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Researching: POHLOD
Geo Pohlod 1890 Birth Place Austria Zemplinska, Town of Casanov. Can you help me?
email: Robert Fudge - - Posted 31 August 1999

Researching: KORBA
The surname of which I am interested is Korba. I have no real information about my ancesters and I am dying to find something.
email: Barbie - - Posted 31 August 1999

Researching: FRANER
I live in Austria. Maybe you can tell me something about it. Because my grandfather Karl Franer came from Sasin to Austria. Thank you!
email: Kilian Franer - - Posted 31 August 1999

Researching: LISKA
George Liska b 17 Apr 1881 in Torisa, Czechoslovakia. Where is Torisa? Could it be spelled Tereza?
email: Charles Miller - - Posted 31 August 1999

Researching: BEHUN, HAJDUCKO
Looking for information on the families of Anna (Behun) Hajducko from the Humenin area.
email: - - Posted 31 August 1999

Andrus Liptak was born in 1870 in Spisska Bela. Catherine Bachleda was born in 1875 in Zdiar. I need the address of the Catholic parish or record center to obtain birth information. Thanks.
email: - - Posted 30 August 1999

I am seeking information on the surnames of Masica, Masley and Prusak. I have been told the Masica and Masley families were from Stebnik. The Prusak family was from Bresova or Bresivika. Josef Prusak arrived in the US in 1889. Suzy Masica arrived in the US in 1895. I'm interested in finding information about family still in Slovakia. Thanks for any help or suggestions.
email: - - Posted 30 August 1999

I am looking for relatives of Michael Zupko (Zubko) who lived in Sacurov and was born 4-10-1905. His brothers and sisters were Mary, Helen, John, Elizabeth, John and George. He lived in Pleasant City, Ohio and then moved to Akron, Ohio. He was married to Suzanna Kochera.
email: Sandy Barstow - - Posted 30 August 1999

Searching for descendants of Pal (Paul) Szabo and Maria Csizmar, of Bela Nad Cirochou, Austria- Hungary. Daughter Anna (b. 1863) married Gyorgy Jankov (Janko). Son Joseph (b. 1873) was my grandfather and married Anna Hreszik. Son John (b. 1862) was married to Dorothy. The last two relocated to Cleveland, Ohio at the end of the 19th-beginning of the 20th Century. Sons of Anna and Gyrogy Jankov (Janko), Paul and John, also immigrated to Cleveland. I am particularly interested in any brothers or sisters of Pal Szabo and the whereabouts of their descendants. I am also searching for descendants of these lines, all orginating from Kosicka Bela or Kosicka Hamre, Austria-Hungary (Slovakia). Names include Andrew and George Ferenc, surnames Macinga and Cenko, Juraj Plihczik (or Plichczik), Maria Kasper, Jan Diskant, Jakub Diskant, and Maria Hudak. The above individuals or their descendants immigrated to New Jersey, New York, Western Pennsylvania (Monessen area) and Cleveland, Ohio.
email: - - Posted 30 August 1999

Researching: PRIKAZSKY
Looking for family tree starting with Frantisek Prikazsky, from the city of Skalica in Slovakia.
email: John Prikazsky - - Posted 30 August 1999

Researching: DROTAR, STANKO
My grandfather was Joseph Albert Drotar (1907-1985) and my grandmother was Julie Ann Stanko (1909-1986). They came from Austria-Hungary in the early years of this century and entered the USA through a Washington State port. They lived in Wyoming and Colorado. I believe they came from a village called Rudno. Any and all help and info will be appreciated.
email: Salena Moffat - - Posted 30 August 1999

Researching: GUTTEN
Looking for information on Stefan Gutten, Zilina.
email: - - Posted 29 August 1999

Researching: HAVRAN
I am having trouble locating John Havran. I was told he lived in Goritza, Russia, somewhere near Austria and Hungary. He came to America in 1914 or 1915 and died in 1918 of influenza. He was born in 1894 and lived in Pennsylvania. If anyone has any information I'd appreciate it.
email: David K. Havaran - - Posted 29 August 1999

Researching: KUKURA
I am researching the Kukura name. Andrew Kukura was from Kravjany, Pocta Kubany, Okres, Poprad, Spiska Zupa, Czechoslovakia. This is the best location Information I could get from my Grandmother. Any Help would be great.
email: - - Posted 29 August 1999

