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I am searching for any information on my grandparents. I believe they came from Gbely. My grandfather's name was Louis Martinkovic and my grandmother's name was Mary Kopalek. They were from the same village to the best of my knowledge. They came to this country before 1912. Mary was born in 1894 and Alzbeta was born in 1859 and died in 1928. My grandmother, Mary Kopalek, married Louis F. Martinkovic in the United states before 1912. They located to the Binghamton, New York area. If you have any information, it would be appreciated. Thank you.
email: - - Updated 29 September 1996

Researching: ZILAVY, JONATKA
I am researching for information on my grandparents. Martin John Zilavy was born in Hasprunka, Czechoslovakia on 09 November 1878. Katherine Jonatka was born in Laksar Nova Ves, Czechoslovakia on 17 September 1880. I am interested in learning about their parents and grandparents, brothers and sisters.
email: Jack Zilavy - - Posted 28 September 1996

Researching: ZILAVY
Any information, including the origin of the name Zilavy of the villages Velke LeVare and Studienka and whether these type of small villages have any compilations of records of residents going back as far as possible. Thank you.
email: - - Posted 28 September 1996

Researching: LASEK, DLUGOS
Prokop Lasek was my grandfather - Anna Dlugos was my grandmother. All I know is they are from Slovakia. Any information would be welcome. Thanks.
email: Ms. Marie l. Van Rooyen - - Posted 27 September 1996

I am looking for relatives of Matthew, John, and Paul Turoci who came to the U.S. in the late 1800's. I have a picture of my great grandfather, Paul with his daughter (sister to the above) and several children. I am also searching for the name Knat (I am not sure of the spelling). I have my grandparents' certificate of marriage which lists his name as Paul Turocy and hers as Ann Krnato. They were married in a Catholic Church (in this country, I think somewhere in Pennsylvania) on what looks like Dec. 13, 1910. On my father's birth certificate provided by the state (dad was born at home) it lists his mother's name Ann Krnato in one place and Anna Knat in another. Paul was born in 1872 and died in 1930 according to the grave marker in Clinton, Indiana. Anna was born in 1889 and died in 1922 according to the same. John, (Paul's brother) was born in 1868 and died in 1956 according to the same marker. Paul and John settled in Clinton, Indiana. Their brother Matthew went traveling and ended up back in Slovakia. There was correspondence until World War II. Those letters were burned when John died.
email: - - Updated 27 September 1996

Researching: JURENKA
I am looking for information on the family of Stefan Jurenka from Vidrna, Slovakia. Immigrated in 1923 and settled in the Chicago area.
email: John Jurenka - - Posted 26 September 1996

My name is Therese Pope and I am 24 years old. I minored in American Studies in college and would like to pursue my family's history. I know a lot about my mother's Italian side of the family but have little information about my father's Slovakian heritage. My grandmother's name is Margaret Clementine Kushner and her husband was Joseph Leo Pope. The last names of their relatives are Kushner and Kushma. My grandma believes that Pope was shortened from a longer Slovakian name. I am very interested in learning if my surname, Pope, was actually shortened and if my real surname is Slovakian. I also would like to find out what villages/towns my Slovakian ancestors came from. I also would like to know if there is any other European bloodlines that were mixed with any of my Slovakian ancestors. I have the names of my great-grandparents but do not know where they came from. I would appreciate any information or resources. I am very curious about my Slovakian ancestry and would like to know as much as I possibly can about my Slovakian ancestry. Thank you for your time.
email: Therese Pope - - Posted 26 September 1996

Researching: JUST, JUSTH
I'm searching for information on Emil Just who lived in Slovakia. He was married in Harabuse. He has a brother named Joseph Just. Any information would be helpful. He has a cousin named Julius Justh and he lives in Slovakia. Where I dont know but maybe someone knows or knows of him and can provide more info about family and location and history .
email: S. Just - - Updated 26 September 1996

Seeking information on the Slovokia family of Gyula J. Laczko, born in 1886 in Kosice (Kassa, Austria-Hungary), son of Andras Laczko and Maria (Fulop?). Gyula was baptized at St. Elizabeth's Cathedral, Kosice, and his family was Roman Catholic. He served an apprenticeship, probably as a machinist, before emigrating to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in about 1903. He came to America with a cousin named Andrew Haydu (Hajdu). We also have an old address for a Juraj Hajdu in Kosice. Gyula's name was Americanized to Julius Joseph Latzko. He eventually settled in Hammond, Indiana, then Calumet City, Illinois. He married Laura May Ritter and had two sons, Robert and Edwin (Pat). Gyula had at least 3 siblings: Iren (Groch Mihalyne), Valeria (married name unknown), and Toxsi(?) His sister Iren and spouse Mihaly had at least four children: Joseph Groch, Valika Groch, Julius Groch and Otto Groch. Joseph Groch was employed as a bookkeeper in a large sugar factory about 30 miles from Kosice in 1948. He was married and had a son named Joseph. Otto was attending a commercial school in Humenne. Julius died in 1940 at the age of 30. There was also a great aunt living in Haniska (Enyicke).
email: L. Dent - - Posted 26 September 1996

I am trying to trace my family back to Slovakia. The family name was Margitan today it has been changed to Margetto. I know they came to the United States from Michalovce between 1904 and 1909. My grand mothers maiden name was Mary Kocak. She was married twice her first husband was named Zoho and died in Europe, and she had one son to him his name was John Zoho and he would have been born in Europe. Her second husband was Margitan and she had two children with him George Margitan Margetto and Anna. George was born in europe shortly before they came to the United States. If you have any information on how I can get the needed information for this village please email me. Thank You.
email: George Margetto Jr. - - Posted 26 September 1996

