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Researching: TOMASIK
I am looking for any information about Samuel Tomasik who was known for writing the words and presumably the music to the Slovak hymn
Hey Slovaci. He has later escaped to live in Rumania. Thank you.
email: Marcela Hyres-Edwards - - Posted 09 November 1998

Researching: HOLOBKA
Looking for any information at all on my grandfather Iwan Holobka who came to the USA in 1913 from Uglya, Czech (died when I was 6 months old) He was from a village of Modamoosh (??) where his father was the mayor. They owned a farm and a store at the beginning of the war. He was the only son and had sisters. I have no names on parents/sisters/etc. Appreciate any information available.
email: - - Posted 09 November 1998

My grandfather was Andreas Steven Packo (b. 1893, Giraltovce, Slovakia) who immigrated about 1906. (Possibly came over on the Bleeker ship from Hamburg - still researching.) His brother was Janos (John) Packo (b. 1895, Brezove, Slovakia). Unknown if there were additional siblings. They lived in and around Bridgeport, CT - about 30 miles from New York City. Their father was Andras Paczko (b. 1870, Brezove) who is said to also immigrated with them - or shortly afterward? - and worked in a coal mine and died in a coal mine accident in about the 30's - unknown location. His wife was Maria Vasily (b. 1874, Slovakia). His siblings were Eva Zuzana (1865-1868) Anna (b. 1863) Maria (1860 - 1863) and Joanes (1837-1888) all from Brezove, Slovakia. Their parents were Joannes Paczko (b. 1837 Giraltovce, Slovakia) and Maria Czibulyka (b. 1839, Lascov, Slovakia). My father (Andrew Packo Jr.) was born in Streeter, IL (1921) but his parents moved back to Bridgeport before the other 4 sons were born. I am one of three of his children. Willing to share information with relatives.
email: Andrea Sharyn Packo Felhofer - - Posted 09 November 1998

Researching: GOLDSTEIN
My Goldstein Family originates, to best of my knowledge (1850??) from the village Nizni Orlich in NE Slovakia. At this stage I am looking for information on and the decendents of Moishe, Hayim and Samuel Goldstein, sons of Mordechai Goldstein, probably born and lived in Ortotowa, a village close to Nizni Orlich,that settled in the New York area in early 1900. They brought later to the States their elder rother Herman Goldstein that settled in Cleveland, Ohio.With his decendents I am in contact but, for some unknown reasons, the Clevelan branch lost, many years ago, all contact with the New York branch of the family. Any suggestions on how to find their decendents will very welcomed as well as information on the mentioned villages. Visit our web site at
email: Touvia Teddy Goldstein - - Posted 09 November 1998

Seeking information on Stefan Majer, Lada; Barbara Rusnak; Andrew Bavolar Somos (Drinov); Andrew Seroka, Komlosa; Joseph John Seroka, Sr., Komlosa.
email: Carole Meyers - - Posted 09 November 1998

Researching: BLASKO
I am looking for information about my mother, Mary Blasko, born - 10/26/1922 in Stelbach (now known as Tichy Potok).
email: Debby Doyle - - Posted 09 November 1998

Researching: HROMCO
Searching Hromco from the Levoca region - family settled in Windber, PA.
email: Robert Backus - - Posted 09 November 1998

Trying to find info relating to following surnames, all from Slovakia: Poronsky, Tabola could be from old Austria-Hungary area, Malec from Ratislava area, Maxian from Tatra Mountain area, Scibon, and Bucz.
email: Mary Beth Poronsky Stull - - Posted 09 November 1998

Researching: BOHUSIK
My father, Stefan Bohusik, 95, immigrated from Stiavnik, Austria-Hungary about 1921 to work in a tanning factory in Pennsylvania. His parents, Caspar and Agnes, died sometime during WWII. My father doesn't know if his brother, John, a Catholic priest, is still alive, or other brother, Martin, and sister Mary.
email: Ann Bohusik Baaden - - Posted 09 November 1998

To the best of my knowledge, the Maylath's I'm looking for were around the area of Budda and Pest in the very late 1800's early 1900's. Relitives of Betrice Nee Maylath, born May 6, 1898 and moved to America aproximatly 10 years later, settling near St. Louis in Granite City, Ill. I think there were two elder brothers, but I have no names for them. I am also looking for relatives of (Americanized) John Phillip, from I'm not sure where in the Austria-Hungarian empire. John Phillip was born August 29, 1889 and came to this country some time after the turn of the century, first settling in Pennsylvaia, if I remember correctly though, there could be relitives in Michigan. Eventually, John Phillip settled down in Granite City and married Betrice Maylath. They had 4 sons, John Andrew, Udorian, Andrew and Robert. The name Phillip was the Americanized name, it could have been Phullop or Fullop. Leioush or Leiouish (not sure of the spelling) Was turned into Lewis, with relatives in Pennsylvania. This is my husbands family name.
email: William Lewis - - Posted 09 November 1998

Researching: SEDJO
I am looking for any information on my grandparents, John and Susan Sedjo, they were both born in Vazec, Slovakia. John came to the US in 1902 and Suzan in 1907. They settled in Stark County, Ohio.
email: Cally Riese - - Posted 09 November 1998

Sucholdolski, Kokandi, Pacanovsky, Vislocky. My maternal grandparents Poli Kokandi and Roman Suchodolsky were born in 1900 and 1889, respectively. We originally thought they came from Litmonova, but now we are unsure. They possibly originated from what is today Poland, but close to the Slovak border. My paternal grandparents Charles Pacanovsky and Anna Vislocky were born in 1886 and 1891, respectively, and did come from Litmonova. My parents and I are planning a trip to Slovakia next year, and would like to gather as much information as possible before then. My grandparents all emigrated to the US via New York before 1915-ish. Thanks for any help.
email: Kim Pacanovsky - - Posted 09 November 1998

