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Grandfather, Alexander Horosz, born 15 June 1891, to Steve Horosz and Elizabeth Barnot (Barnetti). Siblings: John, Joseph, Steve, Frank, Julia. Grandmother, Mary (Maria) Szucs, born 1 Feb 1894. to Janos Szucs and Borbala Szerdi. Siblings: Helen, Sophie, Elizabeth, Bertha, John, Alex, Joseph. It's agreed upon by family they were born in the same town in central Hungary, but there's great discrepancy as to the town's name. They were married in Hudson Heights, NJ on 14 April 1914. Mary Szucs arrived in the USA when she was 12 years old, Alexander Horaz followed a couple of years later. Alexander is known to have or have had three of four brothers and a sister still in Hungary. Both grandparents have been deceased for some time, and their children (4 surviving sons out of seven, and one surviving daughter out of three), don't know too much about the family history. It was originally believed Mary and Alexander came from Kecskemet, but the one remaining sister (she's now 80) gave "family tree" information 12 years ago indicating differently, and she doesn't seem to want to provide me photocopies of where this information came from.
email: Sue Horaz - - Posted 18 October 1998

Searching for information on the Belie, Beley, Belij, Belej family. my grandparents Peter and Pelazia, who my aunt said came from the Ukraine.
email: - - Posted 18 October 1998

Searching Host family in Kurov and Kruzlov and Bardejov. Searching family of Katsmar, Kacmar, Kachmar, Kacsmar from the village of Kurov and Kruzlov and Bardejov and Malcov.
email: Andrew Kachmar - - Posted 18 October 1998

Researching: HALUSKA
Researching Nancy Haluska - immigration lists 1909 Czechoslovakia.
email: Peter Begich - - Posted 18 October 1998

Researching: MATULA, HERZOG
I am interested in finding out where Sassin, K. Nyitra Austria Hungary is. My grandmother was born there, her name was Theresa Matula and she had a sister named Suzie. Her fathers name was Joseph Matula and he married Helena Herzog. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
email: Ruth Waller - - Posted 18 October 1998

Michael Hudachko/Hudasko left Kalinisti with a John, either a brother or a cousin & went to Somas, Saros, Hungary, now Drienov. Are their any church or census records of Kaliniste? Was the name changed? Michael married Elizabeth Dombromfsky/Dobronsky Feb 5,1868 of Somos and John married Mary Merkowsky of Somos. Elizabeth is related to Kmetz/Kmecz, but I don't know how. Michael B 1844 & Elizabeth B 1850, my g-grand- parents,had 8 children. (1) Michael died 1892 in Streator,Ill. (2) Anna died 6yrs. old in Somos. (3) John my grandfather D1952, (4) Mary M.George Gaydos/Guidas & both died 1919 in Streator. (5) Andrew M.Susan Urechko and died 1938. (6) Anna became Sister Lucinda, Sisters of Mercy from Joliet, Ill. (7) Thomas settled in Rock Springs, Wyo. M. Elizabeth Millburn & D 1958. (8) Julia died 8 yrs. old in l901 in Streator. They left Europe 1886/1889 with a stop for about 1 yr. in Wilkes Barre, Hazleton, Mahoney City Pa. and settled in Streator where he was a Watchman for B & O Railroad. John & Mary Merkowsky Hudachko stayed in Europe, but children, George & John came to Streator amd a Daughter_______M. Frank Liptak & settled possibly near Alliquipa, Pa. Need Info on her. George M. Mary Yurish living first Streator & settle in W. Frankfort Il. John M. Barbara Balient/Balyent in Streator & then I can't find them. Her parents where Andrew & Mary Koscic Balient. My grandfather John M. Mary Kroner in 1893 & divorced 1896. They had a son Adalbert in 1894.She went to Freeland, her family. I know Mary lived in Newark & E. Orange N.J.where she died at 90 Yrs.old. What happen to her son? She had a brother Rev. Leo Kroner, Pastor St. Joseph, Hazleton, Pa. John's 2nd wife, my grandmother was Anna Szabolchik/Sabolchik from Jastrabie, A.H. They married in 1903 & had 5 children. John Hudachko/Hudascko & Anna Szabolchick/Sabolchik, my grandparents M. in 1903 in Streator,Il. Anna's father, George, My G-Grandfather, B1844 came to Pa. with his 2 oldest children. George M. Anna Hrizo & settle in Port Carbon, Pa. Mary M. John Hrizo & settled in Streator, Il. after spending a few years in Pa. My G-Grandfather went back & forth to Europe about 3 times, but his wife refused to come, so he returned to Europe. Mary Sabolchik Hrizo also went back & forth sometimes staying a year or two at a time. My G-Grandmother was Anna Danko Sabolchik, B1846 Her parents were John Dzanko & Elizabeth Kohut from Tot Jastreb, Austria & Majerovce. My G-Grandfathers parents were George Szabolchick & Maria Czapko from Tot Jastreb, Austria Hungary now Jastrabie nod Toplou, Slovakia.
email: Richard & Julianna Zarzycki - - Posted 18 October 1998

