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Searching for information on the Kozbelt Family; which came from the Spis Region of Slovakia. Kozbelt is a variant of Kozbial; which also originated in both the Slovak Spis (Upper Hungary in the Austria-Hungary Empire) and the Polish Spisz Regions that date back to the 1200's (13th century) when the Zips Comitat (Spis/Spisz) was formed after the Tartar invasions of Central Europe. Other names associated with Kozbelt/Kozbial are Halscin, Fischer, Takac, Hrutkaj, Popovic and Basiszt/Basista. Slovak records show that Jozef Kozbial was born in Spisska Nova Ves (Iglo) on January 30, 1863. His parents were Peter Kozbial and Maria Basisztova Kozbial of Spisska Nova Ves (Iglo). Between the 1860's and the 1880's, the name was spelled as Kozbelt. Joseph (Jozef) Kozbelt immigrated to the USA in about 1888; and his wife Julia Holchin (Halscin) Kozbelt joined him less than a year later. Please forward information relating to Kozbelt family history to me.
email: James Kozbelt - - Posted 25 December 2000

Looking for the Yankima and Sech family from Galicia, Sanok. Kudreyo from Minsk Russia
email: - - Posted 25 December 2000

Researching: KOLUMBER
I am searching for relatives of Henry Kolumber of Pennsylvania anyone having information please contact me via e-mail dob June 6 1914 date of death Jan 1986. Thank you, take care and God Bless.
email: - - Posted 25 December 2000

I would like to post a research interest in the surnames Holi / Holj / Holly, Palone, and Hrobon. John Holj (also spelled with the other spellings) was married to Maria Hrobon and are from the village Muranyhosszuret (now Muranska Dlha Luka).
email: Doug Holly - - Posted 25 December 2000

Researching: BENO, TARNEK
Looking for Beno and Tarnek. My great-grandfather, Palik(Paul) Tarnek, came over in 1901 from Velka Btyca ( Nagy-Bittse) now in Slovakia. My grandfather, Vincent Beno, came fron there in December 0f 1910. He came on the Kaiser Wilhelm Der Grosse. They both finally settled in Ford City, Pa. Any info will be greatly appreciated.
email: - - Posted 25 December 2000

Researching: YANICK
Our last name is Yanick. Looking to share family information.
email: - - Posted 25 December 2000

Searching surnames Diro, Sandor, Mizic, Holub, and Drahuska.
email: - - Posted 25 December 2000

Researching: BASOS
Looking for ancestors named Basos from Dara. Hi, I am trying to located any relatives I might still have in Slovakia. My grandfather was born in Dara on 28 Dec 1895. His name was John Basos. (I think the spelling changed somewhat when he came to the USA). He was married to Julia ( I do not know her maiden name). I found many letters from Peter Halecky of Snina to my grandparents. Also, other letters from relatives in Michalovce (I could not read the names). My grandfather came to the USA appox. 1918 and settled in Binghamton, NY where he worked for the Erie RR. Any information would be appreciated.
email: - - Posted 25 December 2000

Researching Batora, Bator, Batory, or Bathory. The name is Hungarian. Ked mate nejake informacie. Prosim napiste natuto adresu.
email: - - Posted 25 December 2000

Researching: PETRICA
Looking for information on Petrica.
email: - - Posted 25 December 2000

Researching: KLEBON
Looking for information on Klebon.
email: - - Posted 25 December 2000

Researching: SCHERHAUFER
Loooking for information on Aurel Scherhaufer
email: Marc Wilder - - Posted 25 December 2000

Looking for ancestors and descendents of the Matanin and Pachuta families. My grandfather's name was Michael Matanin, born October 15, 1890 in Vranov. His father's name was Andrew Matanin and his mother was Anna Vasil. I know of one brother, Andrew, who was about 16 years old when he died in Europe. His sisters, I believe, were Anna, Susan, and Maria. I am also seeking information on my grandmother, Mary Pachuta, who was born August 28th or 29th 1895 in Banske. Her mother's name was Mary Gera and her father was George Pachuta. I also believe she had one brother, George, and four sisters, Susan, Anna, Margaret and Theresa. My grandfather immigrated to America in 1907 and supposedly sent for my grandmother sometime thereafter. My family and I would like to know more about my heritage and any information would be helpful. We would also like to know of any relatives that we may be able to contact.
email: Michele Martina - - Posted 25 December 2000

