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Researching: LUKACK, LUCAS
I am searching for information on the Lukack or Lucas family from Raslavice. My grandmother was Anna Lukack she came to the United States in the 1880's.
email: - - Posted 31 July 1998

My Grandmother, Julianna Barbustiak (Kozak) came to America in 1930 with her son and daughter. My Grandfather, Stephan Barbustiak had already emigrated via Havre, France. They were married in Spisska Nova Ves in 1917. Stephan changed the spelling of his name from Barbuscak to soften the pronunciation. His parents, Peter Barbuscak and Maria Jarosik were from Odorin and were Greek Catholic but baptized Stepahn in a Roman Catholoic church. Julianna's parents, Andrei Kozak and Susannah Tkach were from Lescovan. Any info on these families from Spis region is appreciated.
email: David Orochena - - Posted 31 July 1998

Researching: DURISA, DURESA
Looking for any Durisa or Duresa from or near Blatnica (city) Tutiec (county). Thank you.
email: Bonnie - - Posted 31 July 1998

I am searching for the Amsel, Ritter, Landau, and Baum families from Stropkov, Humenne, Vraanov, Bardiov, and Olka.
email: Melody Gross - - Posted 31 July 1998

Researching Blaschkow - Blaschkov - Blaskow - Belasco. From my grandmothers Hungarian baptismal, shows her being baptized in Szentgyorgy Pozony Hungaria. Which I understand to be St. George (Bratislava), or what is now Jur pri Bratislave. She may have also been born 11 July 1901. The document is dated 19 Aug 1911, and shows her father's surname to be Blaschkov. My great grandfather was John Blaskow (per a newspaper clipping), a Captain in the Austrian Guards and served directly under Emperor Franx Joseph. He was in the Turkish-Prussian war and after retirement from the army, he went into the wrought iron business in Vienna. He came to America in 1904, after becoming troubled with rheumatism in 1897. The doctors advised a change of climate would help and he came to America. You may visit my Hungarian ancestors with photographs;
email: D.R. "Doc" Young - - Posted 31 July 1998

Researching: FABIAN, FETKO
Looking for information on the Fabian and Fetko families from Terna and Mosurov.
email: - - Posted 30 July 1998

Researching: LUCAS, LUKAC, SUTTY
We are looking for information on genealogy for the following Slovak family surnames: Lucas (could be spelled Lukac) and Sutty (pronounced Shoot-tea). Both families emigrated from Nova Bela Slovakia to outside Pittsburgh, PA in Mount Pleasant, PA. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
email: - - Posted 30 July 1998

I am seeking any information on my grandfather's family in Slovakia. He was Gustav Urban from the village of Beharovce. He emmigrated to the U.S. around 1903. He left four brothers and two sisters behind. It is the family of these brothers and sisters that I am trying to locate. The brothers names were: Adolf Urban, Matthew Urban, Karl Urban. His sisters in Slovakia were Mary Urban Bulla and Josephine Urban Benikovsky. Their children would be my father's cousins, and their children, my second cousins. There has been no contact with the family in Europe since the end of World War II. I am Charlotte Urban Prough, the second child of Joseph Charles Urban (born Karl Josef in 1907) to Gustav and Anna (Ambrose) Urban in New Jersey. My father's birth certificate lists his father's nationality as "Austrian" - I am assuming because Slovakia was at that time a part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. There are only two surviving Urban men in our family line in the United States - my brother Thomas and his son, Jeffrey. I am 53 years old and live in Noblesville, Indiana near Indianapolis.
email: Charlotte Prough - - Posted 30 July 1998

Researching: SWOVADA
The name sounds like swovada. Thanks for any help.
email: Roberta Anderson - - Posted 30 July 1998

Researching: KUSTRA, BARORA
Family Kustra from Bobrovec close to Liptovsky Mikulas in the Slovak Republik. Batora family.
email: - - Posted 30 July 1998

Researching Olga Felfoldy born in Josza, Hungary, now, Jovsa, Slovakia. Married Sigmund Semsey and came to U.S.A. in 1903 and settled in New Salem, Fayette county, Pa.
email: Jean Semsey - - Posted 30 July 1998

Researching: KOSZTOLANYI
Researching the Kosztolanyi family. I am searching my family roots. By one theory my family came from a village called Nemes-Kosztolany formerly in Bars county in the Austro-Hungarian empire and this village is still exist now in Slovakia.A slovak friend of mine told me in Johannesburg South Africa that he knows this village even he got a picture about is.My grandfather is born in Hungary circa in 1870 in Felsodabas Pest county. Anyone could help I would appreciate.
email: Zoltan Kosztolanyi - - Posted 30 July 1998