Researching: LECHTEY, LIFKE
Please add the surname of my grandfather to your list.His former nationality was Czecho-Slovakian, born in Kitaihas, Hungry,with the name of Jainos Lechtey, on March 19, 1874. When naturalized the family name was changed to John Lifke. Thank you.
email: James M. Lifke - - Posted 18 October 1998

Looking for family with the surname of Aantonich - Haba (could be Chaba) - and Rondos. My grandfather John Antonich born app 1887 came to the US around 1912 .. he was separated from my grandmother Anna Haba (could be Chaba ) because of WW! They eventually settled in Holyoke Ma and then moved to Claverack NY where they had 3 children John ,Anna and Helen ..My grand father had a half sister with the last name of Hudack (spelling?) .. my grandmother's sister stayed in slovakia and her married name was Rondos. last known address: Trnava Pri Lab 16, 07231 Pvos Vinne, Okr Michalove.
email: Helen Testa - - Posted 18 October 1998

Maczko, Csornej, Ihnat, Mikula, Pehanics, Tovcsak, Andrejko My people come from Nemecka Poruba, Ung Megye. N. Poruba in Hungarian is Nemet Vagas, and the village is now called Poruba pod. Vihorlatom. They immigrated to the Clairton, PA area. I am interested in communicating with any descendants of people from Poruba.
email: Suzanne Bubnash Walker - - Posted 18 October 1998

Bubnas, Szorokacs, Kalyanin, Demcsak, Vaszilyko, Firda, Kundrat, and Barna. My people came from the now-abandoned village of Valaskovce, Zemplen megye, which is near the peak of the extinct volcano called Vihorlat, in the Carpathians of Eastern Slovakia. They immigrated to the Wilkes Barre, PA area first, then some moved further west to the Clairton, PA area. Eventually some found their way to the coal mines of Stockett, MT. I am interested in the above surnames and any others originating in Valaskovce.
email: Suzanne Bubnash Walker - - Posted 18 October 1998

Researching: VANCA
Looking for information re Vanca family. Came to US late 19th, early 20th century. Peter Vanca and possibly with wife Suzanne, into NYC area.
email: Ben Borneman - - Posted 18 October 1998

Researching: ZUBRICKY
I do not have the name of the village from which my grandparents came; however they were all Slovak. My surname is Zubricky. I would be happy to find a relative if there are any in the Slovak Republic.
email: Father Jerome Zubricky - - Posted 18 October 1998

Researching: GRAUER, KIRSCH
I am searching for the family Grauer, particularly with regard to Adolph and Regina, Dora, Henry, Louis, and Moritz. Dora Grauer was born in May, 1867 to Adolph and Regina Grauer in or around Humenne. No further information is known regarding Adolph and Regina. Dora, along with her sister, Katie Grauer, emigrated to New York in the United States in 1888; in 1889 Dora married Abraham (aka Adolph) Kirsch. They had five children: Lottie, born November, 1889; Bernard, born September, 1892; Henry, born July, 1894; Pauline, born August, 1896; Julia, born July, 1899. Moritz arrived in the United States on January 1, 1882. Nothing further is known of the Grauer family at this time.
email: Julianne Lockwood - - Posted 18 October 1998

Looking for surnames, Zima, Woltosz, Welcer, Bek and Cieklinka.
email: Paul P. Valtos - - Posted 18 October 1998

I am looking for information on John and Anna Pollock Pado from Austria, George and Marie Paulic Grispin and Simko and Maria Legeza Paulic from Poroskov Austria which I think is now part of the Ukraine and George and Mary Bires Dzvonyicsok. John and Anna had three sons, John, Michael and George that came to America around 1904/1907 and a sister Hanna? who died in Austria. George Grispin came from Poroskov to America June 12 1912 and his father George died in 1900. Simko and Maria are the parents of Marie and they had other children but I'm not sure of any names. John and Anna Pollock Pado & Simko and Maria Legeza Paulic, never left Austria and the rest settled in western Pennsylvania.
email: Ted Pado - - Posted 17 October 1998

Researching: WASHKO, VASKO
Seeking the surname Vasko.
email: - - Posted 17 October 1998

Researching great-grandparents Michel (Michael) Stefan (Stephen) Brezovsky b. 1885 d. 1962 and his wife Rozalia Mendock (Mendoc). His death certificate listed "Lithuania" as place of birth, but after 4 months on Lithuanian list-serve I found a person who suggested Slovakian origins based on geographic area of Brezova Pod Bradlom northeast of Bratislava. Much thanks in advance to anyone with suggestions to contact either similar names or similar geographic areas of genealogy.
email: - - Posted 17 October 1998

