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Researching: FAJNOR, FAYNOR
I am trying to research the Fajnor (Faynor) name. The village of origin is Fajnorovcov in Slovakia in or near the Carpathians. Visit the Fajnor Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Elizabeth Faynor-Grauwelman - - Posted 31 October 2007

Researching: BOBAK, KAPUTOVA
Adam Bobak was my grandfather and we know he and my grandmother came from Kurov and Bogliarka. Our family settled in the Johnstown Pennsylvania area. Interested in speaking with anyone that can share some info and who could possibly be a relative. Visit the Bobak Family Facts Database.
e-mail: George - - Posted 31 October 2007

My Grandparents are from Austria and Germany. They settled in Illinois and are now deceased. Please let me know if you if you have any information. Visit the Filcsak Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Jan - - Posted 31 October 2007

Researching: LABANZ, MOTISKA
My grandfather, Julius Motiska, was baptized in Pecs in 1878. His parents, Julius Motiska and Matilde Labanz must have been living Pecs at this time. Family immigrated to Scranton, PA around 1884. Visit the Motiska Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Ray Prell (San Diego, CA) - - Posted 31 October 2007

Researching: KUBASEK
I am looking for information regarding Anne Kubasek. She was my wife's best friend in nursing school in the early 1950s. We last heard from her about 50 years ago, she was in Chicago and not in good health. She would be about 85 now. Visit the Kubasek Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Rupert Hoenig - - Posted 31 October 2007

I am looking for my relatives from Naklo 06, Crnomelj Parish, Slovenia. My great great grandfather was Mathias Sedlar, born about 1804 in Naklo 6, Crnomelj Parish and his wife was Agnes Grill born about 1810 daughter of Georg Grill and Magdalena Rozic. Their son Franc (Franz) was born about 1833 in Naklo 6 Cromelj Parish and his wife was Maria Agnic born about 1837. Their children immigrated to the United States settling in Calumet, Michigan. We have no record of what happened to Franc and Maria. Their son Johann Sedlar born 1863 is my grandfather and he never spoke of them to my father. Does anyone know of this family? Visit the Sedlar Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Jackie - - Posted 31 October 2007

Researching: BARTOK, HRATKO
I am searching for any information on John Hratko born about 1861 in Michalovce, Slovakia. Married to Anne Bartok about 1881. They immigrated to Bonnie Terre, Missouri about 1885 and worked in the lead mines later returning to Slovakia. Please notify me. Visit the Bartok Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Lawrence Christian - - Posted 31 October 2007

Researching: CICEWSKI
Searching for birth records of Wilhelm Cicewski in Suchan, Poland about 1876. Searching for a history of Suchan in English. Visit the Cicewski Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Len Golke - - Posted 31 October 2007

My gr grandfather Markus Barnovsky came from Barnowiec (now Poland). He married Maria Chlebek in Kolackov (now Slovakia). His father was Joannes Barnovsky. I can't find anything at all on him, nor can I find a mother for Markus. Please email me. Thanks much! Visit the Barnovsky Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Fran - - Posted 31 October 2007

Researching: SZANDALA
Please find out where it originated from. Visit the Szandala Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Charlei - - Posted 31 October 2007

Researching: SKOMORA
Looking for Skomra. Visit the Skomra Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Robert Skomra - - Posted 31 October 2007

I would like to get any information on the above surnames who resided in Simir, Uzhorod, Slovakia - Czechoslovakia and Podhorod, Berehovo, Carpathian Ruthenia - Czechoslovakia starting with Jacob Weisz (1818) and until 1949 thrown outduring WW 2. Also would like information on Ettel /Ettu (nee Weisz) and Bernard Gross, Hummene (transport #35 from humenne to death camp). Also Helen (nee Weisz) and Jeno Weinberger (and son Tomy) Humenne, Ungvar (Uzhorod getto). In great appreciation. Visit the Gross Family Facts Database.
e-mail: omri wl - - Posted 31 October 2007