I am searching for the above surnames.
email: Michael Milonas - - Posted 29 August 1999

John S. Drahos' father was Martin and they came from Malacky, Czechoslovakia or Bratislava. Martin married Anna Rezny about 1860. John married Mary Knottek of Gyor, Hungary in Ford City, PA in 1911. Mary's father was Jacob Knottek and he was married to Mary Kieselichka. Thank you.
email: Nick Drahos - - Posted 29 August 1999

Researching relations with the name Lednicky and Maco. My great-great grandmother was Veronica Maco from Basovce. Her parents were Martin and Anna Maco. She married Josef Lednicky, who was from Pobedim. His parents were Michael and Maria Lednicky. They settled in Michigan, with many descendants. Veronica had a brother, Vincent, who settled in Canada, going by the name Kleso. Some other Maco relatives came to America at about the same time (1902) but I don't know much about them.
email: Scott Mikusko - - Posted 28 August 1999

Researching relations of my great-grandfather, George Mikuska, from Lipnik, in county Nitra. His father was Josef Mikuska and mother, Mary Batora. When he came to the U.S. in 1912, the name got spelled with an "o" at the end. But I have seen family records with the name "Mikusko", as well, in Slovakia. Most of the relations appear to live in the Lipnik, Velka Causa, and Handlova area. The parish is Chrenovec. (Editor's note: Mikuska is the feminine form of Mikusko. George was probably born Mikusko. Mary would have been known as Mikuska.)
email: Scott Mikusko - - Posted 28 August 1999

Searching for information on the village of Slatvina and for information on relatives of Andrew Gredesky (Andras Gredecky). He entered the US in 1902 and went to Pennsylvania. His birthplace was listed as Slatvina, Austria-Hungary.
email: Caroline - - Posted 28 August 1999

Researching: MERVA
Researching John and Elizabeth Merva, who arrived at Ellis Island in 1906. They had five children and lived in Budapest, Hungary, but immigrated to America. Does anyone know any information? They both passed away before social security cards came out.
email: Janice Robison - - Posted 28 August 1999

Researching: STERN
I hope somebody can give me a good idea of where a small tourist town is (was?) located in what was then Czechosovakia. I don't even know what region of the country it was in but understand it was a summer resort town, perhaps in the Carpathian Mountains. The name was Nelipina (sorry about the spelling) and another town mentioned (nearby?) is Moonkotch (again sorry about the spelling) My mother is from one of the two Stern families in the region and I would like to find it on a map or at least know it is east of town X and south of town Z, or whatever.
email: Bob Giel - - Posted 28 August 1999

Stefan Zajacek and Anna Rolko, both born in Mojsova Lucka, co Trencin, Slovokia. Stefan was born August 20, 1876. Stefan and Anna emigrated to the USA, August 12, 1903, on the Barbarossa from Bremen, Germany. With their son Joseph. In the USA Zajacek became Zayachek. I am searching for an address of a Roman Catholic Church in the area that Stefan and Anna were born. I am searching for information on their parents, siblings, and any relatives.
email: Joan - - Posted 27 August 1999

Researching: WANCHO, VANCO, TUPY
I'm looking for any information at all on Alexander Wancho and Lena Tupy, possibly from Hlohovec. My father, Steven Rockwell Kidd, was an illustrator and legally changed his name from Joseph Steven Wancho. His father, Alexander, came to South Chicago, Cook County, from Slovakia, at the turn of the century, with his wife, Lena, nee Tupy, and their first child, Anna. US Immigration anglicized his surname, Vanco, to Wancho, and all subsequent family arrivals used that spelling as well. Alexander died in 1914, leaving Lena with 3 young children: Ann, my father, and Lena, who died young. After returning to Slovakia, Lena came back to the States with her aunt, remarried to Alexander's brother, August (born Augustin), and had two more children, Alexander and Josephine. That is about all I know about Lena. I'm not even sure when she died. I think she may have been from a Bohemian family. My father also used to boast that his Tupy grandfather was a woodcarver who worked on St. Steven's cathedral in Vienna. This is what I have of my father's family tree, all from anecdotal evidence and letters: Steven Rockwell Kidd, baptised Joseph Steven Wancho, b. 27 June, 1911, Chicago, Illinois, d. 7 Oct. 1987, White Plains, NY; parents, Lena Tupy, b. ? , possibly in Bohemia, d. ?, married Alexander Wancho, baptised Alexander Vanco, b. 1878, Slovakia, d. 1914, Chicago, Illinois, Lena remarried to August Wancho, baptised Augustin Vanco, b. Oct. 1880, Slovakia, d. after Oct. 13, 1958, Hines, Illinois; Alexander and August's father was: Joseph Vanco, b. ~1848, possibly in Hlohovec/Freistedt, Slovakia, d. 1923, Chicago, Illinois, married Anna, b. ?, d. ~1922, on the boat to America. Joseph was 6'7", a former prison guard in Austria, and evidently had four other sons. Anna was tiny, about 5', with long black hair.
email: Dinah Kidd-Hillgartner - - Posted 27 August 1999

