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Researching: GERBOC
I am looking for the surname Gerboc from Slovakia.
email: - - Posted 29 September 1997

Researching: BOBY
Researching information on the surname Boby. My grandfather George Valentine Boby was born in or near Bratislava just before the start of World War I. His family immigrated to the U.S., first to Pennsylvania and then to Chicago. The surname Boby may have been changed, first Hungarianized for the passport to leave Slovakia, then a part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and then Americanized upon arrival in the U.S. I am looking for information on their village of origin, family connections, occupation(s), etc.
email: David J. Boby - - Posted 29 September 1997

Searching for Durisek from near Vrbove or Podkylava, and Ochodnicky from Zadovica near Myjava, both in the hills west of Piestany, north of Bratislava. Also searching for Miczan or Mican from Chliebnice, in the Orava area and Goralska, location unknown.
email: Susan Durisek - - Posted 29 September 1997

I could use info about the Sulva, Balzan, Diak, and Hladik families. Cities related to the above names are: Soporna, Zarnavica, and Petrova. Any help would be appreciated.
email: - - Posted 29 September 1997

Researching: SKADRA, SKODA
I am inquiring for my grandmother. Her mother and father came to the U.S. in 1913 her father's name was Emrich Skadra her mother's maiden name was Alzbetta (i am unsure of the spelling) Skoda. I do not have a lot of information on Skoda or Skadra. I know her father was born in Kuti. I also know my grandmother is one of 8 children. My great- grandmother had at least one sister that I know of. Any help as to our ancestry would be very appreciated.
email: Leland Hulbert II - - Posted 29 September 1997

Would like to contact anyone researching Babcanic, Magyar or Timko in the Teplicka, Nova Ves area or anyone who has an idea where this is located in Slovakia.
email: - - Posted 29 September 1997

I am just starting to inquire about my grandparents and ancestors. My grandfathers name was Joseph Drenchko and he married Mary Kindya they both came to America in the early 1900's from Jarabina in the region of Spis. If any one can help point me in the right direction I would appreciate it. Thanks.
email: Mark Drenchko - - Posted 29 September 1997

Surnames: Sawchak Nick, Sawczak Nikolaj Komaniecka birthplace Woli Nyzny; Rczescow Sanok, Shubiak Pauline, Szubiak Paraska, Peleszczak Howran, birthplace Woli Nizny; Rczescow Sanok, Anna Kawula nee Sawczak, birthplace Woli Nyzny; Steve Stephan Sawczak birthplace Woli Nyzny.
email: - - Posted 29 September 1997

Researching: STEFANOV
I am looking for any information on the Stefanov family in Slovakia. My grandparents came to the U.S.A. in the late 1890`s from the vicinity of the village of Velka Lesna and the Tatra Mountains. My own research into the name suggests it is Bulgarian in origin, and I am trying to find a link into the Slovakia region.
email: William L. Stefanov - - Posted 29 September 1997

I am looking for my brother(s) with the last name Huebschmann or Hibshman. My father who is deceased came to the United States in 1939. He lost contact with his family. They came from Bodruzal.
email: Betty Hibshman - - Posted 29 September 1997

Looking for the surnames Matta in the Zemplin area, village of Tiba. Also the surname Paulovcsak village of Milovcae. Thank you.
email: J. Perla - - Posted 29 September 1997

I am searching for any information family members by the names Jakobovits(z), Froimovits(z). All originated from Mukachevo (Munkach), Ukraine, formerly Czechoslovakia and Slovakia.
email: M. Jacob - - Posted 29 September 1997

Researching: MORAVA, HLADKY
Searching Joseph Morava and Anna Hladky from Tabor.
email: - - Posted 29 September 1997

Researching: HNAT
Researhing Hnat families from Maly Lipnik and Hnats from other villages in Saros and their family history.
email: David Haversat - - Posted 29 September 1997

Researching: ORLOVSKY
Looking for any information on our family's surname of Orlovsky. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
email: - - Posted 29 September 1997