Researching: HOMZA
I am trying to do some family research I started with my great grandfather Lucas Homza who came over from Osturna and lived in Lopez, Sullivan County, Pennsylvania. But now I want to go back further starting with his father Michael Homza. I'm trying to go back as far as I can and any information would be appreciated. Thank you. Visit the Homza Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Angela Zosh Smith - - Posted 31 October 2007

Researching: KNAZEK
I'm searching for relatives whose ancestors came from Nemsova near Trencin. Visit the Knazek Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Milan Knazek - - Posted 31 October 2007

Researching: BANYASZ, CHUDIK
Im searching for information on my gr grandparents Daniel and Anna Banyasz from Budapest and Besterczebanya and Jozef and Helena Chudik from Zolyom and Olmany Falva around 1860-1930. Visit the Banyasz Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Joe and Sherri Banas - - Posted 31 October 2007

I would like to hear from anyone who is researching these names. Especially those with ties to the Family of Michael W. Mursko aka Michael or Michal Murczko. Who was born in or about Presov. Possibly in the town of Lemesany. He also listed his place of birth as Tot-Sovar (probably a Hungarian place name). Michael resided in New Haven, CT. Michael Mursko, 66 Anderson Avenue, West Haven, CT 06516. Visit the Mursko Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Michael W. Mursko - - Posted 31 October 2007

Researching: MALAJTER
I am researching my family surname Malajter, last know Hungary location Michalany, Trebisov district, Saros county. My grandfather was Emrich Malajter, born about 1889. My grandmother's name was Katrina, born about 1898 and immigrated to the US through Ellis Island near 1921. By that date Emrich was deceased. They had three children - Stephen (1917), Helen (1918) and my father Julius (1925). My father was born in the US. My grandfather Emrich had a brother Stephen also known as Istvan who was born in Hungary about 1886. Stephen emigrated to the US in 1903 and eventually made his way to Indiana where his family tree has grown separate from ours here on the East Coast of the US. The spelling of our family name was changed to Malayter in the early 1900s. Could you offer me direction as to get more information on my family Malajter of Michalany, Hungary? Best regards. Paul Malayter, 833 Moss Lane, Cheshire, CT 06410. Visit the Malayter Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Paul Stephen Malayter - - Posted 31 October 2007

I am looking for information on the family of Andrew Chmeliar born 24 October 1878 in Plavnica, Slovakia. He married Mary Ann Krescanko in 1902 in Pennsylvania. Andrew's parents were Andre born about 1852 in Plavnica, and Maria born 1856 and died 1938 in Plavnica, Slovakia. Andrew's siblings were Rozalia born 15 February 1884, Mary born 1894 and Jan born 1899. I have no information on Andrew's grandparents. I am looking for any information on Andrew, his wife, siblings, grandparents, etc. I you have any information, please contact me. Visit the Krescanko Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Chad Barnett - - Posted 31 October 2007

Researching: MARGETAK
Looking to compare notes and info related to the Surname of Margetak. Great grandfather Pavil (Paul) Margetak migrated from Liesek, Czechoslovakia around 1905 to the US and settled in New Jersey. Visit the Margetak Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Glen Margetak - - Posted 31 October 2007

Researching: JANEGA, LOBOTKA
Searching above names. Visit the Janega Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Veronica Janega - - Posted 31 October 2007

I am specifically researching my paternal grandfather Peter Bosnakowicz. He was born about 1884 and died November 3,1958 his Wife was Anna Glaski/Gladski, his wife has died February 7,1958. From what I know in a tory that's been carried on that Peter and Anna both immigrated out of their home country to escape the havoc during WW 2. They met in New York City in Central Park, learning one another's language. They sometime went and settled in Macomb County near the Detroit Michigan area. If anyone has Information on this surname the origin or on my grandparents please do not hesitate to contact me. Visit the Glaski Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Sarah Anderson - - Posted 31 October 2007

John Yurick and Anna (nee Emerck) village of Maloveska Visit the Yurick Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Debra Chipps - - Posted 31 October 2007