Researching: DUDKA
I'm looking for the family of Basilio Dudka. He lived in Argentina until he died in 1935. He had a son (my father) called Pablo Dudka, who died in 1979. Thanks.
email: Lidia Rose Dudka - - Posted 27 August 1999

My great-grandmother, Anna Fajtko (Fetko, Faitko, Fatko) is said to have arrived in the United States sometime around 1900 to search for her father, who had arrived sometime earlier in New Jersey. She was 12 years old and accompanied by her 8 year old brother, John. She was from a village in Hungary, which she said would now be Budapest. An infant brother remained, and was raised by grandparents in Hungary. Records in the U.S. may have been destroyed by fire. We are trying to determine the proper spelling of her surname, where she was from, when she arrived in the U.S. and if any descendents of the infant are living. She also mention that the younger sibling served in the army. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
email: Noreen - - Posted 27 August 1999

Researching: LAVRIK
I am searching for any possible relatives who immigrated to the USA, or moved within Slovakia. My residential village is Spissky Stiavnik, Slovakia.
email: Martin Lavrik - - Posted 27 August 1999

I have sent a previous message about the Semanik and Talarovic family search and need to add another family name, Cicman, also believed to be from the Prague area. The Semaniks, or at least some I know, were from Russia, but spoke Slovak. Thank you for any help.
email: M. Dee Bartolazzi - - Posted 27 August 1999

I would like to know if there are any records of ancestors of the following: Rousar, Frank, b. 1869 in Pusta Ryban, Czech; Sayatowic, Anna, b. 1885 in Croatia; Cihak, Frank, b. 1886 in Dadov, Czech; and, Holas, Mary, b. 1870 in Zahor, Anech, Czech.
email: Judy Pilarski - - Posted 27 August 1999

Researching: MIDLIK
I understand my Husbands family Originaly came from Porac. I am wondering if any family still could be in the area . I have' found Porac on my computer and it looks like a lovely town. I would appreciate any information I could get.
email: - - Posted 27 August 1999

Researching: BIGOS
Dobry Den! Potrebovala by som vasu pomoc. Treba mi najst e-mail, alebo adresu jedneho cloveka ktory byva v Levoci. Vola sa Vladimir Bigos. Keby ste prosim Vas mohli, tak mi pomozte najst tohto cloveka e-mail, alebo adresu. Poznate Mariu Macalovu? Ja ju poznam. Porac sa mi hrozne paci, ale ja uz totiz na Slovensku nebyvam, a hrozne by som potrebovala tu e-mail. Tak prosim Vas, aspon mi odpiste. Velmi pekne Vam dakujem! Dovidenia.
email: Dominique Richards - - Posted 27 August 1999

My grandfather, Ignatz Joseph Kostelnik, (dob 1/31/1893) and his brother, Urban Joseph Kostelnik, immigrated to Lansford, PA in 1906, from near Bratislava. Their parents may have been John Kostelnik and Anna Lipka Kostelnik. Ignatz and Urban moved to Bethlehem, PA. They were both married (at separate times) to Anna Gabriella Balik (dob 3/6/1895). Her parents may have been Joseph and Barbara Balik. I am searching for any information about this family.
email: Rick Kostelnik - - Posted 26 August 1999

