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Researching: BARDAR
I am searching for John Andrew Bardar, who was born in Koscice Bela, Slovakia and cane to the US in about 1911 to work in the coal mines in WVA. He was killed in the mines.
email: Carol Bailey - - Posted 27 July 1999

Researching: BURANT, KULA
Researching the above surnames.
email: Raymond S. Burant - - Posted 27 July 1999

Researching: KNEZEVICH
Michajlo Knezevich came from the town of Kozjam, Yugoslavia. Mr. Knezevich came to the United States in the year 1905 when part of Yugoslavia was in Austria. I would like to know the location of the town of Kozjam and if it still exists. If it still exists or not, could you give me the nearest large town or area it would be close to?
email: Bob Cowden - - Posted 27 July 1999

Looking for any information on Konecny/Konecsin. Adam was born Dec. 6, 1895 in Strvtek. His parents were George and Anna Christina. I am also looking for any information on the Kollar Family. John Kollar married Susanne ? (No known dates). John Kollar married Anna Sukup (John Aug. 4, 1859/June 9, 1923 Anna July 13, 1864/Nov. 19, 1941). Elizabeth Kollar; daughter of John and Anna, was b. Jan. 19, 1895, d. April 30, 1973.
email: - - Posted 27 July 1999

Researching: KANCILIA
I am looking on information for on the last name Kancilia. I was reading through some old documents of my father's and read that his Grandmother's last name was Kancilia. I was told it is Jewish. I know she lived in Austria before coming to the US in 1902. Any info can help, Thank you.
email: - - Posted 27 July 1999

My grandfather's name was originally Jurko Mandrik. It was later changed to George Mundrick. He was born Apr. 7, 1884 and died in Detroit, Mich. Dec. 30, 1952. My grandmother was Helen Dzama. She was born Oct 1, either 1885 or 1891. She died in Detroit, Michigan on Jan. 25, 1945. On both death certificates, it states they were born in Austria-Hungary. It is known that they were in Scranton, PA from 1914-1920, then in Curtisville, PA (From the 1920 census). On the 1920 census, it states that they spoke Slovak. Between 1920 and 1935, where they lived is unknown. 1936 shows them to be in Edenborn, Fayette County, PA. It is believed they then moved to the Detroit, Michigan area around 1939- 1940. Any info on the origin of these surnames and possible connection to Slovakia would be greatly appreciated. Any help on finding info on my grandparents also would be appreciated.
email: - - Posted 27 July 1999

I am primarily interested in the Kubicek families that settled in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
email: Steve Smallwood - - Posted 26 July 1999

I'm searching for any information on Andrew and Anna Hrimnacek Koval. They lived in Klushov, Czechoslovakia, and came to U.S. via Ellis Island soon after W.W.1. Any information on my family would be most welcome! Thanks so much!
email: Mary Ruth - - Posted 26 July 1999

Researching: URBAN
I am searching for relatives of Peter Urban who came to America from Stacin or Rosztica in the early 1900s. His wife, Mary, and son, Peter, followed him in 1925. They settled in Binghamton, NY. Thank you.
email: Marlene Urban Browne - - Posted 26 July 1999

Moses Domokos was born in Szilagyballa, Romania, on October 25, 1892, emigrated from Hamburg, Germany on the USS Lincoln on March 11, 1911, arrived at Ellis Island on March 24, 1911. I am interested in relatives in that area. My maternal grandmother was Gizella Hanto Domokos, whose parents, Teresa Nagy and Alexander Hanto Sr., came from the Budapest area. They were Catholic. Moses was Presbyterian. Alexander was a coal miner in Dante, Virginia. Both died in the early 1920's.
email: Becky Bays - - Posted 26 July 1999

Phillip Jacob Sebechlebsky was born May 1, 1882 in Ribnik, Czechoslovakia and died on October 17, 1956, in USA. Mary Magdalen (?) was born on August 28, 1889, also in Czechoslovakia. She died on October 10, 1950, in USA. Can you tell me anything about this ancestry? Pictures available at
email: Jimmy Havran - - Posted 26 July 1999

Researching: WACHAL
I am looking for any information regarding Rose Wachal, b.1881, in Brody, Austria. She immigrated to Canada about 1898.
email: Ed Samplonius - - Posted 25 July 1999

Researching: STRBA
Looking for Strbas that came from Austria Hungary around 1904-1906. My Grandfather's name was Rudolph Victor Strba, and my great grandfather was Joseph Strba. The family settled in Johnstown, PA.
email: - - Posted 25 July 1999