Researching the families Antal and Valko from the village of Mala Poloma, Roznava, Slovakia. Also researching the families Mertus and Hlavac from the village of Gocova, Slovakia.
email: Keith Antal - - Posted 29 September 1997

Researching: ROMAN, PETRUS
I am looking for information on the Roman Family from Velky Ruskov, Zemplin County. Some of the family remains there. Michael Roman came to Canada about 1880. From there he went to New England where he married Anna Petrus and then both moved to Kelley's Island, Ohio. About 1898 they moved, again, to Exeter, Pennsylvania where they settled. Descendants still remain in Exeter.
email: Carolyn Petrus - - Posted 29 September 1997

Researching: SOLC, GAVURA
Name is Solc and Gavura both from Slovakia left before WW2 dont remember the village but it is gone.
email: Joe Gavura - - Posted 28 September 1997

Researching: MIHOK, MOLNAR
My grandmother's name was Mary Elizabeth Mihok. She came to the United States in 1913 and worked in an uncles store located in Gary Indiana. She had a sister named Setka. Her mother's name was Mary Molnar and her father's name was John Mihok. She came from the village of Kosice-Hamroke in the county of Abov in in the nation of Slovakia. Any help in this area would be appreciated.
email: - - Posted 28 September 1997

Researching: PRELEV, KOZEK
My childrens' paternal great-grandmother was Helen Prelev, born in Bratislava and came to America c.1922. She resided in Columbus, Ohio and married Michael (Mikhail) Kozek who came to this country from Russia around the same time. They had at least one child, Alexander Samuel Sebastian. I have never seen the name Prelev before and am curious as to its origins.
email: Dolores McCarthy - - Posted 28 September 1997

I am seeking information about my ancestory. My name Charles Hropvich (Hropovich, Chrapovich, Chrapovic). My parents came over on the ship Amerika from Hamburg, Germany in 1913 and landed in New York. My mothers maiden name was Kopchik and my grand mother s name was Slezak. They were from Ublja, Zemplin or Zemplinska then Austria-Hungary and now Slovakia in the eastern part of the country. My parents settled in Johnstown, Pa. and are buried there.
email: - - Posted 28 September 1997

My mother's name was Check. My grandfather was active with the Sokols in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, John D. Check.
email: - - Posted 28 September 1997

Ducko - Duszko from Udva Zemplin, Martin born there November 24, 1881. Father Andrew Duszko, mother Mary Urban. Brother Andrew and sister Suzanne. Martin left in 1900. Brother Andrew left in 1908. Lived in Trenton, NJ rest of lives. They were the only Ducko's in Trenton. Does anyone have any information on other family members who remained in Slovakia (Hungary)? The father, Andrew Duszko was perhaps some kind of magistrate when Martin was a young boy. I believe Martin also had a brother John who died and left a widow and a son named John. She remarried a Michael Graycar and came to Trenton, NJ. with her new husband and family in the early 1900's.
email: Peg Duko - - Posted 28 September 1997

I am searching for information on Sutsko, Svenda, and Fegyo. Barbara Sutsko b. b. 1884 in Antaloce married John Svenda - daughter Mary. Step-daughters Anna, Barbara, and Julia Svenda Barbara's parents: Sutsko / Mary Fegyo children: George, Barbara, Julia, and Michael
email: - - Posted 28 September 1997

Researching: KOSTIZ
My grandfather emigrated to the U.S. after the turn of the century from Budapest, Hungary. I have been trying to determine the spelling of his surname prior to going through Ellis Island. I have looked at census records, hungarian surname lists, etc. but no luck. The spelling of the family surname after Ellis Island was Kostiz.
email: -
MKOSTIZ@AINET.COM - Posted 28 September 1997

My grandfather came from Szeszta (Now Cestice)in Slovakia in 1888. He was born in 1872. Looking for information on his father and fathers brothers and sisters. Appears to have a whole family there and looking for others that came to US. Koteles family and Bialko family came from Torna in Slovakia. Looking for other familes that might be related. Can not find any information on the Bialko family. Have Bialko family in two differant grandparents.
email: Bill Takacs - - Posted 28 September 1997