Pete Semanick reporting from Albuquerque, NM I have roots in Olsov, Saris County. Grandfather Carl John Semancik, brothers Steve, John, Thomas, Balthasar, sisters Agnes and Dorothy all immigrated starting in 1886 until 1930. Carl John was involved in the Lattimer Massacre and because of his actions during the strike he had to flee to Montana with his family. He eventually moved to Tennessee and farmed rather than mining coal. I will be visiting Olsov in August with Helen Baine and Helene Cincebeaux. Looking forward to a wonderful visit. Hope to find relatives.
email: Pete Semanick - - Posted 30 July 1998

Researching Paszti, Paszthy of Spisska Nova Ves; Kisterenye, Csizmarczik of Spisska Nova Ves (Iglo); Faix of Spisska Nova Ves (Iglo); Odusch of Lubice.
email: - - Posted 30 July 1998

Seeking information about the Zebak, Havrila and Gubic families. All left Zemplin county in the period 1870-1880. All settled in western Pennsylvania. Many thanks. Djakuju sumni.
email: - - Posted 30 July 1998

Researching: KOLLAR
I would appreciate any information anyone has about Andrew J. Kollar (my great grandfather) and family who came through Ellis Island +/-1900 and settled in Youngstown, Ohio. Their place of origin was listed as "Sokol, Austria", I have been unable to find this place of origin, If anyone knows where Sokol, Austria is or if anyone has information on this family please contact me.
email: Wendy Pecchi -
g& - Posted 29 July 1998

Researching: BENUS, TICHY
My mother's maiden name was Benus. Her father was Frank and his wife, (my grandmother) was named Josehine. Her maiden name was Tichy. Any info would be of help. Thank you!
email: Emrich M. Stellar - - Posted 29 July 1998

Hello, I am looking for information about Paul Jancovic of Nitra and Mary Jarovek from Tristena, Orava (Tatra mountain area of Eastern Slovakia). They immigrated to New York @ 1905 and had a daughter, Irene, who was my paternal grandmother. Thank you for your time and consideration.
email: Martin Higgins - - Posted 29 July 1998

Researching: TREMKO
Hello, I just saw your web site on finding relatives in Slovakia. We are having a difficult time finding our relatives in Slovakia. The name is "Tremko" and they are from a city called Ol'savica (we think). If you know of this city or of this name please e-mail me. Thanks.
email: William Smith - - Posted 29 July 1998

Researching: VASILKO
Shelly Anne Vasilko (USA) Madison Heights, Michigan.
email: Robert Vasilko - - Posted 29 July 1998

Researching: KOZAR, BOZAK, NOVAK
John Kozar (I have been told he was adopted; his name might have been Bozak). Mary Novak. They both came to the U.S. early in the 1900's. They married in Mckeesport, PA. I believe they came from the Spisska Nova Ves area. Thank you.
email: Mary Kozar Hicks - - Posted 29 July 1998

Researching: HAVIR
Havir arrived in Streater,IL about 1880's do not know any thing else.
email: Diana Kobilan - - Posted 29 July 1998

Searching for Wittendorf(f)er in Skalica/Szakolcan, district of Nitra/Neutra, Slovakia (former Hungary), 1780-1850.
email: Frank Wittendorfer - - Posted 29 July 1998

Researching: SCHLESINGER
Surname is Schlesinger, location is Pered (present name unknown) in South-West Slovakia.
email: - - Posted 29 July 1998

Researching: SUCHOVSKY
Suchovsky is mother's maiden name. She is first generation.
email: - - Posted 29 July 1998

Researching: BOSELA
I would like to post a name. Paul J. Bosela, born in Zavadka, Czechoslovakia. Immigrated to the U.S. in May of 1930. Son of Paul E. Bosela and Anna Bosela. Would like to contact ancestors and more of the history behind the Bosela name.
email: - - Posted 28 July 1998

Researching: FABINY, FABINI
Hello, I am interested in getting information concerning the "Fabiny" name. I believe that the name was spelled "Fabini" when my paternal grandfather immigrated to the USA. His first name was "John". He immigrated in the early 1900's. I am interested in any information you may be able to generate. Any date or village that would help me compile a geneological research. Thank you.
email: Thomas M. Fabiny - - Posted 28 July 1998