Researching: LANDA, KRAL
Searching for the above surnames.
email: - - Posted 25 July 1999

Searching for the Koreny Family Name. My great grandfather was George (Jiri) Koreny, born 1864 in Slovakia. He came to the USA in 1891 with his wife, Mary Strippi and son Jon. They first settled in the Pittsburgh, PA area, then settled in East Chicago, Indiana. My great grandmother, Mary Strippi, was born 1864 in Hosermenzo, Slovakia. Her parents names were Michal and Anna Rudov. She married George (Jiri) Koreny in 1890. please send any information to my email.
email: - - Posted 25 July 1999

Researching: GROH
Researching the above surname, first names Johan and Geza, from Gelnica, Slovakia (Golnicbanya, Hungary), immigrated to the USA 1915-25.
email: Jack Groh - - Posted 25 July 1999

Researching: RUSINKO
My grandparents were Lemkos from the villages of Petna and Mostastov. I remember they also mentioned Gorlice as either nearest town or the county. I'm just trying to pinpoint the exact location of the villages. If you could help that would be great.
email: Bill (Rusinko) Kane - - Posted 24 July 1999

Researching: KURKA
My maiden name was Kurka. My father was Frank Kurka, born in New York in 1908. My grandfather, Charles, born in 1876 in Vienna, was 16 when the family came to the US. His father, Franz, was born in Breslau in 1841. That is as far back as I can get. Would love to connect with other Kurka's.
email: Betsy deParry - - Posted 24 July 1999

Researching: BAYLIN, RUSNAK
I am looking for the lineage of my grandfather, John Baylin. The name Baylin does not appear anywhere, but I'm sure it was changed. I just don't know from what. They settled in Ramey, PA, Centre County. He married Susan Rusnak, whose father, Joseph, also settled there. I have emailed others listed in the Slovak search, as I believe they were Slovak, or Ukranian. I am at a loss as to how to find more information on the Baylins and their origin. Can you please help me?
email: Carolann Baylin Smith - - Posted 24 July 1999

I am trying to track down information on a family with the father being Anton Futshek (Futshick??). My mother, Elefriede, was born in Odry (Odrau), Oct. 1928 and I know they were in the area for at least 15 years or so. Her mother's name was Josefa Krail. Can anyone help?
email: - - Posted 24 July 1999

Researching: KERNATS
I'm searching for geneaology info for the name of Kernats. If you have any info, please e- mail me. Thank you.
email: Kathy Nuetzel - - Posted 24 July 1999

My grandfather was Damian Bakos-Kupcsa, born about 1854/1856, in Jakubany, Austria-Hungary. He married Anna Duffala, Feb.16,1880. They had 9 children. My grandfather, Janos Jalcs, born June21,1872, in Laborecz Volya (Volya), Austria-Hungary, married Feb.11,1893 in Hollywood, PA to Maria Fedorisin, born Oct.11 1877, in Szuha (now Suche), Austria-Hungary. They had 8 children.
email: Dorothy M Kosmowski - - Posted 23 July 1999

Looking for Alyx Ruby or Anna Wansa, who lived in Mzsanna, Czechoslovakia. We know the village was about 8 miles within the Russian boarder at that time. Alyx had a brother, Leszko Hrubey (as spelled on the ship passenger list). Alyx also had a sister, Anastasia Prokipchak. Thank for all you can do.
email: Nancy A Ruby - - Posted 23 July 1999

My grandfather, Michal Bigany (Bigan), was born 11-20-l873 in Vinne by Michalovce, Slovakia. He died 2-l6-l923. His wife's name was Maria Bosko. My grandfather had a brother named Jan born in Vinne and he had four sons. Stefan stayed in Vinne. Michal came to USA and his wife was from Vinne. Jan also came to USA and his wife was from Poland. Jozef died in Vinne, young. Michal had sons Frank and Andrew. Andrew was killed in the Korean War. Jan had a son named John. Michal's son Frank should still be living and be around sixty. All the family remembers of the USA address is City Island 3, New York. Other names in the family are Anna Matyas and Jan Bigany. My grandparents had six children: Maria, Michal, Anna, Rozalia, Jan and Pavol. Pavol was my father. Thank you very much for any help in finding the rest of the family.
email: Vladimir Beca - - Posted 23 July 1999

