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Looking for possible branches from Hlohovec, Salgovce, Sv Peter Have knowledge of some, but looking for shirttails.
email: -
POTOTJ@AOL.COM - Posted 30 November 1998

All are from Czeklis area I beleive. Steve Ruman came to USA in1910, Mari came with children in 1913. Lived in Ohio & Ind. Don't know if any of the others ever come to this country.
email: Susan Ruman - - Posted 30 November 1998

Researching: FETSKO, MOTIL
I am doing research on my wife's family from Slovakia. The Information we have is that they came from a villiage called Kermonita. Their name was Andrew Fetsko, He married a lady by the name of Veronica Motil. They Came to the USA to Montana in 1890's. My question is there some way I can find out if there is a village of Kermonita and its location. I have looked in all of the books and maps I can think of. Can anyone help.
email: Billy Carver - - Posted 30 November 1998

Researching: DUBNICKA
Looking for relatives from the Bosaca area of Jozef Dubnicka born in April 1893 and Anna Kukuca born in February 1892.
email: - - Posted 30 November 1998

Researching: GUYRICA
Trying to locate the village of "Oravica", a short distance south of the Polish border, and just east of another town named "Zakamenne". Would like to develop contact in Oravica!! Thanks, Tom Farley. Mother and Grandparents cames from there in 1907. Alois Guyrica and Katherine, Theresa, Marie, Julia , Anna and Ferdinand.
email: Esther Farley - - Posted 30 November 1998

Researching: GETSEY, GECZI
My maiden name is Getsey, and I was always told that it was originally spelled Geczi and that my ancestors were from Czechoslovakia.
email: S Gaissert - - Posted 29 November 1998

Researching: TELGARSKY
If anybody has any information on any Telgarsky's in Slovakia that they could share with me it would be greatly appreciated. Any information from any time will be helpful.
email: James Telgarsky - - Posted 29 November 1998

Researching: REBAR, PARANA
My Great grandparents were Andrew and Maria Rebar Parana. They had at least 5 children--Frank, Joseph, Steven, John (who died in 1917 flu epidemic) and my grandmother Anna Parana (Stefanick) Yurgovsky. The children came to America and lived in Northeastern PA around Scranton, primarily in Marshwood (now part of Jessup) and Throop. Any information about these names or families would be appreciated.
email: - - Posted 29 November 1998

Researching: PEHANICH
Looking for information on the Pehanich family!
email: George Pehanich - - Posted 29 November 1998

Looking for the town that this family came from. Joseph Volanth born March 19, 1852 & his wife Mary Willing. They had 2 sons Steven born 1878 & Frank born 1881 & a daughter Natalie born 1882 These are approximate dates. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
email: Carol - - Posted 29 November 1998

Researching: PAPP, FLAGE
Researching:My Great-Grandparents Romaine Papp and Martha Flage born about 1890, from Lopasov, Slovakia. Located in the district of Nitra. If anyone has any information regarding these names please contact me.
email: Steven P.Pusiak - - Posted 28 November 1998

Researching: SKRIPKO
Hello, my name is Samantha Skripko. I was born on 4/19/75. I live in the state of New Jersey here in America. My grandfather, Michael or "Michel" Skripko was born here as well. His parents came over to America (in New York) sometime in the 1800's I believe. If you know of anything that would help me track my roots please let me know.
email: Samantha Skripko - - Posted 28 November 1998

My great-grandparents emigrated from Joblonov, Slovakia as a young couple with their parents. Their names were Valent (known as William in America) and Helen (Skovera) Sefcik. Valent's parents (my great-great-grandparents) were Valent and Catherine (Tatarko) Sefcik. Helen's parents were Mary and Michael Skovera. Valent and Helen were both from Joblonov, Slovakia. (That's where Valent's parents were from. I'm assuming both families were from the same place) They settled somewhere around
Youngstown, Ohio, because that is where my grandmother grew up. I would really appreciate any help you could give me.
email: Alexis - - Posted 28 November 1998

I would like to post the name of my grandfater and his village: Janos Szimcsakovics - he came from a village called Strocin in the County of Svidnik, Slovakia. He immigrated to the US in 1907, entering thru Ellis Island on December 22. Upon naturalization, he changed the family name to Senchak.
email: - - Posted 28 November 1998

