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Oral history has my late grandfather, John Cyril Surina, being born in Trstena in 1888 to an earlier John Surina and Mary (nee Striban). He reportedly imigrated to the states in 1904 or 1905. As my father and his two sisters have also passed on, there is no one left to augment what little is known. There was some debate between my two aunts as to whether our last name was anglicized from Shurina or Surinak, but I think not, as the "sh" sound might have derived from an upsidedown "^" accent over the S which doesn't exist in our English typewriters. I may have an opportunity to visit Slovakia soon and if so will visit Trstena. If anybody can enlighten me further please e-mail me.
email: John Surina - - Posted 31 October 1996

Researching: BODNAR, BRKSA
Looking for any information on the genealogy of the Bodnar and Brksa surnames?
email: Daryl O'Rourke - - Posted 31 October 1996

Researching: SLOBODAN
Would the gentleman who e-mailed me concerning Slobodans' in Pennsylvania try again. I can not seem to return his e-mail. Thanks!
email: - - Posted 30 October 1996

I am searching for the family of John Kiliany, place of origin Ziata Idka, and My Grandmother Sophia Harmanova, born 24 April 1874, of parents Alojz Harmanova and Frantiska Zofcinova from the town Hrisovce. In 1893 Mr. and Mrs. Kiliany lived in Levoca at 4 High Street John Kiliany was a Butcher by Trade . At the time they had a five week old daughter that died, Rozalia Kiliany born 23 August 1893 and died 5 October 1893.
email: Ken Treger - - Posted 30 October 1996

I am searching for any information on my paternal grandparents, Isaac Hershkowitz and Yetta Ungar (Unger) Hershkowitz. Isaac was born in Poland in the late 1800's, but fled to Rumania and was raised by friends of the family. He met Yetta in Rumania and they married in their late teens and came to America through Ellis Island in 1908. He worked as a carpenter in Brooklyn, and Yetta worked as a seamstress. They had four sons, my father, William, and his twin Arthur, Sy, David, and one daughter, Ruth. They all shortened their last name to Hersh. I would like any information about them, or other members of my family who remained in Eastern Europe. I need to know what happened to them. Thank you so much for any help you can give me.
email: Naomi Hersh Clackum - - Posted 30 October 1996

I'm interested in searching for my family name Drapac from Liptova or grandmother's maiden name Lucka from Orava. Also, my Mother's parents names are Budz and Czerny (Cherny). Any help would be appreciated Thanks!
email: Michael J Drapac - - Posted 30 October 1996

Researching: VAVREK, VAVRECK
I am interested in finding the meaning of my slovak surname, Vavrek.
email: Donna Vavreck - - Posted 29 October 1996

Researching: BOMBA, CHILLER
I am searching for information on the Bomba and Chiller families from Slovakia. My grandparents, John Bomba and Veronica Chiller emigrated to Johnstown, Pennsylvania (then to Cleveland, Ohio) around 1930-1935 with eight children born in Slovakia. My grandmother's brother, Julius Chiller, was also in the United States. However, I don't know if he left Slovakia at the same time. The eight children who accompanied them were John, Julia, George, Mary, Margaret, Martin, Rita (Nettie), and Anne. Two more children, Donald and Rudy, were born in the United States. John and Veronica were born in Slovakia about 1887 and 1900 respectively
email: Don Bomba - - Posted 29 October 1996

My name is George Sleboda from Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. My grandparents were Michael Sleboda and Anna Krempasky. They came from the village of Velka Frankova in Spis near the Tatras and emigrated to the United States in the early 1900's. We still have relatives in the area and they are welcome to contact me if they have access to this service. I would appreciate any further information on these family names. Thank you.
email: George Sleboda - - Posted 29 October 1996

I am looking for relatives from both my mother's and father's sides. Kianicka - her uncle would have come to the U.S. after the first war, and the Grunwalds during the second world war. If anyone has any information, please let me know, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.
email: K. Rochefort - - Posted 29 October 1996

Researching: PAVLISCAK
My name is Brian Pavliscak. I am a 22 yr. old male living in Michigan. As far as I know, My grandfather, Paul Pavliscak, came over from Slovakia in the early 1900's. My family tree reaches back only that far. Basically, I am in search of any Pavliscak's that may be in Slovakia. To find family there is of great importance to me so the "family tree" is completed for future generations to carry on our Slovak herritage.
email: Brian Pavliscak - - Posted 29 October 1996

My father was born in Michalovce in 1901 and baptized in the Byzantine Catholic Church there. On his baptismal certificate his name was spelled Csincsar. He had a brother George (Juraj). Now we spell the name Chinchar but I understand that the real Slovak spelling is Cincar with "hacheks' on the "C's". Any leads for me? Visit our
web page at the University of Dayton. Thanks!
email: Rev. Gerald T. Chinchar, S.M., D.Min. - - Posted 29 October 1996

Researching: GAJDOS
Looking for information on the Gajdos family of Rakovec, Zemplin county.
email: - - Posted 29 October 1996