Researching: MRAZ, VAGASKY
Stephen Vagasky, Sr., born on 8-10-1882 in Budkovce, Slovakia, died on 5-11-1969 in Mount Pleasant, PA. Married Barbara Mraz on 11-4-1907 in Budkovce, Slovakia. Barbara, born 5-12-1889 in Budkovce, Slovakia, died 7-26-1972 in Mount Pleasant, PA. They immigrated first to Bridgeport, CT where their first child was born and then resettled in Mount Pleasant, PA. Please see my
webpage for the remainder of the important information on the family.
email: Carol Urban - - Posted 09 November 1998

Looking for G-Grandparents' villages & siblilngs. John Sopko came to Streator, Il. in 1890, first stopping in Nanticoke, Pa. with a family named Baron possible relative. He married Mary Yuhas in Streator in 1892. John left parents John & Mary Foltin Sopko in Europe with his sister no name married to a Dukovitch. I need a town or village to search church records. Mary Yuhas had a sister Anna who married John Ondera before 1900 and settled in Streator. Their parents, Stephen & Anna Germala, Girmala, came & stayed with Mary. Ondera's had a son Andrew who lived W. 51 Pl. in Chicago in 1930 and a daughter who lived possibly Danville, Il. Anyone who thinks we are related or has the same surnames please reply.
email: Julianna Zarzycki - - Posted 09 November 1998

I am searching for information on Mary Mihalko / Michaelcho who came to America in 1901 at the age of 16 from either Slovakia or Austria. She married Lawrence Kopet who later changed his surname to Coopet. They settled in Iron Mountain, MI and later in St. Paul, MN. Am basically looking for place of birth, information about that town or city, or any relatives still living there. Am looking for any information on Andrew Weselenak who later changed his surname to Westlock. He was born in Bratislava, Slovakia but claimed to be Polish and sending money home to relatives in "Poland." He settled in St. Paul, MN with his wife, Anna Coopet. He came to America in approx 1921. His brothers, Steve and John, came in 1910 or 1911. Any information on the family would be helpful.
email: - - Posted 09 November 1998

I am looking for information on the Pavlik and Basko families, who came to America from Slovakia around 1908. Specifically, the children of George Pavlik. John Pavlik who married Anna Marva, Andrew Pavlik who married Anna ?, he died in WWI, Joseph Pavlik who married Anna ?, Anna Pavlik who married ? Hubal, Katherine Pavlik who married ? Hudak, Mary Martha Pavlik who married Andrew Basko, and George M. Pavlik.
email: Kyle Basko - - Posted 09 November 1998

Joseph and Theresa ( Odrobinak ) Vlossak from Bobrov Slovakia. Seeking any information or relatives.
email: Frank Vlossak - - Posted 09 November 1998

Researching: ZOFCHAK
I am beginning to research once again on my husband's genealogy. Zofchak is the surname. The family is from Yesenov, Czechoslovakia. We know of John and Michael Zofchak born in the 1870's-1880's. We know they came to America about 1908. John settled in Pittsburgh, Pa and Michael settled in Flint, Michigan. Does that sound familiar to any of you?
email: Cindy Zofchak - - Posted 09 November 1998

Researching: CZOVEK
Looking for information on Istvan Czovek born in 1895 in Lastocz Zemplen County, Hungary now Lastovce, Slovakia.
email: Nick Covell - - Posted 09 November 1998

Researching: LUPTAK, HUDEK
I am researching the family of my grandparents, Ondrej Luptak and Marin Hudek from Badin - near Banska Bystrica. Ondrej (known as Andrew here) came to the US in about 1912 at the age of 17 and then returned to Slovakia and fought in WW1. He married Marin Hudec in Apr 1923 and came back to the US in Aug 1923 and lived in PA, Chicago and Lackawanna, NY. His father, Joseph Luptak, also came here and settled in New Kensington, PA and died in 1949. Marin (Mary) also had a brother who lived in NY. Any help would be appreciated.
email: Dean Colello - - Posted 09 November 1998

Researching: GRIGEL
Greetings from a German Grigel. Sometime ago I saw that people live in Slovakia who have my name "Grigel". I would be very glad to hear from Grigels in Slovakia.
email: - - Posted 09 November 1998

Researching Marfiak, Andrejcsik, and Krutka from Toporec Spis. Skariovsky, Zamkovsky, Tomalya, Divliak, Slivovsky, Povadova, richvaldsky, Mucha, and Oneszkova from Vysne Ruzbachy, Spis. Have researched the church records on both towns for all these names, and would be happy to share. Need info on Catherine, Victoria, and Veronica Marfiak who were"near Harrisburg", PA 1890-1920 or so. They were sisters to my husband's great grandmother Sophia. I know my husband's grandfather, Andrew B. Marfiak and his twin, John H., were in PA before coming to CT, and that their mother Sophia had sisters "near Harrisburg" named Catherine, Victoria, and Veronica Marfiak. Can anyone fill in the PA connection for me?
email: Pat Marfiak - - Posted 09 November 1998

I am researching Andro Kacsmarik, born in Barca, Hungary c1882 and emmigrated to America c. 1907 settling in the Pittsburgh, PA area with his wife, Elizabeth Fedorchak. Researching Andro Kacsmarik/Kasmarik, born in Austro-Hungary in 1882, emmigrated to America in 1907 and later sent for his wife, Elizabeth Fedorchak-Kacsmarik and their children. They settled in Pittsburgh, PA. Researching Elizabeth Fedorchak and her parents, Elizabeth and Andrew Fedorchak. Elizabeth's death certificate says she was born in Czechoslovakia c. 1882. She married Andro Kacsmarik and emmigrated to America c. 1913.
email: Sally - - Posted 09 November 1998

Researching: GODOR
I am looking for anyone with any information on the slovak last name of Godor, My grandfather came to the United States in 1903 and was about 14 years old. His name was Anrew Godor. There is only one male survivor [Paul] of the second generation born in the U.S. / 3 male survivors [Keith, Mark, Kenneth] of the third generation. and only 1 male of the fourth generation [Christopher] all are located in the Pittsburgh Pa. area or Atlanta and south Georgia. any information on possible family members either in the U.S. or Slovakia would be appreciated.
email: Keith S. Godor -
KL864@AOL.COM - Posted 09 November 1998

Researching: BRANICKY
Researching Karol Branicky from Leopoldov Slovak rep.
email: - - Posted 08 November 1998