Researching: MATTA, WEINCLAW
Im looking for some information about the Michael Matta family from Tibava, Slovakia. Michael and his brother John left Tibava and arrived in the USA in the late 1800's. Im looking for any information about the Jurczak family from Poland. They left Poland in the late 1800 for the USA. Im looking for information about the Andrew Wienclaw family from Poland. They left Poland for the USA in the late 1800'S.
email: Clem Matta - - Posted 17 October 1998

My g grandfather (Wilhelm Marcus Naglreiter) and g grandmother (Johanna Proper) are assumed to have emigrated to the US from Trencin Tepla (in the early 1900s - 1904 and 1906 respectively), now situated in Slovakia. On US census records they are reported to have spoken slovak. If anyone has any information on either one of these families or the region, it would be extremely helpful and greatly appreciated. Wilhelm was disowned by his father before Wilhelm came to America and this family has been very difficult to research. I do have some small amounts of info on Trencin Tepla.
email: - - Posted 17 October 1998

I am starting my search for my Slovakian roots. The village my grandmother (Drovnak) thought her parents may have lived is Zmplsky (I have not researched this very thoroughly for location). The Hospodar side may be from Presov (or Presova). They immigrated to Harrisburg, PA and worked in the coal mines.
email: Cheryl Hospodar-Bishop - - Posted 16 October 1998

Researching: TRAVNICEK
I am interested in any information about the Travnicek surname. This is probably not the original spelling, so if you have anything close to it that would be great. Thank you!
email: Jaime Travnicek - - Posted 16 October 1998

Nalevanko, Olejar, Guba, Manko from Saris and Spis County, Krompachy and Bardejov area.
email: Joseph Miller - - Posted 16 October 1998

Researching: MATEJOVIC
Searching for information on the surname Matejovic and any towns or villages associated with their relatives.
email: - - Posted 16 October 1998

Researching: RIGO
Searching for a relative by the last name of Rigo in Leles.
email: - - Posted 16 October 1998

I am interested in finding any relatives of my mother or father. My father, Joseph Ontko, (Onttko) was born on March 5, 1898, in the village of
Porac, Slovakia. His mother was the 2nd or 3rd wife of his father. My mother was born in Pennsylvania, but both her parents were born in Slovakia. Her maiden name was Barbushok, first name Mary. Thanks for any help in finding some of my relatives.
I am also looking for Vrabec and Geletyj (Glady) from Humenne. email: Marie Glady - - Posted 16 October 1998

My father, John Gula, son of Roman Gula and Rosalia (Sloyka) Gula came to the USA in 1903. He came from the village of Tysovec in the Lisko district, which I believe is now part of southeast Poland. My mother Eva Ivaniszyn, daughter of Stephan and Pajza Ivaniszyn, came to the USA in 1910. She came from the village of Lukiv, which I believe was also in the district of Lisko. When they left Europe, the villages were in Galicia.
email: Andy Gula - - Posted 15 October 1998

Researching: EISNER, ADLER
I am looking for info on the Eisner family of Kolin. Sara Eisner (born 1828 in Kolin), married Jakob Adler of Amschelerg. Sara was daughter of Emanuel or Moses Eisner of Kolin.
email: Peter Lowe -
Peter.Lowe@Bigfoot.Com - Posted 15 October 1998

I am looking for info on the Bejkovsky/Beykovsky/Bejkowsky family. One branch lived in Kuri near Uhrineves in the mid 1800s, but probably came from near Becvary/Ceverny Hradec/Benesov/Sousice/Vlasim where others of this rare name lived.
email: Peter Lowe -
Peter.Lowe@Bigfoot.Com - Posted 15 October 1998

Researching: SCHUSSHEIM
I am looking for information about relatives Abraham and Emil Schussheim who lived in Bratislava before the war.
email: Elaine Rosenberg - - Posted 15 October 1998

Researching: YENCHA
I am researching the name Yencha. Any information would be very appreciated.
email: Elle - - Posted 15 October 1998

Researching: KRUSS, WIROSTEK
My father's father was born in what is now known as Kezmarok. His name was Gustav Frank Kruss. He married Helen Wirostek. My father was an only child (born in Chicago, IL). We are going to Kezmarok the first part of October of 1998 and have no idea where to search for his heritage Can anyone help us? Thank you!
email: - - Posted 15 October 1998

Researching: HENCLOVA
Can you tell me if Henclova, previously from Stillbach, is of Rusyn descent? My parents naturalization papers says they came from Stelbah, or Stelbach, which I also found to be present Ticky Potok. Have you done any genelogy in the area of Henclova or Ticha Voda? Thank you for any information you can give.
email: Natalie McWilliams - - Posted 15 October 1998

Researching: OLOWICZ
I am searching for my Great grandmother's grave. I know she was born in Galicia, Austria.
email: - - Posted 15 October 1998