My grandmother, Mary Marod, was born in 1895 in a small town named Bilicz near Peremyshl (sp?) in the Ukraine near the border with Poland. Her father was Fedjo; her mother was Anastasia Paplyk. She had a brother Panko, and a sister, Kataryna. I know that my grandmother came to America in May of 1912 and settled in Cleveland. I know she had a least one sister that came to this country. I am trying to find out if that was Kataryna, and if she had any other relatives that moved to the United States. In November, 1912, Mary Marod married Vasyl Tokar in Cleveland. He left a wife in the Ukraine, Maronna, and two daughters, Anna and Katherine. His father's name was Andrew. Vasyl was born circa 1877. I am interested in the names of any relatives -- brothers, sisters -- especially any that might have come to America.
email: - - Posted 26 September 1996

Our surname is spelt "Shalka" in North America, but it was spelt "Schalka" in Slovkia or "Salka" with a "^" over the "S". At Ellis Island an Immigration Officer felt the "c" was unnecessary and my Grandfather was afraid to change it back. Our family came from Cimhova in Orava province, with my Grandfather coming to the United States in 1888 then moving to Canada in 1891. I would appreciate hearing from anyone with more information.
email: L. Shalka - - Posted 26 September 1996

My great Grandparents come from the eastern part of Slovakia near 1900. Andrew Vrabel married Mary Charney. His father had twelve brothers and I believe one was a Bishop Vrabel. Also my other set of grand parents Andrew Poracky and Mary Skurka came over from Slovakia at the same time. Both families settled in NW Indiana. I know my grandmother Skurka had sister that never came over. Any help locating family would be appreciated.
email: - - Posted 26 September 1996

Researching: PETREAS, DICK
I am looking for relatives of Julius Petreas from Velka Lomnica, Slovak Republic (near Poprad). His father was Johann and his mother was Susann Dick. Julius was born in 1902 and left Velka Lomnica at about 28 years old to come to Canada. His family had lived in the town for generations.
email: Bonnie Patrick - - Posted 25 September 1996

Researching: KUPPER, RACZKO
I am trying to find my husbands family, Here is what we know, his grandfather was Janos Kupper born in 1875 he was in the Hungarian Army, his rank was honvedormester, he married a Maria Raczko in 1898. They had two sons born in Hungary. The first son was John born on 08 August 1899 there second son was Ernos [Ernie] was born on 22 September 1903. The baptismal paper from Ernos is from a town called Esztergom, Hungary. We also believe they lived in a town or towns called Bars, and Levei. I also understand that some of these towns now are part of Slovakia. Is there any one who could tell me how to go about getting information on our family or where I would find birth certificates and other documents since the bountries have changed since then. Thank You in advance for any help you can give us.
email: Sandy & Ed Cooper - - Posted 25 September 1996

All 4 of my Grandparents immigrated to the United States in early part of this century and settled in Johnstown, PA. Chlba and Cibrin Families are from Hradiste. Stano and Sisitka Families are from Martin area. Zuzula Family is from Skacany.
email: Kenneth M. Sisitka - - Posted 24 September 1996

Researching: HOZA, KRAJCECH
Researching Jan Hoza from Stupava and Maria Krajcech from Luka.
email: - - Posted 24 September 1996

Researching: MIHALIK
I believe my grandfather, Michael Mihalik, came to the Shamokin, Pennsylvania area from Slovakia in early 1900's. He worked in the coal mines for many years. I have no information on his family back in the old country. Does anyone know of the Mihalik family? Thank you so much.
email: - - Posted 24 September 1996

Researching: REJDOVJAN
Searching for information on the Rejdovjan family from Telgart.
email: - - Posted 24 September 1996

Researching the Kall, Klembara, Mihalik, and Bujnovsky familes from Brezovica and Hamborek, Slovakia .
email: - - Posted 24 September 1996

Researching: MASIAR, TRNAN
Searching for information on the Masiar and Trnan families. Their home home village was Nova Dedina, Levice or Podlusnay.
email: - - Posted 24 September 1996

Researching: BILLI, SEKA
I am interested in finding the names of Petro Billi and Suzanna Seka from Nizna Olka, now named Olka, located in the district of humenne.
email: Peter B. Bailey (Billi) - - Posted 24 September 1996

Researching: LANCOS, BECA
Searching for information on the surname Lancos (spelling may be incorrect). Mary Lancos and her husband John Beca immigrated to the United States in the late 1800's or early 1900's and settled in the Youngstown, Ohio region, I believe it was Struthers. On 26 March 1915 they had a daughter named Rose. This is the only information I currently have.
email: James R Begalla - - Posted 22 September 1996

Researching the Varga, Roman, Yurko, Jurko, Lakatos, and Marincak families from Trebisov, Michalovce, and Kosicke Olsany.
email: Mike Yurko - - Posted 22 September 1996

I am search for the Mehoke and Oszalok family names. Both belong to my father-in-law who tells me that his people were Slovak from Vienna, Austria. Here's what I do know. Michael Mehoke was born in 1872 in Vienna coming to America around 1902. He pplied for citizenship papers in Pennsylvania. He traveled to Indiana. He was married to Elizabeth Aszalok on 26 January 1897. Elizabeth was forn in Vienna also around the same time. They had four children all in Indiana. They also had twin sons born in Vienna and dying before coming to America. Have found the name spelled Mehoke and Mehok. I Did find the family in the 1920 census of Indiana. I would appreciate any information.
email: - - Posted 22 September 1996