Ignatius Holak was from Galicia, Austro-Hungarian Empire and emigrated in 1888 to Brookside, Colorado. We are looking for his village of birth. Jozef Schmal was from Kuty, Slovakia, emigrated in 1890. His wife Anna rod Krajcsirova and daughter Kristina emigrated about 1899. Jozef Krajcir and Katarina Antalek were Anna's parents, born and died in Kuty, Slovakia. Any information is appreciated.
email: - - Posted 29 October 1996

Searching for members of the Marflak family of Hnilec, Spis county. Also if ther are any of the Skorvan family out there.
email: - - Posted 29 October 1996

Researching: MAGET
Searching for the Maget family from the Presov area.
email: - - Posted 29 October 1996

I am making a first attempt to locate Slovak surnames of Sipkovsky or Chmiko. These are the names of my two parents families. My grandparents immigrated to the United States in the very early 1900's and eventually settled as farmers in central Michigan. I am looking for other such surnames in the United States that might be related, and also any contacts in Slovakia would be extremely interesting.
email: Robert E. Sipkovsky - - Posted 29 October 1996

Researching: ZAYACHEK, ROLKO
Am seeking relatives still in Slovakia for my friend Adam Zayachek. His father was Stefan Zayachek and mother's maiden name was Anna Rolko. The only other information he has is Zelena which he believes is the county they came from and he remembers his father mentioning Trencin. Can anyone help Adam?
email: Jeanne Robbins - - Posted 29 October 1996

Researching: RASKOVIC, DORI
Searching for information on the Raskovic or Dori families.
email: C. Adkins - - Posted 29 October 1996

I'm researching the surnames Chrenka and Kozumplik. The Chrenka family originate in the area of Holic and Senica, while Kozumpliks are from Veseli Nad Moravia.
email: Joe Chrenka -

My known Slovak surnames and villages are Grega from Mokroluh, Saris County, and Ropjak or Ropiak from Tarnov (Tarno), Saris County.
email: - - Corrected 27 October 1996

I am looking for my grandmother's family. The Tokar family was from Polomka. She married Steve Lovites or Lovich as he was known in America. They were married February 1905 in Polomka.
email: Bernie Morey - - Posted 25 October 1996

Researching: TOMONDI
Looking for information on the Tomondi family.
email: Michael A Tomondi - - Posted 25 October 1996

Researching: KOSCS, WASKO
I am looking for information on the Koscs and Wasko families from Sovar,now Solivar, Slovakia.
email: - - Posted 25 October 1996

Researching: TREBIEN
I am very interested in the placename Trebien, because it haa the same name of my name down. Looking for more information about the place Trebien in Slovakia, included names of people That have the same name Trebien, that lives in Slovakia. My grandfather Heinrich Ferdinand Trebien, comes from Berlin - Germany (Deutschland) in year 1872, to Brazil, in Rio Grande do Sul, at place designed Nova Palma. I was born in Nova Palma, and just moment lives in Porto Alegre. I am manager, and technician in justice. Before, I thank you, for your attention about this subject. Porto Alegre, October 23 in year 1996.
email: Delmar Edelson Paul Trebien - - Posted 24 October 1996

Researching: GDULA
I am just starting to map my family history. My surname Gdula originates from the Czech / Slovakia / Austria / Poland region - does anyone have any specific advice? Thank-you!
email: William Gdula - - Posted 24 October 1996

I am beginning ancestry research on my parents Michael Tomondi and Mary Marcin who were born and married in the village of Hazlin located in Saris county, now in okres or the district of Bardejov. Dad came to Gary, Indiana in 1924 followed by mom in 1930. Am searching for names of dad's parents and relatives, especially of his brother Andrew Tomondi. Lastly, any known living relatives of both mom and dad who are still living in Hazlin.
email: Michael A Tomondi - - Posted 24 October 1996

Researching: DURKOT, DURKET
My father, Michael Durkot, came from the village of Cernina is Saris County circa 1920. We are interested in the records available for the area.
email: Joseph James - - Updated 24 October 1996

Researching: FAJTAK, FAYTAK
Looking for surname Fajtak or Faytak. My grandparents both were immigrants to the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area. Just wondered if any information was avaliable? Only know of Father, Cousin, brother and self with the name Faytak.
email: Chuck Faytak - - Posted 23 October 1996

I am checking the following variants of names and villages: Zbura or Sura from Pcholyne; Hamnik or Hanek from Cihanivci; Kirlik from Smerekova; and Javorchak or Yavorchak from Uzhorod.
email: G. David Kerlick - - Posted 23 October 1996

My husband's paternal grandfather Andrew Perhach was born in present day Giraltovce, Slovakia. (At that time it was called Knarinov, Hungary). He left for America 19 September 1871 on the ship Kobline and landed in Baltimore, Maryland and from Baltimore came directly to Streator, Illinois. Andrew was the youngest of nine children and orphaned when he was nine years old. Many of the Slovakian families who settled in Streator came from around Presov, or from the area between Presov and Kosice. My husband's maternal grandmother, Anna (Martin) Tutko was born in Lucka. She lived in Nanticoke, Pennsylvania, until she married George Tutko, who had also immigrated from Slovakia. After their marriage they also moved to Streator.
email: - - Posted 23 October 1996