Researching: CLIXESOVIA
My name is Priscilla Jean Arnold, my maiden name is Clixesovia. I have been searching for any member of my mother's family living or deceased. Her name is Kathleen Clixesovia. Everywhere I have looked I have come up against a wall. I don't know what to do or where to look anymore. I have been searching for the last 24 years for anyone in my mother's family. It is almost as if my mother and her family never existed. I know this is a lot to ask but could you please help me, I don't even know the nationality of her last name. I am assuming it is of the Czech, Slovak, Bohemian, German, Russian Heritage, but I could be wrong. If you could help it would be greatly appreciated.
email: Priscilla Arnold - - Posted 15 October 1998

Researching: VARIAN
Researching surname Varian from the village of Chemlova.
email: Karen Varian - - Posted 15 October 1998

Researching: STUBNA
We are looking for any information that might be available for the surname STUBNA. We are not sure if in fact our grandparents were from Slovakia or Austria. Any help would be appreciated.
email: Fr. Kris Stubna - - Posted 14 October 1998

Researching the above families from the village of Velky Folkmar, Jaklovce, Margecany and surrounding villages in Spis County, Slovakia. Also interested in any information of these villages.
email: Raymond Lyncha -
lenca@velocity. net - Posted 14 October 1998

Researching the above families from the villages of Kecerovske Peklany, Huvisz (today Lucina) Veres Vagas (today Cervenica) and surrounding villages in eastern Slovakia, Saris County. Also interested in any information of these villages.
email: Raymond Lyncha - - Posted 14 October 1998

Researching: FECZURKA
I am interested in finding relatives with the surname Feczurka who were originally from the towns of Medzilaborce and Kocise. I am 2nd generation of this lineage living in the United States.
email: Anne-Marie - - Posted 14 October 1998

Researching: VIOLENUS
Is Violenus a Lithuanian surname? If so,from where can I obtain info on it and others. Is it a Dutch name? My ancestor was born in Holland.
email: Gladys Armstrong - - Posted 14 October 1998

Researching: MATIA
Please add my Slovak surname, Matia, to your list.
email: Thomas E. Matia - - Posted 14 October 1998

I am searching for information on my family whose surname is Bodnovich. My grandfather's name was Andrew Bodnovich and he lived in Leisenring, PA from 1912 to 1918. Then he moved to Allison PA until his death in 1956. He was married to Sophia Sirilla and had 9 children. he and his wife were from the
Porac area of eastern Slovakia. Please contact me with any information.
email: Brenda Collins - - Posted 14 October 1998

I am researching my father's family, which lived in Kwakovce and later moved to Presov in the late 1920's. My great-grandparents were Herman and Esther Neiman, my grandparents were Morris and Hanah Neumann. My father, born in 1903, was Nandor Neuman, and emigrated in the United States in about 1914. As you can see, the spelling of the surname changed a lot. Any information would be greatly appreciated!
email: - - Posted 14 October 1998

Researching: GULA
Researching the surname Gula from the town Tysovec-Lisko. Any info appreciated.
email: Andrew Gula - - Posted 14 October 1998

Researching: FRINDT
I am looking for members of the Michael Frindt Family that Immigrated to the United States from Metzenseifen.
email: Harding Joseph Frindt - - Posted 14 October 1998

Researching: BOBIK
Interested in learning about any Bobik's from Humenne area of Slovakia. My father, George Bobik, immigrated to America in the early 1920's. He joined his brother Joseph in Binghamton, New York. We know that one brother, Andrew, remained in Slovakia and has passed away.
email: - - Posted 14 October 1998

Researching: HAYTKO
I found the name Haytko on the web as cited by Krasovs'kyj 1787 Austrian Cadastral Records. Supposedly the family lived in the Turka or Gorlich Districts in Lemko, which is now the South East Poland. I am interested in learning more about the family name. Please email any and all information. Mahalo and aloha.
email: - - Posted 14 October 1998

Looking for Yanchurak family members from Slovakia. The Janchurak family was from the region of Spisska Nova Ves.
email: Joseph Yanchurak - - Posted 13 October 1998

I am searching for information on my grandfather. His naturalization papers lists him as Joseph Plugel born August 20, 1868 in Pacadak, Hungary. He came over to USA on June 4,1907 on vessel Gera, North German Llyod line,through Batlimore, MD, he left through Bremen Germany about May 19, 1907. He made his home in Chicago, IL. He had 2 children Caroline born Aug 16, 1894 in Hungary but resided in Ohio in 1907. Son John Plugel born Oct 5, 1896 in Hungary but then resided in Jugoslovia. I have not seen the name Plugel anywhere, although Pluge and Pluger comes up, Is it possible he shortened the name?
email: - - Posted 13 October 1998

Researching Yakupchina.
email: Michael A. Yakupchine - - Posted 13 October 1998

My grandfather was Juraj Galya and he was born in Trebejov. Any information on him or his family that are still there would be appreciated. My grandmother was Anna Zsipay from Vysny Zipov. Her father was Juraj Zsipay and her mother was Anna Csurlik. Any information on my grandmother or her family would be appreciated.
email: Joseph Galla - - Posted 13 October 1998