Researching: HRUSOVA
Searching for Sandrej and Nizneho Hrusova a lucanic z Humene, Zemplinska.
email: Nicholas Kontos - - Posted 08 November 1998

Researching: VITEK
Searching for information on Paul Vitek Born 1873 in Vrbovce, Slovakia.
email: Dave Vitek -
Cctkid - Posted 08 November 1998

I am trying to trace my mother's ancestry. Her father Stephen Kocis arrived in America in 1906 at age 16. He was a Slovak who came from the village of Orachani (?). His parents were John Kocis and Mary Kollar. My mother's mother name was Labanz and she was also a Slovak though born in this country. A friend who is Czech said he thinks Orachani might be in Rumani where they were pockets of Slovak immigrants. I would appreciate any direction you can give me.
email: Nancy Kocis Keeler - - Posted 08 November 1998

Researching: HLAD
Looking for information on my father's family, Hlad, which came from a small village around the Carpathian mountains in the Zemplin county.
email: - - Posted 08 November 1998

Most, if not all, of my lineage comes from Bajerovce, Slovakia (in the Presov region). Please contact me if anything catches your eye.
email: Scot A Soeder - - Posted 08 November 1998

Researching Katsmar, Kachmar, Kacmar, Manyko, Host, Hoszt, Valko-Suchy, from the village of Kruzlov Bardejov in Slovak Republic.
email: - - Posted 08 November 1998

Need all information on the above families. The principles are: John Pecuch, b. 1894, d. 4/22/1975, Sedikart (Zahrodne), Czechoslovakia to Bethlehem, PA; Ann Svirzocsky, b. 9/14/1893, Oshikov, Czechoslovakia, had brothers, John, Joseph, Stephen and sisters, Maria and Veronica; Istvan Kiss, b. ca 1830, d. 1921, sons Steve, b. 1886, d. 1955, Imre, and daughter Elizabeth, all from Vespremedga (Slovak section), were major land owners (Steve eventually moved to the New Brunswick, NJ area and changed surname to Kish.); Elizabeth Fedor, b. 1891, d. 1971, had sisters Mary (Bella) and Veronica (Pauk) and stepsister Ann (Fedors were from Vedpremedga Area, Hungarian Section all moved to US and passed away in New Brunswick, NJ area. Steve Kish and Elizabeth Fedor wed in the US and had 5 children. They lived in Braddock, PA and NJ over the years. Any assistance with earlier lineage would be most appreciated.
email: Ron Kish - - Posted 08 November 1998

I am doing some works on family history and got some positive results down to the 18th century. Presently I am looking for all info on the Bubenicek (ova ) and Kral (ova) names in the area around Melnik. Many thanks in advance for any data.
email: Louis Bubenicek - - Posted 08 November 1998

Researching: BANAS
My grandparents, Josef and Anna Banas, came from Kyjov, Co. Saris and moved to Windber, PA. Anyone with that name and relatives from Kyjov please write.
email: - - Posted 08 November 1998

Researching: HROMADA
What are the origins of the surname Hromada, from Slovakia? Does anyone know? I have no background information on my "tree".
email: - - Posted 08 November 1998

Researching: KOERNER
Looking for information on the ancestry of Carl August Koerner, born ca. 1825, in Saxony or Western Poland.
email: Theodore A. Koerner - - Posted 08 November 1998

I am attempting to find individuals with the surnames Miklik or Krosnick/Krosnik. I occasionally come across these names posted on computer game scores and would like to contact these people. The families I am familiar with left Nestin, Yugoslavia in 1912 and 1903, respectively.
email: - - Posted 08 November 1998

Researching: TULAK, TOMORSKI
I am looking for any Tulak or Tomorski in Hungary. Thank You.
email: Laura - - Posted 08 November 1998

Researching: PRAMUK
My family's origin is in the Spis Region, Spis Novy Ves. I live in Kosice now.
email: Igor Pramuk - - Posted 08 November 1998

Researching: SIROTNAK
I would like to list my grandmother's family on your site. She was born on the boat on her way over to the US. Her name is Anna Veronica Sirotnak. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
email: Laura Liptak - - Posted 08 November 1998

I am researching the above names. If you have that last name, or know of someone who does, I would like to be in touch.
email: - - Posted 08 November 1998

Researching: GERENDA
I am interested in finding relatives in the U.S.and Slovakia with the name of Gerenda. My father, Michael Gerenda, emigrated from Czechoslovakia in the 20's. He was originally from Uzhorod.
email: - - Posted 08 November 1998

Looking for relatives by the names of Yuhas, Juhas, Juhasz, Bumberra and Dandar from the area /town of Trebisov (Toketerebes) in eastern Slovakia.
email: Michael George Yuhas - - Posted 08 November 1998

Researching: KREMPEL, DUZAK
Searching for relatives with the surname of Krempel and Duzak from Helcmanovce. Where is Helcmanovce located in Slovakia?
email: Michael and Donna Krempely - - Posted 08 November 1998

I am trying to reace the background of my grandfather. His nationality was Czechoslovakian. He was born in Kitaihas, Hungry on March 19,1874 with the name Jaonos Lechtey or Lechte. On his passport their is the name "Kiralyhaza". I don`t know if this is a village, town, or what. He arrived in the USA at Ellis Island, NY, on March 3, 1905. He was married to Anna Beleu. He served in the Prussian army before coming to the US. He was accompanied to this country by his brother, Martian. A few years later, his wife, Anna, and three children, Mary, Alice, and Mike, also arrived at Ellis Island. Mike was my father. I would appreciate any help anyone could give me in tracing my heritage.
email: James Lifke - - Posted 08 November 1998

Researching Maria Devera, b. 3/03/1885 in Taktaszada, Transylvania. Her father was Michael Devera and her mother was Maria Dolyak. I have a copy of her original birth certificate. She was married in the US to Stefan Bindasz, ca 1905-1910.
email: - - Posted 08 November 1998

Researching: BODNOVICH
I am searching for some information about my name, "Bodnovich". Any information would be helpful. Thank you.
email: John Douglas Bodnovich - - Posted 08 November 1998