My grandparents came from Tichy Potok to Pennsylvania. George Cifra and Mary Waesaw are their names. Looking for relatives.
email: - - Posted 25 December 2000

Looking for information regarding the Sztricsko and Klien names. My father (Sztricsko was the youngest of 12 children born in Budapest in think. His brothers were Paul and Tini. Tini left Hungary in the early 50's and my dad Isztvan left in 1956. He had 9 sisters as well. They were furriers amongst the group but I don't know who they were. My grandfather and grandmother died in the 1950's. My grandmother on my dads side maiden name in Hungarian was astalosh( spelled in english). My mothers last name was Klien however her father, my grandfather changed it to Pasztor after or during the war. My mothers first name was Kati or Kathleen. Her dads name was Paul I forget my grandmothers first name.
email: - - Posted 25 December 2000

Researching: KACENAK, BOOR
I'm interested in finding the marriage license of Martin Kacenak and Anna Boor in order to find the European roots of the family. Not sure if they were married here or in Czech. With Martin Kacenak being born Nov. 11, 1880 and his wife, Anna Boor, being born Feb. 21, 1871 or 1891. The only response I got back was from a Stan saying ..."I find only one Kacenak surname listed at area of Krajne abt. 15 miles in the Slovak White Pages under the name of Jan Kaeenak".
email: - - Posted 25 December 2000

I am helping my mother find out any information about our relatives from Bratislava, Trnava and Farkasin. Her parents, whose last names are Augustin and Bernadic, emigrated to Canada and subsequently Florida,
email: - - Posted 25 December 2000

Researching: RAKAR, GROSSER
Researching family name Rakar. Minnie Rakar, born 1987 in Vienna, Austria, daughter of Louis and Marie Rakar, emigrated to New York City approximately 1915 to 1918. Possible sibling emigration at that time. Also possible marriage Minnie Rakar and Grosser before emigration to USA.
email: - - Posted 25 December 2000

Researching: KLUK
My fathers name was Juliusz Ludwik Kluk. What do I do next to search for other people with the same name so that I can compile a family history?
email: Jan Kluk - - Posted 25 December 2000

Researching: CRISMANICH
Searching for Crismanich, in particular Riccardo Crismanich immigrated to Australia in the early 50's. Any relatives please contact me.
email: - - Posted 25 December 2000

Researching: ZBOJOVSKY
Looking for family information on Zbojovsky from the village of Trebisov or near by.
email: - - Posted 25 December 2000

Researching: KUNETKA
Emanuel Kunetka - is my grandfather from Chasta Slovakia. Had two boys....Lawrence DOB 1924 and Emil 1933. Looking for any additional history.
email: Andrea Kunetka-West - - Posted 25 December 2000

Researching: TAPAJNA, DURAN
Researchning Tapajna or Duran.
email: - - Posted 25 December 2000

Researching: TOMYN, ROMANSKI
I am looking for Tomyn and Romanski, they came from Horodenka, Ukraine. Came to Canada in 1900-1905.
email: Barb Landrie - - Posted 25 December 2000

My father's name was Anrew Sitar and he was from Nahac, Slovakia. Related families are Boldovich and Nemecek. I am interested in the surname Zidek my great-grandfather was born in Horna Suca, SLovakia. Any information would be appreciated.thank you.
email: - - Posted 25 December 2000

I am researching the Milchak and Bazar family name. My grandfather came to the U.S. in 1909 from the village of Ohradzany in Zemplin County, Slovakia. His father's name was also John Milhcak (Jan Milcsak) and his mother's name was Suzie Bazar. Any help will be appreciated.
email: - - Posted 25 December 2000

Researching: JANOSIK
I'm very new at genealogy and have been searching the name Janosik in the Slovakian area. They mostly come from Slovinky, Slovakia. A few come from Terchova, Slovakia. If you can help in any way, I would be most grateful.
email: Laurie DeFehr - - Posted 25 December 2000

Researching: KUDRICK, SCSUR
My grandfather, Alex Kudrick was born in Kalusa, Ung County in the Austria-Hungary Empire and my grandmother, Anna Scsur was born in Csarno, Saris County in the Austria-Hungary Empire. They both emigrated to American in the 1890s. Anyone with information on these European villages or how to research the places, please contact me.
email: Joe Kudrick - - Posted 25 December 2000