I am looking for any information on the Wiederman family from Blatnice, and other relatives from Blatnice with the name Krapek, or Miskova. Also researching Pernecky, from Kuty, Ladislav Hesek, from Brodskem Pavel and Anicka Balga, from Brodske, and Betty Hrncarova, from Soblanov. I would appreciate anything anyone can tell me about them. Thank you.
email: Karen Sutliff - - Posted 26 August 1999

I am researching my ancestral names. The first is the family of Bednar. My maternal grandfather, Joseph Bednar, came to western Pennsylvania from the Carpatho-Rusyn village of Lukov, near Barejov, in Sarys County, Eastern Slovakia. My maternal grandmother, Anastasia Stefkova, came to Pennsylvania from Humensky Rokytov, near Hummene, in Zemplyn County, Eastern Slovakia. Both of them came during the great immigration of the early 20th century, through Ellis Island. They both attended the Byzantine Rite Church of Holy Ghost in McKees Rocks, PA, where they were married. I am also seeking information on the Lubas family name. I know that both of my paternal grandparents came from what is today southern Poland. Frantisek Lubas and Suzanna Lukacs Lubas were married in Medzilaborce (now Slovakia) around 1900. They came to America also during the great immigration, through Ellis Island, and also resided in western Pennsylvania. If anyone has any leads or information, please contact me.
email: - - Posted 26 August 1999

My grandfather was Martin Ahlin, of Mlacevo. He came to the US in 1903. His parents were named Anton and Ursula Ahlin, or Oilin. He had a brother named Joseph who traveled to the US with his future wife, Josephine Travnik. Please help me locate relatives. Thank You!
email: - - Posted 26 August 1999

I am looking for ancestors. The information as I have it is: Tomas Kissa married Marianna Bajke; Suzanna Kissa (daughter) married Andrew Kissa and had 3 daughters; Paulina Kissa (5/24/1888- 6/16/1937) married Andrew Bartos (5/26/1881-12/17/1937); Emilia Kissa married (unknown); Milka (daughter) married Zdenek Ertel; Gisela (daughter); Maria Kissa married (unknown). Any questions or answers, please email me.
email: - - Posted 26 August 1999

Researching: UJKE, UJACK, UJEK, UJAK
I am looking for any info on any of the following names Ujke, Ukack, Ujek, or Ujak. We are unsure of the correct spelling we have found no family roots except for the name Michael Ujack who immigrated here from Austria-Hungary(Slovakia). Any help is gretly appreciated.
email: - - Posted 25 August 1999

Researching: MASKO, MACZKO,
Masko (Maczko) Family in Stropko/Stropkov, Slovakia - Two brothers, Frank and Andrew, from Stropko/Stropkov in what is now Slovakia, arrived at Ellis Island Oct. 12, 1903 on a ship of the North German Lloyd line from Bremen to NY. When they were processed through, Frank's name was written phonetically as "Masko" and Andrew's as "Masco." They were separated and lost touch with each other. Another brother, George, later emigrated to America and retained the original surname spelling, which we assume was "Maczko." A fourth brother, Joseph, and sisters Anna and Mary remained at home, as did their parents, Andrew and Anna(?). There has been no word since 1933. At that time, their mother was still living, Mary had been ill for a number of years, and Anna had married and had children. The family was Catholic, so church records may have survived. Frank Andrew Masko (Maczko) was born Dec. 22, 1886 or 84. Nothing more is known of them. Frank's son has searched for them all his life, without success. Any information about the family and their ancestors would be greatly appreciated.
email: Barbara Collin - - Posted 25 August 1999

Looking for information on the Streno, Kepic, and Popovic Families.
email: - - Posted 25 August 1999

I am searching the name Polivka. The only name I have is my great grandfathers name which was Bohumil Robert Polivka born in 1928. He married a woman name Anna Zabran and had my grandmother Lillian. Any info would be great.
email: - - Posted 25 August 1999

Researching: GLEISNER
Searching for family name Gleisner from Bojnice.
email: Rudolph Miller - RMILLERMEX@YAHOO.COM - Posted 25 August 1999

Researching: BERTEKAP
I am looking for any information on the family last name of Bertekap. It is a very unusual name and my father and his father both came from Vinne, Slovenskia (Slovakia). If anyone has information of any kind about this name please contact me.
email: Gerald Bertekap - - Posted 24 August 1999