Researching: KORAN
I'm searching for any information on the Koran family.BR> email: - - Posted 28 November 1998

Researching: GONDA
I am writing on behalf of my father (John Gonda) who is very interested in continuing his family research on the "Gonda" family line, which originates in Slovakia. He does not have the internet and prefers to correspond by mail. He is also interested in locating a reliable individual that he could hire to help him in his research. He is now searching for information and names from the 1800's and earlier in Slovakia.
email: Stephen Gonda - - Posted 27 November 1998

Researching: CZAP
Researching Czap.
email: - - Posted 27 November 1998

Researching information on my great grandparents. Great grandmother: Mary Ann "Elenore" Smatlak, immigrated, possibly in late 1800's (from Yugoslavia) with mother, Barbara, father, siblings: Carrie, Barbara, Rose, Mary, Freddy. Rode in stearage on ship, possibly landed in Philadelphia, eventually settled in Cleveland, Ohio. Married: William Albert Kolar. He also immigrated in the late 1800's alone around age 16 (from Yugoslavia?). William played the accordian and was trained as a carpenter, according to his daughter who is still alive at 90+, "as was his father before him and so on. They worked for a Baron? in the old country." William and Mary become quite wealthy and owned much land in Cleveland and Flordia. Children: Polly Veronica Haggard Shadko, May Lucas, William Kolar, Jr., and Robert Kolar.
email: Diane Phillips - - Posted 27 November 1998

Researching: KLEPPER, KLEPAR
Klepper or Klepar, starting from scratch. Origin is Austro-Hungarian Empire, now Slovakia. Anything will help.
email: Joseph Surina - - Posted 27 November 1998

Researching: TLUMAK
I don't know if this is from Slovak area. My father was born in Czernowitz, Bukovina now known as Cernauti governed by Ukraine. At that time it was Austria Hungary. I believe my ancestors adopted this name from the town of Tlumach not far from Czernowitz. Anyone familiar or know anybody with this name or similar please have them contact me.
email: Fred Tlumak - - Posted 27 November 1998

I am researching John Paczak (Pacak) from the village of Zavadka Pre Propade. Born December 15,1889 to John and Mary(Wansack) Paczak. Also looking for information on Michael Geletka (Born 1875) and Mary Sovel(Born 1874). Stephan Harnadek and Anna Pastvora, Andrew Salaga (Born June13,1880) and Mary Psota(Born Jan. 28, 1883). Any information would be greatly appreciated.
email: Missy Salaga - - Posted 26 November 1998

Researching: RIGOLET
Searching info on surname Rigolet.
email: - - Posted 26 November 1998

Researching: KNAPIK, KUNAK
Researching Knapik, Kunak family name, Gromos, Slovakia (today, Hromos). I Would like to make contact with anyone in the village of Hromos who has e-mail. I have relatives there that I have contact with but I would like to get more information via Internet. Thank you.
email: Sister Agnes Knapik, OSB, Warren, Ohio - - Posted 26 November 1998

Looking for ancestry info. on Michael Farkas, my GGfather married Illona, she died 1906 and is buried in Munhall Pa, he was a soldier in Franz Joseph's army, he was from Terebes in the County of Zemplen, Hungary; he was the oldest, his siblings were: Micael Farkas (married Helen Vetyk), Anna, Barbara, Andrew, John, Peter, Barbara (married John Dusenicsa) and Maria (married Michael Bacso); Michael Farkas GG father dissappeared in Homestead Pa around 1907.
email: Daniel Clark - - Posted 26 November 1998

Researching: TOMKO
I am researching the family surname Tomko. I believe my grandfather was from Kocise (sp?). He came to the United States in the late 1800's. I would appreciate any information. Thank you.
email: Mary Tomko Holt -
MHolt19187@AOL.Com - Posted 26 November 1998

I am researching the names George Kostovic or Kostovick, and Paul John Walko.
email: - - Posted 26 November 1998

Looking for Michael and Emery Krajnyak (father's name Michael Krajnyak) who left Hungary or Hungary Chech. in 1890 for Johnstown Pa. Michael married Anna Polyak, mothers name Mary Polyak, they had a son Michael Krajnyak who was born in 1889 in Hungary. Emery married Mary Bohla.
email: Diane Kranyak Fee - - Posted 26 November 1998