Searching for Schon and Fruhlinger or Frohlinger in Ladmovce. Visit our web site at
email: Lee Goodman - - Posted 23 July 1999

Researching: SOVA, SOWA
I am searching for information on the Sova (Sowa) family. They originated in Altessen ( now Essen ) Germany. My great Grandfather's name is Matthew Sova.
email: - - Posted 23 July 1999

Researching: PREBISH
I am searching for information on Anna Varga Prebish, born around 1880 in Jakubany, died in 1929. It is believed that she had a small grocery store or bakery in Dupont, Pa. She had 12 children. One of them was Andrew Prebish (Jan 8 1912-Nov 1985) who last lived in Nanticoke, Pa. We have been told that she was a sister to my grandfather but so far no record of her birth or baptism has been found in the Jakubany records.
email: Cathy Dugdale - - Posted 22 July 1999

Researching: KUSNIR
I'm looking for Kusnir of Kastria, Austria-Hungary, period 1888-1905. I could sure use some help.
email: Frank Kusnir - - Posted 22 July 1999

Researching the above surnames.
email: - - Posted 22 July 1999

Researching: BLAHA
My name is John F. Blaha Sr. and I'm 30 Years old. I'm originally from Chicago IL. My grandfather's name was Joseph Frank Blaha Sr. and my grandmother's name was Marie Blaha. My grandmother told me that my grandfather came from Austria, but I can not get any other information because she has passed away and my father really does not know too much. Any information that can be obtained would be appreciated. Thank you for your time.
email: John F. Blaha Sr. - - Posted 22 July 1999

Researching: ROVNAK
Looking for Branislav Rovnak, who studied in Chicago, Illinois, USA, 1995-1997. I have lost his address and would like to thank him for gift sent to me.
email: Claudia - - Posted 22 July 1999

I am researching the name Jancso in general and Georg Jancso, his parents and children in particular. Georg (Gvrgy) (as profession "Impetrator" [?] is mentioned) lived from around mid 1600 to beginning 1700, married to Anna Vajdovich. They had 7 children: Franz *1690, Katharina *1692, Maria *1694, Stephan *1695, Elizabeth *1697, Emmerich *1698 and Anna *1700. Franz married February 11, 1714 Juliana Kruplanics (Kruplanicz), seemingly an important Family in that area. His brother, Stephan married Maria Gabrielovics. Stephan became later Governor of the county Szerem (Srem, Syrmium, Syrmien now in Serbia) where his descendants lived until October 1944, inclusive myself. As I am still missing many information, especially on the families Kruplanics (CZ) Vajdovich, their children and Gabrielovic, I am grateful for any information. Many thanks!
email: Ladislaus von Jancso - - Posted 21 July 1999

Researching: KAPSA, COLUMBUS
My parents were both born in Stara Bystrica, Slovakia. Mother's maiden name was Columbus, Agnes and my dad came from a very large family & he was the youngest, Nicolas.
email: Reggie Kapsa - - Posted 21 July 1999

I am searching for any information on relatives that may be living in Zdiar, Slovakia. Their names would be Simcak or Simchak, Pitoniak or Berras.
email: - - Posted 21 July 1999

I am trying to locate the birthplace of my grandfather. His name was Andrew Zagorsky, various spellings in documents: Zagorski, Sagorski) born dec 15,1880 in Stiwald, Bounat, Hungary (according to Petition for Naturalization dated March 17, 1919.) Stiwald, Bounat, Czechoslovakia (Hungary) (according to Petition for Naturalization dated Jan 3. 1935) Stiwald, Czechoslovakia (according to Petition for Naturalization dated April 16, 1937) immigrated to USA on Dec. 14, 1904, in New York, from Bremen Germany, on the ship Kaiser Wilhelm der Grosse. Married in Lorain Ohio, on Jan 8, 1908. Stated nationality and race: Slovak. All of my attempts so far failed to identify and/or locate the birthplace Stiwald, Bounat. This could be a case of severe misspelling, since my grandfather apparently could not write. I would be very grateful if you could help me with this problem.
email: Linda Jean Ellis - - Posted 21 July 1999

Researching Hlohinec, Hlohinecz, Krutela, and Rohal. I'm Looking for any Hlohinec or Hlohinecz from Volica area. They came to America in 1880's. They are my GGgrandparents, Andrew Hlohinec and Anna Krutela. My GGrandmother returned to Slovakia in 1884. Her father is Peter Rohal, Her Mother is Anna Donish All are probably from Carpathians Mountain area.
email: Philip - - Posted 21 July 1999