I am looking for information on these last names. I think Krievatchik later became Krewatch. I think they are from Slovakia. Any information would be great. Visit the Krewatch Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Ashley Krewatch - - Posted 30 October 2007

Researching: MIKO
I want to know more about the Miko family in Modra, Slovakia. Visit the Miko Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Helen Miko - - Posted 30 October 2007

My grandfather was Jan Hovanec, born 1873. He married Maria Brija (1881-1944). Both were born in Slovakia and might have lived in the Medzilaborce region when it was part of Hungary. Maria's mother was Frances Butas and her father was Andrew Brija. She had sisters Agnes and Frances. Any information on relatives and friends would be most welcome. Visit the Hovanec Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Bill Marecak - - Posted 30 October 2007

Researching: HORNYAK
I am looking for family history on my fathers side grandfather Frank John Hornyak, Sr. born about 1911 lived at 49 Glennwood Avenue, South Norwalk, CN for at least 50 years. Grandfather worked in the hat factory. I have never been able to find grandmother Stella's maiden name. I think grandfather's mother was Julia? There were many kids. Grandfather played the guitar and had cool boots. If you can help me get started with any information please answer. And just in case my email gets cut off for nonpayment, please keep this address Bonnie Lee Hornyak Miller, 770 South La Luna Avenue, Ojai, CA 93023 Visit the Hornyak Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Bonnie Lee Hornyak Miller - - Posted 30 October 2007

My name is Yanosick but as far as I can tell it was changed from Janosick. My great grandfather, George Janosick, immigrated to the us in the late 1800s. On a census he listed his birth place as Austria, but in other documents I have found the name of the Towns Porac and Sokol. Not sure if Sokol was ever a town but his son, John, very clearly listed his town of birth as Sokol and the country of Czechoslovakia on a pension document. Also I have a document with a heading of Litteral Baptismale. It is in Slovak I think and on it is the name Sokol and the year of 1876. I think this is a Baptismal Certificate. Any info you can give would be helpful and appreciated. Thanks. Visit the Janosick Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Yanosick - - Posted 30 October 2007

Researching: PORVAZNIK
Michael Porvaznik was from Brekov and had a winery. The family moved to Lansford, PA and started a flower shop. Visit the Porvaznik Family Facts Database.
e-mail: - - Posted 30 October 2007

My gr-grandparents were from Aranypatak / Zlate in what is now Slovakia. I am looking for any info on the following family names. Annie Petric born about 1864 immigrated to America in 1889. Married in Hazleton, PA in late 1889. She married Peter/Petrus Roman born about 1861. Immigrated 1884-1889. Annie's parents are Adam Petric and Mary Benka/Benko. They did not emigrate. Also looking for Peter's parents. They are John Roman and Dora Sasnek or a similar spelling. Annie's siblings were ( I think ) Adam, Andrew, John, Mary, and Zuzanne. Peter's siblings are John, Dora, and Catherine. They all immigrated to America. There may be other siblings who did not immigrate. Thanks. Visit the Petric Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Debbie - - Posted 30 October 2007

Am seeking information or a contact in Malacky (Maluska) or (Gyar, Gayar, Gjar), Slovakia who might have information about a Martin Drahos who married Anna Resny. They had a son John who married Mary Knottek in 1910 in Ford City, PA and possibly a son named Stephan. Also would like to communicate with any Knottek (Knotek) that lived in the above areas that may be a relative of Mary Elizabeth Knottek. Her mother was Mary Elizabeth Kiselichka who married Jacob Knottek, Jr. about 1887 and they had about 10 children. Mary also had 12 children. I am one of the sons of Mary Elizabeth and John Drahos. Visit the Drahos Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Nick Drahos ( - - Posted 30 October 2007

Researching: KURELLA, PRAMUK
Looking for Pramuk and Kurella. Visit the Pramuk Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Jeanne Pasternak - - Posted 30 October 2007