My father, John Smajda, was born in Stanca in 1921 and died in Niagara Falls, Ontario in 1990. His parents were Michael Smajda and Helen Stefanko (I'm pretty sure that's how her name was spelled). Michael had two brothers who travelled to the States before my father was born. They died in Colorado and Buffalo, New York, as far as my dad knew, never having married or having a family. I never knew their names. My grandmother had at least one brother Andre. My father had two brothers who died as babies. I did not know their names either. My father and my grandparents moved to Belgium when my father was nine years old - that would be 1930. I'm curious to find out more about my grandfather's ancestors, as well as more about my grandmother's siblings and relatives. It would be amazing to discover that I have living relatives in Slovakia! There was an entitlement of land as well, as far as I know, in Stanca, for my dad. He was last notified of it around the mid-1970's. It would be wonderful if you could help me with any of this, or possibly lead me in a direction that I could take to find more myself. Thank you.
email: Christina Smajda - - Posted 24 August 1999

Looking for information on my grandma, name Elizabeth Ondich, immigrated from Czechloslovakia in the early 1900's and immigrated to US, settled in Wilkes-Barre Pa., Lived on Old School House Lane. Had several children John Samko, Helen Thomas, Liz Oravic, Ann Metzger, and Mary Kruse (married names). and Uncle Andy who did on a ship during WWII. ANy help I would apprecaite it as my folks are getting up in age and not in good health. All my grandmas kids are still alive excpt Andy and Liz. Thanks!
email: - - Posted 24 August 1999

I am just beginning a search for our family history. My mother's maiden name was Margaret Vasco. She was born and raised in Newton Falls, Ohio. Her parents were Nicholas Vasco and Elizabeth Keselack. They were married in Pittsburgh (Braddock?) and moved to Ohio in 1920. Elizabeth was from Spiska. Nicholas had a brother, George Vasko. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
email: Maggie Wheale - - Posted 24 August 1999

Researching: KUCHARIK
I am searching for any records or information with regards to the surname Kucharik. I have traced the name to a town called Prulic. I am also aware that the spelling may have been Germanised. I would be grateful for any information received.
email: Tanja Kucharik - - Posted 24 August 1999

Researching: ORAVETZ
Oravetz, Looking for decendants of Matthew Oravetz who came to the US in 1905 settled in PA.
email: - - Posted 24 August 1999

Researching: ZIPSER
I am trying to locate the parentage of my great grandfather Sidney Zipser, born 1-23-1900 probably in Hungary. Can you please help? Any info would be greatly appreciated, thank you.
email: - - Posted 23 August 1999

Researching: FETCHKO
Looking for information on the Fetchko surname.
email: - - Posted 23 August 1999

Researching: GREGA, SHRAMKO
Looking for any info on a John and Anna Grega. They are my great grandparents. John Grega came to United States (Pennsylvania) in 1891. He was approximately 19. Wife Anna came to Pennsylvania in 1898 she was approximately 23. They had three children Joseph, John and Anne(?). Any info on where they originally came from would be greatly appreciated. Looking for any info on Andrew Shramko who came to the United States (Pennsylvania) Late 1890's or early 1900's. Any info would be appreciated. I don't think he was married at the time but not sure.
email: Connie Menichi - - Posted 23 August 1999

I am researching my family from Slovakia. My grandfather Ignatius Kostelnik (DOB 1.31.1893) was from Babin Potok and emigrated to Pennsylvania. His parents were John Kostelnik and Anna Lipka. John had a brother Joseph. My grandmother, Anna Gabriella Balik (DOB 3.6.95) was from Presov. Her parents were Joseph and Barbara Balik.
email: Rick Kostelnik - - Posted 23 August 1999

I am trying to find any internet information about dr.Terezija Scherbanovska, from Michalovce. You can also look for Petra Scherbanovska or Oliver Scherbanovski (Michalovce). Thank you!
email: Matevz Persin - - Posted 23 August 1999

Searching the surname or any information on Litvinow or Litvinov family history.
email: - - Posted 22 August 1999