Nyirbator, Nyirbogat, Kisleta in Hungary; and possibly Krajne Cierno, Ladomirova, Svidnik in Slovakia. My father was Duczer (as spelled by him) Janos b. 5 March 1884, baptised in the Greek Catholic church of Kisleta, Hungary. His parents (my grandparents)were Duczar Janos b. about 1850, and Hrebenak Maria b. about 1855. They were married 27 January 1873 as recorded in the GK church in Kisleta. My father had the following siblings: Maria Duczer b. 10 January 1875, d. 1875; Anna Duczer b. 20 January 1877; Julianna Duczer b. 13 July 1879; Borbala Duczer b. 15 March 1882; Mihaly Duczer b. 6 October 1886; and Sandor Duczer b. 21 March 1891. These siblings were also baptised in the GK chuch in Kisleta. Only my father and his brother, Mihaly, immigrated to America. I do not know the dates or place of birth for my grandparents. Possibly is was also the Nyirbator area of Hungary. However, it has come to my attention that there are Hrebenaks in Krajne Cierno, Slovakia and quite possibly Ducars. Does anyone have knowlege of these names? Is there someone in Slovakia, in the area of Krajne Cierno, Ladomirova, Svidnik, who would correspond with me? Does anyone know if the name Duczar, Duczer, Ducar or Duczer is of Slovakian, Ruthenian origin? I've been told that it is not Hungarian, possibly German. My grandmothers' name, Hrebenak, I think is most certainly Slovakian or Ruthenian or Rusyn. I am most anxious to determine where and when my grandparents were born, who their parents were, etc. I know nothing about the siblings of my father with the exception of Mihaly who came to America and that Sandor was shot by the Soviets in the fall of 1944. Sandor has a daughter, my cousin, named Piroska Duczer, who married Sandor Kiss and lives in Nyirbator. Perhaps the children or grandchildren or cousins of my father's sisters will see this and correspond. Of course, anyone who has knowlege, please contact me. Many thanks. This WebSite is terrific.
email: Mary Ann Duczer -
MAEJP@AOL.COM - Posted 28 July 1998

Researching: FUTROS
Looking for the Greek origins of Futros family. I am searching for the source of the FUTROS family found in Pracise or is it Prasice area. Rumour in the family is that this is a Greek name and the family originates in Greece.
email: Victor Dobchuk - - Posted 28 July 1998

Sefsick, Kobus, Wilk, Pavlov, Lapel, and Runevich are the names of my ancestors from SE Poland. They settled in E Ohio at the turn of the century and I would appreciate any other information from people with the same name or anyone with knowledge about these surnames.
email: Charles Brown - - Posted 28 July 1998

Researching: ZGUNDA
Zgunda family name -- Liptov County -- Hubova & Stankovany.
email: Father Ronald S. Zgunda - - Posted 28 July 1998

Researching: SCHOENBRUN
I noticed a posting of
March 1998 looking for Schoenbrun. The email address was This email address is not valid any more. I would like to contact them.
email: Mitchell Schoenbrun - - Posted 28 July 1998

Researching: VANKE, SUSTOVA
I am searching for the following names and places: Frank Vanke b. abt l853 in Trenchanska, Slovakia; Ferdinand Rudolph Vanke b. abt 1878 in Slovakia; Anna Maria Sustova b. 10 Aug 1884 in Vranov m/Tolpon, d. may 1972 in Akron, Ohio, USA. Any information you could give me would be helpful, especially where these towns are now. Thank You.
email: Zerilda Wornica - - Posted 28 July 1998

Researching: LUNTER
My name is Paul Lunter. I was born in Bratislave in 08.12.58. My Father and my ansestors were born in Telgart. Since 1968 I am living in Germany. If you can provide any information about my roots, please contact me. Thank you.
email: Paul Lunter - - Posted 28 July 1998

Researching: BEHIL, SERED
Looking for information on Stefan Behil and the Sered surname.
email: - - Posted 28 July 1998

Who knows something about my surname Cyrani (Czyran, Ciran)?
email: - - Posted 27 July 1998

Researching: CERNAN
I am looking for some information on Plevnik, Slovkia. We were surfing the web with only a little luck and came across your email address. My family last name is Cernan. Also looking for some history on Plevnik and Roaman Churches address in Plevnick. I understand that Plevnik is a small village so I am also looking for information on any decendants of Imro, Franco, Karl, Alexander, Pias Cernan. These are great uncles of mine who would be in there 90's or 100's if they are not deceased. If you can find any of their decendants it would be a great help to me. Thank you so much!
email: Sam Dailey - - Posted 27 July 1998