I am interested in finding out information on the Smelko Family from Velky-Hnelic. My great great grandfather was Pavol Smelko and his wife was Juliann Kicsak. My great grandfather was Joseph Smelko and his wife Juliana Benedek. Any information would help. Thank you. Visit the Smelko Family Facts Database.
e-mail: April Smelko - - Posted 30 October 2007

Researching: HOMZA, KOPKA
Searching for the above surnames. Thank You! Visit the Kopka Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Valerie Del Medico - - Posted 30 October 2007

Researching: DWULET, DWULIT
I want to add my Dwulet surname. Thank you. Visit the Dwulet Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Mary Dwulet - - Posted 30 October 2007

Researching: PRIC
I am interested in any information on the surname of Pric, my grandfather's original surname. The only location information I have is Kremnicka, just south of Banska Bystrica. He immigrated to the US around 1920. His name was George or Juraj. Visit the Pric Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Gerry Prich, Bad Axe, MI - - Posted 30 October 2007

I am trying to research my father's family Radio, English spelling, Ukrainian spelling Radyo. He was born in Komancza in 1909. Looking for long lost relatives that may have been ousted in 1945 to the Ukraine. Also my mother's side Cenajko, English spelling, born in Czystohorb, about 3 miles from Komancza. Looking for any information on these villages. Thanks. Visit the Radio Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Eva Rodriguez - - Posted 30 October 2007

Researching: SULOVSKI
I am from America and have recently decided to search for my ancestor. I believe John Sulovski came to America in about 1880, although I am not sure. Could the name be related to the town of Sulov and the Sulov Castle? hanks for your help. I can be reached: Joseph Sulovski, Medarex, Inc., 519 route 173 west, Bloomsbury, NJ 08804, P: (908)479-2323, C: (908)720-9487, F: (908)479-2415. Visit the Sulovski Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Joseph Sulovski - - Posted 30 October 2007

My paternal grandmother was Elizabeth Trojanovic who was the daughter of Anna Falat and Michael Trojanovic. Elizabeth married George Jakubiak at Sts. Cosmas and Damian church in Lutina, Slovakia. Elizabeth was born 1872 and had a sister Mary, born 1870. Any recognition about the rest of the family? Visit the Falat Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Ginny - - Posted 30 October 2007

I am searching for any information or relatives with the surnames of Slobodiuk or Harbar. My father was Serhij Slobodiuk and my mother is Halyna (nee Harbar). Dad was born in Juskiwce, Ukraine on 15 July 1924 and mother was born 23 June 1922 in the same village. They immigrated to Australia in 1946 with two sons Michael and Wasyl, they then had three more children John, Olga, and Victor. My dad's parents were Ivan Slobodiuk and Olena (nee Nedbay) and my mother's parents were Wasyl Harbar and Marta (nee Vasaleshan). Anyone with any information please send me a message. Visit the Harbar Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Olga Fitzpatrick - - Posted 30 October 2007

Researching: HI, HIL, HILL
Jotto Hi was born in Moca, Yugoslavia (today's Hungary) in 1920 and came to Brazil in 1925 with sister Catarina Hi. Father Mathias Hi and Teresa Hi. Visit the Hi Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Dra. Erna Bach Hi - - Posted 30 October 2007

Researching: FUCHS, LAPPER
I'm looking for any information regarding my great great grandfather Leopold Fuchs. He married Mathilda Lapper in 1881 in Veseritz, Austria. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks. Visit the Fuchs Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Glenn Fuchs - - Posted 30 October 2007

Researching: GOMBA
Searching for Gomba. Visit the Gomba Family Facts Database.
e-mail: John E. Gomba, III - - Posted 30 October 2007

Researching: GREGA
Searching for any information on Grega in and near Slovakia. My great grandpa Andrew or Andro Grega approximate date of birth is 3 July 1892 or 1895. Married Anna and had 3 sons; Andrew, John, and George. I am novice and just beginning my search. If you would like to share any information please email me. Thanks! Visit the Grega Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Jessica - - Posted 30 October 2007