Searching the Goda family. Goda (spelled Godonia before coming to America) John, b. 1861 in Vienna, Austria and coming to America in 1879. Supposedly changed the spelling of the name upon entering through Ellis Island. He was married to Mary Popovich, born around 1871. Applied for citizenship papers in 1900 in Pennsylvania and came to Indiana through Ohio. They had 8 children all born in Indiana except for John who was born in Ohio. The family is found in 1920 census of Indiana. Any help would be appreciated.
email: - - Posted 22 September 1996

Researching: ZYTKOSKEE
I am researching the Zytkoskee surname.
email: Michael MacCaskey - - Posted 22 September 1996

Snahnican, Pekelnik, Basista, Gabryl are names of some of my ancestors from Slovakia. Towns include Trencin Teplice, and Pekelnik. If you have any information on these names, I would be happy to hear from you.
email: Bruce Dale - - Posted 22 September 1996

Searching for information on Anna Siska and John Sholtis - origin unknown. They lived in the Scranton area during early 1900's - children were Cyril, Agnes (born 1908), Mary, Anna and Helen. Records show they lived in West Leisering, which should be near Scranton, but I have been unable to locate it. Moved to Bergen County, New Jersey. Close friends were Anna and Andrew Gavlica (or Favlica).
email: Fred Beerman - - Posted 21 September 1996

I'm searching for information on the following surnames: Radvansky from Trebisov, Bujdos from Stropkov and Lilek from Tichy Potok. Thanks.
email: John Lilek - - Posted 21 September 1996

I'm interested in the history of the Migyanko (Migyanka) family. Alex Migyanko and his brother arrived in United States in the late 19th / early 20th century. He eventually settled down in the Uniontown, Pennsylvania vinicity and was a member of Holy Trinity Orthodox Church, New Salem, Pennsylvania. His brother established his home in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. Interested in history, villages, etc prior to their arrival in the United States. Thank You.
email: John Migyanko - - Posted 21 September 1996

Researching: KUPPER, RACZKO
We have just started to search for my husbands family. Here is what we know, his name was Janos Kupper, he was in the Hungarian Army, and he was married to Maria Raczko in 1898 in the city of Zseliz, Hungary. We got this information from a marriage license. They had a son John born in Hungary around 1899 and another son Ernos (Ernest) Kupper born 22 September 1903. We don't know if the town is Zseliz or Levan or Bars. Do any of these towns sound familar to anyone, I can't find them on a map. I would like to say thank you to this web site for allowing people to ask questions and give them that little bit of encourgement. Thanks Again!
email: Sandy - - Posted 21 September 1996

Researching: REPKO
I am searching for ANY information of Repko. even if it is found in different areas, please share anything available. I am eager and just starting a search to find my homeland from whence my people came.
email: J. Repko - - Posted 21 September 1996

Researching the Klyucskovics and Klineskovies family from Tury Bystry. Researching the Mikita family from Maly-Berezny.
email: - - Posted 20 September 1996

Researching: ZAREMBA
Stella Zaremba was my mother's nanny for some years between 1938-1947 in the Hyde Park area of Chicago. Stella was a Polish-American girl probably born about 1925. My mother is very interested in seeing her again, but has not been able to find her through phonebook searches, so I offered to look on the Internet for information. Stella had sisters named Jennie and Isabelle. Isabelle married Casimir Dybis. Any help appreciated.
email: Patrick Killelea - - Posted 20 September 1996

Researching: HANUDEL
Look to see if there are any Hanudel family in Eastern Slovakia in the city of Kocise how to contact them.
email: John Hanudel - - Posted 20 September 1996

Starting to research family history with Michael Fetsko (Fecko), married Alzibeta (Elizabeth) Mayernic. Lived in Illinois and worked coal mines in early 1900's. Kertis and Handza families settled in Bayonne, New Jersey. Looking for info on Andrew Kertis who married Bertha Handza. They had 10 children, one of whom was my mother.
email: Lois Fetsko Armstrong - - Posted 18 September 1996

Researching: KROULEK
All of my known relatives that know anything about my genealogy is dead. My fathers death certificate doesn't specify a fathers name and my mother was an orphan and I cannot get her to give me any reliable information of any kind. In my very young days I can remember people talking about the old country and Jersey City. I am looking for any lead on anyone with the last name of Kroulek. I have just started my quest and if anyone can give me an idea of where to look I would really appreciate it.
email: Bill Kroulek - - Posted 18 September 1996

Researching: VZATEK, ZATEK
I am researching the surname Vzatek, Zatek.
email: Bud Vzatek - - Posted 18 September 1996

Researching: GULBIS, GULBE
I am researching my brother-in-law's family. In Canada the name is GULBE, however, he believes it was originally GULBIS. Any information would be appreciated.
email: S.A. Moritz - - Posted 18 September 1996

Researching: PITEL, KOCSIS
The Pitel family hails from Stara-Bystrica, Trencin County. The Kocsis family came from location near Bes, Ung County (grandmother was born in that town). All immigrated around the turn of the century.
email: Gregory M. & Monica Y. Pitel - - Posted 18 September 1996

Researching: MUDRAK, MUDRAC
I am researching the surname Mudrak or Murac. I believe they emmigrated from Slovakia about 1901 but have no other location information.
email: Thelma Mennem - - Posted 17 September 1996

I would like to receive info re: the Lajciak name from Mali Lipnik in Northern Slovakia. My father who came to Sarnia, Onrario, Canada in 1929 was named Peter or Petro (Markov). We spell the name Laychak (Canadianized). I would also like to know if there are living relatives still in the area or in other parts of Slovakia. My name is Peter Laychak also. Thank you for your help.
email: - - Posted 17 September 1996