Searchng for Halaiko, Halajko, Havrilla, Hawgrilla. John Halaiko was born in Lubno, Poland in January, 1882. John's wife, Elizabeth Havrilla was born in Uzovce, Slovakia in March, 1883.
email: Mike Halaiko - - Posted 27 July 1998

Researching: MAYERNIK
I am not sure about my area of research. My Grandfather, Michael Mayernik was born in Zemplin, Zamutov in 1890. Can you help? Thank you.
email: Rick Mayernik - - Posted 27 July 1998

Searching Michael Reiss family in Trebisov, Slovakia and Mary Ivins or Ivans in Trebisov, Slovakia also descendents of Foster family in Trebisov, Slovakia. These are Americanized names of people - I do not how they are pronounced in Slovakia.
email: - - Posted 27 July 1998

I am searching for information on my grandparents. My grandfather, Pavel Sidlik, born about 1885 in Rohoznik near Malacky, came to the U.S. (Chicago) around 1905. He died in Chicago in 1938. His first wife, Josefa Kokosis, also from Slovakia, died in Chicago in 1914. He married my grandmother, Rosalie Krasnanska (Krasnansky) in 1915. She came to the U.S. (Chicago) in 1912 from Pezinok. She was born in 1897, possibly in Vinicne, near Pezinok, or a little north of Pezinok in Casta. Any help with my grandparents or their surnames would be greatly appreciated.
email: Joe Zima - - Posted 27 July 1998

Researching: OCHKAY
I am searching for relatives with the last name 'Ochkay", the spelling may have been changed when my great grandparents came to America.
email: - - Posted 27 July 1998

Researching: KOCIK
I would greatly appreciate any information on the name Kocik. Thank you.
email: - - Posted 27 July 1998

Researching: VOLOSIN
Searching for Michael Volosin, Village of Stare, Slovakia.
email: - - Posted 27 July 1998

We are looking for information on the Boyko, Bujko family from Kelsce-Zemplin, Slovakia. Grandfather's name was George Bujko. Father's name was George Bujko (Boyko). Father was born in 1895 and emigrated to the US around 1909. Uncle, John Boyko, also emigrated to US, date unknown. Uncles Steven and Andrew and Aunt Suzanne stayed in Slovakia. Father and Uncle John settled in Windber, PA. Maternal grandfather was Michael Legancin (Legan). Maternal grandmother was Anna (Kusi) Legancin. Both emigrated to the US in the late 1800's or early 1900's. Mother, Mary (Legan) Boyko was born in Hazelton, PA in 1895. Legan family moved to Windber, PA. Would appreciate any family information concerning the Bujko (Boyko) and Legancin (Legan) families. Trying to find out if we still have living relatives in the Kelsce-Zemplin and Sariszan areas.
email: Joseph Boyko - - Posted 27 July 1998

Researching: TRESCAK, PAVLO
I would like to know about how my family came to the United States from Slovakia, and any relatives they left behind. I have very little information or family history from which to work. My Garndfather was John Trescak who was married to Mary (Pavlo) Trescak. They arrived in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania sometime between 1895 and 1915. Had three sons -- John, George, and Michael. I am the son of Michael J. Trescak of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.
email: Mike Trescak - - Posted 27 July 1998

Looking for information on Cyril Paul Zarichak a/k/a Arry born july 5, 1883 in Austria-Hungary and Julia Helen Trop born Feb. 17, 1888 in Austria-Hungary and settled in Zdiar, Slovakia. Paul Cyril Zarichak birthday unknown. Madeline Andras? birthdate unknown. Three children deceased, Paul, Cyril and Elizabeth. Bartholomew Trop died may 1936 Zdiar. Helena Bachleda died 1929 Zdiar. 12 children all deceased.
email: - - Posted 27 July 1998

I am looking for information on the following names; Ignateck and Klusak.
email: M. Kawolsky - - Posted 26 July 1998

Researching: MASNY
I don't have any background on the Masny name, but would like to find out as much as possible ie. origin, meaning, location, etc.
email: Kristin L. Masny - - Posted 26 July 1998

Researching: KOSTREJOVA
I live in Aliquippa, Pennsylvania and am trying to find my aunt's daughter, Dr. Maria Kostrejova, Sturova, 07301, Sobrance, Slovak Republic.
email: Shirley Barnhouse - - Posted 26 July 1998

I am trying to locate the Kontur family from Bratislava, Bynska Bystrica; Kontur rodina ( and Rozomburok area in Slovakia.... also the Volk family.. same area... also the Michael Schmidt rodina.... Chunderlik Rodina.
email: Kay Paul - - Posted 26 July 1998