Researching the Chvala, Stano, Zilavy, Puskar, and Kranyak families. Searching for information on Katherine Zalavy born 1862 in Hasprunka, Austria-Hungary, Michael Thomas Chvala from Haspunka, Austria-Hungary, Katherine Stano born in 1887 in Nahatch, Austria-Hungary, Stephen Puskar 1873 and Cecialia Kranyak born 1870. Stephan Chvala son of Michael and Katherin moved to Zelienople, Pennsylvania around 1900 and he married Katherin Stano in 1906. We invite you to visit the
Chvala Family Tree website for more information.
email: Cyrus Chvala - - Posted 23 October 1996

Researching: BOBULA
Would appreciate any information regarding the Bobula family world wide. The family originated in and around Nitra and Urmance. Looking to contact relatives.
email: Steve Bobula - - Posted 24 October 1996

My grandfathers name was Joseph John Rovnanik, he married Marie Preiboj, in the late 1800's they immigrated to New York City. I do not know what village they had lived in, the death certificate of my grandmother says origin of country Hungary. My mother always said her father was Slovak and her mother was Bohemian. My mother and her brothers John and Joseph were orphaned in 1914, and placed in seperate Catholic orphanages in New York City, They never were reunited. Last January 17th three years to the day my beloved mother passed away I found her brother Joseph's Family. Does anyone know anything about Joseph and Marie Rovnanik? The name Franz Korman was also mentioned as a relative. My mother was baptized in the Our Lady of Perpetual Help Roman Catholic Church around 61st Street in New York City August 10th 1907. her godparents name was Kusma. Please if you can help I would be so grateful.
email: -
Emabo@AOL.Com - Posted 23 October 1996

I was born in Nemcovce, a small village near Presov, Saris county. I'm told Karabin is a fairly common name around Poprad. Just returned from Slovakia and learned that the chief justice of Slovakia is also a Karabin. During the war, I lived and went to school in Parchoviany, Zemplin county, near Secovce, Trebisov, Michalovce, Kosice. My mother's maiden name is Hruncak; her grandmother was Anna Gnap. Would like to hear from other Karabin's or Hruncak's, also from anyone w/surname of Hudac. Will be happy to share other information about Slovakia. This was my third trip back and did quite a bit of driving in Slovakia and Poland.
email: Stephen J Karabin - - Posted 22 October 1996

Researching: FELDMAR, BREUER
Any information sharing regarding these the Feldman and Breuer surnames from Dunajska Stredy would be appreciated. Thank you.
email: Ari M. Eden - - Posted 22 October 1996

My father's name was Stephan (Steve) Sebena,or Shebena, or Shebna, as he said, could be spelled either of these ways. His mother was Veronica Yulik (I thought it was Dulik). He may have been born in Trencin or Petrovich, as he mentioned these often. My mother's maiden name was Mary Benacka, her father's name was Luke or Peter. One or the other name belonged to her brother. I was very young and didn't pay the attention that I should have when my parents talked of the ole country. Her mother's name was Catherine (Katherine) Klisan. They lived in Nitra. Steve was born 6 November l882. Mary was born 8 November l890. My mother's first husband she married in Nitra was Joseph Bielecki. He died about the first year after they moved to America. Any information on the these names would be appreciated.
email: Ray Clark - - Posted 22 October 1996

I'm looking for any information on the following families, the Radvansky family from Trebisov and the Lopata family from Zbudza Near Michalovce.
email: - - Posted 22 October 1996

I am researching the surname Kubasek with roots in Trestena and Brezovica. Based on research done by another Kubasek in the U.S. and with help from a Kubasek descendent in Prague, we have determined that there are at least 2 Kubasek clans going back to about the year 1800 without yet having been able to determine blood relationship.

The clan of which I am part of starts with my Grandfather Joeseph H. Kubasek (1889) who emigrated to Alberta, Canada in 1905. He had 2 sisters, Maria (who emigrated to Chicago), and Karolina (who emigrated to Alberta, Canada) as well. Maria had no children and Karolina had all her children in Alberta, Canada. Joe also had 2 other sisters Anna and Terezia who stayed in Slovakia. Some records suggest that Joe had a brother Martin, but this is doubtfull since Martin was never mentioned. I do know the descendents of Anna who married a Havrilova and had 4 daughters (Alezbeta, Karolina, Maria, and Katrina), and 3 sons (Peter, John, and Martin). It would be helpful if anyone could tell me more about my grandfather's sister Terezia (no known spouse or children).

Earlier generation: The parents of Joe, Maria, Karolina, Anna, and Terezia were Martin Kubasek (circa 1850's) and Rozina Korman. Martin supposedly had 3 sisters (Maria, Terezia, and Anna) and 3 brothers (Jan, Jozef, and Matej) who would have been circa 1850's birth dates. I do know that Jan married Anna Hajdik or Anna Klepkon and they had 4 children (Jozef who emigrated to Alberta, Canada, and additionally Jan, Terezia, and Anna). I further am aware of Jozef's descendents in Canada. I would appreciate anyone knowing anything about any of the 3 children (Jan, Terezia, and Anna) that I have not mentioned, including emigration, spouses, etc. to Canada or the U.S.