I am researching Susan Batka,aka Zsuzanna Batkova, born in Czechoslovakia in 1898, from a farming family of 8 children. Immigrated to USA, New York, in 1914. Married William Coakley in 1927, died 1980. I am trying to find her family and decendants in Slovakia.
email: Jennifer Chappell - - Posted 26 November 1998

Researching: HUEBLER
I am searching for the surname Huebler, the name of the ancesters of my wife. They cam form Stoosz near Metzenseifen in Ungaria/Tschecho-Slovakia.
email: Martin van Dooremolen - - Posted 25 November 1998

Researching: ADYDAN
Looking for any information on the surname Adydan.
email: - - Posted 25 November 1998

My great-grandparents emigrated from Joblonov, Slovakia as a young couple with their parents. Their names were Valent (William) and Helen (Skovera) Sefcik. Valent's parents (my great-great-grandparents) were Valent and Catherine (Tatarko) Sefcik. Helen's parents were Mary and Michael Skovera. They settled somewhere around Youngstown, OH, because that is where my grandmother grew up. I would really appreciate any help you could give me.
email: Alexis - - Posted 25 November 1998

Researching Kanik, Budicky and Gajan, all from Hranovnica, 7 miles south of Poprad.
email: Ken Kanik - - Posted 25 November 1998

Veronica May Talorovich is my grandmother's name. She came from what was Milposh, Austria before WWI. She married John Girasek, who was also from Austria-Hungary. He may have been from Epenes or Milposh. They went to America. Also tracking my great grandmother, Kaminski. Thanks for any help you can offer.
email: - - Posted 25 November 1998

My grandpa was Peter Belej. He married Pelazia (Pearl) Susoucsha. They immigrated to Pittsburgh around 1918. My father was Michael Beley. There was also Uncle Nicholas, who never married. He died in 1948 at age 28. Aunt Mary married Paul Meyers, died in Lehigh Acres, Fl. Aunt Ann never married and has also died..Aunt Frances was the last living relative on that side and she died last year. I was 4 when my grandma died and 9 when my father died. The only relative I learned anything from was Aunt Fran and she suffered from Alzheimers for the last 10 years of her life. So, I pretty much have just gone by what my mother told my about them! Also my grandpa died when my father was an infant.and grandma remarried a Wysocki. My husband & sister think I'm nuts for pursuing this, but I v always wondered if there were any other family members out there.
email: Michele - - Posted 24 November 1998

I'd like to submit a query for Slivka, Ivan, Homza, Fabian and Szlaruch. Some are located in the areas of Jaklovce and Slivnik, the former in Kozma and Slivnik in the county of Zemplin. Your help is appreciated!
email: Sue Slifko Gillfillan - - Posted 24 November 1998

Researching: SALATA, MIHALKO
My great grandfather was born in Marhan, Slovakia in 1841. He married Anna Mihalko in 1871, in a town called Giratowvetz, Slovakia. She sailed for America in 1910, from this town of Giratowvetz, so it must have been on an ocean/sea! Would like to locate these cities on a map, if they still exist. Need to figure out where to find such a map also. Other towns we seem to have heard of, that the family came from are: Presov, Brezov, Kracinovec, Fias and Zdain. If you might be able to help me out, I would appreciate it very much. Perhaps some day, I might be able to go back farther in time, and find out my great grandfather's, father's name, and location. Thank you.
email: Daniel M. Salata - - Posted 24 November 1998

Lookng for info on my late grandfather. Michael Drutar (or Drotor) born 1876 in village of Male Ruskov. He married Barbara Borsch and came to America about 1899. They settled in western Pennsylvania and then moved to Steubenville Ohio, where he died in 1948. Was conscripted into the Austro-Hungarian army at the age of 10yrs.
email: - - Posted 24 November 1998

I have been told my gggrandfather, Joseph Kozilek, was not from Wetschehausen, Austria-Hungary, where he and his wife, Barbara Lauderbach, had a daughter, Francesca. I would also like information on any of her siblings. She married Nikolaus Balog of Bacova, Austria-Hungary. They came to America with their four children in March, 1898. He died June 15, 1898, leaving her destitute in a strange land with young children and not speaking any English. But she was a survivor. She married another man with a family and then they had two daughters. She died in 1953 at nearly 91 years of age. I would love to find out more about her family and where they came from, if not from Wetschehausen. If these names or villages sound familiar, I would love hearing from you. Thank you in advance for any and all help.
email: - - Posted 24 November 1998