I am doing research in the following villages; Banske, Stakcin, Oroszruska or Ruske, and Osadne; all villages are located in Zemplen County, Slovakia. From Osadne - surnames Rusinko, possibly Petlak; From Stakcin - surname Kapral; From Oroszruska also known as Ruske - surnames Huszarcsik, Czoranits, Choma; I have done extensive research in Banske. From Banske - surnames Uchal (also spelled as Uchaly and Uchalik), Nyemcsik (also spelled Nemcik), Litvan, Kochan, Szlaboduch or Slaboduch (Americanized spelling Slaboda), Kostelnik, Ceremsak, Jurco (Americanized spelling Yurcho), Matyi or Mati, Hudak, Mitro, Mitrisin, Cseszlov. For Jurko (Americanized spelling Yurko) I have no village yet. If anyone is researching any of the same names or the same villages, please contact me and we can share information.
email: - - Posted 25 December 2000

I am looking for any information that may help me track my family history. I am mostly interested in any information on the surname Tita. My grandfather, Peter Tita was born in 1896 in a village in Czechoslovakia, which we were told was called Velki Palani Zupa. I have found new information that leads me to believe that village is called Zemplinska (Editors note: Zemplin is the county) instead. Other surnames I am looking for are Curr, Katrenich, Zack, Poodiack, and Kundrat. Please email me with any information at,
email: - - Posted 25 December 2000

Researching the Palicka, Yabroski, and Gusak surnames. The following surnames are associated with my deceased parents -- Victor & Anna Yabroski (or Yabrosky-Yabroska) of Shamokin/Mt.Carmel area of Northumberland County in Pennsylvania (PA) from 1900 & 1909 till 1943 when we all move to Philadelphia, PA -- all in the USA: Victor's parents' are Anna Palicka married to Alexander Yabroski & they lived in Shamokin/Mt.Carmel area of Northumberland County in Pennsylvania. Alexander was said to be a supervisor of a coal mine & remarried after Anna's death in the very early 1900's. They had at least 7 children or more before her death. Alexander was said to have been very artistic, & musical on a variety of stringed instruments & supposedly was a respected traveling violinist in Europe. A marriage certificate dated february 10, 1915 for Victor's brother Joseph shows Joseph marrying Mary ?? & states that Joseph's (& Victor's) parents Alexander & Anna were both born in Austria. However I had always been told that we were Chechoslovakian & some Austrian (plus a touch of French) on my father's side. My mother's maiden name was Gusak (or Gusack / Gusach / Gusaky / Gushak / Gushack in some records) & presumably Polish but we are not completely sure of that. Her mom was Angela (I do not know her maiden name yet) & the father was Valentine Gusak (also known as William Gusaky or Wm. Gusack or Wm Gusach in records of a coal mine explosion in West Virginia ((WV))), USA. We are not completely sure if they started out in the same Shamokin/Mt.Carmel area of Northumberland County in Pennsylvania (PA) & migrated to WV for work in the coal mines therE or started in WV & the widow migrating to PA with her four children after her husband died in the Eccles, WV coal mine explosion that killed approximately 200 men & boys in April, 1914. Since both the names Gusak & Palicka can be found in Austria, France, Poland & the (NOW ) Czech & Slovak Republics, I am hoping someone will recognize a connection to our family names. Please email me with any questions or comments.
email: Lorraine Yabroski Bonner - - Posted 24 December 2000

Researching: PISHNEY, BISNEY
Mathias Pishney and his sons George and John left Vricko for the USA @ 1915. George ended up in Charleroi PA. Mathias went to Ohio. Family name originally spelled Bisney.
email: - NYG916@AOL.COM - Posted 24 December 2000

I'm looking for information on my cousin, Dana Mazanikova (Trencin). I lost contact with her in the mid 1980's. She had recently married William Jarosova (an Engineer) and moved to Bratislava. She had also just become a Psycologist.
email: - - Posted 24 December 2000

Researching: SHUSTER
Lookong for any relatives or knowledge of Steven Shuster who came to America from Leles Slovakia about 1902.
email: - - Posted 24 December 2000