I'm searching for any information regarding the surnames Cohrac, Micenko, Bonyko and Yaros. My grandfather, Adam COHRAC, was born 1886 in Snina to Turaj Cohrac and Dorotea Micenko. When he immigrated to the US, settling in Bradford, Pennsylvania, the spelling of his last name was changed to Chohrac. Other relatives immigrating to the US however were able to retain the original spelling, while others had the spelling changed to Cochrac. I do know that my grandfather had at least one brother, Paul, and one sister, Anna, who immigrated around the same time he did. Still others seem to have come over later. He had at least two other brothers who stayed in Slovakia. In 1911, my grandfather married Zusanna Bonyko, who was born 1888 in Ubrez to Basil Bonyko and Zusanna Yaros. Any information on any of these surnames would be greatly appreciated.
email: Michael Chohrach - - Posted 21 July 1999

Researching: SALUGA
I am looking for any information about Anthony or Paul Saluga (brothers) who left Slovakia in the late 1800's.
email: Don Saluga - - Posted 20 July 1999

I am searching for info on my Great-grandparents. Great-grandmother was named Elizabeth Plichta Surgala Smajda. Born October 27, 1872 in Austria-Hungary and emigrated to US thru Ellis Island on Nov. 8, 1912 with her daughter, MaryJane. She was born in Austri-Hungary, also, on April 13, 1905. I'm not sure if daughter's last name was Surgala or Plichta. Elizabeth was married to a Smajda after she came to the states. I haven't been able to find out his name, but he later returned to the old country and was found dead in the woods. He had a son, Andrew Smajda who was born Nov. 19, 1905 and also a son named John, who was born May 25, 1894. They both eventually emigrated to the US. Elizabeth must have had a son (I have heard he was adopted, but am not sure) named Juray (George?) Plichta, who helped his mother get to the US. He ended up going to jail in Czechoslovakia for helping them and never did get to come to the US. Any information would be helpful. I realize that my information is minimal, but I guess I have to start somewhere. If information happens to come in Czech, that'sd fine, too, as I have a friend's mother who will gladly translate. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
email: Joel Massey - - Posted 20 July 1999

I`m looking for information about the surnames Gretzmajer / Gretzmacher / Gretzmaier and Dienes/Gyenes. They were from Jablonca, Szogliget and Rosnavia. I have traced them back to the 1730`s. Does any one know if they came from Austria? The Gretzmajers were Lutheran while the Dienes were Catholic. Any information would be appreciated. Is any one else looking for these names? I am also searching for the surnames Makatura and Szilagyi. Thank you.
email: Julie & Kevin Benefield - - Posted 20 July 1999

My grandmother, Mary Rezny, came to the United States in 1910, at the age of 19. Her mother's name was Catherine (Katherine) Pollock. My grandmother's family was from Malacky, and as a young woman she also worked for a family in Bratislava. My grandmother's sister, Josephine, also came to the United States before 1910, and her brother, Louis (Alois) immigrated sometime after 1910. My grandmother lived in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and in Denver, Colorado. She married Paul Hessek in New York.
email: Marylou Chapman - - Posted 20 July 1999

I am searching for information about the Lesko and Arendoch families who came from the village of Hajtofka in Slovakia. The Leskos immigrated to Olyphant, Pennsylvania in the late 1800's. I have identified only a small number of relatives: my grandmother Helen (Julia?) born in 1879, My gr. aunt Anna Blaniar, and my gr. uncle John Lesko. My grandfather, Dionysius Pyrcz, born in 1865, was a Lemko from Uscie Rucie. He also imigrated to Olyphant. After moving to Winnepeg, they finally settled in Chicago. My paternal relatives spoke Ukranian, but they never discussed their Rusyn heritage. They also claimed to have come from both sides of the Carpathians.
email: Ted Perch - - Posted 20 July 1999

I am looking for anyone with the surnames of Duffala / Dufala, Kupcsa, Bakos-Kupcsa, Fedorisin and Jalcs. The Duffala / Dufala and Kupcsa / Bakos/Kupcsa ancestors are from the Jakubany, Austria-Hungary (now Slovakia). The Fedorisin and Jalcs ancestors are from Laborec Volya (now Vola) and Szuha (now Suche), Austria-Hungary (now Slovakia). Thanks in advance for your help.
email: Dorothy Kosmowski - - Posted 19 July 1999