Researching: YANOSIK
Trying to find people in Slovakia that might be related to me. I know my heritage started there. I have been to Bratislava. Very nice city. I am told that our family are more from the mountain region. would like to link up with someone who might be related. Visit the Yanosik Family Facts Database.
email: Robert Yanosik - - Posted 29 October 2007

Researching: SCHILLER
I am searching for information about my Family who came from Lozorno. My grandfather Ignest Schiller left Lozorno around 1902. My grandmother Anna or Annie Schiller. My father Paul Schiller My uncle Ighetz Schiller. Not sure about tho spelling. They left Lozorno around 1904. Any help would be greatly appreciated George Schiller, 23 Mallard Court, Magalia,CA 95954 Visit the Schiller Family Facts Database.
e-mail: George Schiller - - Posted 29 October 2007

Researching: ORLOVSKY
Researching family name Orlovsky in the village of Starina and Julius (Gyula) Orlovsky in city of Miskolc and Cluj. Thanks so very much! Visit the Orlovsky Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Ariane and Philip Taetz - - Posted 29 October 2007

My research thus far has a Janos Prazliska married to Erzsebet Rakorjak (marriage date unknown). Their son, Jozsef Prazlitska, born 1798 at Galszecs, Zemplen (historic Hungary), now Secovce in the Trebisov District in the Kosice region of southeastern Slovakia. Jozsef married to Julianna Bertalan February 1832 at Tiszalok, Szabolcs, Hungary. Jozsef died April 1858 at Tiszalok. I have information on the descendants of Jozsef Prazliska in Hungary, but would like more information on his family from Galszecs, Zemplen (Secovce, Slovakia). Visit the Bertalan Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Judy West - - Posted 29 October 2007

Researching: KUNAK
Trying to locate any Kunak we are originally from Czech. Visit the Kunak Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Joan Kunak - - Posted 29 October 2007

Researching: MALARIK
Looking for any Malarik surname please. Visit the Malarik Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Marianne Tobin - - Posted 29 October 2007

I recently learned that my mother, Helen Mistyurik, was born in Ozdany, and prior to 1923 my aunts and possibly my mother worked in the castle in Ozdany. I have a cousin who lived there at one time, or in Osgzan, Gomormegye, Czechoslavakia. His name is Julius Magyar. Could you please inform me of a method of searching for this name in the area? Visit the Magyar Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Norm Weiland - - Posted 29 October 2007

My parents were from Hasprunka, now Studienka, vicinity of Malacky in extreme Western Slovakia, close to the Czech Republic border. The names above are in the family tree. They arrived in America, those that made it, from 1904 through 1929 and were all born in the 1800s. Some are still in Slovakia and others were never to be heard from. Any information would be greatly appreciated. John J. Trankovich, 526 Normandy-Tullahoma Road, Normandy, TN 37360 931-857-3793 Office, 931-857-3793 FAX, 931-607-4757 Cell Visit the Ciganek Family Facts Database.
e-mail: John J. Trankovich - - Posted 29 October 2007

Researching: HUDAK
Researching Hudak from Frickovce Slovak Republic. Visit the Hudak Family Facts Database.
e-mail: John Hudock - - Posted 29 October 2007

Looking for information on Mihaly Liska, wife was Catherina Radacovic, he came to the US in 1904, again in 1906, 1907, and in December of 1909. He gave his place of residence as Koert Hungary, Vistek Hungary and Vistuk Hungary. His son, Janos Liska, came to the US from Vistuk Hungary (Slovakia) in January of 1910 and married Anna Vicsik (or Vicik) in New York in 1913. Anna was from Budmerice (Pudmarie-Pudmeryce-Budmeryce) Slovakia, a village just north of Vistuk. Anna's parents were Michael Vicik and Roza Danka, this is according to the info on John and Annie's marriage license from New York. Visit the Liska Family Facts Database.
e-mail: William J. Liska - - Posted 29 October 2007