I am looking for information about my grandfather and family ancestors. His name is Adam Yarosik. He was from the village of Torysky, born Sept. 14, 1902. His father's name was Pete Yarosik and his mother's name was Anna. She was born July 24, 1874. He also had a step-brother, John Skovranko, born Sept. 3, 1895. They came to the USA in March 1920. If you know of a local church, and place of residence, please let me know. Thank you for your help.
email: Rege Sabol - - Posted 28 September 1997

Researching: HLADIK
I am searching for Hladik family members from Kuklov. Any information or suggestion would greatly be appreciated.
email: Sandy Allen - - Posted 22 September 1997

I am looking for information about my grandfather's family. He was Stephen Paul Gasperecz, born in Hlinik 1 Apr 1889 son of Stephen Gasperecz and Frances Stecklaus. His parents died in Ville Platte, Louisiana. He died in New Orleans 19 Feb 1985. His father Stephen was born 8 Sep 1858. His grandfather was Francis Gasperecz born abt 1812. His grandmother was Maria Chudy. I have visited Hlinik and Zilina and have had contact with collateral relatives but they know little family history. If anyone can help me I would appreciate it.
email: Bob Baxter -
70143.766@CompuServe.COM - Posted 22 September 1997

Researching: HAZLIN
I live in New York City, USA. My family immigrated from what my grandfather said was Czechoslovakia. Recently, my brother, John M. Hazlin IV, has found that there is a town called Hazlin in Slovakia. This leads me to believe that my ancestors were from there, or perhaps, our name was changed during immigration; perhaps the name was mistakenly recorded as the village name. I am interested in finding out about Hazlin, the village, or any other people named Hazlin.
email: Mark Hazlin - - Posted 22 September 1997

My brother-in-law discovered shortly after his mother died that her maiden name was Kudrick. For some reason she went by Fensick. We do know she spent her early years in an orphanage. We found in her papers a certificate of baptism from Saint John's in Hazelton, Pennsylvania. On it, her father's name was Theodore Kudrick and her mother's name was Mary Vasilko. It is upsetting to find you know nothing about your background after so many years.
email: Sharon Tully - - Posted 22 September 1997

Searching for Gonglik and Mednansky.
email: - - Posted 22 September 1997

Researching: KUHAIDA
Researching Stefan Kuhaida, married to Mary, lived in Malatina area before imigrating to the state of Ohio.
email: - - Posted 22 September 1997

I am researching the following: Leopold Silhavy- b.10 Nov 1853, d. 31 May 1900 buried in Sabinov, Slovakia. Matilda Yankovich Silhavy - b. 29 Oct 1861, married Leopold 25 July 1880, emigrated to US in 1901 with 4 children.She first went to her sister (Veronica?) in Scranton PA then two months later went to Bridgeport CT where she died on 29 Oct 1932. Her mothers maiden name was Morolik (spelling?), and they are buried in Sabinov also. Leopold and Matilda worked for a Countess of Hadik-Barkoczy von Futak uns Szala, she was a lady in waiting, he was a forester on the estate. I have had great difficulty locating information on this countess and where the estate was located. Matilda and Leopold had the following children ( the first 4 or 5 born in Polocz, others born in Marienthal Saros): -Alador b.19 May 1881, he was General Postmaster of Budapest. He had two sons, Tibor and Joseph. Tibor was a doctor for the Russian Olympic team in 1976, Joseph was in a concentration camp during WWII for assisting Jews, married in the camp and had a daughter Marianne born in a relocation camp in 1946. We are searching for these people. -Joseph b.1884 d. 1958, came to US had 4 children. -Anna b.20 Feb 1886, went to Yugoslavia and not heard from again. -Bela b.1888 d. 1950's in CT had 3 children. -Leopold, infant b.6 Dec 1890 d. 5 Jan 1891, buried in Sabinov cemetery we think. -Mary b.1892 married George Blomgren 1914, had a son Charles in 1917, died in the flu epidemic of 1918, buried in CT. -Irene Rose b.1898 married John McCarthy 1920, daughter Irene born 1922 (that is my mother, married Walter Petzolt 1957, daughter Maura Anne born 1959, Walter died 1986, Irene died 1991) All are buried in CT. Any links or information would be appreciated. After August 30, 1997 I will not have email, after that date please contact me at: 841 Royal Woods Drive East, Mobile, AL 36608
email: Maura Petzolt - Posted 22 September 1997