My name is Bill Koprivnak. My fathers name was Michael and his fathers name was Vasil and Vasil's wife's name was Safranko, they were from Srusnica. Looking for relatives.
email: Bill Koprivnak - - Posted 23 November 1998

Janosko or Zvrskovec - Janosko of Rajecka lesna. Any information regarding the above surname and village name would be greatly appreciated.
email: Ross Hamre - - Posted 23 November 1998

Researching: GELO
I'm Slovakian by birth. Been in Canada for almost 10 years now. I'm just 28. I've been trying to locate my father, in Kosice IV and I know he has an email address as well and cannot contact him. My name is Eduard Gelo and my fathers name is Emil Gelo. This is his address: Levocka N., Kosice IV, Slovakia, Slovak Republic, Europe. If I only had his phone no. and his email I could contact him through my friend's computer....could you help me? The name Gelo is of Italian origin....appreciate any and all help. thank you.
email: Edo Gelo - - Posted 23 November 1998

I am searching for my grandmother who emigrated to USA ,sometime between 1950 and 1956 .Her maiden name was Balog or Orroz but we think she married and got name Popovits? we think she went to California from Germany, and all we heard was that she got 2 or 3 children after that. I dont think that you are able to help, but if there are somone who knowes anything about her please send me info on E-Mail I am working in the North Sea and live in Norway.
email: Jan Vrabel - - Posted 23 November 1998

Searching for info. on any relations to Anna Stupak Rusnak Scherbok (maiden name - Rindos). Born approx. 1845, Plavnica, Austria Hungary (now Slovakia). Married three times.: 1st to John Stupak, children: Theresa Stupak Hnaat (one child - Josef Hnaat), Barbara Stupak Biss (six children - Mary, Father Edward Biss, Anna, Joseph, Agnes, Sister Edwarda Biss), Anna Stupak Kosturko, (five chilren - Mary, Joseph , Helen, William), Christine (b. approx. 1875 d. approx. 1920 in Johnsonburg, PA, USA -eleven children - John, Christine, Andrew, Michael, Mary, Susan, Joseph, Margaret, William, Charles, Patrick), Helen Stupak (Mojher?) (six children - Michael, Mary, Stephen, Anna, Joseph, Paul), Susan Stupak Galish (twelve children - Marie, Susan, John, Anna, Helen, Steve,Thomas, Betty, William, Edward, Agnes, Theresa) . / 2nd marriage, no children. / 3rd marriage to Pavel (Paul) Scherbok children: Mary Scherbok (Glucs)(nine children - Anna, Charles, Andrew, John, Mary, Joseph, Helen, Edward, Marjorie) , Pauline Sherbok (Susalla?)(Smith?)(married twice - one child - Joseph Williams Dokter) , and Andrew Scherbok (three children - Mary, Steven, Helen).
email: - - Posted 23 November 1998

Searching for information on Dmytro Shafran b.1899 in Ukraine; father is Frank Shafran; mother is Climantina Klymka Gamble. Immigrated to the U.S. ABT 1913. Also searching for information on Thomas Mathia b.1894 in Czechoslovakia. Immigrated to U.S. about 1908. Any information is appreciated.
email: Barbara Shafran - - Posted 22 November 1998

Researching: CUSHMA, CUSHMAN
I am a Cushma who lives in Peters Township right outside of Canonsburg PA. Any info on the Cushma's or Cushmans would be greatly appreciated.
email: - - Posted 22 November 1998

Researching: SKLADANY
I am writing in response to the request of M. Skladany who posted a request a few months ago. You did not leave an email address and I am unable to write you. If you read this can you please contact me as I have information on my Skladany line that I would like to share with you.
email: George Mudry - - Posted 22 November 1998

Zdilla, Buzon, Mika, Spisak, and Chervaneks. Looking for these surnames in a search I'm doing for my family. Andrew Zdilla and Maria Mika are as far back as I can find, and I need info on thier kids Mary (my great great grandmother), Andrew, Susan, and Ann (married to "Curly" Spisak's father). Supposely Ann contracted TB and was sent back to the old country. There are possibly Zdilla's or Chervaneks in Cleveland, OH, and some of Susan's relatives are living in Boswell, PA.
email: - - Posted 22 November 1998