Researching: SHKYMBA
Any Shkymbas out there?
email: - - Posted 22 August 1999

Researching: BOCSAN
Searching for Istvan (Alexander) Bocsan of Velky Ruskov / Dvorianky, Zemplen.
email: - - Posted 22 August 1999

Researching: SCZISKA, SISKO
I have little info regarding a place name,Szepeso Falu, Austro-Hungarian empire. Great,great grandad came from the region referred to it as Sodna Guda (phonetically spelled)(Black Hills). Name involved is present day Sisko, could have been spelled Scziska or such. Would appreciate any info regarding these queries.
email: Lawrence Alger - - Posted 22 August 1999

I am looking for relatives to my grandparents, fathers side Negrey, mothers side Skylok (US Skeslock). I am planning to visit Stropkov September of this year and would like to know if there are any of the relatives that I can EMail.
email: Richard Negrey - - Posted 22 August 1999

Researching: DROBNAK
Searching for the ancestors of Andrew (Andre) John Drobnak, born in Markovce, Austria on Noc. 30 1882. Left Bremen Germany for US in 1896. Arrived in US on 11-14-1896 on the ship S.S.Trave. We suspect a spelling change of Andrew's last name in the US. He gives his nationality as Slovak. Can you help?
email: Mary Anne Drobnak - - Posted 21 August 1999

Researching: DUSEK
I am looking for information regarding Joseph George Dusek Sr. and/or Wenceslas Dusek. The former was born in Prague (I think) around 1880 and emigrated around 1889. I am curious to know where the family came from, etc. Thanks.
email: Una Kumpf - kumpf@csli.Stanford.EDU - Posted 21 August 1999

My maternal grandfather's name: John Prokop, grandmother's Anna (nee: Strapka), paternal grandfather Joseph Bobrowicz, grandmother Katherine (nee: unk). My father changed the name to Babrich from Bobrowicz, but I don't' know when. Any information would be appreciated.
email: Ed Babrich - - Posted 21 August 1999

I am researching the Grucelak family from Leluchow, Nowy Sacz, Poland and the Brudnyak family from Obrucne, Saros County, Slovak Republic. So far, I've been able to trace my Grucelak ancestry back to 1752 to a Jan Grucelak from Leluchow. Some of the Grucelak descendents were from the Kierpczar, Hrabczak, Pohlid, Zydowski, Rewilak, Pyda, Czupkinka, Romaniak, Barnowsi, Haschak, Kocharmos, Koritko and Sovich families. The Brudnyak side of the house were descended from Stefancsik and Popovic families. Somewhere along the line, the name Grucelak was changed to Krucelyak, Brucelak, Krucilock and at least 13 other variations. I have had great success locating my direct line of ancestory with the assistance of the Polish Archives and fellow Sovich and Pyda family researchers but, have no information on Grucelak family members that married into the families listed above. If you have any information on the families listed above or would be interested reviewing the information I have gathered so far, please e-mail me.
email: Debbie Krucelyak Chambers - - Posted 21 August 1999

Researching: SHIMKO
Can I have some information on the surname Shimko.
email: - - Posted 21 August 1999

Researching: LOEWY, CURWEN
I am looking for relatives of my father Jakub Loewy (born Bratislava 1922), son of Hugo and Mathilde, married to Ruth Mary Curwen. My father left for the US in 1939, then settled in the UK, where I was born in 1959. I have two brothers (Simon & Gideon), and a sister (Hannah). I live in Tel Aviv, Israel, and would be thrilled to hear from anyone who knows our family. Thank you.
email: Reuben Loewy - - Posted 20 August 1999

Researching: MIKUSH
Please help me out if their are still any Mikush left in the old country of Czechoslavikia. Thank-You!
email: Cindy - - Posted 20 August 1999

I have been trying to reach you about Paul Stefanik, Cyndy Vojkto, but no luck. Your e mail address was not accepted. Perhaps, your e mail address has changed later than old address. Please contact with me asap. Thank you very much.
email: Adrienne Stefanik - - Posted 20 August 1999