Researching: MENDREY, REHAK
Researching Theresa Mendrey, married to Jasper Rehak.
email: - - Posted 13 October 1998

Any information on the following would be greatly appreciated. Ignaz Taglohner Palesch (Father Yohan Taglohner) Born June 3, 1989 in Meierhofe. Joined Reserves at Bratislava in 1920. His military book says his home is in Trencin CNW Slovakia on river Van near Carpathian Mountains. His mothers name is Anna Gurbler. He married Josefina Cieger at Ladendorf on Aug. 14, 1921. He came to Canada about 1925, residing in Ontario; Kinistino, Sask.; Prince Albert, Sask.; Hammond, British Columbia. Josefina Cieger Born July 12, 1899 (Father Yohann) born in Egyfaza,Hungary. Her mothers name was Pernesch. She had sisters. She came to Canada with son Ladislav Palesch in 1929 to join her husband. Other areas mentioned: Gajdel; Prievidza on river Netra. Some spellings may not be completely accurate.
email: Joseph A. Palesch - - Posted 13 October 1998

Researching: HORINKA
Information about families with the last name of Horinka in the town of Gbely.
email: Ernest Antoniazzi - - Posted 13 October 1998

Researching: CZAR, CAR, MASLEJ
I am researching my mother-in-law's family: Czar and Maslej. Mychal Czar born ca 1860, Sapinec, Saris County, Hungary (now Sapinec, Stropkov county, Slovakia), son of Mychal Car or Czar, and Marija Maslej Czar, born ca 1865, Stefuriv, Saris County, Hungary (now Stefurov, Stropkov county, Slovakia), daughter of John MASLEJ. They settled in Philipsburg, PA.
email: Nancy Hamm - - Posted 13 October 1998

Researching: KRUTAK
Hello, my name is Kurt Krutak. I am searching for background information on my surname. I do know that my family migrated from Dubova, Slovakia, near the end of the 1800's. Please advise me of any information you may have pertaining to genealogy.
email: - - Posted 13 October 1998

Researching: VINKA, SUCA
I am searching for any information on my husband's grandfather Stephan Vinka. He had a farm in Bellaire, Ohio in Belmont County. The address of the farm was RFD #3 Bellaire, Ohio. I don't know his birth date at this time but I do know he would have been 30 years old in 1915. His first wife was Mary Suca, who bore him 5 children. One was Anastasia Vinka, birth date 6-14-1915, who was my husband's mother. She married Patrick Francis Foley and they resided in Steubenville, Ohio. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
email: Heidi Foley - - Posted 13 October 1998

Researching: ZATLOUKAL
I am looking for the name O.B. Zatloukal in Slovakia.
email: - - Posted 12 October 1998

Researching: ZUZAK
My surname is Zuzak, and one village of interest is Volica. It is located somewhere around Eastern Slovakia. Another village of interest is Radimov. It is located in Western Slovakia, somewhere around North Bratislava. Any information would be gratefully appreciated. Thank you.
email: Charles Zuzak - - Posted 12 October 1998

Researching: YURASEK
My grandfather Michael A. Yurasek arrived in the United States (via Ellis Island) from Slovakia at the turn of the century. He settled in Bayonne, New Jersey where he operated several successful small businesses including a grocery store and tavern. Our family were members of St. Joseph's Church. My father, Michael Yurasek, jr. operated Yurasek Tavern in Bayonne until he retired in 1980. My father and aunts recall that my grandfather mentioned that he had come from a village named Shalgova (phonetically spelled). My feeling is that the spelling of the town was distorted over time and in translation. Does anyone know of a village that might match the description?
email: Jim Yurasek - - Posted 12 October 1998

If anyone has information on the above names, please contact me.
email: Roseann Sulava - - Posted 12 October 1998

I am just starting to gather information for my family tree. I am interested in any information I can get in reference to the names of Pollack, Pollock, Polyak. My grandfather used the spelling of Michael J. Pollack (birthdate 12-14-1888) but on his Social Security Info it was Polyak and some of his siblings used the spelling of Pollock. My grandmother was Mary Tkach (birthdate 4-20-1891). They resided in Duquesne, PA. Their children were: Mary, John, Ann, Michael, Agnes and Joseph. Any information I can get will be greatly appreciated.
email: - - Posted 12 October 1998

My grandparents were Michael Safranko and Anna Hvizdjak of Zemplin, Austria. Michael had two brothers, Nicholas and John. We think that the grandparents and sons were (all) born in Zemplin. Nicholas remained in Zemplin, while John and Michael went to the US. We are interested in learning about the Nicholas and John branches and about the grandparents. Thanks.
email: Duane Franklet - - Posted 11 October 1998

I am looking for any information regarding the surnames Majtan, Drska, and Talaba. Thank you.
email: Rodney Paul Mayton - - Posted 11 October 1998

Family of Handlovits (Handlovic)in Stara Voda or Spissky Stiavnik looking for information of this family. Does any one know the towns or family?
email: Keith Spear - - Posted 11 October 1998