Researching: YAMBOR, JAMBOR
My mother's name was Mary Beatrice Yambor, also spelled Jambor. She was born in Nove Mesto nad Vahom about the turn of the century, and came from a large family with about 5 sisters and several brothers, who came to the US in the early 20's, some settling in Chicago, others in New York. I would like to know more about the family, and postal addresses and e-mail addresses of relatives. Thank you.
email: Michael E. Schoeffel - - Posted 22 September 1997

Searching for Bodnar, Kollar, Balabas, and Bulebosh in Forro, Luka, or Ovcie.
email: - - Posted 22 September 1997

Researching: SAPSARA, BLICHA
I am interested in researching my family tree. However, I have come to a dead end. If you or anyone else can help me, I would be most grateful. The family name, Sapsara, is the way it has been spelled since my ancestors came from Czechoslovakia. I believe the name was spelled Czapczara in Roskovce. The other name I am interested in is Blicha. I believe they came from Bystra. I look forward to hearing from you.
email: Nancy Dunn - - Posted 22 September 1997

My maternal lines are from Nizny-Medzev, formerley Metzenseifen, which is near Kosice. The surnames are: Moenich, Eiben, Schuerger, Potra, Schmotzer or Schmatzer and Grentzer. If anyone can help, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.
email: Marvin Wolgast - - Posted 22 September 1997

I searching for Uniontown, Fayette County, Pennsylvania area just after the turn of the century. The names I'm looking for are: Lacey could have originally been Lissey, Mihlo and Skovran. It was Joseph Lacey who married Catherine Mihlo are both immigrated her from the same village and were both widowed. They have their own children and had together one son, Mike Lacey, my father-in-law. A brother whose family is still in the area was Peter Lacey. The Skovran was an aunt and uncle who settled in another state. Both belonged to the Greek Orthodox Church but I have found nothing in the census or anywhere. Also, Joseph worked for the Oliver mines as an inspector of tracks.
email: - - Posted 22 September 1997

I am searching for the Kovalycsik, Kovalcik, Vansco, Kravchak and Belej names. They all came from the village of Ujak (now Udol) Eastern Slovakia, a Carpatho-Rusyn village and were all Greek-Rite Catholic. Dates of immigration were between 1892 to 1909. Immigrated to the Passaic and Garfield, New Jersey areas. Am especially trying to find the decendants of Helena also know as Julia Kravchak who married Stefan Kovalycsik in 1908, had three children, John, Mary and Michael and then left him in 1911. Also looking for decendents of the Peter Kovalycsik family from Passaic and Garfield, their family is buried in St. Peters Greek-Rite Catholic Cemetery in Garfield. All attended St. Michaels Greek-Rite Church in Passaic. Looking for any decendants or individuals who have present day knowledge of these names and possible information.
email: Joy Kovalycsik - - Posted 22 September 1997

The Kunca, Bily, Bokros, and Perzel families came to USA in 1890 and settled in New Jersey then moved to Lansford, Pennsylvania.
email: George R. Thomas - - Posted 22 September 1997

Researching: KRUZE, SOLVEIGJ
I am searching for Kruze family, one of my middle names is Solveigj, does this sound familar?
email: - - Posted 22 September 1997

I am searching for any information on my family name, Skreptak. My father, John (Jan), came to Canada in the mid 1920's and settled in Alberta. He later moved to British Columbia, settling in Princeton where he married my mother Annie (Kassa) and moved to Windsor, Ontario about 1942. He had two sisters living in British Columbia, Mary Rusinko and Annie Varga, both now deceased. He also had some distant relatives in Pennslyvania. Any information would be appreciated.
email: Ron Skreptak - - Posted 22 September 1997