I am needing to find my cousin Ludmila Ombroune at 0 32 23 L. La Cuico, CSSR. She is a Doctor caring for childern. We are having a family reuion of my grandmothers side of the family. My grandmothers name was Anna Cerstvik and she had a sister by the name of Helen and a brother by the name of Peter Cerstvik and one by the name of Josepha Cerstvik. Please anyone who can help me find my cousin. The place may be Myjava, please let me know as soon as possible. Thank- You Very Much,
email: Cousin Janie - - Posted 20 August 1999

Researching: GRUSS
Looking for Gruss surname, came to US about 1845, settled in St. Louis Mo. area. Thank you.
email: Patricia Perkins Fa-Kouri - - Posted 20 August 1999

Researching Michael G. Palyo, born Dec. 31 1873 in Austro-Hungarian Empire. Came to Yonkers New York in 1890. Married Mary Ungvarsky in New York. Had 11 children. Would like any information on family and background.
email: - - Posted 20 August 1999

I am searching for information about the Hanuscins from Porac and the Hozas from Spisska Nova Vess. My great grandmother was Zuzanna Hoza Kluchar she and her husband came to the US during WWII. My Great granfather was John Hanuscin. He came from Porac during WWII. His wife's maiden name was Hruby or Hrubi. Any information on any of these names would be greatly appreciated.
email: Carrie Hanuscin - - Posted 20 August 1999

Researching: BEHUN, HAJDUCKO
Trying to find out who my grandparents are. Mother (Anna Behun) and father (Paaul Hajducko ) from and in around Humenin, Czechoslovakia.
email: - - Posted 19 August 1999

Searching for history of John Kuches and Agnes Peckarovich (sp?). Both born, I think, near Bratislava.
email: - - Posted 19 August 1999

Researching: KOZUMPLIK
I am looking for information about the Kozumplik family who lived in a village/town called Vessely or Vesly (any name close to that) in the year 1800-present.
email: - - Posted 19 August 1999

Researching: REPKO, BARRON
I am searching for any available information for Repko. Please contact me with any information for Repko or Barron.
email: - - Posted 19 August 1999

Researching: LEMESH
John Lemesh (arrived USA 1906 from Pinsk, Byleorussia(now Belarus), son Paul Lemesh, born 8-16-1887, died 8-3-1959, Hannibal, Missouri. Per Paul's published obit.
email: - - Posted 18 August 1999

I am searching for ancesters of John Moritz, (Jan Moric) in Hasprunka, a town near the Austria-Hungary border. John was the son of Frank Moric and Catherine Riebecky?. Frank was a citizen of Hasprunka. John married Katerine Slezacova on February 13 or 14, 1905 and emigrated to the USA in 1906. They lived in Milwaukee, Wis. We recently were given some receipts which showed John sent money to Katerine's father? named Pavel Slezak, address shown was St. Ivestan #103. Post Office Malacky? Anyone know if St. Ivestan is a village near Hasprunka? We were always told Hasprunka was the village.
email: - - Posted 18 August 1999

Looking for any information on the name Shivak. Hungarian immigrants from possibly the regions of Gomor, Abauj-Torna, Zemplem and/or Borsod. Andrew Shivak born 8/16/1891 married Elizabeth GAaspar born 9?/17?/04 on or around 8/12/22 and settled in Lorain, Ohio. Shivaks are related to Palczers and distantly to Olahs also of Lorain, Ohio. Am especially interested in finding out the names of Andrew's parents, his father was born 8/1/1865 and his mother was born 6/24/1871, her maiden name as well as her given name is unknown. Shivaks are mostly in Ohio, PA, NY and MI, with some in CA and through out Canada. If your surname is Shivak and you think you may be related or anyone with any information, please contact me.
email: Jeff - - Posted 18 August 1999

Researching: GOLIAN
Andre Golian was born in Detva 1875.
email: John Golian - - Posted 18 August 1999

I am looking for any information on the Midlik & Ference families from Porac. My grandfather was Andrew Midlik. His parents were Demetrius & Frances Midlik. He had one brother Mike Midlik and three sisters, Mary Midlik Kalna, Helen Midlik Liska & Frances Midlik. My grandmother was Mary Ference Midlik. Her parents were Andrew & Mary Ference. She had three brothers, John Ference, Dan Ference & Alec Ference. I am trying to find out who Demetrius & Frances Midlik & Andrew & Mary Ference parents were. Any information would be helpful.
email: Karen - - Posted 18 August 1999