Researching: KLUCIK
Looking for information about the Klucik family from Modra.
email: Charles Klucik - - Posted 17 September 1996

Any information on the surname Babey, Babej, Bobbey, father Michael, born 1890 in Austria-Hungary in the village of Kamyanka Rymanowa southeast Poland (Lemko). Thanks!
email: - - Posted 17 September 1996

Researching the Simasek/Shemasek family from Trencin county and Sofranko family from Spis county, both ca. 1890-1900. Anna Sofranko and Anton Simasek, both recently emigrated, met and married in Pennsylvania ca.1900.
email: Mary Anne Waltz - - Posted 17 September 1996

I am interested in any information on family history for the surnames Husarcik and Fafrak. My grandfather's name was Peter Husarcik. his parents were Joseph and Anna Husarcik. They imigrated to a small western Pennslyvania town named Mather. I believe they were from a town called Liplusa in Slovakia. I believe they immigrated to United States around 1915.
email: Edward Husarcik - - Posted 17 September 1996

Researching: ANDRUSKY
I am interested in finding information about my great-grandparents home town and any possible relatives in the "old country". My grandmother told me that my great-grandparents were both Andrusky's, but the name may have been changed when they came to America. Any information about the name, town (Zlate), etc. would be appreciated.
email: Anthony Piccirilli -
APICCIRI@PIT.LEGENT.COM - Posted 17 September 1996

Researching: CONTOS
Looking for information about the Contos family that lived in a village Krasna nad Hornadom, which is near the city of Kosice. The old name of the village was Seplak.
email: - - Posted 17 September 1996

Researching: VOLCKO, VOLSKO
Researching the name Volcko/Volsko My grandfather Dorotin was born in Vikolap around 1888. My uncle Hohn was born is Smilno/Smilnov around 1907. If you or anyone you know is researching this family please drop me a note.
email: - - Posted 17 September 1996

I am researching the following surnames who emigrated to the United States in 1883, Frantisek Sladek born in Sadska, Jicin, and Anna Setkova born in Divisov Tabor-Vlasim. Vaclav Sladek born in Sadska, Jacin, and Barbara Cihak born in Eichelberg. Vaclav Setek born in Divisov Tabor-Vlasim and Marie Nedela born in Stepanov.
email: - - Posted 17 September 1996

Stephen (Dury) Dura, born 12 March 1902 in Drisna. Came to Schuykill County, Pennsylvania in 1902. He married Anastasia Napawanace of Sanok, now Poland, a town just to the north of Drisna. I believe that the family still resides in the area, but in Okres, Stropkov. Certain that he had a brother John, who probably returned. Also believe that there was a Paul Dura, son of Metro Dura who emigrated to the same very small town, Gilberton, Pa. Any reaserch tips for following back on this line would be greatly appreciated.
email: John R. Mort - - Posted 17 September 1996

Researching: SEBIN, MANCOS
Looking for information the on families of Joseph Sebin and Michael Mancos from Trbisoy.
email: - - Posted 17 September 1996

My Grandfather Franz Kolodzey borm About 1870 married Irma Pekarik 18 October 1893. He died 28 July 1905. He came to Staten Island, New York from Presov in 1892 His parents were Maria Tokarsk and Johan Kolodzey. My father's family was always very vague about their ethnic identity. Sometimes we were "Hungarian, Austrian, Slovakian ... ".
email: Mary Kolodgy Traphofner - - Posted 17 September 1996

Researching the Kubla, Bartek, Tomcola, and Tomscala surnames. They were all from Stara Bistrica, Cadja County. I am from Lower Burrell, Pennsylvania. Thank you.
email: John Kubla - - Posted 17 September 1996

Researching: FRANKEL
I am searching for Surname Frankel from Beregszaz (sp) in Slovakia . My father came to America in the begining of this century to his relations in Cleveland, Ohio. Anybody who can shed some light on this family, please let me know. I would appreciate very much.
email: Dave Frankel - - Posted 17 September 1996

I am searching for relatives of Felix Czernovski (Czernouski) Sr. married to Beatrice Pinkin. Lived in the Mommouth county area of New Jersey in the 1920's. I'm not sure where they were from orginally but indication are they were from Lithuania.
email: Charlie Everitt - - Posted 17 September 1996

Researching: HALACHAN
Am searching my relatives named Halachan of Bystra, Slovakia. Andrej Halachan.
email: George R. Caldwell - - Posted 17 September 1996

Researching: GURKA, GORKA
My question is if the name is change when coming to this country (United States) how do you go beyond to Czech or Poland or where ever? Does it end there? Example Gurka here but Gorka may be it there. The problems start I guess. Are the birth records and death records are a better bet. Thank You.
email: Richard J. Gurka - - Posted 15 September 1996

Looking for information about the Galdun Family. My paternal grandfather, Stephen Galdun, emigrated to the United States with his brother Matthew and sister Ann (Sirocky after marriage) about 1897 from the village of Vitez, in Saris or Sariska Zupa, eastern Slovakia. At least one brother, ujko John, stayed in Slovakia. Stephen Galdun settled in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. He worked as a coal miner at Dorrance Colliery. He married Veronica Michalek, my grandmother, from Nanticoke. Stephen Galdun died in 1925 after falling from our back porch. The last of my many aunts and uncles, Sister Veneranda Michalek a Slovak nun, died in May 96.
email: - - Posted 15 September 1996