Researching: SRAJ, SHRAY
Looking for history on the last name of Sraj. Has been Americanized to Shray.
email: John and Diane Ouart - - Posted 22 November 1998

Researching: BLAZEK
I am searching for information on the Blazek name, they came from Smilno, Czechoslovakia. in the early 1900 S it was Austria/ Hungary. Two brothers, John and Adam came to the USA to New York on Oct. 15, 1909 on the vessel Pennsylvania. Came to Shamokin, Pa. and lived there ever since.
email: Len Blazek - - Posted 22 November 1998

If anyone knows something about Polomka, in Gemer County, the names that I am interested in are Kubancik, born Setp. 3 1878 at c. 129. His fathers name was John , and his mother's name was Maria Skalos. The other name is Maria Yurkovsky-Hrasko Born Mar. 1, 1893 in Polomka c.204
email: Thomas Charles Kubancik - - Posted 22 November 1998

I am researching the surnames Baronowski and Studulska - Lomza, PL; Kiziukiewicz, Barsjsa, Sadkowski, Waniszewska, Malinowski - Grodno, PL; Barlik, Szczygiel, Lesniak, Moskal - Godowa, PL; Pukej, Kudla, Hazory, Pinsate- Starasil / Tustanowyczi, Galicia-Ukraine; Konieczko, Potocka - Janowska, PL; Milan (probably shortened) - Sanok, PL (used to be Austria-Hungary / Galicia).
email: Linda - - Posted 22 November 1998

Researching: SUP, SUPOVA, VACEK
I'm looking for information about the family of Frantisek Sup b. 1851 in Kutna Hora. He married Katherine Vacek. Their children are Anna Supova Johanna Supova and Alouis Sup. There may have been other children. Johanna, Immigrated to New York 1893-1896. Anna came to New York in 1897, and Alois came to New York a few years after Anna. It is believed that they left from Bremen to New York. If anyone has information on the Sup Family, please contact me.
email: Helen Stumpf Marinelli - - Posted 22 November 1998

gggf: Stefan Stafura [wife] Anna Zazulak [Anna was born 1873 in Synkiv, daughter of Yurko Wasyluk of Shuparka, distr. Borshchiv and Kateryna Kohut of Synkiv, distr. Zalishchyky, died 24 April 1917 in Stuartburn, Canada; ggf: Michael Stefura b. 1833 in Synkiv; gf: Wasyl Stefura b. 1861 in Synkiv, distr. Zalishchyky, Galicia, Austria, Western Ukrainine - died 29 October 1945 in Senkiw, Manitoba, Canada; f: Dmytro Stefura b. 1907 Brokenhead, Manitoba, Canada d. 1941 in Gardenton, Manitoba, Canada.
email: Vicky Barkley - - Posted 22 November 1998

The Sebesta's and Psencik's eventually settled in Caldwell, Texas and thereabouts. Any info is appreciated!
email: Lisa Patterson - - Posted 22 November 1998

I am Looking for my two Great Uncles. Their last name is Braun (or Brown). The family came from Europe, from Czechoslovakia From a small town in Slovakia called Holich. My grandmother, Selma Braun (or Brown) married Joseph Tauber The children of Selma and Josef Tauber were Sidi & Trudy Tauber. These two Great Uncles left for the U.S. in the late 20's or 30's Parent Salamon Braun Bor: June 9 1850 in Vrabiste Selovakya. Julia Llein March 27 1856 in Skaiica Slovakya. Selma Braun 12/3/1891, Edvin Nraun born 10 23 1880, Vilhelm Braun born 5 18 1882, Julius Braun born 7 11 1884, and Jizef Braun born 7 28 1886 all in Skalica.
email: Gideon Dohan - - Posted 22 November 1998