Earlier generation: The parents of Jan, Martin, Anna, Terezia, Matej, Jozef, and Maria supposedly were another Jan who had married a Maria Matusek. This couple would be circa 1830's and I know nothing about them. Jan apparently had 2 brothers (Martin and Jozef) and 4 sisters (Anna, Rozalia, Maria, and Verona).

Earlier generation: The parents of these brothers and sisters were Martin and Maria Kubik (circa 1810's). I do not know of any brothers of sisters of Martin and it is possible that a link here could prove the linkage between the 2 Kubasek clans mentioned first off in this message.

It would seem that the descendents of all these people would have resulted in some of them emigrating to the U.S. or Canada. I have determined who most of the Kubaseks are in Canada and cannot find further linkages. There are over 100 Kubasek families in the U.S. and I have to believe that some of them are descendants of this Kubasek clan.
email: Wayne Kubasek - - Posted 20 October 1996

Researching: WAJDA, VIDA, WAYDE
My grandfather, surname Wajda, emigrated to Detroit from Slovakia or Poland (I'm not sure which) in the early part of this century. He was married to Genevieve Chronowski, had eight children (most changed their name to Vida; one to Wayde) and owned a furniture store in Hamtramck, among other businesses.
email: - - Posted 20 October 1996

Edward James Kikta was born 1928 in Uniontown Pennsylvania; Anna Helen Zakutansky was born 1889 in Everson, Pennsylvania and died 1970 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Joseph Hajnik Kikta was born 1881 in Hranovnica Slovakia and died 1961 in Somerset Pennsylvania; Bertha Ondrey was born 1855 in Levoca, Slovakia and died 1925 in New Salem, Pennsylvania; Peter Zakutansky was born 1856 in Bardejov, Slovakia and died 1939 in Uniontown, Pennsylvania; Maria Baran was born 20 June 1845 in Hranovnica, Slovakia; Martin Kikta was borm 21 October 1841 in Hranovnica, Slovakia; Maria Kundisz was born 1820 in Hranovnica, Slovakia; Michael Baran was born 1820 in Hranovnica, Slovakia; Sophia Martinko was born 1820 in Hranovnica, Slovakia and died 1855; Andreas Kikta was born 1812 in Hranovnica, Slovakia and died 1856; Eva Budicky was born 1795 in Hranovnica, Slovakia and died 1858. Martin Kundisz was born 1796 in Hranovnica, Slovakia and died 1858.
email: Edward James Kikta - - Posted 20 October 1996

I am searching for information regarding my Grandparents. My paternal grandparents were: Paul Sabo Sr. and Anna Vetretcian. Paul Sabo was born in Lekart. He and his wife imigrated to the United States in about 1905. They settled in McDonald, Pennsylvania and moved to Youngstown Ohio in about 1912. Paul had a brother John Szabo who settled in Mingo Junction, Ohio. Another brother, Steve Szabo I understand remained in Slovakia. Anna Vetretcian was born in Pinkovce Slovakia. She had a brother Michael who also settled in Youngstown, Ohio, a sister Verona married Frank Semach and I have been corresponding with her grandson who now live in Michalovce Slovakia. Another sister, her name is not know, was shot and killed during World War I. As far as my cousin John and I know, she was not married and had no children. My Maternal grandparents were Michael Petruska, born in 1865 died in 1944. I think he was born in Budapest Hungary. He had one sister who settled in New Britin, Conn. I have corresponded with her grandchildren but they have not been able to furnish any information. He married Barbara Bihary, born 1870 died 1934. She was born in Kerest Hungary which I believe is now part of Romania. She had one brother, Andrew Bihary. I have corresponded with his children who have been unable to furnish any information. Michael and Barbara had three children born in Slovakia. Michael Jr. born in 1892 and died in 1963, John, born in 1894 died 1968 and Mary born in 1896 died in 1994. The family came to the US in about 1905 and settled in Buffalo, New York. After immigrating to the United States they had one son, George born 1908 died 1995 and a daughter, Susan born 1910 died 1964. Any information about either the Sabo (Szabo) or Petruska family would be appreciated.
email: Rev. Michael P. Sabo - - Posted 20 October 1996

Researching: HOLIC, SKANDERA
The surnames we are researching are Holic and Skandera. Elizabeth Holic and Daniel Skandera came from Tura Luka Czechoslovakia and settled in Danbury, Ct. They came to the United States about 1905.
email: Anne Skandera - - Posted 20 October 1996

Searching for Kahrer and Szedmik. My grandfather was born in Hnusta in 1894. His name was Ludwig Kahrer. I found his birth record at the archives is Banska Bystrica in a Catholic church al um. He was baptized Ludovicus Ferdinandus Karer. His mother was Eleanora Szedmik daughter of Anton Szedmik and Francisca Blumentritt. I also found Eleanora's birth record (born in Hnusta) from the archives.