Researching: ROSENBURG
Please e-mail me any information on this friend. I went to school in 1944 with her. The school is located in Bratislava, Slovakia. I have not seen her since. She could be married. The name of the school is Deutche Handels Akademie Zochova Ulica. Any information on Heidi Rosenburg would be helpful.
email: Pete Prosser - - Posted 08 November 1998

Researching: DROTTAR
Researching the Drottar family.
email: Pete Prosser - - Posted 08 November 1998

Researching: TUREK
I have just recently begun to research my family heritage and am having difficulty finding anything prior to my great-grandfather, Ladislas John Turek. This much I do know- He was born circa 1902, shortly after his family moved to the US from Germany. He had 10-12 siblings. He lived in Johnstown, PA most, if not all, his life. If you have any info on this family, it would be greatly appreciated.
email: Stacy Ritchey - - Posted 07 November 1998

My maternal greatgrandparents Wasil/Wladyslaw/Vasel Kopka and Anna Homza (born c.1868, d.1931 Akron, Ohio, lived in Elizabeth Pennsylvania) were said to have been Carpatho-Rusyn. I have noted the Smolenak who is researching the Homza name, but the link and email address have not been available. It would be great to hear from anyone working on these names. Anna Homza lived in and her daughter Anna Kopka (nee Homza) was born in Medzilaborce, Zemplen County, Slovakia.
email: Val DelMedico - - Posted 07 November 1998

Researching: DEMCSIK
My wife's grandfather is from Czechoslavakia. His name was Mitro Demcsik and he said that he was from Voloskoye, Karpato-Rus. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.
email: Harlan Spotts - - Posted 07 November 1998

Researching: HAAS, JASNIGER
Daniel HAAS was born in Puchov in 1879 to Israel Haas and Hermine Weiss Jasinger. He married twice and lived in Hacava and then in Bratislava until his death in 1956. I am his granddaughter from his son who moved to Australia to live. Any information about Puchov, Hacava or the Haas, Jasinger families would be wonderful.
email: Amanda Lovitt - - Posted 07 November 1998

Researching: PALATAS
Searching for information about the Palatas family, from the Adidovce and Humenne area. Especially looking for infomation about the father of Josep Palatas, born in 1865. Josep immigrated to the US and returned to Slovakia in or about 1905. His son, My father, Jan Palatas was born in 1898 in the US and returned to Slovakia with his father and family. My father served in the Austria - Hungary army. Would like to know if those records are available?
email: - - Posted 07 November 1998

Researching: TRIZNA
My grandfather was baptized in St Georges Catholic church in Babrovec, in the early 1880's, perhaps 1884. He and brother John emigrated to the US and settled in Joliet, Illinois. I know of no other brothers or sisters who might have remained in Slovakia. I am told there is a family crest, with a diamond in the center, but I have never seen it. There is a second name sometimes used as a suffix, Dolina. A cousin told me that they were known as the valley Triznas, which perhaps Dolina translates to. Another group of cousins with the Trizna surname also settled in Joliet, and they were known as the black Triznas, although there is no sign of them having negroid features. Any information would be appreciated.
email: Dennis Trizna - - Posted 07 November 1998

I would like to post my name and family information on your page in hopes that I may learn more about my Slovakian family history. The original spelling of my family's name according to my great-grandfather's Slovakian birth certificate was Ficzeri. His name was Andrej and his family lived in Nizny Caj (a small town near Kosice). He was born in 1890 and baptized in a Roman Catholic Church in nearby Nizna Misla. His father was a farmer named Michal and his mother's maiden name was Anna Weber. The address on the birth certificate says 11 Nizny Caj. He came to the United States with his brother and two sisters when he was 11 years old. They settled in a steel producing town near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania called Homestead. Although I am not sure if Ficzeri is a Hungarian or Slovak spelling, they were definitely Slovak people. I have seen on the internet that there are currently some people with the spelling Ficeri living in Kosice. This is also how my grandfather first spelled his name here in the U.S. However, it somehow got changed to Ficery by a school. I corresponded briefly 2 years ago with a Vlastimir Ficeri, a scientist in Kosice, but he has not followed up with me.
email: Gregg Ficery - - Posted 07 November 1998

My great-grandfather, Juros Plakos immigrated to America August 1914. He arrived on the SS Patricia from Hamburg to New York. He changed his name to Plakosh and settled in Uniontowm, Pennsylvania and Masontown. He was born in 1892 at Turia Poliana and married Mary Chuberko in 1919. Her father was Michael Chuberko, a local shopkeeper and watchmaker. Her mother was Maria Sak Chuberko. Michael died in 1935 at Mont Alto, Pennsylvania and Maria died in New York 1958. Juros Plakos died in Uniontown Hospital May 1970.
email: Patricia Plakosh - - Posted 07 November 1998

Martin Jakura was born 25 February 1943 in Toriszka, Slovakia to Anna Jankurova. He married marie Tarajtsak (Tarachak) 18 November 1872 in Spisskom Hrove. They had 9 children.
email: - - Posted 07 November 1998

When my grandfather, Peter Choma/Homa, came to the US (St. Clair, PA) from Mikova in 1903, he had a letter in his pocket from a relative with the surname Galajda/Galaijda. I just found a Galajda from St. Clair, and then found a matching one of the same name (Istvan) and age born in Mikova in 1886. His SS death info has his name as Steve. Looks like he spent his years in the US in St. Clair. His parents were Istvan Galajda and Ilona Demik. Any connection?
email: Deb Brumbaugh - - Posted 07 November 1998

Researching surnames Dimitrjevic and Katzinger, villages unknown.
email: Brad Bush - - Posted 07 November 1998

My granparents were George John Kichinko (b.Feb. 15, 1874) and Mary Sokolowsky (b.May 5, 1878). The family name was "Americanized" from Kichinko to King. George John Kichinko was from Trebisov and Mary Sokolowsky was from a small town north of Trebisov called Hriadky. His parents were George Kichinko and Mary Kohan. Her parents were Vasil Sokolowsky and Elizabeth Budzenkaji. My wife's parents were Michael Matuska and Elizabeth Kovalan. His parents were Michael Andrew Matuska (b. Mar. 3, 1889) in Mark and Barbora Hreha (b.Nov. 13, 1889) in Sena. We reside in Eastern Ohio near Steubenville.
email: George King - - Posted 07 November 1998