Searching for information on Raucina with roof over the c.." rau-cheena" It seems Topolcheny, Krusovce and Nitra holds the roots of Raucina family origins. My grandparents are all of Slovak stock, my parents speaking the language in a basic, immigrant child way, so I have more information and background than many... but this is a very rare name, and by many travels in beautiful and soulful Slovakia I have learned of 3 Raucina's that immigrated to USA and are now lost to our family. So any info on these free spirits? and how about Labotka, Benko, and Chernosko? Aside: got stopped by a cop in Nitra last year. Just off the plane, rented car, tired, not ready for stress... made a illegal turn, and bam! Police. a little of my bad slovak, and my passport... then the Slovak cops face lit up... "Raucina is my school pal! Welcome to Slovakia, goodbye my friend!
email: Richard Raucina - - Posted 22 November 1998

Researching: HORNACK
I am searching for others having connections to the Hornack family.
email: Joseph J. Hornack - - Posted 22 November 1998

Hi. I am a Maine Slovak genealogist specializing in Zemplin County, Slovakia research. Looking for the above surnames. I am specifically looking for surname Karkos, found in 1830s in Parchovany (aka Parno, aka Pachoviany), Zemplin, Slovakia. Served in Austro- Hungarian Army and escaped to America, arriving at Ellis Island. Lived in Bayonne, NJ, then moved to Lisbon Falls, Maine. My great-great-great grandfather, Andras Karkos, was the coachman for Gyula and Manos Andrassy. He married either a countess or a noble Hungarian woman, Zsuzana Zlatnicky (aka Zlatnik) and her family disowned her for marrying "beneath her station." They had 11 children that I know of. Five boys escaped to America and later brought their mother, father and youngest brother over. However, their father later returned and died there. One girl married an A. Marczin of Baranc (aka Branc, aka Garany?), Slovakia; another married a Davala in Trebisov. My g-g-g-gf and his sister were orphans and grew up in Parchovany. She married a Juraj Adam of Nizny Hrusov. I have a picture of them. I also have a picture of the six Karkos brothers and their mother. Looking for anyone else from Parchovany, Nizny Hrusov, Branc, Zlatnik, or Rakovec.
email: Terry L. Karkos - - Posted 22 November 1998

I would like to find out some information on relatives. My maiden name is Palenchar. My grandmother married John Palenchar. I believe her maiden name is Jerdonek. There is also the last name of Ivanko. Thank you.
email: - - Posted 22 November 1998

Researching: FIRSZST, VIDA
Searching for information on Mary Firszst, nee Vida, from Varos Alma, Slovakia and NW Indiana. Her husband, Andrew, was born in Binarowa, Poland (Malopolska).
email: Mr. Frank J. Kowalski - - Posted 22 November 1998

Researching: BRNA
Searching for information on family name Brna. It appears to be not very common. Grandfather was Joseph who immigrated here in the early 1900s. He had two brothers: John and Thomas, both also immigrated. We have no idea where they came from, possibly Novo Ves(sp?), as that name seems to come up in family conversations. Any help would be appreciated.
email: - - Posted 22 November 1998

Hello all. I am searching for information on Veronica Godula and her mother, Katherine Rokoc Godula. They emmigrated from Spisska Nova Ves in Slovakia to Pittsburgh, PA, perhaps around 1900. I am also looking for Mary Figeli, John Ballog and Stephen Stash, all immigrating to Pittsburgh around the same time, though not necessarily from Spisska Nova Ves. They could be from another area in Slovakia. Thanks!
email: Betsy Stash - - Posted 22 November 1998

I am researching Michael Kachurek (1849-1912), a Roman Catholic who moved to Connelsville, Pennsylvania from Slovakia (Letonovich, Slovakia?), perhaps owning - or working on - a farm there for a while. He moved to Youngstown, Ohio in 1894. Relatives tell me that he lost all photos, belongings and some relatives in the Johnstown, PA flood. In Youngstown, he was a carpenter who ran a dry-goods store out of his basement. He was well-known for helping new Slovakian immigrants find housing and ran a "taxi service" for them to the railroad station. His wife was Mary Bartos (died 1908). I am also looking for any informaiton for John Andrew Gromofsky (1890-1982), a Roman Catholic Slovak from Austria or Austria/Hungary. He left Europe when he was 16 - circa 1906 - and came to America, settling in Youngstown, Ohio in 1910. He married Mary Blav c.1914. She died. His second wife was Katherine Mary Gerash (Girgasova), who came to Chicago in 1921 from Slovakia. She moved to
Youngstown, Ohio in 1922. She became a US citizen on 11/20/1939. Thank you so much!
email: Robert Kachurek - - Posted 22 November 1998