I am trying to find my ancestors. The family surnames are Bednarik and Gadus. There are all sorts of family stories that have been passed down to my generation. We don't know how much of them are true. Here is what I have on my grandfather, George Bednarik, and grandmother, Sophie Gadus. George Bednarik, born January 18, 1883 Austria; died August 10, 1953 in Alma, Gratiot County, Michigan; buried in Ottawa Park Cemetery, Waterford, MI; religion was Roman Catholic; father: Bednarik. Sophie Marie Gadus, born August 15, 1884 Catlettsburg, Boyd County, Kentucky, USA, but grew up in Levoca, Czechoslovakia; died October 14, 1964 Ortonville, Oakland County, Michigan; buried in Holy Sepulcre Cemetery, Pontiac, Oakland County, MI; religion was Roman Catholic. Sophie's parents; father - Jacob Gadus (~1860-?); mother - Zuzanna Curella or Zurela (~1860-?), the spelling is probably wrong, that is how it was pronounced. George married Sophie Gadus about 1900. Children - There were more that were born in the USA. #1 F: Catherine Bednarik, born November 24, 1901 Levoca, Czechoslovakia; died September 14, 1986 Pontiac, Oakland County, Michigan. Catherine's spouse was George Pagac. #2 M: John or Steve or Istvan Bednarik, born about 1903 in Levoca, Czechoslovakia; died before November 1905 in Levoca, Czechoslovakia. #3 F: Marie Joanne Bednarik; born April 16, 1905 in Levoca, Czechoslovakia; died April 27, 1989 Pontiac, Oakland County, Michigan. Marie Joanne's spouse - Stanley J. Barnum; married May 3, 1924. Notes for George Bednarik - He came to the USA in February 1905, to Pennsylvania. He was in Monessen, PA in 1908. He supposedly was in the Austrian Army. On different census records it has him as Polish, Hungarian, and Slovak. He said he was born in Austria. Notes for Sophie Marie Gadus. The name is spelled Gadusova on her mother's grave. They had 12 children, 6 boys and 6 girls. Of the 6 boys 4 had Hemophilia. Ellis Island information - Bednarik, Zafia, Ethnicity - Slovak, Residence - Saise, arrived November 8, 1905, age 25, Ship - S. S. Moltke, point of departure - Hamburg, Germany. I have an old picture from about 1885. It has the father, mother, Josef as a toddler, and several other family members along with a dog. Visit the Bednarik Family Facts Database.
e-mail: D. Green - - Posted 29 October 2007

Searching for family that is related to my grandfather John Salak. He was born June 29, 1920 in Litwinow (Polish Ukraine) in a village called Tranopol. His father was Georg Salak, died 1925 when John (Johannes/Hans) was age 5. He may have been in the military possibly Austro-Hungarian Empire 1867-1918, John's mother and wife to Georg was Maria Altheim. They lived on a farm, during the war it was taken over. John Salak married Agathe Kerb and they moved to the US. Does any of this ring a bell or does anyone know these names? Visit the Salak Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Michelle Smith - - Posted 29 October 2007

Looking for family of Stephen Zima and Anne Gabricek about 1865, in area of Turej Luke (Tura Luka) near Bratislava. Daughter, Katherine Zima immigrated to Massachusetts about 1900. Son, Paul and another daughter Anna. Visit the Zima Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Susan W. Smith - - Posted 29 October 2007

I'm searching for some family I think might be in the area. My grandmother's name was Eva Puhacz and she had a sister named Anna (Anna married a Stefan Stroicz) these are the only two that I have names of but I understand there was others. Their parent's names where Maksym Puhacz and their mother's name was Mary Puhacz (Huculak). I'm also looking for my grandfather who name was Alex Flughiuch - not sure of the spelling. Visit the Puhacz Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Wendy Wilson - - Posted 29 October 2007

Searching for any current families for Kadivniks from Slovenia, Sarkan from Hungary, and Terstenski from Slovakia. Visit the Sarkan Family Facts Database.
e-mail: John Mc - - Posted 29 October 2007