Researching: CAPCARA
My father is from a small village in Slovakia called Medilaborce. He arrived in the USA about 1900. He settled in Pittsburgh, PA. However, he has a half brother in Canada. Looking for family in the US, Canada, or in Slovakia.
email: - - Posted 07 November 1998

Moritz Brichta b 1835 Zilina, Slovakia m Rosalia Hause b1841. Children: Gisella, Malvina, Maximilian b1886 and Frieda. Adolf Fried, b 1851, m Charlotte Liestany b 1858. Twelve children: Mayer, Bertha, Layosh, Herman, Morris, Berthold, Frances, Leah, Martha, Emil, Olga, Nelly. Resided in Hlohovec before WWII. Descendants please write!
email: Jenny Brichta - - Posted 07 November 1998

My grandfather, Maurice Uhrbach, was born in Zilina in 1872. Maurice's parents were Herman and Fanny (Popper) Uhrbach who lived in Zilina. Herman was a clockmaker and a leader of the Jewish community. Fanny Popper was born in Zilina in 1843, her parents were Abraham Popper (a mohel) and Leiba Reiner. Herman died in 1917, Fanny died in 1923; both are buried in Zilina, as are Abraham and Leiba Popper, my great great grandparents. Maurice came to America c. 1890 and lived in NY. My grandmother, Bertha (Donath) Uhrbach, was born in 1880 in neighboring Martin. Her parents were William and Julia Donath. I am interested in any information on the Uhrbach family from Zilina, the Popper family from Zilina and the Donath family of Martin.
email: Edward Feld - - Posted 07 November 1998

Researching: KOLPAK, POTKAJ
Hello. My great grandfather's name was Konstantine Kolpak and his wife was Barbara Anna Potkaj - Kolpak. They lived in Poland on the Russian border. I don't know which city. My father, Edward Caesar Kolpak, Jr. is going there in a couple weeks to try to find relatives. Thank you for help. My great grandfather, Konstantine, was a traveling linguist and had to flee the country with his wife and children because of persecution by the Communists for teaching the common people learned languages. They came to Chicago around 1910-1915.
email: Kami Kolpak - - Posted 06 November 1998

We are searching for Adam Y(J)arosik and his step-brother John Skovranko. Their Father`s name was Peter Antonik Yarosik. Birth date unkown. Mother`s name was Anna Skovranko. She was born in Torisko, Slovakia, July 24, 1874. They came to Meadowlands, Pa.
email: Ray & Helen Sabol - - Posted 06 November 1998

Researching: GERENDA
Sitting at my new computer, I was astonished to see the name Gerenda surface. My father emigrated from Czechoslovakia in the 20's from Uzhorod. He spoke fluent Slovak, Hungarian and Ukrainian. I know that there are relatives in the U.S. and probably Slovakia. I am interested in contacting Gerenda's world wide.
email: Ernie Gerenda -
egerenda@MNSi.Net - Posted 06 November 1998

Looking for information on my great grandmother. Her name was Barbara Duricose. I have very little infomation about her other than the fact that she came from Croatia, and my grandfather Louis Stimack came from Yugoslavia, on a boat when they weere about 16 years old. I did not see the name Duricose or Stimack listed. can you help in any way? Thank you for your time.
email: - - Posted 06 November 1998

I have been interested in my relatives in Slovakia for a long time. My Parents came from Lysica and Komorova. Mother's last name was Hruska and my Father's last name was Fabel (shortened from Fabelova). Mother's first name was Mary and my Father's first name was Joseph. My Mother's mother's first name was Mary and her Father's name was Adam. My Father's Mother was Anna Chevonic and his Father was Blaze. Mother had four brothers, George, Andrew, Jan, Gabriel and one sister Anna. George, Andrew and my mother came to America, the rest stayed in Slovakia. My Father had three sisters Caroline, Theresa and Hermine. He also had one half -brother Adam Chovanec. My Father and Adam came to this country and the sisters stayed in Slovakia. The last address was in Zilina and I have written there but I didn't get a response. My uncles and aunts are all probably deseased but I would like to know about my cousins that still live in Europe.
email: Mary Roule - - Posted 06 November 1998

I am searching for relatives of my grandparents, Mihal Suchta and Maria Bonga. They married in Ung County, in East Slovakia in 1901, at Sobrance. They settled in Maine and Massachusetts. Surnames: Bonga; Szemesik/Szemka; Suchta; Vok. Towns: Sobrance; Jasenov; Ubrez; Nizna Rybnica.
email: Joan Suchta Harvey - - Posted 05 November 1998

Researching: WELFELD, KLEIN
I am searching for information on the Welfeld last name. My grandfather, Joseph was born in Tarnow and after he married my grandmother Rachel Klein, they lived in Zabno. They lived there until 1929 then came to America. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
email: Barry L. Tobachnick - - Posted 05 November 1998

The people mentioned here were alive and living in the village of Klenovec around 1910...some are earlier than that. Susanna Balint of Klenovec, Andrew Grlicky, Susanna Balint became Susanna Longaver, (2nd marriage), Emil Longaver, son of Susanna Longaver, Paul Longaver, son of Susanna Longaver, Jan Balint (earlier, 1860's, Klenovec), Judith Butorova, Susanna Butorova, born around 1866, Jan Hruska, Kristina Figuly, Julia Struhar, John Moncol, husband of Susanna Moncol, John Pavlik, Anna Pavlik, Julia Pavlik, Judith Barch, Suzanna Roman, Mary Ulicky, Anna Jacobic, wife of Paul Jacobic. Jana Balciarova - her descendants are believed to still live in Klenovec. I, the inquirer, am going to Klenovec this summer and would like to find relatives!
email: Judith E. Baker - - Posted 05 November 1998

I am seeking information on the following names; Kopera, Gaydos, Marusa, Senita and Valkuchak. The regions in Slovakia corresponding to these names would be Oscadnica, Michalovce,Krasna Luka, Sarisske Jastrabie, and Malczo.
email: John Kopera - - Posted 05 November 1998