Researching: SALIGA, SANDOR
I am trying to find information on "Saliga" and "Sandor". Paul Saliga was born May 1892 in Fillar Slovakia, in March of 1926 he left Fillar aboard the S.S. Andania (Cunard Line) sailing from Cherbourg, France to Halifax. He had a brother John Saliga and a sister named Susie. Emilie Sandor was born in July 1904 in Rakos, Slovakia, in May of 1927 she sailed aboard the Cunard Line from France to Quebec City. She had a old sister named Maria and a brother named John. If I could find any information at all that would be greatly appreciated.
email: - - Posted 21 November 1998

Looking for relatives of the Iski, Lenches, Kollar, and Uhelak families. They are from the Southeast section of what is now Slovakia (Sobrance, Vysoka,Jenkovce). Appreciate any info.
email: - - Posted 21 November 1998

Researching: KOBES
Searching for the surname Kobes from Velke Pole or Nitra.
email: - - Posted 21 November 1998

I am trying to lcate relatives: Vera Kundrava of Michalovce. Bonga surname in Kosice and/or Nizna Rybnica. Also Suchta surname from Jasenov, and Vok from Ubrez. I am descended from Maria Bonga Suchta and Michal Suchta who came to U.S. in 1911 and 1912. Their siblings also came. Bonga family settled in Braddock,Pa.; the Suchta family in Maine and Massachusetts. Some changed surname to Shusta.
email: Joan Shusta Harvey - - Posted 21 November 1998

Researching the Zboyojsky and Mihalchik surnames. I am beginning research into my grandparents.Some of the records also show the spelling of their last name to be Zboyovsky. They came to the New Jersey area in 1906 and met each other on the boat. Anna Mihalchik came from the village of Csurgo ( the spelling in church records is Csorzo) and Michael Zboyojsky came from the village of Tereves (spelling in church records is Terezim). According to my aunts, they came to Ellis Island via Bremen,Germany. If anyone could provide me with any information regarding the names and villages.
email: - - Posted 21 November 1998

I am searching for relatives of Martin and Barbara Krasna Polka. He was born around 1816 and they came to the US about 1870 or 1880 and settled in Iowa. My grandmother Francis Benisek came about the same time, met and married the son of Martin and Barbara.
email: William & Norma Garretson - - Posted 21 November 1998

Researching: ARANOSI
My grandfather passed away 25 October 1998. His family immigrated to PA in the late 40's early 50's. My grandfathers name was Stephen Alexander Aranosi, his father Alexander, mother Katherine, brother Gabriel, sisters Edith and Maryanne. It seems to sad to think he was the last of his line. Any help would be appreciated.
email: Carol Lengyel - - Posted 21 November 1998

Searching for relatives of Mary Pisarcik from Slovenska Ves who emigrated to America early 1900's and her husband Matthias Kovalcik who also emigrated to America in the early 1900's.
email: - - Posted 21 November 1998

Researching: GRESH, GRACE
The surname is Gresh, Grace in English. My grandfather's name was Michael. He had a brother who had 2 priest sons. One was John. He became Roman Catholic. I would appreciate any response.
email: Phyl - - Posted 21 November 1998

Searching for relatives from the village of Jastreb. My mother's maiden name was Chornyock. Her family came from this village many years ago settling in upstate New York in a town called Granville, and later in the Bridgeport, Ct area in the United States. I have relatives in Slovakia and would like to say hello. Her mother's maiden name was Zidovsky and also came from Jastreb. I look forward to meeting anyone over the internet that I can. God Bless you.
email: Serge Mihaly, Jr - - Posted 21 November 1998

I am trying to establish my ancestry back to the towns of Kadjnova and Ruskoje for the family names of Glagola, Nemeth, Ilya, and Mallsh.
email: Bob MacAvoy - - Posted 20 November 1998