Ludwig's father was Ferdinand Kahrer. I find the marriage record of Eleanora Szedmik and Ferdinand Karer from the same town (Hnusta) and also the birth record of three other sons. Ferdinand was born in Kasmark (Kezmarok) and it is his birth record that I cannot find. I went to Levoca to search the archives and checked almost all of the Catholic records and some of the Evangelisch (Lutheran) records until I ran out of time. Ferdinand, Eleanora and their family immigrated to the United States in 1901.

I do not have details of their departure. I do know they eventually settled in Newark, New Jersey. I have Ferdinand's naturalization certificate with a date of 1906. I found him on the US 1920 Census. He lists his native country as Hungary, his native toungue as German and the ancestry of his parents as Austrian. The identical information is listed for Laura (Eleanora).

His death certificate lists his father as Gregory Kahrer with a birthplace of Austria and his mother as Marie Engel (or Angel) with a birthplace of Austria. I would appreciate any information on the Kahrer, Karer or Szedmik (Sedmik) names, and especially information on Ferdinand Kahrer and his parents.
email: - - Posted 20 October 1996

Have been searching for surname of John Romanyszyn from Steznycia, District Lisko, Galicia, Austria. Born about 1840-1850. Or Anna Ivanko, Mary Sagon from Village of Muchawa, District Lisko, Galicia, Austria. Also Catherine Sikanec from same village. I can't find these villages on any map. Hope someone can help.
email: Michelle Romanishin - - Posted 20 October 1996

Researching: LESKO
Have recently found out that my wife's Grandfather, Jan Lesko was born in Smilno, Saros, Slovakia in 1859. Have ordered LDS microfilm for that area and will be working on it but, will appreciate any help or info on the name or location. Thanks.
email: Andy Verostko - - Posted 20 October 1996

Researching: SZEDMAKY
Looking for members of the Szedmaky family of Ersekujvar - Nova Zamky today, Slovakia (1600s) Galanta, Slovakia (1700s) Trecsin, Slovakia (early 1800s) Vajk - Lucina nad Zitavou today - Slovakia (late 1800s) and Budapest - Hungary (1900s) Are there any left out there? Visit our
Szedmáky of Budapest, Hungary and Vajk, Slovakia pages for more information
email: Alex Glendinning - - Posted 20 October 1996

I am begining to do research on my family name and the orgin and imigration of the familiy. The best I can do so far is come up with the name of the the town of Orva and my Americanized surname is Yanchek. All the cemetary headstones show the name Jancek, Yancek etc. Can anyone provide any help?
email: - - Posted 20 October 1996

Researching: VISLOCKY
I would like to find out more about my father's side, his name was Michal Vislocky, born in Litmanova, okr. Stara Lubovna, 27 March 1919, deceased 7 July 1992.
email: Elaine S. Vislocky - - Posted 20 October 1996

Researching: HUDEC
Looking for information on the ancestors of John Hudec from the village of Chlebnice. Son, John Hudec moved to Canada when he was 7 years of age.
email: - - Posted 20 October 1996

Looking for info on my paternal grandfather's family, Sikorjak, or my paternal grandmother's family, Vislocky originally from Communka or Lipmanova. Came through Ellis Island circa 1917, then settled in Garfield Heights (Cleveland area), Ohio. Four sons, Peitro, Nikoly, John, Peter. Any information appreciated.
email: Virginia Etu - - Posted 19 October 1996

My great-grandparents Andrej Sabol and Anna Cisar were married in Ortutova, Saris sometime around 1900. Andrej immigrated to Bayonne, New Jersey, probably around 1910, where he found work in a candy factory. Anna and their 3 children remained in Ortutova and the family was not fully re-united in Bayonne until about 1923. Anna Cisar's family was native to Ortutova; Andrej Sabol probably came from a neighboring village, perhaps Dubinne. Related families are Gmitro and Marko.
email: Nick Benyo - - Posted 19 October 1996

Researching: PAGAC, SKANDERA
I am looking for information about my ancestors and their descendants. My grandfather's name was John Pagac, he was born on April 28, 1898, probably in Myjava. He came to the United States about 1915. He married Susanna Skandera, born December 28,1897, also probably in Myjava, and she emigrated with him to the United States. I am interested in finding if any one recognizes these names.
email: - - Posted 19 October 1996

Researching: MITAS, KOBELA
My great-grandparents were Joseph John Mitas and Maria (pronounced Mary) Susana Kobela. They were married in Chicago, Illinois in 1910 and have no records of them coming to the states or where they are from in Slovakia. The census records for thoses years were destroyed. We know that they arrive not too long before the marriage and lived in a village somewhere near Brataslava. Not much more is known at this time. Joseph is one of 13 children, we believe. Eventually he settled down in Saginaw, Michigan, about 90 miles north of Detroit. We have been able to locate the family of one of Joseph's brothers and are continuing research through this branch.
email: Patrick Nelson - - Posted 19 October 1996