Researching: MATEJZEL
Looking for information of the Matejzel family from the village (town) of Dobsina, Leo and Albert Matejzel.
email: - - Posted 05 November 1998

Surnames from the village of Lomnicka, formerly called Kleinlomnitz and Kislomnicz: Pudleiner, Tomasko, Piger, Zimmermann, Andreiko, Richwalszky, Drescher and Faix.
email: Vicki Woolley - - Posted 04 November 1998

Would like info on the name Sofko or Savko or Safko and also Bielancik, Mergeshchik and Jochuck. My grandmother and grandfather were born in Svidnick, Saris, Austria-Hungary. Grandfather was born in 1862. His name was George Sofko. Grandmother was born in 1869. Her maiden name was Helen Bielancik. They were married in Svidnick in 1889. The Witnesses to their marriage were Andrew Mergeshchik and George Jochuck. They moved to Fernie, B. C. Canada in 1900 and raised thier family there. Any info would be deeply appriceated.
email: Mike & Jean Bentley - - Posted 04 November 1998

I'm trying to trace my grandparents. Joseph Stetina was born in February 1890 in Horna Suca, Okres Trencin. He changed his name to Zemanovic when he arrived in America. He married Julia Misak born on December 3, 1892 in Sipkov. The immigrated to America, he in 1914 and she aboard SS Nieuw Amsterdam in 1920.
email: Jane Schreiner - - Posted 04 November 1998

Searching on Mary Bugos, from Kosice and John Blanar (Blanyer), from Bologd (Bolodg)?
email: Pamela Bane - - Posted 04 November 1998

My husband's mother, Mary Friga, came the village of Jovsa. Her father was George Friga and her mother was Elizabeth Hrenko, both born around 1888, father of my husband was Mike Bubonics, came from Daisytown, Pa, his father was from Zahor, and his wife was Julia Hrenko, and was from Jovsa.
email: David - - Posted 04 November 1998

My great grandfather, John Pottersnak (or Potersnak or Potorsnak) was born about 1865 in Slovakland. He married Mary Derosco. Their children were as far as I know are: Julia Ann (my grandmother) married Edward James Krisinski, Mary married a Lukach (first name unknown), and John married Anna (last name unknown). Julia and Mary lived in Pennsylvania. John lived in W. Virginia. There could be two other sons, but I'm not sure. Their names are Frank and Steve. Any info. would be greatly appreciated.
email: Barbara Slater -
Zion@Sginet.Com - Posted 04 November 1998

Researching: HRDY
Looking for information about the Hrdy Family still living in Slovakia.
email: Guillaume Hrdy - - Posted 03 November 1998

My search includes the tiny villages of Relov and Kolachov, Slovakia. My mystery search for my dear late, Grandfather, John Svala, would be Lomnica Galicia. Relov Relatives: Jacob Bielak - Parents Joseph Bielyak and Catharina Ploscsicza; Sophia Bizub parents Adalbertus Bizub and Maria Marhevka; Jacob Pisartsik parents Andreas Pisarcik and Elizabeth Marhevka; Catharina Pemptsak parents Paul Pemptsak and Maria Pisartsik; Paul Pempczak parents Andreas Pemczak and Anna Kovalsky; Maria Piszartsik; Michael Ofzsalovfky?. Kolachov ancestors Cecilia Ignati Szentivanyi...from Niedzica (Nedec (nobility) Poland); Andrej Koneval Parents John Koneval and Maria Safflarsky. Lomnica, Galicia Grandfather My mystery grandfather - John Svala. He was stolen from his parents as a young child and made to work on a farm or estate probably in Slovakia. We don't know where he was born, but when he was finally able to marry my grandmother, Veronica Koneval, the marriage certificate states that his Locus Originus was Lominica, Galicia. I have been unable to get into any of the Lomnica, Galicia records. Any help would be welcome. I also have written down many of the records from Relov on surnames Pisarcik, Pemptsak, Bielak (Bielyak), Bizub (Bisup), Stephanyak, Marhevka that I would be happy to share with anyone who is searching. I have a limited amount of information from Kolackov regarding Szentivanyis and Konevals if anyone needs it. Thanks for any help you can be to me in my search. S'Bohom.
email: Andrea Grand - - Posted 03 November 1998

Researching: FELT, FADIS, KISCH
Looking for descendants of Joseph Albert Felt and Elizabeth Kisch who married and then emigrated to the USA about 1900 ending up in Belleville, NJ. Albert (Joseph) Felt and Alice Felt, their children, were returned, after the death of Joseph in 1905, to what was then Hungary and after WW1 became Czechoslovakia, living there with relatives from about 1908 until 1919 or 1920 . It is believed they lived somewhere around Piest'any, at least that is what it sounded like when told to me by my father. Further detail can be found at my web page at
email: Joseph A. Felt - - Posted 03 November 1998

Researching: KANACKI
Please let me know if there are and Kanacki families there. If not any clue where I should be looking.
email: - - Posted 03 November 1998

Researching: KUTCHER
I am looking for information regarding Ancestor g.g.grandfather Joseph Kutcher, dob: October 9, 1809 or November 8, 1809. Wife's name was Mary. They had 4 children Frank Kutcher, Catherine Kutcher born 1852, John Kutcher born 1853 and Joseph Randall Kutcher born May 5, 1860. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
email: Karen Kutcher - - Posted 03 November 1998

Researching: MATIS, PILAT
My Grandmother's name was Anna Matis (maiden name Pilat), born around 1905 ( she never told us her real age ) I think she's from Bratislava. I was there in 1990 and I found our name in the phone book. My Grandfather's name was George Michael Matis, born around 1905 too. I think he's from Bratislava also. My father is planning a trip to find our heritage. We're not having much luck finding anything. Thank you in advance.
email: Greg - - Posted 03 November 1998

From Mast, now called Stupava, Bratislava. Have info 1880-1840. would like more on brothers and sisters.
email: - - Posted 03 November 1998