My grandparents, Francis and Margaret Mriglot migrated from Mali-Slivnik, Slovakia around 1900, My father Joseph, was born in Dunmore, Pa. At the age of 5 his mother and he returned to Mali-Slivnik where he met and married my mother, Appolonia Pivnichny on Feb 11, 1929 in Ternya,. Their last address was Mali Slivnik, Posta, Ternya, Sarisska Zupa. My father was an only child, but Mother had 12 brothers and sisters of whom half migrated to Pa. and are deceased. There are many great great nieces and nephews still living in that area and lost contact with the Pivninchy clan in the 1980. Any info will be appreciated. Zdrah Boh!
email: - - Posted 24 December 2000

Researching: BIALOBOK, SIMKO
Looking for information on my paternal grandparents. My grandmother, Mary Simko, is from Spichan (not sure of the spelling) and born about 1885. My grandfather, Michael Bialobok, is from Parkhoran (again, not sure of the spelling) born about 1882. They settled in the Monongahela Valley near Pittsburgh, PA.
email: - - Posted 23 December 2000

Researching: RUSIBAK, HLINKA
Looking for information on 3 sisters - Helen, Anastasia (Nancy) and Theresa Rusinak - born in Litmanova, Slovakia in 1876, 1885 and 1887. Came to US from 1899-1904, living in lower Manhattan, NY, Star Junction, PA and Pittsburgh, PA. Theresa believed to be married to Andrej Hlinka and Vasko Hlinka.
email: - - Posted 23 December 2000

Researching: NAPRAVNIK
My father Karl Napravnik was born in Jagerndorf, now Krnov, in 1904, emmigrated after World War I. Any information on the family or the person is greatly appreciated.
email: - - Posted 23 December 2000

Michael Kosarko, father, bd August 26, 1886, Hrasovik area, Kosicke, Slovakia. Barbora Matikova, Koverova, bd. April 3, 1895, Hrasovik, Kosicke, Slovakia. Maternal grandparents: Andrej Kover Matik, Hrasovik and Barbora Simkova, Hrasovik, Paternal grandparents: John Kosarko, wife unknown at this time.
email: John Kosarko - - Posted 23 December 2000

Researching the name Martin Kacenak from Krajne, CZ. From death certificate and SS# records Martin Kacenak, b. Nov 11,1880, pl.Krajne, Czechoslovakia, ss# 138-10-0623. long time resident of Basking Ridge, Somerset, NJ., died aug 6, 1945, pl. Bernards Township, Basking Ridge, NJ. wife, Anna B BOOR, b. Feb. 21, 1871 OR 91, pl. Czechoslovakia both buried: Basking Ridge, Somerset, NJ. children: Paul Kacenak, b. mar 19, 1912, d. feb 19, 1994, pl. Lincoln Park, Morris, NJ; wife: Elizabeth Peer, ss# 149-03-0728 b. 12-27-17, pl. NJ, d. 5-22-87, pl. Newark, NJ, father George Peer. Sam Kacenak b. jan 3 1914 pl. skaneateles, NY, d. Mar 22, 1997, pl. San Manuel, Pinal, AZ..this is my husband's father. marr: Vera Maude Trask. Martin Kacenak, ss#149-22-1497, b. feb 20, 1907, pl. NJ, d. may 30, 1980, pl. West Millington, Morris, NJ......W.W.II 1942-19945... wife: Agnes Helen Donladson, ss# 149-01-5642 b. june 12, 1914, pl. Scotland, d. apr 25, 1973 pl. West Millington, Morris, NJ, parents: Peter Donaldson and Agnes H. Mller. Steve Kacenak, ss# 142-12-2191, b. sept 6, 1910, pl. PA., d. july 14,1968, pl. Hunterdon, Lebanon, NJ. lived at Basking Ridge, Somerset, NJ Elizabeth Kacenak nee ??????, b dec 27. 1917, d. may 1987 Elizabeth Kacenak..... there are other children. also have a death certificate for Elizabeth Kacenak nee DZURICHKO, ss# 043-44-0085, b. feb 13, 1884, pl. Czechoslovakia, d. jan 11, 1966, parents: Michael Dzyrichko and Mary Fedor.
email: - - Posted 23 December 2000