We are trying to locate relatives with the surname of Huzar and Hanko in Poproc, Slovakia. My grandfather's name was John Victor Huzar; he born in 1888 in the village of Poprocjsov, Austria Hungary. My grandmother was Maria Cecilia Hanko and born in 1890 in Poprocjsov, Austria-Hungary. Her parents were Norbert Hanko and Elizabeth Vesley. My grandfather's parents were John Huzvar and Pauline Ryze.
email: Therese M. Beatie - - Posted 19 October 1996

I am researching the Bepko family name and looking for information on relatives still in Slovakia. My paternal grandfather was John Bepko. He married Catherine Hanczelko(sp?) around 1905, shortly after both came to America. I know he had brothers and, perhaps, sisters left in the old country. His parents were Michael and Mary Bepko. Thank you!
email: Ray Bepko - - Posted 19 October 1996

Looking for info on these names. Our family Slanec/Slanetz arrived about 1886/7 and located in Islip, New York. There may be some connection to the Illinois and Ohio Slanec. There is another Volavka family on Long Island and they may be related. Vaclav and Willie may be brothers/cousins. Any info on any names is appreciated. Thank you.
email: Katherine Allison - - Posted 19 October 1996

Researching: JEDINAK, SZOPKO
Searching for relatives of Michael Jedinak, born May 1879 in Kracunovce. Son of Joannes Jedinak and Elisabetha Szopko married about 1873. The Jedinaks probably from Kukova and of Lutheran belief. The Szopko's were Roman Catholic. Thanks in advance!
email: - - Posted 18 October 1996

My father's name was Stefan Sebena, and as he said, it could be spelled Shebna, Shebena. His mothers name was Veronica Dulik. My father was from Trencin and also lived in Petrovich. He came to this country in 1910. My mothers parents name was Luke Benacka and Catherine Klisan. My mother was born 08 November 1890 in Nitra which at that time was Austria. My father was born 06 November (1882?) or possibly earlier.
email: Ray Clark - - Posted 18 October 1996

I am researching the following surnames: Czarniak, Shulda, and Movotny. I have been told they came from Czechoslovakia. I do not know if these surnames are likely Slovak or Czech. Could anyone help as we begin this research beyond our American ancestors. Thank you!
email: Michael G Tacher - - Posted 18 October 1996

Habenec from Sastin Straze, Hadermayer from Letenice, and Hvizdos from Liba, Austria.
email: - - Updated 17 October 1996

Researching: LAMPARTY
Don't have the info on village of origin in Poland at my finger tips, will have to get in contact with my mother! Just wondered if you had run across the family name Lamparty in your research? Might give me some place to start! Did find out that lamparty means leopard in Polish.
email: Thomas A. Lamparty - - Posted 17 October 1996

Researching: MIKA, MIKOVA
My mother's maiden name was Mika (Mikova). She was born in Michalovce in 1911. Any relatives around?
email: Jan Zapaticky - - Posted 17 October 1996

Searching for any information and/or relatives of Ellga E. Gombita who emigrated to Bethlehem, Pennsylvania in 1889. She was born in Zemplen Province, Hungary (which was primarily Slovak during that period). She was born on 11 November 1865. Ellga was "farmed out" as a child and worked as a servant for a German Jewish family. She was smuggled out of the area where she lived by hiding in a wagon covered with a blanket. We know Ellga had several sisters and at least two of them emigrated to the Bethlehem area after she did. It is also quite possible she had a brother named Frank Gombita (Gombota). Ellga married a Silesian German and settled in Bethlehem and then Palmerton, Pennsylvania. She died on March 1, 1940. She was my great-grandmother.
email: Bonnie Serben - - Posted 17 October 1996

My mother's relatives seem to all come from the Helcmanovice area of Szepes County, Slovakia. Although I can only trace a bit back to 1879 where my grandfather Nicolas Pisko was born, he served in the Austrian-Hungarian Army, married an Anna Pjatnizca (born about 1882). I know not their parents, marriage date, etc. They did emigrate to Pennsylvania about 1902-3, Nicolas died in the Darr Mine disaster in 1907, with his father-in-law, a Pjatnizca --- thence the family went back to Helcmanovice in early 1908. An arranged marriage to another Slovak in Cleveland, Ohio brought them back to the United States again in 1910. Any help would be appreciated!
email: This message came through with as the mailing address. We need a corrected email address- Posted 16 October 1996

Researching: VILAGI
Searching for any information on my family which came from Leles, Slovakia. My great grandfather, Louis Vilagi, left Slovakia around the turn of the century.
email: Michael B. Vilagi - - Posted 16 October 1996

Researching Hajtovic or Hytovick from or near Kavecany, Slovakia. Anyone else familiar with that area or that surname. They came to America in 1888 and settled in Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania.
email: - - Posted 16 October 1996

I am looking for information about my grandmother, Helena Mutnansky, daughter of Andrej Mutnansky and Josefina Palak or Palek of Ilava. She was born 3 Aug 1875 and baptized in Ilava. She emmigrated to the United States between 1900 and 1908. Any information you could over would be greatly appreciated.
email: -
rjames@TIGGER.STCLOUD.MSUS.EDU - Posted 16 October 1996