Researching: PECAN
Looking for information on family names: Pecen and Ku...erak from Myajava, Slovakia. My father, Steve Ku...erak and mother Anna Pecen emigrated here in 1930's. My father was born in Pennsylvania and taken back to Europe when a baby. My mother's mother was born in Chicago and taken back to Europe when she was an infant. Any information would be appreciated.
email: Anne Kress - - Posted 15 September 1996

Researching: SADECKY
I am searching for the Sadecky family anywhere in Slovakia. I believe there are Sadeckys in the village of Sadocne and perhaps other places as well.
email: - - Posted 13 September 1996

Looking for information on the Kolesar and Sholtice surnames. I have very little information regarding this couple. Her first name ws Anna and she was apparently Slovak. Her husband was supposedly from Salzburg. Family information is sparse but I understand that they moved to Stillwater, Minnesota area first before moving to Canada in early 1900s. They are my great-grandparents. Thanks.
email: - - Posted 12 September 1996

The surname Kresnyak was changed upon arriving in U.S. to Kresnak. Michal Kresnyak was born in Myslava to Jan Kresnyak and Maria Labasova. Myslava is located in the Diocese of Kosice. I believe Michael has a sister named Anna. He moved to the United States circa 1920 and located in Muskegon, Michigan.
email: - - Posted 12 September 1996

Researching the Slota, Valko, Durnak families, Carpatho-Rusyns (?) from Kojsov in the area of Spis. Also looking for the Radetsky or Radeschij family from the area of Wisne Lapse or Nizne Tapzse, Polska. Thank you.
email: Bill Slota - - Posted 12 September 1996

Researching: BRZAC, CIRBUS
I am searching for the family names of Brzac and Cirbus. My father-in-law was a Brazac and his mother was a Cirbus. They were from the village of Polon or Rimavska Sobota.
email: - - Posted 12 September 1996

Researching: GURKA
I am looking for anyone with the surname of Gurka I am not sure where the family started but in the states it seems to be New Jersey. My Father is Robert E. Gurka and his father was Edward Gurka.
email: Richard J. Gurka - - Posted 10 September 1996

Researching: KOCSIS, JANOSIK
My grandmother, Maria Kocsis, came to the United States with her father, Josef Kocsis, in 1881. They settled somewhere around Pittsburgh where she met and married George Janosik. The Kocsis' were from Dolyan, which is now Levocska-Dolina I believe, in Slovakia. I have traced them back to Paul Kocsis in Roskocz around the 1800 time period. The Janosik's were from Forro, Hungary, and I have traced them back to Janos Janosik around the 1750 time period. Would like to determine if the Janosik family from Forro is related to the Janosik family from Terchova, Slovakia. Any help on either family will be appreciated.
email: Phil Janosik - - Posted 10 September 1996

I am researching the name Cizmar, which was Americanized to Chizmar. My grandfather Martin Chizmar born 08 November 1898 came to Youngstown, Ohio in March of 1929 with his wife Katerina Bernat Sciranka born 02 February 1898. Martin Chizmar had left two brothers John Cizmar and Michael Cizmar and two sisters Katerina Cizmar Harchar and Maria Cizmar Mikula. As far as I know the village of Vysny Klatov was very near to the town of Kosice. Anybody with any type of information at all or help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.
email: Thomas Chizmar - - Posted 10 September 1996

I am searching for my parents' surnames. On my father's side, Onufer from Austria-Hungary (father) and his wife was Skomsky, from Smolnik ad Baligrad. On my mother's side, Hardy (father) and Hardi (mother) and they came from Spiska Zupa, Slovakia, in the Spis area.
email: - - Posted 09 September 1996

I would be interested in hearing from people from Michalovce. My father was born there. His surname was Zapaticky. My mother's maiden name is Hreno and she is from Vojcice. Thanks.
email: Stan Zapaticky - - Posted 09 September 1996

Researching: OHRIN, UHRIN
Greetings! I just found this website today as I have been researching two sides of my family - Cherokee and Czech. The Czech family name was originally Uhrin and was changed to Ohrin because of pronounciation difficulties. Surname is now Ohrin, ggrndfather, was born in Bratislava I am told and he came to Audenreid, then Tamaqua and finally to McAdoo, Pennsylvania to work in coal mines there. Am told he died of "Miner's Asthma". Would like to see info posted if possible to see where other relatives might be, especially in the old country. Many thanks.
email: Jules Straight Eagle - - Posted 09 September 1996

Searching for family history information on Slovakian last name Konchar or Conser now Americanized to Konsor. Slovakian village not know, but family members emigrated to America approx. 1870-1885, settling for a time in Pennsylvania, and then Minneapolis before finally settling in rural Minnesota. My Great Grandfather Andrew Konchar (b. 1854), and his wife Zuzanna (b. 1864) Katuscak emigrated. They were married in 1884. Thanks for the help.
email: Barry Consor - - Posted 08 September 1996

I am researching the following surnames and villages. From Bojnicky, near Leopoldov & Cervenik,(Veresvar): Franko, Siska, and Ferencak. From Sulekovo,(Beregseg): Polacik, (Polacsik), Kopac. From Cervenik, (Veresvar): Kosik
email: William C. Wormuth - - Posted 07 September 1996

Looking for information on these family members and their living descendants in Eastern Europe. All were believed to be from Slovakia.
1. John Luba
2. Mary Kurcina
3. John Luba (son of John and Mary) Born 20 September 1888 Babin Hrustin
4. Joseph Kurcina (brother of Mary Kurcina)
5. Andrew Kurcina (brother of Mary Kurcina)
6. Paul Adamica
7. Maria Shelack
8. Mary Adamica (daughter of Paul and Maria) Born 2 January 1896 Babin Hrustin
9. Theresa Shelack (sister of Maria Shelack)
10. Anna Shelack (sister of Maria Shelack)
11. John Slifcak
12. Mary Frcho
email: Mike Slifcak - - Posted 07 September 1996