Researching: CSARNI
I'm looking for any information on the name Csarni. They name was changed to Charney when my Great Grandparents came over in the early 1900's.
email: - - Posted 11 October 1998

Searching for information on the Purda family from
Porac. Grandfather Andrew Purda b. Nov. 30, 1879 in Porac was married to a Mary Vrabel (Vrabely?) b. Aug. 3, 1883 also in Porac. They had one child named Mary while still living in Porac. They then migrated to western Pennsylvania where they had eight additional children. Andrew Purda had three brothers John, Matthew and ????. Mary Vabel (Vrabely?) had four sisters and three brothers Julia, Katherine, Helen, Anna, George, John, and Steven.
email: - - Posted 11 October 1998

Researching: KRESANEK
I have been searching for the name Kresanek any info would be appreciated. I have a document from a church in Brezova dated in 1863 of my grandfather George Kresanek.
email: Nancy Kresanek Howard - - Posted 08 October 1998

John Harabin who immigrated to Yatesboro, PA. around the turn of the century. Sons Mathew, John, Joseph, Jacob, Andrew and Michael. My father, Michael married a Jurgovsky in Jessup, PA.
email: Daniel Harabin - - Posted 08 October 1998

Researching: STRBA, SLIVKA
Searching for ancestors to Joseph Strba and Anna Slivka, both from Yasenia, Czechoslovakia.
email: Mary - - Posted 08 October 1998

Researching: FEICHTMEIRS
My ancestors, the Feichtmeirs,were from a town somewhere in Czechoslovakia known as Huthal. I am wondering if you happen to know where this town is (I think it's in slovakia) or if you could posible find out.
email: Anton Feichtmeir - - Posted 07 October 1998

Researching: CHERVENY
Surname we are researching is Cherveny from Tabor.
email: Beth Cherveny - - Posted 07 October 1998

Researching Cech, Cseh, Check, Dzurov. I have been to Kluknava in Spis and found the marriage record of my grandparents: Michael Cech and Maria Dzurova, who were married in January, 1898. The family migrated to Shoaf, Penn. in the early l900's. I met a possible relative there, the 74 year-old son of Stephan Dzurov. Stephan Dzurov was married to Maria Cechova. Stephan was born in 1889, came to the U.S., but returned to Kluknava. Are the current Dzurov's related to me? Can someone help me unravel the connections between the Cech's and Dzurov's of Kluknava? In the U.S. the family grew and moved to Youngstown, Ohio. Then during the Depression to Detroit, Mich. I am the first "Check" to return to Kluknava for a visit; all the older generation has died.
email: - - Posted 07 October 1998

Researching: ROSOLANKA
Searching for the Rosolanka family from eastern Slovakia. Grandfather came to America from Niz. Jablonka.
email: - - Posted 07 October 1998

Searching for Kamoda, Smik, Tanaskie, Zelinskie. My Grandfather and brother came to this country with their wives in around 1898 from Prague. My grandmother was from Pressburg and my grandfather was from the Presov area. He was a coalminer all his life. Grandmothers name was Suzanna Smik, my grandfather was Andrew Kamoda. His brother was the same as me Paul Kamoda. Also other in the family came to, that is where the other name comes in. I have no idea which side of the family they are. They may be my grandfathers sisters and husbands. Andrew Kamoda was married in Prague in about 1895 to Suzanna Smik. Andrew was born in 1865 in the area of Presov. Suzanna was born in Pressburg in 1870's. She passed away in 1963 in her mid-80's. They moved to 40 miles south of Pittsburgh, Pa. USA. Build a home in 1900 and lived and raised 5 children youngest died at 10 years old. Have a total of 8 Gandchildren and on my father and mother side have 16 greatgrandchildren.
email: Paul Kamonda - - Posted 07 October 1998

Looking for information on my Great Grandparents. From town of Kosun, near Kosice. Emmigrated in 1905 to Pennsylvannia. Michael Pastelok and Borka (or Barbara) Korash were married before leaving Slovakia. Borka was 16 at the time of Emmigration. Believed to have traveled through Germany into Ellis Island and then to Scranton, PA. Children were Michael, John, Andrew, Anne, Mary, Helen, and Elizabeth. Michael did in Scranton around 1929. Borka lived to 1980. Anne Pastelok married Joseph Martin, son of John Martin. Joseph died in 1963 in Milford, Connecticut. John was from Austria and had children Mary, Nell, Jewel, George, and Joseph. Any and all information appreciated!
email: Jennifer - - Posted 06 October 1998

Mother's maiden name was Anna Slivka (1911) born to Josephine Prosovki and Joseph Slivka of Yasenia, Czeckoslovakia. She came to Canada in 1933. Father was Joseph Strba (1905) born to Michael and Suzy Strba of Yasenia. He came to Canada in 1931. I need all the information I can get on the two families, or any living relatives.
email: Mary - - Posted 06 October 1998