Researching: JUSKO, YUSKO
Searching for information about the Jusko or Yusko family that came to the Pittsburgh, PA area from Secovce, Slovakia (near Kosice) around 1900. Apparently, the family later returned to Secovce, but two younger members of the family, Michael and Andrew, came back to the US.
email: Joseph F. Stegall - - Posted 22 September 1997

I am researching the above names in Spisske Vlachy, and surrounding towns in eastern Slovakia, and help would be appreciated, Does anyone know what these names mean? Thank you.
email: David Dwyer - - Posted 22 September 1997

I am researching my father's family tree. He was raised by his step-father Kasawan but his birth name was Sabol. He lived in the 1930's in Winnipeg, Manitoba. I am not sure if he was born there. His mother was Tina (nickname Tiny) Schubert. Any information greatly appreciated.
email: Alfred Stinziano - - Posted 22 September 1997

Researching: KRIKO, BZDUSEK
I am researching two sides on my mom's side. George and Anna (nee Kriko) Bzdusek came to Chicago in the early 1900s from Bratislava, Slovakia. They left behind one son, George Bzdusek and brought two sons: Stefan and John with them.
email: - - Posted 22 September 1997

Researching: MIHALKO
My grandparents John & Anna Mihalko came to U.S. from Slovakia around 1900. Would like any information on Mihalko name before then.
email: - - Posted 22 September 1997

Researching Tokaruck, (anglicized) Zurek, Martinchuk, Mihovan, from the village of Bobesti, Bukovina near Czernowitz (Cernovcy). Both my grandparents were neighbors in the same town, Bobesti. My grandfather, Theodosi Tokaruck, left in 1913 and landed with relatives in Canada They then worked building the TransCanadian Railway through the center of Canada (many of them staying in Saskatchewan) out to the west coast. He came back via the Mid West to meet my grandmother, Maria Paracina Zurek , in Massachusetts. She came through Boston with her brother Yvonne. Their sponsors were the Mihovan family from East Boston. She settled and found work through the Woman's Educational and Industrial Union. They married in Cambridge, MA in 1916 at St. Andrew's Orthodox Church - then moved, to Maynard, MA then to Framingham, MA, where they settled permanently. Both always said they were Ruthenian, of the Orthodox faith, and spoke a dialect of Ukranian. I can remember my grandfather mentioning the Uniat Church, also. So am confused as to background, Ukranian? Ruthenian? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
email: Liz Colley - - Posted 22 September 1997

Researching: PINTER, HUBIK
Searching for members of the Pinter and Hubik Families.
email: - - Posted 22 September 1997

Have spent quite some time trying to establish a connection between the Kepko family of Krompachy (county Spisska Nova Ves) in the (current) Republic of Slovakia and relatives in the United States, particularly in the states of New York, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. I know that my great-great grandfather Eduard Kepko (listed on his application for naturalized citizenship as Ekwart Kopko) came to New York City in the 1880's and became a citizen in 1892; he became an iron molder by trade. I have original birth and marriage certificates from Krompachy (church of St. John the Evangelist) and have found what I believe to be relatives still living in that town (one named Helena Lustigova, born Helena Kepkova) but have never linked our family with the European ancestors. Eduard Kepko's parents are listed on his marriage certificate as Jozek Kepko and Anna Wiesselberger. He married Johana Kiszely in 1872 in St. John's Church. Would appreciate any help you may have.
email: -
- Posted 22 September 1997

Researching: JANTO
Searching for the Janto surname.
email: George Janto - - Posted 22 September 1997

Researching: CHOREN
Looking for any information on the Choren family. Our earliest records date from October, 1792 with the birth of Stefan Choren in Vrbova, Slovakia. Other records show Choren family members later in Done Dubove, Male Levare and Velke Levare, Slovakia.
email: John A. Choren - - Posted 22 September 1997

Researching: GUTSHALL
Has anyone ever heard the name Gutshall, or a derivative?
email: - - Posted 22 September 1997

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