Researching: LUCAS, LUKACK
My grandmother Anna Lucas born 12-5-1866 in Raslavice. Came to the United States before 1885. Landed in New York. Lived in Yonkers, New York; Kingston, Pennsylvania; Illinois; and Colorado. She had 4 sisters and 4 brothers. I understand some of the family still lives in Raslavice. Any information would be appreciated.
email: - - Posted 26 July 1998

Researching: GRIVNA, HRIVNA
My name is Michal Grivna from Prague, Czech Republic. My grandfather Vasil Grivna was from village Becherov close to the town Bardejov in Eastern Slovakia. He left with his brother to USA in the beginning of this century, later he came back to Slovakia, but his brother stayed in US. I am looking for maybe some family members of name Grivna or Hrivna. Thanks.
email: Michal Grivna, MD - - Posted 26 July 1998

I am researching the following Jewish families: Garfunkel family from Michalovce, later in Kosice. Klinger family from Kuty and Bratislava. Lindenbaum family from Munkasc, later in Kosice. Weiss family from Malacky and Bratislava. Any information or guesswork appreciated.
email: Kathryn Teale - - Posted 26 July 1998

I am looking for family names: 1) Seman and Kolesar from Presov area; 2) Onda/Ondo/Ondra (name varies depending on document) family from Babje or Redoanoci (Americanizations, do not know exact location names); 3) Vojtko from Redoanoci (Americanization, do not know exact location name). Thanks for your help.
email: Chris Van Dyke - - Posted 26 July 1998

Researching: MUCHA, KNOPIK
Researching Mucha from Orlov, Knopik from Andrejovka
email: - - Posted 26 July 1998

Silverman, From Falticeni Roumania, Feuer, Kalechstein & Kreisler from Kolomyyja, Poland. Looking for any Silverman's that came from the town of Falticeni Roumania my grandparents owned a winery there. Feuer, Kalechstein and Kreisler were in the Holocaust and none may have survied but, I they did and anyone knows of these families please contact me.
email: Jean Silverman Marzacano - - Posted 26 July 1998

Please, anybody remembers Maurus Kunosi, maried to Sidonia born Steiner They had 4 children, Alexander, Margarita, Imrich and Stefan. Prosim, pamata sa niekto na Maurus Kunosi, ktoreho manzelkyne meno bolo Sidonia rodena Steinerova. Oni mali 4 deti, Alexander, Margarita, Imrich a Stefan. Zili v miestach Kezmarok, Lucenec, Sahy a Bratislava. Prosim dajte mi vediet. Stefan Kunosik bol moj otecko. Dakujem milion krat.
email: - - Posted 25 July 1998

I am researching my relatives from the following areas: Kadlecik - Sobotiste; Micha - Sobotiste; Juricek - Castkov; and Cermak from Holic all of which are in Slovakia. All families settled in the Binghamton, New York area.
email: Sandra Yuricek Kadlecik - - Posted 25 July 1998

Relatives of our family are of the surnames Prasnoski & Sturova in the town of Hlohovec.
email: Debra A. Whitney - - Posted 25 July 1998

The families listed above were intermarried around 1870 in Szeplak, Hungary now Krasna nad Hornadom, Slovakia, which is a short distance southeast of Kosice. Michael Schlezak (Slezak) wed Maria Rosko and Joannes Toth wed Maria Kundrat (spelling not verified). I would like to hear from anyone who may have researched that particular village.
email: - - Posted 25 July 1998

We have a Marja Krupska who was married to a Bogumil. We think it is a slavic name. We have an Antonio Biekowski. We also have an Agniesska Masiar. Any information appreciated.
email: Barbara and Paul - - Posted 25 July 1998

Looking for the above families Bodnar and Wasio may be from Kiev or the western Ukraine. Peter Bodnar was living in Manitoba Canada prior to the turn of the century. It is beleived he emigrated as a young man (about 1880's) Pearl (Paraskeywa) Wasio may have married him in Europe or in Canada. Nicholas (Nickolai) Batrym emigrated to Canada about 1905, he sent for his wife Irene (Eryna Partartagala) Dnjega. Nicholas is beleived to be an the last name may be the name of the villiage or the people who raised him.
email: Terri - - Posted 25 July 1998

I'm researching the name my grandfather Gernath . I have a birth certificate indicating that he was from -" Kyjov " near the ? town /district ? of - "Lipanoch" - possibly near what is now 'Bratislava'. during the of -Hungarian rule; My grandfather was born in 1888. His name was Juraj Gernath. I believe he came to America between 1904-1910 via New York. My grandmother was Juliana Szemantsikova and she came from the town or village of 'Kyjov' in ? Czechoslovakia ? . I also would like help with finding the location of above towns or villages ,until we find a German map from the 1880-1900 period. Any information will be appreciated.
email: Joseph F Marcelli - - Posted 25 July 1998