Researching: VOSCEK
Searching for my relatives on the internet in Bratislava and Kosice by the name of Voscek.
email: Joanne Voscek - - Posted 07 September 1996

Researching the family names Luha and Kovacik. Mary Luha born in Madunice -- mother Edith, father Stephen. Brothers Joe and Alex Luha. Cousin Maria Zatho. Stephen Kovacik -- mother Katherine, father Jstoon, sister Madeline, nephew Alexander. Also trying to locate information on these cities -- Suporna, Velke' Kastolany, and Lmatrola Naim.
email: J. D. Rich - - Posted 07 September 1996

I am begining to research my family history. My grandmother's maiden name was Anna Kucimaj or Kurimay. My great-grandfather's name was Andrew Kucimaj or Kurimay. My great-grandmother's maiden name was Anna Gera or Gero. From what few records I have, it appears they were from the town of Hazlin in what is now Slovakia. My grandmother was born 21 december 1897 and baptised January 1898. The baptism certificate is stamped "R/M Kat Farsky Urad Hazlin". My Grandmother was born 21 December 1897 and Baptized january 1898. She had a sister Suzanna who came to America with Anna July 1920. She also had a few brothers who returned to Slovakia and were put to death for political reasons? Anna's motherdied circa 1905. Looking for Kurimaj records from Hazlin for a family book we are doing. Visit our web site Any information would be greatly appreciated.
email: Joseph Shaluta Jr. - - Posted 07 September 1996

I am searching for the Kenderes, Gulosh, Kasmir (Kasmier), Lengyel (Langgle), Lendak, Duboy, and Pascho surnames. I have gone as far as the 1910 census, but need information on ships to search passenger lists. Most of the names are Carpatho-Rusyn, and Greek Catholic. I am not sure of villages, but I will spell them the way the priest from our former parish read them to me. He had difficulty reading the handwriting. Kenderes - Homok, Ungmedia?; Lengyel -Klucsarka, Klucsarna, Klussarka; Duboy - Cerednja or Cerednya or Cerednyovo, or Srebnja. If anyone can help me, I would be very grateful. Thanks.
email: Jean Schmidt - - Posted 07 September 1996

Researching: KAVULA, ROMAN
Am interested in searching for relatives with the surname of Kavula. Family originally from VishnaPolyanka (sp?) in far northeastern Slovakia near present Polish border. Also would be interested in researching relatives with surname Roman from same village, Special interest in Peter Kavula and Mary Roman who immigrated to United States around 1900.
email: Ken Kavula - - Posted 07 September 1996

I am researching Yackulics, Jaezkulics, Yeskulich, Yeskuliks from a village (as yet unidentified) near present-day Uzgorod, Ukraine. The father was a healer of animals, the first wife died in childbirth. Seven of the children were immigrants to the U.S. in the early 1900's.
email: - - Posted 07 September 1996

Researching the Kovalik, Kovalak family from Trstena. I am curious to see if anyone else knows anything. They left Trstena in 1903 and immigrated to Calumet City, Illinois, a Chicago suburb. Only the females left, the men weren't allowed to leave the country.
email: - - Posted 06 September 1996

I am researching the following:
1. Michael Papco who married Alzbeta Cichiova probably in Kravajani, daughter Mary born Jan 3, 1862 in Kravajani. Her birth certificate says: Stankovce okres Trebisov. What is Stankovce?
2. Their daughter Mary married John Haluska (original name Sobos) in 1879 in Kravajani.
3. John Haluska lineage: John Sobos born 1819 in Backov married Anna Topolovchak (born 1824 in Vojchice) in 1843. Children: the above John born Oct 8, 1853 in Vojchice. Died Sept 1938 in Vojchice.: Anna who married John Kohut and Mary who married Joseph Charnanski. John (born 1853) lived in Kravajani with Mary Papco's parents until his father John Sobos died, then him and Mary and family moved to Vojchice and lived in John's house. This was sometime between 1881 and 1889. The house burnt in 1906 and a new house was erected on the site. By 1872 the original John Sobos was married again, name unknown. He had three childdren by this wife: Paul born 1872 married Anna Tadrick. He died Dec 20, 1945 in Trenton, New Jersey. Other children were Michael, nothing further known, and Anna who died in 1926 in Farrell, Pa. and was the second wife of Stephen Butula. Children of John and Mary Papco Haluska were: John, born 1881 in Kravajani married Elizabeth Budzinkia. George born 16 April 1889 in Vojchice and married Anna Shovari. Mary born 22 may 1892 married Andrew Kmetz. Michael born 18 Feb 1896 married Barbara Mraz. Joseph born 19 March 1898 married Anna Mitro. Anna born 1901 died 1935. George and Anna Shovari Haluska were my great grandparents and lived in Bordentown, New Jersey after their marriage in 1907.
4. Jozef Somvari married Maria Baco. Children were: Anna born 1889 m. George Haluska; Elizabeth born 1892 married John Loh; John; Andrew ; Mary married Mary Hirko; Michael born 1897 married Anna and settled in Gary Indiana. In 1931 Jozef Somvari received a money order from John Loh. It was sent to Celovce pr Whersky Zipov Zupa Kosicka, Czech. Does anyone know what or where this address is? Anna was born in Karsa in Zemplin county. Elizabeth was baptised in 1890 in Baranci district of Trebisov.
5. From Austria Hungary, possibly Sonmartin Arad, Romania Michael Fakelman born Nov 1, 1870 married Katherine Schneider in 1895. Children: Barbara born Jan 24, 1897; a boy that died in infancy; Michael born in Sonmartin July 16, 1900, baptised on July 22, 1900; and Katherine born 1902 or 1903 and died when she was 5 years old. Michael Fakelman Sr. left his family in 1905 to come to America. He landed in New York and made his way to St. Louis, Missouri, where he lived and worked for the next six years. In 1911 he sent for his family. In 1917 they moved to Elizabeth, New Jersey and worked at the Singer's company. In the early 20's they moved to Flemington, New Jersey. In the early thirties they moved to Newark, New Jersey and operated a parking lot and rooming house. In 1951 they retired and settled in Elizabeth until their deaths in 1961 and 1959. According to a cousin in Slovakia, the family name is Sovary. Joseph Sovary was born 6 Aug 1861 in Milhostov. His son Andrew married an Anna Kramerova(?). His son John married Anna Ruzic, they had twins Helen and Anna, Julia and Mary all born in Celovce. John died 1965 in Slivniv.
6. Katherine Schneider was born somewhere in Austria Hungary on May 14, 1875, the daughter of Karl Schneider born march 25, 1864 in Austria-Hungary. He died Dec. 11, 1924 in Newark, New Jersey. His wife was Elizabeth Lustre that is all that is known about her. I apprieciate any help, tips, ideas that anyone can give me.
email: Judith A. Gauthier - - Posted 06 September 1996