Searching for the above surnames from Melyut (Hluboka). Mihaly Wagaczki immigrated to Johnstown, PA in 1912. Visit the Galayda Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Sandra Raviv - - Posted 29 October 2007

I am trying to find information of John Shebanek born in Bohemia in 1816. Also Mary Korinek and Rosalia Soukup. Visit the Korinek Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Jeanne Fitzgerald - - Posted 29 October 2007

Researching: SIMKO, VALOVIC
I am looking for information about the Simko family from Necpaly and the Valovic family from Kalnica. I am a descendant of John Valovic and Anna Simko. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Visit the Simko Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Brady Walters - - Posted 29 October 2007

Researching: MOTKO
I have been able to track my family name (Motko) to the same village, Vazec, all the way back to 1740. I would like to know how can I go back further for the origin of our name? I was at Bytca castle in 2002 last and do not think I can make it there again. Can anyone help? Thank you for your attention. Visit the Motko Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Richard Motko - - Posted 29 October 2007

Researching: GREGA, GREGOR
I am researching family history. Mikal or Michael Grega/Gregor from Kereske area. He came to US in 1909 or 1910. We believe his father was John and mother was Mary/Anna. A brother, Charles, remained in Kereske. Another person who lived with this family in Kereske was called Mary. My grandfather later married her. They settled in Western Pennsylvania. I would appreciate any information that you can offer. Best Regards. Visit the Grega Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Carol Stark 303-274-0476 - - Posted 29 October 2007

Researching: SISITKI
I am the daughter of Joseph J. Sisitki and granddaughter of Andrew Sisitki. Visit the Sisitki Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Katrina Sisitki - - Posted 29 October 2007

My grandfather's name was Tomas Sztruhar (Struhar), who was born 11 November 1883. He emigrated to the United States from Zohor, Slovakia in 1913. It is believed that his parents were Thomas Struhar and Magdalene Vlcek. He had at least one sister, Agnes Struhar. When they emigrated, they left behind a deceased daughter, who is buried in Zohor, and brought two daughters to the USA with them - Frances (b. 1910, d. 1929) and Rose born 1912 died 1975). My grandmother, his wife, was Agnes Mifkovic born 21 January 1891 in the Brataslava area, possibly in Zohor also. Her parents are believed to have been Stefan Mifkovic and Alzbeta (spelling?) Vlcek. She had at least one brother, Peter Mifkovic. Peter Mifkovic emigrated to the United States before 1913. It is hoped that I can find relatives and more information on my grandparents. Visit the Struhar Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Elaine Summerhill - - Posted 29 October 2007

The above were from Janok, Abauj, Hungary. Visit the Veres Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Cindy - - Posted 29 October 2007

I'm looking for the relatives of Paul Masley, aka Maslej and other spellings. He came to America from Becherov. He lived from 1865 - 1939; Julianna Maslej lived from January 1864 - 1927; she's my gr grandmother. Is she Paul's sister? I don't know. Julia's known sister, Anna, married John Pohl. Visit the Masley Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Larry Jean - - Posted 29 October 2007

Researching: TOMAJKO
Wondering about any relatives in or near Kamenica Slovakia or Hummene by the name of Tomajko. Visit the Tomajko Family Facts Database.
e-mail: - - Posted 29 October 2007

Hello my husband's family came over to the USA in late 1889 or 1990. His grandfather was Samuel Ridosh (Ridos) wife was Mary Uchel she was from the USA but her father and mother were also from Slovakia so while she was still a baby, her family went back to Slovakia and after she got married they came here with Samuel and the other part of his or her family came with them. Canonsburg, PA is where Samuel and Mary took up home and had there children. Peter (married Joyce); Steven (married Sonya); George (married Rose); John married (LaVerne); Julie (married John Romen); Helen (married first husband Mr. Surgeon and second husband John Dresko); Mary (married Michael Woitel). Ann was my mother-in-law (never married). Please anything would help with the family tree. The spelling of the last names may be different with. Thanks. Anyone who could help, please feel free to drop us a line. Visit the Ridosh Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Junie Marie Ridosh - - Posted 29 October 2007