I am researching my father's family. G'father John Seni (1887-1957) was born in Trstena to Maria Seni and Jan Meress (?spelling). He immigrated to Wood River, Illinois. He had a brother Gustav Zmeskall who immigrated to Paris, Cuba and NYC where he was a chef. G'mother Kristina (Christina) Lencucka (1888-1949) was born to Jozef and Karoklina (Stefarides) in Trstena and immigrated to Chicago and then to Wood River Illinois. Relatives in Trstena and Canada are working on my grandmothers family history but I would like to fill in the gaps in my grandfather's family.
email: - - Posted 25 July 1998

From Brodzany. Looking for information on family of Stefan Capko, born July 1881, married to Agnes Jakubic. Children were Annou, born February 1912, and William. Parents of Stefan were Michael and Anna Dragnlee Somela. Brothers were Peter and Joseph, sister was Anna Podoba. They came to US about 1915.
email: Jerry Matuch - - Posted 25 July 1998

Please respond with any information on any of these surnames. All were from Slovakia (town unknown). Last known residence is Cudahy, Wisconsin. Thanks.
email: - - Posted 25 July 1998

Researching: SUROVIC, ZITKA
I am searching for my father's relatives named Surovic. At least, that is the spelling my father used. He (James Surovic) came to America about 1906 or 1907 as a 3 or 4 year old child. His father, John Surovic, was already in America and working for the railroad in Chicago. My mother, Anna Zika, came to America about the same time with her mother. I did manage to get the passanger list for my mother. She had lived in Prague before leaving for the states.
email: Arthur Surovic - - Posted 24 July 1998

Looking for information on Michael Hospodar, born circ.1880. Immigrated through the port of Philadelphia on a ship named something like "Uperanga". He married Victoria Anna Leytrick, born Oct. 10, 1903. They lived in western PA, all around the Pittsburgh area. Michael died in the mid 1950's, Victoria in 1970's. Victoria was the Secretary or Treasurer of a national Slovak organization, but I don't know which one. Any help on Hospodar, Leytrick, Kvak surnames. There are some people, not in my known family, who spell the name "Hospodor". Don't know if that is really a completely different name or just a change in spelling.
email: - - Posted 24 July 1998

These names and variants show up in my family tree. My family came to Martindale/Portage/Oseola Mills/Puritan, PA, depending on who tells the story. A branch of the Ballows ended up in New Brunswick, NJ, and still live there. I was not aware of any alternate spelling until I received a copy of my great grandmother's alien registration card. Her name is spelled Balluch in type and Baluch in her own bad handwriting. I am waiting for more info from New Castle, PA and from National Archives. Not sure of ancestral village, but do know that when I hear music and I am told it is from Spis sounds mighty familiar. I hear someone else is researching this name. If so, drop me a line. Thanks for your help.
email: Mary Russo Demetrick, Assistant Director of Publications, Syracuse University - - Posted 24 July 1998

Researching: ZVOROBAN
I am searching for any information about my Grandfather's history in Slovakia. His name was John Zvoroban, and I am not sure what town he was from. He immigrated to the US in the early 1900's. He located himself near Pittsburgh, PA. I know his brother came to the states, but I am not sure of his name either. I am planning a trip to Slovakia in September and would like any links to this name I can find. Thank you.
email: Henry J Pofi - - Posted 24 July 1998

Researching: SCHLOSSER
Looking for information on the Schlosser family from Presov. In particular, information relating to the family of Andrew Leopold Schlosser.
email: Rita Van Duinen - - Posted 24 July 1998

Researching: HVIZDOS
Hello. My name is James Matthew Hvizdos. I live in
Youngstown, Ohio in the USA. I was trying to trace some family geneaology. My grandfather's name is: Michael Hvizdos, and my sister thinks he was from Brataslava or one of the suburbs. I think he came over here on a boat in the 1930's or so. Any information at all on my surname would be helpful. Thanks for your time.
email: James M. Hvizdos - - Posted 24 July 1998