Researching: TUHOVAK, SIVAK
Looking for information on surnames Tuhovak and Sivak and and the town of Trencin.
email: Jane Frampton - - Posted 05 September 1996

I am looking for everybody who is somehow related to or has some information about Family Neugroschel,Neugreschel from Bardejov, Presov, Kosice, Plavec, Kezmarok, Bratislava and other towns.
email: Ernestina (Erika) Neugroschel-Katz - - Posted 05 September 1996

I am interested in finding out any information I can about the surname Rapavi (may also be spelled Rapavy). John Rapavi immigrated to America (New York) around 1905. Later married Anna Slivka in New Jersey.
email: David Rapavi - - Posted 05 September 1996

Researching: PALES
Researching Joesph Pales of Rajeck, Slovakia. He came to Cleveland, Ohio in 1901.
email: Kathy Lockwood - - Posted 05 September 1996

Researching: BRICHTA
Searching for the surname Brichta. I was born a raised in Cleveland Ohio. My father, Thomas J. Brichta, grew up in Western Pennsylvania. He passed away in 1968, age 42. I am trying to follow my family history, or just the surname Brichta. Thanks!
email: Thomas R. Brichta - - Posted 05 September 1996

Looking for information about family name Seach, which could have been Szucs or Sich from the town of Kristy. Also looking for Kubitza, which could have been Kubicsa or Kubica from Liesek.
email: Karen Dreucci - - Posted 05 September 1996

I am searching for my ancestors from the Jewish settlement of Lemesany (between Presov and Kosice), particularly around the turn of the century. Also, any information about the surnames Bolitzer, Roth or Berkowitz is appreciated.
email: Leslie Bernstein - - Posted 03 September 1996

Researching: KRAJNAK
Searching for information on the Krajnak family of Presov.
email: - - Posted 03 September 1996

Researching: FEDORKO
Greetings from the United States. I'd like to hear from any Fedorko's in Slovakia that are on the internet, particualarly those having their roots in or around Plavnica.
email: - - Posted 03 September 1996

I am researching my grandparent's ancestry. My grandfather's name is Joseph Francis Krokus. He was born 29 Oct 1856. My grandmother's name is Elizabeth W. Vanicky (Vaniski, Vamski). She also was born 29 Oct 1856. They spoke German and emigrated from then Gnazda, Hungary, now Hniezdne, Slovakia about 1890. At that time, they had a daughter, Minnie, about age 9. They settled in Brooklyn, New York and had 3 more children: Joseph, Mae and Henry (Harry), my father. I have no birth, marriage or death certificates for them, but I do have a picture of their tombstone in Hackensack, New Jersey showing that he died 24 Feb 1937 and that she died 26 Sep 1939. I am currently researching LDS Family History Library microfilms of the Church records for Hniezdne. The index shows 25 entries for the name Krokus. Any information that would lead me to my great grandparents would be much appreciated.
email: Donald J. Krokus - - Posted 02 September 1996

Researching: HRITZ, HRICZ
Searching for background information on the surname "Hritz" or "Hricz". I would also like information on the villages of Rolova Huta or Margatskne(sp?).
email: Dolores Hritz Friesen - - Posted 02 September 1996

I will be in eastern Europe Monday. The families settled in Scranton, Pennsylvania, said they were Austrian, but spoke Slovak. Can anyone help me with villages to investigate while I am there.
email: Elaine Welborn - - Posted 01 September 1996

I am looking for the following surnames: Handoga, Brenisin, Fecava (or Vicsjova), all possibly from Visno Komarnik, Post Krajna Polyana, Zupa Kosicka (or Sariska) Czecho-Slovaki. My Grandparents, Wasyl Handoga and Julia Brenisin came to America in January 1914 through the port of Elizabeth, New Jersey and went to Hamtramck, Michigan where my grandfather worked for Ford Motor Company. In the late 1920's he moved to Nanticoke, Pennsylvania to work in the coal mines. They had 5 children and died young so my family has little information. They spoke Russian and were Russian Orthodox (Greek Catholic). My grandmother's brothers came to America but her sisters remained in Slovakia. Any information about the family names or town is welcome.
email: Julianne Ramos - - Posted 01 September 1996