Researching: KOROSEC
I am searching for the origins and relatives of the Korosec's in America. We are from the city of Trieste in Slovenia. Please forward any information you may have to help. Thanks.
email: Ryan Korosec - - Posted 16 October 1996

Andrew Magda was born 29 Sep 1871 in Vitez and died 30 May 1930 in Vitez, Slovakia. He married in 1896 Elizabeth Svrc. They had four children. Elizabeth was killed in Colorado and Andrew returned to Vitez and remarried Johanna Balacha. Seeking any info on the families or the area.
email: Thomas Krivak - - Posted 16 October 1996

John Stofila was born in Vitez, Saris County, Slovakia. He died after 1920. Family reports name may have been changed from Glatz for political reasons. His first wife, Mary Tomko died after 1920 and John married Mary Saluga. Seeking info on any of these families.
email: Thomas Krivak - - Posted 16 October 1996

Researching: HORBALY
Horbaly is the surname we are researching. The village they are from is Petrova.
email: - - Posted 16 October 1996

Searching the surnames Veselenak, Patsan, Zmij, and Brutovsky from the village of
Slovinky in eastern Slovakia.
email: William Anikouchine - - Posted 16 October 1996

Researching: YUHAS, BOROUCH
Searching the surnames Yuhas and Borouch in Rakovec? Interesting in corresponding with anyone in the family. Michael Yuhas came to the United States 12 July 1910 when he was 16 years old.
email: Bonita Yuhas - - Posted 15 October 1996

Searching for any info on this family from Tapli Lucska, Slovakia. Michael Jedinak married Anna Mikula probably in or near Kracunovce. He was Roman Catholic and her ass well. Several of Michael's brothers came to US, but parents remained in Slovakia. Johannes Jedinak and Elizabetha Szopko were his parents.
email: - - Posted 15 October 1996

Researching: FECZKO
Am beginning research on my ancestry on the Feczko surname. My grandfather George was born 03 May 1875 in the town of Demjata, county Sariska, in Slovakia... that's about all I know about him, except for his immigration to the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area in 1920. Am having some research done over in Slovakia this fall, and will be glad to share same with anyone interested after researcher returns. Any help prior to his leaving will be appreciated.
email: - - Posted 15 October 1996

Researching: WEITZEN
Researching the Weitzen family of Ulicske Krive. My grandfather was Willmush Weitzen born 1887, his wife was Hana Jakubovicova born 1891, Their children (in order of birth), were Max, Shari, Lenka, Yanko, Jindrich, Regina (my mother) and Herman. Any info on relatives would be appreciated.
email: Henry Lebovic - - Updated 15 October 1996

Following is information regarding my family search. My grandfather came to the United States from Mihalovse about 1899 and settled in the Vanderbilt / Uniontown, Pennsylvania area. He had four brothers, Andrew, Alex, Charles and Michael. Michael was the only brother that stayed In Slovakia. The name has various spellings--Malinich / Malenich / Molinich / Molenich. He also lived in the Confluence, Pennsylvania area. He was married to Anna Keller (my Grandmother). His father's name was John and his mothers name was Anna (maiden name Kuzma). I'm interested in contacting any Malinich in the United States and in Slovakia. My maternal grandfather was Paul Bules and he came to the United States about 1898. My maternal grandmother is Catherine Farkasofsky. My maternal grandmother took her 5 daughters back to Slovakia about 1912. My mother and two Aunts came back to the United States in 1924 and settled in the Uniontown Pennsylvania area. I have cousins in Levoca (Maria Gombova and Pavol Gomba) and Spisska Nova Ves (Jon Gomba). Bules was also spelled as Bulish. I am very interested to hear from all the relatives mentioned above.
email: George Malinich - - Posted 14 October 1996

Researching my grandparents Adam Zmuda, born 1864 and Anna Bernas, born 1872. On his application for citizenship he lists the county he is from as Ruzo, Pilzno, Austria-Poland. He had a brother Frank Zmuda. The mother of Anna Bernas is from Zdzary. Her name is Maria Cyboran. Where is Ruzo, Pilzno, Austria-Poland? Where is Zdzary? Any help with names or towns be appreciated. Thank you.
email: Gloria Gavrun - - Posted 14 October 1996

Researching: GAVRUN, DUDAS
Searching for information about my husbands grandparents from Terakovce, Czecho-Slovakia. Born in 1879. Their names were John Gavrun and Mary Dudas married before coming to the United States in about 1900. If anyone is researching the same family please contact me.
email: Gloria Gavrun - - Posted 14 October 1996

We are searching for a family name. We spell it Hoferitza but think it may be Hoferica.
email: Mark - - Posted 14 October 1996

Researching: EIGNER
I'm searching for the roots of the Eigner family who lived in Trebisov before World War II.
email: - - Posted 14 October 1996