My name is Robert A. Zemenchik and I live in Madison, Wisconsin. I am looking for information on any Zemenchik relatives who lived in the village of Vanovka, which is approximately 80 kilometers northwest of Zilina. Many of the Zemechiks there were married to the Novak family. My grandfather was Matej Zemenchik, who left for Canada with his family in the1930's. Matej was married to Mary Snovak (whose father was Janos Snovak, who was married to Tresa Bucek). Matej's father was Anton Zemenchik (who was married to Mary Uhrinak). Matej was born on October 25, 1901, and had two brothers (Martin and Joseph) and, perhaps, a sister (Mary). Matej died near Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada on December 4, 1976. This is about all I know and I would appreciate any additional information (birth dates, marriage dates, spouses, children, death dates, etc.) regarding the Zemenchik, Snovak, Bucek, or Uhrinak families. Thank you very much.
email: Robert Zemenchik - - Posted 24 July 1998

Researching: FORTUNA
I'm looking for Fortuna's from Zimblinski. Please contact me if you know any Fortuna's.
email: - - Posted 24 July 1998

I am researching the above surnames from the following villages near Poprad: Kravany, Kubachy (Spisske-Bystre), and Grenicz (Hranovnica).
email: Jim Dubelko -
JDBLK1028 @AOL.COM - Posted 24 July 1998

My mother, Veronica Kaplun Weston, was born in Szerednye (Seredne), Sub-Carpathian, Russia (formerly part of Czechoslovakia) in 1910. She and her sister Dorothy were brought to Wilpen, PA in 1913 by their parents. My grandfather's name was George Kaplun and he was born in Orosz Komorocz (Ruski Komarivic). His brothers were Stephen and Michael. Stephen lived in East Chicago, IN and Michael lived in St. Clair, PA. My grandmother's name was Julianna Szirak and she was born in Seredne. She had a sister Elizabeth and brother Andrew. Elizabeth lived somewhere near Cleveland, OH. and Andrew lived in Hibbs, PA. My grandmother also had two half brothers named George and Michael Komjat, who were apparently the only ones of their generation that returned to the old country. Any contact with relatives would be appreciated.
email: Don Weston - - Posted 24 July 1998

Researching: CZAR
My mother-in-law's mother, Mary Helen Czar, was born in the United States in 1895 in Philipsburg, PA. I believe her parent's names were Joseph and Anna Czar. From the little information I have obtained, her parents emigrated to the United States from Eastern Europe within the ten year period before Mary Helen's birth. I am in the process of obtaining records from Nativity of St. John the Baptist Church (1895) in Philipsburg, PA. I understand from that Church's web site that it was founded in 1895 by Slavic peasants who immigrated to the United States from both the northern and southern slopes of the Carpathian Mountain region in Eastern Europe. Most of the immigrants came from areas around Presov in what is now Slovakia, then the Kingdom of Hungary, or the Lemkian region of Galicia, now in southern Poland. I have not yet been able to locate this family in the 1880 census index, probably due to a problem with the spelling of the name. I would appreciate any information anyone might have regarding this family.
email: Gibson Hamm - - Posted 23 July 1998

Researching: TYLICKI
I'm trying to find out more about my family. Our last name is Tylicki. It was shortened on the journey from Poland to the states. Most of my family is in Cleveland, OH. I would like to know what the name means, where we are originally from, what our name used to be, and I want to know more about my family history.
email: Melanie Casey - - Posted 23 July 1998

I am searching for any information on these family names. I'd also appreciate hearing from anyone who can tell me a bit about some of the places these folk came from: Novy Jachimov, Zbelitov, Kvetov, Osek, Zlivice, Kralova Lhota, Hrejkovice, Cervene n. Vltova. All of these families immigrated between 1868 and 1880. Thanks for any help/info. you can give me.
email: Mary R. Reichardt - - Posted 23 July 1998

Looking for the following surnames: Babej, Goda, Matis and Luchansky. Also looking for the following village: Velke Ozorovce. Christos Voskrese!
email: - - Posted 23 July 1998

Researching: KLIMEK, SOVIS
Researching Klimek, born in Myjava (pronounced me-ya-va), and Sovis, born in Bratislava.
email: - - Posted 23 July 1998

I have been looking, for the past 10 years, for my friend who lived in Slovakia. She is a really good friend. The only thing that I have that will help find her is her name . I have been sending her letters, but she hasnít answered. She most likely has moved. Her name is Marta (Stulajterova) Krellova and the address I have is: 97701 Brezno, ul. CSA 50, okr. Banska Bystrica, Slovakia. Any help will be appreciated.
email: Alla Pirbudagov - - Posted 23 July 1998