All of these names except Moskaluk and Lupieniak are associated with the villages of Porac, Slovinky, and Helcmanovce in eastern Slovakia. Lupieniak comes from the village of Medyka in southeast Poland right on the border with Ukraine, and Moskaluk from Hastow Tlumach in the Ukraine. In Porac, Michael Zeman married ? Pitrik. She died shortly after the birth of her baby daughter (Mary) and Michael married ? Moxon. The family of 3 eventually ended up in Lethbridge, Alberta Canada but we think they may have stayed for a time in Uniontown, Pennsylvania. Stephen Pisko and Anna Senda, both from Helcmanovce, married in about 1905 in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada but I do not know when or how they came to Canada. The remaining names are great great great grandparents.
email: Pat Moskaluk - - Posted 31 August 1996

Researching: HALKO, GORUN
I am looking for information on the last names of Halko or Gorun. They were both from Hrabovcik. My grandmother's name was Anna Halko, she was born in the 1890's and lived on a farm. She had a brother who stayed on the farm after she married Teodor Gorun (called Frank). He supposedly lived on a neighboring farm. After their marriage they settled in Chicago and had 6 children. Teodor had a brother named George.
email: - - Posted 31 August 1996

Researching the Ondeck, Ondecek or Ondiak surname. John Ondecek immigrated from Austria in appx. 1885 to the United States. His wife was Mary Theringa Zurinda or Zuringa. Austria may have been on the census but we suspect Slavonia, Slovakia, or Slovenia. He was a coal miners. They possibly lived in Pennsylvania initially.
email: Tena Ondeck - - Posted 31 August 1996

Researching: DEPTA, PLEVA
Researching the Depta and the Pleva family. My father Andrej Depta was born in the year 1891. I think his mother's name was Ana. She was remarried when Andrej still very young, her name then became Pleva. My father immigrated to the United States sometime before 1914 and was married. I believe my father's family were farmers who lived in a small hamlet, but I cannot recall its name. In about 1969 my father recieved mail from his brother. His address is the only clue that I have to help in my research, and may have been the family home. The return address was: JAN DEPTA - SPISKE MATIASOFCE OSTATNA POCTA HANUSOFCE - CZECHOSLOVAKIA EUROPA I would appreciate making contact with some decendants, friends, or other persons who may have known of the Depta or Pleva familes ---Thank You ---
email: Jozef Jan Depta - - Posted 30 August 1996

I am just starting to research my family. On my Dad's side, my grandparents came from Bardejov. The name was Kavula. I have written relatives there, but they were not able to give me any family background. My grandfather, Samuel Kavula and his wife Anna Dzamba emigrated to Ohio, USA about 1900. In looking at some names that my grandmother wrote down before she dies, she identified other family names that I am trying to place: Paraska Guzy & Stephen Guzy; Anna Sim; many Dzamba'a, but no clue as to where they came from. My grandmother was a Dzamba, but the city of origin is unknown to me. Aslo mentioned is Mary Yasusko. I am not sure about the original spellings of any of the names. Any ideas or thoughts as to where I might start would be very helpful.
email: Tim Kavulla - or - Posted 30 August 1996

I am researching my grandparents' ancestry. My grandfather's name is Jozsef Javorniczky or Javornitzky. He was born 16 March 1882. His marriage certificate lists his place of origin as Liptovsky Mikulas in present day Slovakia. His parents' names are Cyril Javornitzky and Aloyzia Sanovec. He married Maria Ostrofsky or Osztroviszky at Zion St. Marks Evan. Lutheran Church on East 84th Street in New York City on 12 June 1908. Their naturalization papers dated, 16 June 1911 listed Parkridge, Burgen County, New Jersey as their place of residence. They moved to Torrington, Connecticut sometime prior to 1917. They had two children, Gabriella (Ella) b. 05 Novenber 1911 and Anna-Gizella (Grace) b. 12 August 1917. Maria's place of origin is O-Lublo which I believe is present day Stara Lubovna in eastern Slovakia. Maria's birthdate is 15 March 1885. Her parents' names are Frank Osztroviszky or Ostrofsky and Maria Tartar. Ella's birth certificate also lists O-Lublo as her place of birth. (She was born there on a trip back to visit family.) Jozsef and Maria came through Ellis Island sometime prior to November 1907. They met on board ship. Maria had a sister, Julie, who married Stephanus Horansky or Heransky. They also lived in Torrington and had three children, Emma, Freddie and Irene. Maria also had three brothers, Milton Ostrofsky, Simon Ostrof and Victor Ostrof of Bridgeport, Connecticut and New Jersey. Jozsef had a cousin Morris Petrovits (a jeweler) who settled in Poughkeepsie, New York. Also had a sister and female cousin who were still living in Europe as of the 1940's. Would appreciate any information on living relatives, ancestors or relevent towns.
email: Roger Jenkins - - Updated 29 August 1996

My great-grandfather George Sekerak was from the Misojurka family of Bajerovce. My great-grandmother Christina Sekerak was from the "Ondriva" branch of the family and also from Bajerovce. They were born aound 1860 and emigrated to Cleveland or Marblehead area in early 1900's. I am looking for additional family information like their parents, siblings, etc. My grandmother was from Krize. Her father's name was Adam Zelenak and her mother Maria Zdinik. She had a brother named John. Also looking for information further back the family tree. The Kormos family lived in Bajervoce and intermarried the Sekerak's. Any help there would be appreciated too.
email: - - Posted 29 August 1996

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