Researching: VOJVODA
I am researching the Vojvoda surname from Turoc county Slovakia. Anyone interested please contact me. They are found in the Villages of Klacany, Jahodnicky (Martin) Sucany, Kostany and environs back to the 1500s!
email: - - Posted 03 November 1998

Researching: PADO, POLYAK
I have verbal info that my grandfather and his brother were born in Cecejovce. Looking for confirmation or info on parents, relatives, etc. Parent names were John Pado and Anna Polyak.
email: Doug Pado - - Posted 03 November 1998

Researching: LALINSKY, VRSAN
Looking for information about ancestors from the village of Zavodie near Zilina, Slovakia. Ondrej Lalinsky had two sons, John and George Lalinsky, who immigrated to the USA around 1902. The Vrsan family, from the same village, had a daughter Mary and son Ondrej immigrate to the USA about 1900. Would love to hear from any other possible desendents of these families.
email: Christine M. Lalinsky - - Posted 03 November 1998

Thomas (Tomas) (b. 1847-died 1917 in Throop, PA). Married Maria Carnogursky or Charnogursky (b. 1840'/50s -died 1939 in Throop, PA). Children: Elizabeth (b. 1885 in Velka Frankovce, Slovakia) She came to U.S. in Feb. 1901 married Jacob Zadjura (Zadzura, Zadzora in Holy Ghost in Olyphant, PA.); other children were Thomas Jr. (may have been in Austrian army); Anthony; and Michael (may have really been Nicholas) He married widow Anna Parana (Stefanic, Stefanick, Stefanek, Stefanak)in about 1927). Anna Parana came to Throop, PA from Saris province -- she had brothers Frank, Stephen, Joseph, and John (who died in 1917/18 flu epidemic)--she married widower Thomas Stefanick in about 1916 probably in Holy Ghost church in Olyphant, PA or St.Michael's in Jessup, PA Any info would be greatly appreciated.
email: Ed - - Posted 02 November 1998

Searching for: Ambrisko, Ambrisco, Ambriscoe, Matey of Kostolany Nad. Hornadom, Slovakia/ Hernad, Vesce, Hungary. Barnyik, Barnick, of Dacov. Yanicko, Janichko of Dubovica, Lazorik, Estocin, Sassak, Stofko, Cherba, Evon, Ivan, Kovach, Albrecht, Churilla, Kanuschek, Polivka or Polifko, Pollack of Kosicka Bela, Koscie, Slovakia/Cherok (Czirak) of Zemplinski/ In USA: Scranton, Throop, Olyphant, Pa / Ansonia & Milford Ct.
email: Cathy Ambrisko - - Posted 02 November 1998

Researching: GOMBOS, GUMBISH
Looking for information on the surname Gombos. This name is now spelled Gumbish in my family. Great grandfather Janos Gombos (John Gumbish) came to America in 1888 from the region of Zemplen. Settled in Cleveland, OH. I am looking for relatives who may have more information on the family. I have some information. Are there any Gombos's or Gumbish's out there who I don't know about?
email: Rodney Gumbish - - Posted 02 November 1998

Researching John Pivarnik from Chmelov, Hermanovce, and Presov. Anna Perzel, Anna Drevenak, and Andrew Drevenak.
email: John Pivarnik - - Posted 02 November 1998

Researching: ROCK, OSHEA, OSADIA
My grandfather supposedly came from Austria-Hungary and settled in the Wilkes-Barre,(Hudson) PA area. However, a notation in the Luzerne County court house shows he came from Folusz, Poland. His name was Americanized as John Rock. He had a sister or cousin who married a man of Irish decent and lived in the Boston, MA area. She had a son named William (O'Shea or O'Sadia, not exactlly sure). I'm trying to find out more about Folusz, Poland and any information about the woman in Boston.
email: Helen - - Posted 02 November 1998

Hello from Illinois, I am looking for information from anyone knowing more about or related to the Bodnar, Cucheran, and/or Yacyshyn families. My grandpa, Michael Bodnar, left a type-written sheet with a little family history. I will share what I know here: Michael was a son of Iwan Bodnar and Melenia "Yacyshyn." They lived in town Suchostaw, county Husiatyn, province Galicia, Austro-Hungarian Empire. Iwan Bodnar was born in June 1861, to whom, I do not know. I also do not know any of his siblings names. Melenia Yacyshyn was born in 1866, to whom I do not know. I also do not know any of her siblings names. Iwan and Melenia had 4 sons and 1 daughter: oldest Philip, then Alexander (who died in Canada in 1965), D'Metro and Michael (my grandpa), born Oct 7, 1895 in Suchostaw, died in late 1980's in Alberta. They came to Alberta and had a homestead in Glendon in 1914. War broke out and the brothers looked for work in USA. D'Metro Bodnar found a job in Sacramento, California as a pruner, and Michael Bodnar never heard from him again after 1938. Philip is believed to have died in an avalanche in the Alaska Mountains only because after writing that he was going to work for the post office, delivering mail in Alaska, for the summer months (sometime around 1916-1920?), Grandpa Michael Bodnar never heard from him again. When they inquired through an agency, their answer was that Philip may have been one in about a hundred who died in an avalanche. Michael and Alex worked coal mines and lived on the homestead. On April 22, 1922 Michael married Dominica Cucheran. She was born in 1900 to Mihay Cucheran and Elena Poroznio. I do not know much more about Dominica Cucheran than that, and that she was Romanian, possibly "gypsy," because my mom and her siblings were teased and taunted about that. I also know that she died in Glendon on the farm on January 5, 1936. My mother was only 3 years old at the time. Grandpa Michael Bodnar and Dominica Cucheran had 1 son and 4 daughters: Franko-John, born Nov. 24, 1923, died 1997 in British Columbia; Margaret Helen, born July 2, 1927- alive in Alaska, married to Ralph Campbell; Anna Lucille, born Sep. 28, 1928- alive in Glendon, divorced from MacNeil; Stephania J., born Aug. 23, 1930- died in Alberta in the late 1980's?; Amelia Sophia, born May 20, 1932- is my mother- married to Dewey Bilyeu, living in Missouri. Dominica Cucheran was married before marrying my Grandpa Bodnar in 1922 and had a son in 1921, named Michael Kayzer. Her first husband was John Kayzer, who died in October 1921, a month after Michael's birth. I am looking for information about any of the people mentioned above or relatives of any of the people named above.
email: Aimee R. Natal - - Posted 02 November 1998