I am most interested in finding any information about my grandparents. My grandfather was Charles Magurany and my grandmother was Mary Slocarnick. They should have both been born in the 1890's. I remember seeing a picture of my grandfather in a red and gray uniform. My mother says they came over in a boat from "the old country". My aunts spoke Slovak and English. I would greatly appreciate anything you can tell me.
email: Linda Lambert -
JOSHD@PRIMARY.NET - Posted 23 July 1998

I am searching for any information on my family, Kasztriner, who came from Varanno at the turn of the 20th century (now called Vranov nad Toplou). Any one with info on this family, or on the Jewish life in Vranov around 1900, please contact me. I would be very grateful to hear from you.
email: Sheryl Kastriner - - Posted 23 July 1998

Researching: KUDRAC, KUBIK
Researching Kudrac from Krasok, now Zemplinska Siroka and Kubik from Spisska Stara Ves.
email: - - Posted 23 July 1998

Researching: JUROS, PSOTA
Looking for information on the Juros and Psota families who settleted in Pottstown, Pa. They came from the Trebisove district.
email: - - Posted 23 July 1998

Researching: PIVAK, MILOTA
I'm searching for information about family members (grand parents) with the name of Pivak. First names were Franz and his wife Julia (Slovak). They immigrated to America around 1900/02 from Csepanow, Slovakia. Also, Rehor (Gregory) Pivak and his wife Ramona Milota.
email: J Pivak - - Posted 21 July 1998

HI, My name is Kathy Galajda. My husband is trying to track his fatherís family in Poland. His fatherís name was George Galajda, born May 5, 1927. He was from Poland. He married Josephine Garbowski. They resided in Rochester NY. We believe the Galajda name was shortened when he arrived here. Any help you can give me on this would be greatly appreciated.
email: Kathy - - Posted 21 July 1998

Researching: KURICAJ, SPANUR
I am looking for my great grandfather, John Kuricaj, b. 4/5/1887 in Brataslava. He settled in Pennsylvania and worked in the mills. He married Anna Spanur, from Czechoslavakia, marriage date unknown, but approx 1904. Any Info would be greatly appreciated.
email: - - Posted 21 July 1998

I'm searching for Tirmelsteyn from Schmolnitz, now Smolnik, Slovakia, then Hungary. I'm looking for Michael Tirmelsteyn who may have been the father of Hanns Tirmenstein, b. c. 1686. The name has changed spellings thru the years. If you have info on who to contact in Smolnik I would appreciate it.
email: Augie Braun - - Posted 21 July 1998

Researching: MAKARA
I'm searching for a friend of mine. His name is Marek Makara. He lived in Hatalov, Slovakia. He was born on January 18th 1976. We were corresponding one year, 1993/94. I was still a high school girl, 3rd year. So, via this page, I'd like to see if I can re-establish contact with him. Please, if you know anything about Marek Makara, (or if you read this mail, Marek !!) contact me by sending your message to my e-mail.
email: - - Posted 21 July 1998

Researching: PODHORIN, SIDOR
Looking for possible relatives in US with surname of Podhorin or Sidor from Bezovce in Eastern Slovakia.
email: R. Zilinski - - Posted 21 July 1998

I am looking for information on my grandparents, Rudolph William Kacinec & Julia Yedlosky. Rudolph b. 1 Apr 1879 in Hlohovec, Slovakia s/o Jan Kacinec & Josephine Dachova, d. 8 Apr. 1962 in Cleveland, OH., lived most of his life in Clarksburg WV. He came to the US about 1902. Julia Yedlosky b. 24 Apr, 1890, in Stratena, Slovakia, d/o Stefan Yedlosky & Anna Tomiski, d.10 Jul 1932 in Clarksburg WV. Any information on this family in Slovakia appreciated.
email: Susanna Bruning - - Posted 21 July 1998

Researching: SKOLAK, JAKUBEC
My last name is Skolak, I live in Argentina and I would like to know, if I have relatives in Slovakia. My grandparents were born in Bratislava, in 1900, and they came to Argentina in 1924, approximately. Their names were Juan Skolak and his wife was Francisca (Jakubec) Skolak.
email: Juan Carlos Skolak - - Posted 21 July 1998

Researching: CUY
Searching the name Cuy.
email: - - Posted 21 July 1998

Researching: OHEIM
Any information in connection with the surname Oheim, would be highly appreciated. The Oheim family where actually Rumanian refugees from the Turk occupation of Rumania during the 13th century. They traveled due west via the edge of the Karpates and often integrated with the people along their way. They are the supposed founders of villages like Valaska, Valaska-Bela and Valaska-Dubova. After WW2 many of them settled in Germany while a few emigrated to the United States.
email: Kurt Oheim - - Posted 21 July 1998

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