I am looking for information on these surnames. Ramanuskas or Ramanoskis, has been spelled many different ways. That was my father's name. My mother's name was Hanko which I have found many relatives I did not know where they were. Also looking for Drabik and Klima.
email: Betty Lorance - - Posted 19 July 1999

Researching: DONEILO
I'm desperately searching for a Stephen Doneilo, who, along with brother Peter and half-brother Michael, came from what used to be Austria-Hungary to western Massachusetts as farmers. They were Orthodox and were from a town called Huta. I have reason to believe they're Carpatho- Rusyns and that their real name was mangled at Ellis Island. Thanks for any ideas.
email: Cynthia - - Posted 19 July 1999

Researching: ALMASHY, KIRALY
My grandparents, John K. Almashy, was born in Abara, Zemplin County, Hungary, and my Grandmother, Barbara Kiraly (King), was born in Naja-Raska. It is my understanding that these towns are now in Slovakia. Abara is now Oberin. I would like to know if anyone with these two surnames are still in that area.
email: Dorothea Greer - - Posted 19 July 1999

Looking for anyone related to the Svajka name from the Carpathian Russian Mountains. I believe the home town was something like Ungvad, Austria-Hungary and from what I understand the town is still there. My grandfather's family had a flour mill. Grand father came to US in the early 1900s, to New York, then settled in Bethlehem, Pa. And worked at the steel mills. Also, the surnames of Rabey and Durella came up in speaking with family. Any inquires will be welcome.
email: Mark Petruno - - Posted 19 July 1999

Researching: BEDA
Researching the above surname, of Slovak origin, believed to be from the village of Pod Biel (supposedly translates to "White Mountain").
email: Frank Beda - - Posted 18 July 1999

Searching for any information on the Andre and Anna Weber Family from Pittsburgh, Pa. I have been told that the name was changed to Weber from the original name of Ferderber once they came to America. Any information is appreciated.
email: - - Posted 18 July 1999

Researching: JENCA, YENCHA
I'd like to find out more about my ancestors, who were from Vitaz, Slovakia. The name was Jenca, which was later known as Yencha, here in the states. All I know is that my great- grandfather Jacob immigrated to New York at the age of about 8. This would have probably been in the late 1800s or early 1900s.
email: Linda (Yencha) Nichols - - Posted 18 July 1999

Researching Josephus Gulyas, b. 20 Apr 1863, Lubotin, Sarisska Lupa, Slovakia. On his 2nd marriage license, his name is listed as Jozsef Gulyeis, and on his headstone, his surname is shown as Gulas. His first wife was Marie (?). His first child was Mary and his second child was Joseph P. Gulish, b. 15 Nov 1894, Hooverhurst, PA.
email: - - Posted 18 July 1999

Searching for information about my family. My great grandmother, Anne Federanko, born 1859, married George Kaschak and had two daughters, Anne and Helen. George passed away. Anne then, in 1891, married my great grandfather Joseph Zboroskie, (Broski) who was born 1869. They had three children together, Joseph, (born in Hrabovcik, Slovakia), Mike (born in Ohio) and John (born in Pennsylvania). The family moved first to Ohio then to Hazleton, Pennsylvania. Anne Frederanko's sister, Mary, married Elias Kundrat and lived in Hazleton as well.
email: Joe Broski -
Shadowlake@AOL.Com - Posted 18 July 1999

Searching for surnames. Peter Janvary married a woman with the surname Balog and had a daughter Szofia, born in 1895, in Hungary. They left for the United States between 1895 and 1915. Peter Luteran and his twin brother were born on 4 April 1881. Their parents were Peter Luteran and Elizabeth Vajo. Peter came to the United States in 1901 while his brother stayed in Budapest. I believe that they were Prebyterian.
email: - - Posted 18 July 1999

My maternal gr. grandparents were born in Tisovce, county of Gamerska, Hungary. I am looking for surnames Kocik/ Kocich, Gajdusek/ Gaydusek, Juriga/ Yuriga, Hlatky/Hlatkey. I find different spellings on different documents. The names originate in Gbely, Slovakia. Thank you.
email: - - Posted 18 July 1999