Researching: LATSKO
Researching the surname Latsko from Podhorod. Thanks!
email: Greg Szymaniak - - Posted 06 October 1998

Vaskovic, Scurko (Sczurko), Danyko, Kundrat, Baranko, and Jakubisko Towns: Zakarovce, Gelnica or Kojsov (all in Spis) - I have done research on these areas and families and I am looking for anyone with these last names or from these towns to exchange general or family info or just talk about this beautiful area of Eastern Slovakia.
email: Roger Brousseau - - Posted 06 October 1998

Researching: PILIARIK
Searching the family name "Piliarik" from Kokava Please post the name "Piliarik" from the "Kokava" area of birth.I would like to know if there are any "Piliariks" still living in or around Kokava. I am searching from Canada for my wife's ancestors.
email: Ted West - - Posted 06 October 1998

My grandmother Zuzana Klucik Korbini born May 16, 1877 in Nizna Boca was the daughter of Joseph Klucik and Eva Zahradnic. Zuzana' married Danel Korbini from Visna Boca. He was the son of Martin Korbini and Justina Zaharosky. Zuzana's sister's married name was Mary Hellebrant. Mary's daughter, Zuzana Bomerova's dauhter, Etela Karkosiakova lives in Liptovsky Hradok, Slovakia today. She is 74 years old and has children and grandchildren. E-mail me if you have any information on any of the above names.
email: - - Posted 06 October 1998

Researching: BERGIDA
Bergida - Sznina, Perecyn, Bereznja, Uzhgorod, Munkacs.
email: - - Posted 06 October 1998

Researching: ROZINSKY
Seeking information on surname Rozinsky and town Oroszkanya (Ruska Kajna).
email: Paul Rozinsky - - Posted 06 October 1998

Researching: KOPKAS
The surname I am searching for is Kopkas from Kosice or Levoca, Slovakia. Thank you.
email: Marlenia Henkel - - Posted 06 October 1998

Vasko, Vajda, Petruska, Pavlik, Plecenik, Serbin, Semivan, Wram, Hornak (Hornyak), Bednarik, Petrishincova, Prochazkova surnames Mike Vasko was born in 1858 in Slovakia. He had a brother John and two sisters Susan Vasko Plecenik and another sister who name we do not know. Mike Vasko married Mary Vajda. They had the following children: John, Michael, Joseph, Michael, Stephen, Mary Serbin, Anna Semivan, Susan Wram, Peter and Julia Hornyak (Hornak?). John married a woman named Dorothea and they lived in New Jersey. Michael died in infancy. Joseph died in 1940 (no other info known). Michael (my great grandfather) married Anna Pavlik and lived in Youngstown, Ohio. Stephen (Stefan) died in World War One but left a daughter who married Michael Bednarik. Mary married Andy Serbin and lived in Warren, Ohio. Anna married a Mr. Semivan and had one son Pista (Stephen). Susan married Mr. Wram and had daughters Mary Wram Petrishincova and Anna Wram Prochazkova. Peter died November 27, 1972 (no other info known). Julia married Mr. Hornak and had a son Ladislav. The children of Mike Vasko Sr. and mary Vajda were all born in or around Budkovce, Drahnov and Vojany Slovakia. These towns are located south of Michalovce. Mary Vajda was the daughter of Mr. Vajda and his wife, whose maiden name was Petruska. She died in 1912 and is buried in Vojany.
email: Mark Bugno - - Posted 06 October 1998

Researching: SLIMAK
Do you have any info on the name Slimak?
email: - - Posted 05 October 1998

Researching: EVAN, RESETAR
Looking for information on the Evan or Resetar surnames. They were my grandparents and settled in the Penn Hills area of Pittsburgh, PA.
email: Michael Evan - - Posted 05 October 1998

Researching: ADAMIK
Please check my name Adamik. I would like to know if I have relatives in Slovakia. Thank You,
email: Jim Adamik - - Posted 05 October 1998

Searching for descendents of Sobran and Kampa(o) My grandmother passed away last year at the age of 101 years. She told me or one of my uncles once that she lived two hours from Muchacevo(sp?). My uncle and I estimate that this was within 10 miles of Muchacevo. I am interested in knowing if you have any information on the Sobran or Kampa(o) families or direct me to where I may find out more. Thank you for your assistance. God is with us!
email: Rev. Deacon Lawrence Hendricks - - Posted 05 October 1998

Researching: ROSENZWEIG
Do you have any information about the name Rosenzweig. Family came to Pittsburgh and were Catholic. I heard about Lapsed Jews in Slovakia. Do you have any information on the name?
email: Anna Riggio - - Posted 05 October 1998

Luwig Seblonka (most likely Sablonka) immigrated to Chicago before WW1 from Lab north of Bratislava were he was a tailor's apprentice for the Filipecs. There were three Sablonka brothers in the Lab area. Ludwig Seblonka/Sablonka married Maria Dindl. Her mother's maiden name was Blanarik. There were Dindls also in Stumpa-Mast.
email: Peter Seblonka - - Posted 03 October 1998