I am trying to find information on my gr-grandparents Ferencz and Maria Csonka. Ferencz was born 1875 in Bara, Zemplen region and migrated to the US in 1900. Maria Koleszar was born 1884, in Bara Zemplen region and also migrated to the US in 1902. Ferencz's ship manifest said he was going to stay with his brother-in-law Andrew Jurko in Pennsylvania. Maria's manifest said she was going to stay with an uncle Mike Lajos in Pennsylvania. They married in Pennsylvania in 1903 and moved to central New York. Their names were changed to Frank and Mary Chunko. When Mary died in 1956, in her obituary it said she was survived by a sister, Mrs. John Supko. If anyone has any information on these names please contact me. Thank you. Visit the Csonka Family Facts Database.
e-mail: - - Posted 29 October 2007

I am looking for information about my maternal grandmother. Her father's name was John Kucera and her name was Anna, and she was born on January 15, 1868. She had two sisters one named Katterina (Kattie), born in January 1875 and the other one named Alzbeta who was born in 1864. They all came to the US and all settled in Chicago, IL. I am also trying to find out about my maternal grandfather. His name Was John Podorocky. He was born on May 29, 1865 in Ungvar, Austria, Hungary. I don't know if you will be able to help me with finding any family for him. I'm not sure about the last name. It is as close to the original as possible as this is the name on his death certificate. Thank you for any help you can give me. Elaine Pinney, 5707 South California Avenue, Chicago, IL 60629 Visit the Kucera Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Elaine Pinney - - Posted 29 October 2007

Researching: BUMBAK, HALUSKA
I would like to post the surnames of Haluska from Koharyhaza, currently Pohorela, Slovakia; and also Bumbak of Nagy Gajdos. Thank you! Visit the Haluska Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Dennis J. Halusker Sr. - - Posted 29 October 2007

I`m looking for family Peracin (maybe Parachin or Perachin). I don`t know how to write the last name in Czech or Slovak. They immigrated to the USA around 1900. I think they used to live in today's Slovakia (some stories told to us indicated they may have lived in Prague). My mother's grandmother, name is Anna Peracin, she moved to the USA to live with her brother who immigrated earlier. I know that he has 3 children. After sometime, she met my grandfather and went with him to Argentina where he found a job. Sometime before World War 2 they went to the now former Yugoslavia/Bosnia. This is all I know.
e-mail: kigor - - Posted 29 October 2007

Researching: KRISCO
Searching for Thomas Boyd Krisco, father. Visit the Krisco Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Dianne and Nile - - Posted 28 October 2007

I am looking for my grandfather's family, Andras Hodermarksy. He was born in Faluscka (now called Ha'cava), Abouj, Slovakia, in around 1883 and emigrated around 1903. I am also looking for my Grandmother's family, Maria Burcik/Burcek/Burchak. She was born in Bustyahaza, now Bustnya, formerly Romania, now part of the Ukraine. She emigrated around 1906-1909. Thanks. Visit the Burchak Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Mary Wisbach - - Posted 28 October 2007

Researching: BARBOTKA
I am hoping that you can find some information on my grandmother, Anna Barbotka, who died before I was born. She was born in 1895. She immigrated from Spis, Slovakia. She wrote that she came from the village of Kronalitza, but I can't find this name anywhere. Please write me if you have any information. Thanks.
e-mail: Gloria de Rue - - Posted 28 October 2007

Looking for information, John Stefan married to Anna Von Cegar (spelling?), in Slovakia, Zemplin County, Suche. His son, John Stefan came to the US, and married Anna Zelinko, settled in Clymer, PA. Planning to visit Suche in late 2008, finally retiring! Visit the Cegar Family Facts Database.
e-mail: Dean Stefan - - Posted 28 October 2007

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