I am searching for information about my ancestry. My gr. grandparents, John Hrivnak and Mary Baka (Bakova) farmed in Pribovec (city), St. Martin (state, Turkanska (county), Hungary - now in Slovakia. They had 3 children, Mary, Sam and John (my grandfather). Mary married Joseph Valach, Sr. and their daughter Elena, married John Stdfanides. Sam married Ann Simkova and they lived at 60 Okress, Martin, SK, where he died on 24 March 1974. John was born 2 February 1887 and immigrated to Cleveland, Ohio in 1902. Nothing is known of Mary Baka. My maternal gr. grandparents were Michael Stuhar, born in 1858 and Judiita Demian, born in 1862. They had 3 daughters: Mary, of whom nothing is known, Juliana, who was born in 1882 and my grandmother Anna, who was born 10 April 1891. Anna died in Cleveland, Ohio on 3 November 1989. I would appreciate any and all details - birth, marriage, death records, church records, etc. - about this family.
email: Betty Ann Villwock - - Posted 18 July 1999

Paul Dibala was born in 1890 in Trencin Mako. His parents were Joseph Dibala and Mary Shimek (Maria Shimek). Paul Dibala immigrated to New York City ca.1912, where he married Mary Bambuch ca.1920. She was born in Cz. in 1898. Her parents were John Bambuch and Agnes Melina. I would appreciate any help with my search efforts. Thanks.
email: Chris Brown - - Posted 18 July 1999

I am trying to find out exactly where my grandfather is from in the old Austria/Hungarian Empire - he was Slovak. His name was Andrew Gubanic and from what I can gather, at first settled in Rankin, Pa. He married another Slovak, and moved to Etna, PA. His relatives spell the name with and without the "H". My father's name was Bill, and he had 5 brothers and four sisters (two died very young).
email: Bill Gubanic - - Posted 18 July 1999

Researching: KRISKO, MOSCHAK
My Great Grandfather, George Krisko, came over from somewhere in Slovakia with his wife, Mary Moschak. They lived in Conemaugh, PA and had seven children: Michael (my grandfather, born in 1898), John, Charles, Nickolas, Annie, Nellie and Helen.
email: - - Posted 17 July 1999

The family lines I would like to submit are for Carl Orsak, b. 1870 in Halenkov or Novy Hrosenkov, and Rosalie Wortik (Voytek?) Orsak, b. 1876 in Halenkov or Novy Hrosenkov.
email: Derrellyn Yates - - Posted 17 July 1999

Researching: VOLOVAR
I am looking for some relatives with the last name Volovar. If there are any please contact me. I am trying to find the rest of my family. I am A Volovar that lives in the USA in Houston, Texas. Hope to hear from someone soon.
email: - - Posted 17 July 1999

Researching: KULTON, TOBALA
I am seeking information about the ancestors of George H. Kulton. born Jan 6, 1879 in Cadca, Slovakia. He married Mary Tobala abt 1902, daughter of Josephine, born March 20, 1905. The family immigrated to Pennsylvania, USA abt. 1905 or 1906. One son stayed with Grandmother Tobala. Any information will be appreciated.
email: George T. Kulton Jr. - - Posted 17 July 1999

I am seeking information on the Krajnak and Lesicko names. My father, Joseph Paul Krajnak, and my mother, Mary Theresa Lesicko, were both born and grew up in Bardejov, Slovakia. My father immigrated to the U.S. in 1919. He then sent for my mother in July 1920. They were married in Yukon, PA, Westmoreland County, September 1920. They lived most of their lives in Southwestern Pennsylvania except for a few years when they lived in Cleveland, Ohio.
email: John Krajnak - - Posted 17 July 1999

MILCHAK I was born in Gary Indiana, son of Frank J. Milchak. I am looking to find other Milchaks.
email: Eric Lee Milchak - - Posted 16 July 1999

My maternal grandfather, Louis Goodman (Guttman?) was born April 2, 1866 in Humonna, Hungary (now Humenne, Slovakia). He came to the U.S. in 1881 and married Dora Feder from Ungvar, Hungary (now called Uzghorod, Ukraine) in New York State and finally settled in Cleveland, Ohio. His uncle, Morris Glick (Gluck?) also came from Humenne, born circa 1838- 1840. He came to the U.S. in 1882 and married Sallie Friedman and settled in Lakewood, Ohio. Does anyone have any further information about these families? Your response will be sincerely appreciated.
email: - - Posted 16 July 1999