I am looking for Joseph Babyak and his wife Sussanna Yuhas, who came to Luzerne County, Pa. about 1905. They lived in Miners Mills, Pa. Joseph died about 1912 in a mining accident. He had 2 sons, John(born 1887), Andro (born1890) and 3 daughters, Mary, Anna, and Bertha (born 1908). Only Bertha was born in the USA. After the death of Joseph, the family moved to New Jersey. I am also looking for info on the Cifranic (Czyfranyics) family, formerly of 332 Adeline St, Trenton, New Jersey. The father's name was John Cifranic and the mother was Marja (Maria) Kurilla. Most of the family came from Toke Terebus, Austria-Hungary and Kurchokov, Austria-Hungary. I am not sure of the spellings for the towns. Thank you.
email: - - Posted 20 November 1998

I am doing research on my family heritage in Austria. My great grandfather was born in Austria near the Carpathian Mountains in 1880. His name is Ambrose Zylich (Also spelled Zylicz, Zillicz, Zylick)! We have info that he was born at Ochniday Kania, in the village of Florinka, district of Lamkuustina in the Carpathian Mountains. Do you have any info on this region or could you direct me to someone who could help me out. I would greatly appreciate all you could do for us.
email: Mike Zylich - - Posted 20 November 1998

Searching for Tomayko (Tomaiko, Tomajko), Sarnofsky (Sarnovsky) and Jecin (Yecin, possibly Yeltsin). My grandfather, Joseph Hrasko Tomayko arrived in the US at age 12, aboard the Lahn from Bremen and went into the mines in Portage, PA. His village is Stefanovce, near Biele Vody (just east of Dobsina.)
email: - - Posted 20 November 1998

Researching Humenik, Savol, Koval, Maslankona in areas of Dobra and Trepec. Andy Humenik married Anna Maslankona. They had the following children: Theresa, Suzan, Maria (who married Jozef Mydla), Helena, John (who married Anna Kocamba), Cyril, Andy (who was born in McKeesport, Pa in 1912 and died in Indiana in 1992 and married Anna Sabol), and Anna (who married George Palus 9/29/1941 in Dobra and now lives in Windber, PA). Anna Sabol's parents were Joseph Sobal (his father John Sobal) and her mother was Marie Koval, daughter of Joseph Koval and Helena. I would appreciate any information on any of the above names.
email: Martha Humenik - - Posted 20 November 1998

Researching: EVAN, RESETAR
Looking for information on the above two surnames. They were my grandparents and settled in the Penn Hills area of Pittsburgh, PA.
email: -
EC5662@EMAIL.MSN.COM - Posted 19 November 1998

I am searching for family with the surname of Kicko, Kickova in the region of Zlate Hory (spelling?) or possibly in other regions because of relocations due to political and war factions. Casimir Kicko and Anna Kickova, nee Blasco, were parents of Steven, Michael, John, Casimir and Anna, circa early 1900's. Steven and Michael, both deceased, came to the US in the 1930's. I am a daughter of Michael and am looking for cousins in Slovakia.
email: Sylvia Kisko Rechichar - - Posted 19 November 1998

Looking John Wodraska and Rosa Fischer. John is from Sobeslav and came to Detroit area abt. 1855, then moved to Sanilac county in 1865. After two fires they left for Brule County SD in 1882. There is a possible family connection with Frank Wodwaska and Michael Fisher of Minden Twp., Michigan area.
email: Nancy Russell - - Posted 19 November 1998

I am looking for links for Frantisek Vichr, born around 1848-50. I believe he was in the Tabor region, possibly Novy Rychnov. He came to the Chicago area in 1885. He may have been a shoemaker. His wife Josefa Koss Vichr followed in late 1885 with daughters Frantisek (Liska) and Agnes (Koutnik). They had daughters Mary (Halama), Emily (Miller), Johanna (Jelinek), Sophie (Fiala, Tonyka) in the US. They lived on Trumbull Avenue in Chicago. Many descendants live in the Chicago area. Josefa KOSS' father was Anton Koss, a stonemason. Frantisek had a brother in the Chicago area, possibly named Thomas. Frantisek died in 1902. Josefa was very active in church groups, especially Blessed Agnes of Bohemia. Would like to find links back to Europe or correspond with grandchildren. I am the granddaughter of Mary.
email: Dorothy Janca - - Posted 19 November 1998

Can anyone connect these surnames with the village of Nizna Mysle. I believe this is the village my father was born in and would like to hear from anyone who has helpful Information.
email: L. Fred Vossel, Sr. - - Posted 19 November 1998

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