I am researching the above surnames. My ancestor, Ferdinand Vanke (Wanke) and his wife, Anna Sloboda, immigrated to the US in May 1903 via Bremen, Germany. They came from either Krakovan or Cejejtye, Slovakia (Hungary). They had 5 children: Ferdinand, Louis, Rudolph, Emil, and Elizabeth. They settled in the Akron, Ohio area. Any information on these ancestors or the towns the came from would be greatly appreciated.
email: Zee Wornica - - Posted 17 August 1999

Researching: KOZAK
Seeking information about Kis-azar, Male Ozarovce, Presov, Kocise, Trebisov , Kapuany and Zbehnov. In the late 1800's, family members immigrated to Pittsburgh, and Homestead, PA Family names are Janos Kozak, Michal, Kozak, and Zuzanna Kozak. Michal was born in 1860 and came to the US about 1876. His brother's names were Andrew and John. Son Michal Kozak was born in 1891, Zemplin Co, Slovakia. His mother was Susanna. He immigrated to the US in 1907. His old address: Juroj Knis, Fulanka ul cinkrinska, cd41p.p., Kapusany psi, Presov, Czechoslovakia Please send any information.
email: Sandra Kornish - - Posted 17 August 1999

Searching for the above surnames in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. They may have lived in Teplice or Husak.
email: Doreen Rosko - - Posted 17 August 1999

Elmer Urban was born in Svidnik (1883) and reared in the province of Zemplin. His father was Ferencz Urban and his mother, Maria Virosztek. His sister, Valeria Urban Szigeti, lived with her husband in or around Budapest in the l920s. Reszo Szigeti died in l921, so Valeria may have remarried. Information?
email: Carol Valeria Boyer - - Posted 17 August 1999

Researching: NOVAK, JACOB
Looking for family information.
email: Mark Novak - - Posted 17 August 1999

Looking for information about my grandparents, Daniel Krajnak (Kraynak) and Anna Tomin Matiscik Kraynak, believed to be from Kortorba (Koterbach), Czechoslovakia.
email: - - Posted 17 August 1999

Researching: HUTNIK
My grandfather, Michael Hutnik, m. Veronica Hutnik in Slovakia, immigrated to the US and settled in Iron Belt, WI. They then traveled to the upper peninsula of Michigan. They had five children: Anne, Rudolph, Mary, Mike, and Vern. I am in the process of deciphering a passport and other papers Michael Hutnik had in the Slovakian army.
email: Judy Hutnik Bonello - - Posted 16 August 1999

I am looking for any information on the Midlik and Ference families from Porac. My Grandmother's name was Maria (Mary) Ference (Ferenc). Her parents' names were Andrew and Mary Ference (Ferenc). She had three brothers; John, Daniel and Alec. She married my Grandfather, Andrew Midlik. They lived in Allison, PA. His parents were Demetrius and Frances Midlik. He had one brother, Mike Midlik, three sisters, Mary Midlik Kalna, Helen Midlik Liska and Frances Midlik. Any information I could have on the Midlik or Ference families would be greatly appreciated.
email: Karen Swartz - - Posted 16 August 1999

I am searching for my Strba ancestors. My g-gf, George Strba, was from Miava /Myjava. He supposedly married a Hlobek (sp?). His son, my grandfather, was John Strba, who was born in Nova Lehota, Austria- Hungary, which could have been the Nova Lhota in the Czech Republic, or one of the Nova Lehotas in Slovakia. Since Nova Lhota, CR is only a few miles from Myjava, SK, he was probably born in the CR. How could I contact someone in Myjava who is familiar with the "matriky" there? Who in Myjava could help me to find any Strbas there? How could I get a telephone directory listing of Strbas in Myjava? Would anyone know anyone in Myjava who is on the Internet? Same questions for Nova Lhota, CR and Nova Lehota, SK.
email: Ray Strobo - - Posted 16 August 1999

Researching: BERDINER
I am researching my father's surname, Berdiner, which we were told was Slovak. My grandfather's name was Paul Berdiner. The family lived in Mahanoy Plane, Gilberton Boro, Schuylkill Co., PA. We have very little information on this family and would appreciate any help.
email: - PBERD1025@AOL.COM - Posted 16 August 1999

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