I am doing a family research project and I would like to know some background on a few last names. By background I'm referring to where the names come from, what time period, and what they mean. Please respond as quickly as possible. The last names are "Kozic", "Vaclav", "Ruman", and "Mitana". Thank you for your help.
email: Peter Kozic - - Posted 02 November 1998

The law firm of Therrel Baisden, P.A., Miami, Florida is searching for the heirs of William C. Chomiak who died on July 5, 1998, a resident of Miami Beach, Florida, U.S.A. The decedent was born on December 29, 1908 in Hurnie Stryj, Poland. His parents were Alexius Chomiak and Anna Elise Chomyshun Oprushko. He emigrated to Canada in 1926 to join his parents. He became a Canadian citizen in 1931. At that time his address in Canada was Banff, Alberta, British Columbia. He emigrated to the United States in 1933 possibly to Chicago, Illinois. He became a United States citizen in 1948. In 1942 he resided at 68 West Oak Street in Chicago, Illinois. In 1948 he resided at 14 35 N. LaSalle Street in Chicago, Illinois. He married Mary Theresa Loboyko in Chicago, Illinois on May 11, 1950. A child, John William Chomiak, was born in Seattle, Washington on November 1, 1950. The decedent and Mary Theresa Loboyko Chomiak were divorced in Chicago, Illinois on July 9, 1952. We believe he established a permanent residence in Miami Beach, Florida in 1982. Immediately prior to moving to Florida, we believe he resided at 1058 W. Lawrence, Chicago, Illinois and 3218 N. Central Park, Chicago, Illinois. Specifically, we are seeking information regarding his child, John William Chomiak, and such child's descendants, if any.
email: - - Posted 02 November 1998

Researching: MACHAC, KOSTAL
My grandfather Michael Machac was born in Vrbove, in the year 1874. Had 3 sisters, Mary, Pauline and Nettie. My grandmother, his wife, Katherine nee Kostal also born in Vrbove, had 2 brothers Michael and Josef,also sisters, names unknown. Michael & Katherine had 7 children, Josef, Ethel, Antoinette, Mary, Viktor, Irene and Rudy. All but Antoinette are deceased. Antoinette lives in FL and is 94 yrs. If anyone knows of Katherine or Michael, I would love to hear from them.
email: Vickie - - Posted 02 November 1998

Stephann Bandura, abt 1865 Nizna Jablonka, (Also Jablonka) Zemplin County, Hungary. Father-- Jammes Bandura Mother-- Maria Deabtsal Wife-- Sofia Kicsik abt 1865 from Fel Jablonka, Zemplin County, Hungary This is all the information I have at present on family with exception that son Stephann Bandura and family still live in Nizna Jablonka.
email: Charlotte Richmond - - Posted 02 November 1998

Researching: SLAFKA
My surname is Slafka, but I do not know if that is an English version or not. My grandfather was born in a town called Dolho or Dolha, but I do not know what the name of the country was at that time, in the late 1800's. Any information would be appreciated.
email: - - Posted 01 November 1998

I am researching the family of Jan Olsavsky circa 1825 who married Madarova from the Brezovica area. His son Jan married Maria Mihalik, daughter of Mihalik and Buynakova. They had 13 children. Some came to America. I am the fifth generation.
email: J. Stouppe - - Posted 01 November 1998

Olsavsky, Vargovich, Spirnak, Spearnock, Dorchock, and Rejdova. I'm trying to find any information on the following families from Slovakia. Olsavsky's from Stara Lubovna and Nova Lubovna. Rejdova or Repko from Nova Lubovna. Spirnak from Michalovce, Slovakia. God Bless,
email: Paul E. Vargovich - - Posted 01 November 1998

Researching: NUYLASZI
I'm searching for information about those related to my great great grandmother, Elizabeth (Erzsebet) Nuylaszi who immigrated from Nagy Szalanc a small town near Kassa. They came to Reading Pennsylvania in 1913 or 1914 via Kassa to Hamburg, then onto Southampton where they sailed on the Cedric to New York.
email: - - Posted 01 November 1998

Researching: BORYK, BORIK
I am researching my grandmother's family who I believe left this region in 1902 and eventually settled in Bridgeport, Ohio. Mary Boryk (Borik) left her village in October of 1902. She was born October 4, 1879 to Theresa and Howard Boryk, potato farmers. I recently located the Ship's Manifest and discovered that Mary immigrated from Slovin in 1902. I'm trying to locate her home village to continue my research on her. Any help or advice would be greatly Appreciated.
email: Howard Ritter - - Posted 01 November 1998

Researching: SIMULCIK, ZAK
Simulcik family originally from town of Breza. Grandmother's surname was Zak.
email: - - Posted 01 November 1998

Researching: GOLNIK
Hi, my name is Rudi Golnik and I don't know anything about my fathrs history other than that he immigrated from Western Polanbd near the Krakow area at the end of WWII. I have heard that this surname is Slavic and that I could have a tree in the Yugoslavia regions. Can you help me?
email: - - Posted 01 November 1998

Looking for Maturkanich from the vilage of Svetlee?? and Petrik and Rokiton.
email: Todd Emo - - Posted 01 November 1998

Hi, I'm searching for any kind of info on Sharisky family history. My mothers name was Annette Katherine Sharisky, Parents were John "Jack" Sharisky and Gloria Cutchaw Sharisky. I believe that my grandparents were born in the 1920's. Please help if you can.
email: Christy - - Posted 01 November 1998

I have just returned from Eastern Slovakia and have found relatives in Olsov, Saris County. New information is the family name Bucko. The mayor of the village of 400 people stated his grandfather was great-aunt Anna Butcho's brother. Anna and children Margaret, Theresa and Cyril left Olsov for America in 1930.Anna was married to Balthasar Semancik who left in 1925, again in 1926 and again in 1927. Anyone wanting information on the the Bucko family name contact me. I am in Albuquerque.
email: Pete Semanick - - Posted 01 November 1998

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