Researching: KORCHNAK
Looking for relatives with the name of Korchnak and Zubal or Zubaly. The only thing I can say is Korchnak was from Spisska Zuba Podranie and the name Zubal or Zubaly was from the next villiage nearby.
email: John Korchnak - - Posted 28 June 1998

Moric Brichta b c1860 (possibly in Zilina, Slovakia). m Albina Pollak who committed suicide and Rosalia Hause. They had at least two children: Malvina (m Alexander Spitzer and moved to Budapest) and Maximilian b 3/3/1886 in Zilina. Max was in the Austro-Hungarian Cavalry. Are there any records kept on these military men?
email: Jenny Brichta - - Posted 28 June 1998

Researching: SKVARLA
My family Skvarla came to the United States aournd the turn of this century. My understanding is that they were from Zemplin.
email: Mark Skvarla - - Posted 28 June 1998

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