Researching: KRIZ
I have done some resaerch on my family, Kriz. My grandfather (Frank Kriz) immigrated from what may have been Germany in 1910. As you know, during that period of time the borders of the countries changed often. It could have been Austria. He spoke only Austrian, and came over in September of 1910 via New York, Ellis Island. The ship's list of names also included his brother. My grandfather went to Louisiana to make barrels for a company that sold them for wine. I have to dig up the actual papers with dates and will update with more info. Let me know if this is of any help.
email: Mark Kriz - - Posted 16 July 1999

Searching for information on the above surnames. Kardian was from Bratislava.
email: - - Posted 16 July 1999

Researching: DATKO, VESCUR
I am looking for any info on relatives from Pohorela, Slovakia. My grandparents were Jozsef Datko and Maria Vescur. They immigrated to America via Bremen, Germany in 1911 and 1913. My grandfather arrived in Baltimore, Maryland in 1911, my grandmother came through Ellis Island in 1913. They had 9 children. The first was a girl born in Slovakia by the name of Mary. Her whereabouts after the age of 16 are unknown. She was born c.1909-10. My grandparents moved to Youngstown Ohio c.1917/18 after first living in New Salem, Pennsylvania. Any more information regarding these surnames would be greatly appreciated! Happy hunting!
email: - - Posted 16 July 1999

Researching: SABO, SABOL, ROJ, CORBA
Is there anybody in the town of Geritovce that may give me some help with my ancestors? I am searching for my grandfather's family. My name is Thomas Sabo . My father's name was Thomas and his father's name was Andrew Sabo. Sometimes the name was spelled Sabol. Andrew , my grandfather, left Slovakia to become a coal miner in Pennsylvania, U.S.A. Andrew married Anna Roj. Is that a Slovak name? Anna Roj was born in Giratovce, April 28, 1867, and was baptized in Giratovce, Sariska Zupa, Slovensko. Is this a church? I assume Andrew Sabo was from Giratovce or nearby. Also Anna Roj's father was George and her mother was Barbera Corba . Are Barbera and George Slovak names or are they spelled differently in Slovakia? Are there any Sabos, Rojs or Corbas in Giratovce? Is it a coal mining town? Thank you for any help you may be able to give me.
email: Tom Sabo - - Posted 15 July 1999

I'm trying to find anyone in the Babuljak family. My name is Magdalena Babuljak, and I was born in Banska Bystricia on April 7, 1945. My father was Jan Babuljak and his wife was Johanna Tamassy. I don't know my grandparents' names nor their ancestors' names, and I would love to trace my family in Slovakia. I live in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and the rest of the Babuljak family lives in the Bay Area (San Francisco/Oakland) in California. Thanks for any information you can find for me.
email: Magdalena Babuljak - - Posted 15 July 1999

I am trying to trace my family history on my father's side. The information I have is that my Grandfather was born in Bokovina, Austria, April 9, 1909. He married my Grandmother Emilia Yanitsky (unsure of spelling) (19??-1968 or 69 ). I'm not sure of the date of their marriage. They both came to Canada and resided in a town called Vita in Manitoba. My Grandfather and Grandmother had five children. Their names are Bernie Wolanski, Victor Wolanski, Theresa (Wolanski) Barthlette, Walter Wolanski (1938-1996), Adeline (Wolanski) Pattersen. The rest of the family history is a bit vague as my Grandfather never spoke of any other family members. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
email: Lisa Wolanski-McGirr - - Posted 15 July 1999

Researching: PRACKO, KUCERKA
Looking for Pracko and Kucerka relatives from the villages of Nedozery, Nitra, Bratislava, Bocany, and Prievidza. Thank You.
email: - - Posted 15 July 1999

Searching for a town called Obrucne, Austria, Hungary and the name Julianna Brudnak, born August 24, 1874. Her married name was Julianna Krucelyak. Her husband was Stephen Krucelyak, offspring of Petrus Grucelak, born 1839. They were married in that town and moved to the United States in 1893. Stephen came from Leluchou.
email: Joseph Krucelyak - - Posted 15 July 1999

Searching for Gandys in Michigan. The starting point is Mary Gandy born around 1913. She married Glenn Hoover about 1929. They had four children. They divorced sometime in the 1940- 1950s, and she remarried LaVerne Hillis. The family stayed in Michigan, with the exception of their only son, Gary Allen Hoover, now deceased. Mary Gandy was a first generation American born child who came from a large family with Slovak roots. Any information on either name, would be appreciated. Please send email.
email: - - Posted 15 July 1999

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