My mother's paternal grandparents were born in Nitra, Czecholslovakia. Her grandfather, Ferencz Kuhr, (American Keir), was born on 27 January 1875 and he married Gabriella Ivany on 29 October 1899 in Budapest Hungary. His parents were Joseph Kuhr and his Borbala Svecz. He died 8 June 1970 in St. Louis, MO. Gabriella Ivany was born on 17 August 1879, in Zljecho, Czecholslovakia. Her Parents were Ignacz Ivany and Katalin Palets. She died on 17 November 1924 in St. Louis, MO. If anyone has any idea where I can find out more information about these family lines I would be so happy. Thank you in advance.
email: Cheryl - - Posted 23 December 2000

Researching: MARCIN
I am looking for information on my great great grandparents: John and Mary Marcin. John Marcin immigrated to the United States (Streator, Illinois) in 1906 and Mary Marcin immigrated in 1904. Both immigrated from "Sarisska". On my 1920 census report it says the mother tongue is slavish. John Marcin was born January 2, 1882 and died in July 1971. If you can provide me with any information, I would greatly appreciate it.
email: Sandi Martin - - Posted 22 December 2000

I am looking for anyone that may be familiar with the surnames--Bolaric, which was the maiden name of my great-grandmother, Born Yugoslavia 12-1-1889. Also searching for the surname---Pardich, the name of my great-grandfather, born 2-2-1887. Both are from Slovenia. They migrated to the US in about 1917. They have 4 children Mary, ida, Stafie, and Mildred. Relatives from Slovenia have contacted the family here. There has been no contact in a number of years. Atleast 5-10. If know anything about these family names contact me.
email: Melissa Jordan - - Posted 22 December 2000

Researching: SEMAN, KUZMA
Searching for information on Stefen Seman who married Mary Kuzma and move d to America Name now spelled Stephen or Steven Seaman came here sometime in late 18800s or early 1900s.
email: - - Posted 22 December 2000

Researching: JENCO
I am searching for any information on the surname Jenco. Thanks.
email: John Jenco - - Posted 22 December 2000

Researching: KOSTIUK
My great uncle Stephen Kostiuk is 92 years old and was born in 1928. He would really like to find his family. He came to Canada from the former Poland when he was only 20 years old. He came from a town near to L'wow that used to be in Poland but now is in the Ukraine. He had three sisters and would love to know if they are still alive and about them. Their names are Paulina, Maria (Stephania), and Catherina. Please contact me if you can find any information.
email: Brandi Ottenbreit - - Posted 22 December 2000

Researching: LESINSKY
My mother had map of Slovakia,on it were some underlined towns ( both my mothers and fathers parents came from Slovakia to USA around 1903? Towns underlined were near Presov::- Cemjata, Sedlice, Dolina, Pekl'any. Also near Giraltovce: Zeleznik, Demiata. Please if you can help.
email: Gary Lesinsky - - Posted 19 December 2000

Researching: FEDOR
I am traveling to Slovakia in January and am trying to find my mother's three nephews who live in Kobyly. Their names are: Alojz Fedor, Jozef Fedor, and Marion Fedor. They are the sons of my mother's brother who lives in Presov, Francek Fedor. It would be nice to also contact him. Thank you for whatever help that you can afford me.
email: Zuska Fisher - - Posted 19 December 2000

Researching: CIFRANIC
I am looking for information on Andrew and Mary Cifranic.. Lived in Cleveland Ohio. Great grandparents are George and Susan (Zuza) Cifranic, Also I would like to know information on the Cifranic name.
email: - - Posted 19 December 2000

I am trying to seek out any information on my Grandfather's ancestry and family. His name was Peter Mizenko and his father was Matthew. His mother's maiden name was Eve Podbrzeny. They were from Habovcik, Slovakia near the Ukraine border. My Grandfather Peter (Petra) was born on June 2, 1873 and served in the Austrian army and then emigrated to the US in 1895. I would deeply appreciate anything you could provide me as I intend to travel there in Spring of 2001.
email: John M. Mizenko - - Posted 19 December 2000

Researching: VRABEC
My grandfather, Andrew Vrabec, immigrated from Zubak, Slovakia, in 1905 and eventually settled in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
email: - - Posted 19 December 2000

Looking for family history of Gavulic (Stephen & Mary Gavulic from Portage Pa., orginally from Czechoslovakia, Peter Mackovyak for Czechoslovakia and Mary Fabiscik born in Koslov CzechslovakIA, Kosick country.
email: Evelyn M (Gavulic) Peterson - - Posted 01 December 2000

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