I am searching for information on my grandfather's death and burial. John Zavatsky, born 30 Jan 1843 in Osturna, Spis Prov., Slovakia married Maria Mudrak on 3 Feb 1873. They had four sons: John b: 7 Jun 1874; George b: 10 Nov 1876 - d: 2 Jul 1877; Simeon b: 6 Oct 1879; & Joseph b: 22 Jan 1882. Maria Mudrak died and John remarried - Anna Polyak on 27 Jan 1890. They had 3 children. Maria b: 31 Mar 1891; Michael b: 7 Nov 1895; and Andrew b: 9 May 1900 (my father). I can't find any record of when John died, but my father came to America in 1907 but didn't travel with his parents. According to his naturalization papers, he left from Fiume which is now Rijeka which is the southern tip of Slovakia. At that time it was Austria-Hungary and Czechoslovakia. His mother remarried here in the US in 1908. All birth and marriage records are at St. Michael's Greek Catholic Church in Osturna. I have not been able to find any death records after 1900 from the church. If anyone can help I'd appreciate it.
email: - - Posted 03 October 1998

Researching: BOBIK
We are looking for relatives in Slovakia of George and Joseph Bobik who came to the US of A in the 1920's. They were twin brothers born in 1898.
email: - - Posted 03 October 1998

Please contact me. I'm looking for ancestors of Mary (Horvath) and Frederick Prokop and Pauline (Ostriska) and Stephen Sloboda. The cities they were from are Bratislava and Losenec. Also, Ferdinand Prokop of Brno.
email: Lorraine Barker - - Posted 03 October 1998

Researching: KUNDRAT
My great-grandmothers sur name was Kundrat and my great-grandfather's name was Firda. They were born in formerly called Valaskovce/Zemplen/Hungary. It is near Humenne NE Slovakia. Can you tell me the website address to view surnames and cities? Thanks.
email: Diane - - Posted 03 October 1998

Researching: VITEK, VRABLIC
I am considering a trip to Europe next spring and would like to visit the homeland of my Grandparents and and their children. They were born and were married in Vrbove or Vrboce Slovakia. I am interested in finding information about the area and the chances of finding someone who speaks English in the area to help me. Grandmother's maiden name was Vrablic and Grandfather's name was Vitek.
email: - - Posted 02 October 1998

Looking for the names Keckich, Cnarich, Malatin, Danculovic, and Novotny. I don't know the village names.
email: Ivan and Carolyn Green - - Posted 02 October 1998

Researching Zavaski, Saka, Smith (Szmida), and Zifchock. I am searching for any information regarding the families, names and villages of my Grandparents. John Zavaski and Julia Saka both from Hajtovka, Slovakia, Alec Smith (Szmida) from Mnisek nad Popradom, and Anna Zifchock from New Jersey. I believe my maternal Grandfather, Alec Smith may still have relatives living in or near Mnisek.
email: Gerard Zavaski - - Posted 02 October 1998

Researching: GAMEC
Looking for others of the Gamec surname.
email: Jan Gamec - - Posted 02 October 1998

I am searching for information for the following names from the Blatnica area: Luptak, Kosman, Cicmanec, Ludik, and Liska. I am also searching for two names from the Kostany area; Filipa and Facuna or Facuma. Any information that can be provided to me would be most appreciated.
email: Rene Turchany - - Posted 02 October 1998

I'm searching John Evanko (his marriage certificate says Ivanko) born Dec 29, 1865, in Zemplinska, Slovakia, died Dec 28, 1916, in Bridgeport, CT; married Nov 6, 1892, in Bridgeport, CT, to Barbara Solitsz (Soltis), born 1876, in the village of Sedlice, city of Presov, county of Saris, Slovakia. They had sons, John, Michael and George Evanko and daughters, Barbara and Helen Evanko, all born (I believe) in Bridgeport, CT. John, Sr's death certificate lists him as born in Zemplin, Austria, his father is Michael Evanko and mother, Anna (looks like Schau), both born Zemplin, Austria. I'd appreciate any help in furthering my search.
email: Faustene Heilman - - Posted 01 October 1998

Researching: VAVRUSA
Researching Josef Vavrusa ( born April 1863) and his brother Franz Vavrusa from Zelechovive nad Divinci.
email: Ed Hansen - - Posted 01 October 1998

Researching: KINOVICH
The surname in question is Kinovich. The name may have been anglicized upon arrival of the family in America. They lived in the coal region of PA.
email: Diana - - Posted 01 October 1998

Hello, I am looking for information on the Stempfel and Tercek lineage. My great grandfather Jerry (?) Stempfel and his wife Francesca Tercek emigrated from Slovania somtime in the late 1800's or early 1900's (before 1918). Thank You.
email: Keith Monfreda - - Posted 01 October 1998

Researching: MARCEK
I am looking for information on the family of Marcek.
email: - - Posted 01 October 1998

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