I am searching for family history of the Margitan family. They are from Michalovce Slovakia. My grandmothers maiden name was Maria Kocakova she use to spell it Kocak her husband was Guvaj Margitan. Dad was born in Michalovce on 20 September 1904, and his name was Guvaj Margitan. The family came to the United States before 1910 and settled in Western Pennsylvania in and around Clairton. I don't know when or where grandfarther died. It may have been in the old country. I have dad's birth record with the information gained so far. Any and all help is welcome.
email: - - Posted 14 October 1996

I am searching the names Soth and Murinovej. Michal Soth, (American Schott), was born in Benadikovce, Slovakia, in 1881. This should be in the district of Giraltovce. He was the son of Vasila Soth and Anny Murinovej. His birth certificate states that he was of the Greek Catholic Religion. He came to the United States in 1902 and settled in the coal regions of northeast PA. He brought his 3 brothers and 2 sisters over after him. Any help on this line or the district of Giraltovce would be appreciated. I am the grandson of Michal's brother Wasil Soth (Schott). Thank you for your help.
email: - - Posted 14 October 1996

I am looking for information about Adolph Schwarz and his wife, Regina Winkler Schwarz. They were both born in Nitra, Slovakia. , Adolph in 1857 and Regina in 1882. Anything anyone can contribute will be greatly appreciated.
email: - - Posted 14 October 1996

I am looking for anyone with the last name of Ostradick and Spacinska in Slovakia. The last names are associated with the city or village of Boleraz, in Slovakia. Any with information about these last names or the village of Boleraz would be appreciated.
email: Thomas H. Semelbauer - - Posted 14 October 1996

I am trying to locate relatives still living in Slovakia. The last name is Kresnyak (Kresnak upon arrival in U.S.) and they should be in the towm of Myslava.
email: Kim Kresnak - - Posted 14 October 1996

Researching: ZALEPA, ZALEPPA
Searching for my husband's family surname of Zalepa or Zaleppa.
email: - - Posted 14 October 1996

Researching: VITOVSKY, GALL
My grandfather, John Victor Vitovsky, emmigrated from Czechoslovakia to the Michigan area. I am searching for relatives and information about his family and the family of my paternal grandmother, Victoria Gall. There were five children of the family, two of which are still living: Thomas in Lansing, Michigan, and Gerald in the Chicago area. Deceased siblings are Rose, Mary, John, and Margaret. Any information anyone can provide will be appreciated.
email: John F. Vitovsky - - Posted 14 October 1996

Researching: VNUCK
I am searching for any information on the surname Vnuck. I am sure it is Slovakian because of the words vnucka and vnuckata. Possibly it is from Vnuk. Thanks for any help.
email: David Vnuck - - Posted 14 October 1996

Looking information about the family Nosal, a part of them live actually in Trnva.
email: Olivier Nosal - - Posted 14 October 1996

Researching: HAZUGA
My grandfather, John Hazuga, came from Dobra, Hungary, which became Czechosolvakia and is now Slovakia, on 02 July 1896. They stayed in the McKeesport Pennsylvania area, brought over sister Mary, Joseph, Mike, and Andrew. They stayed in Pennsylvania but grandpa moved to Stanley, Wisconsin 01 October 1899. I am seeking the names of their parents (my great-grandparents) and other Hazuga's who may be in the Dobra nad Ondavou (Vranova nad Toplou) area and in okr. Trebisov area. As a mystery, I have found info of two deceased Hazuga's who are not know to be in the immediate family line; a second Joseph in Washington Country, Pennsylvania and a Paul in Cleveland, Ohio. Appreciate any leads you may have.
email: Jim Hazuga Sr. - - Updated 11 October 1996

My father's parents, like so many others, came to this country in the very early 1900's to work the coal mines in Southwestern Pennsylvania (Cambria County). They appear to have come from the area north of Stropkov (including the towns of Krusinec, Choca, Tisinec and Vislava).
email: - - Updated 11 October 1996

I am searching for information on my grandfather Steve Kuhaida (Stefan Kuhajda or Kuchajda) born in Malatina, Slovakia in 1882. He emigrated to the US in 1910 and settled in the Dillonvale Ohio area. My grandmother, Mary Zochnak was born in 1884 (parents- John Zochnak and Veronica Cabaj) and emigrated with my father, Andrew J. Kuhaida from Malatina in 1913 to join my grandfather in Ohio. Any information on Malatina or the names will be appreciated.
email: Jerry Kuhaida - - Updated 11 October 1996

Researching: PARDOVICH
We are researching the Pardovich surname, from the Presov area of Slovakia.
email: Michael J. Pardovich - - Updated 11 October 1996

I am researching the family name Domen it could also be spelled Doman. My father who was born in Pennsylvania returned with his mother (my grandmother), Sophie to Slovakia, probably in the 1910 thru the 1915's. My father had at least three brothers and at least one sister. Part of the Domen family established in Detroit, and spell their last name Doman, My mother Anna Blasko and father Joseph Domen met and married in the Pittsburgh area. At this point in time, I have very little information on the family and no information on the family in Slovakia, although I know my grandmother and grandfather were born there.
email: Stephen Domen - - Updated 11 October 1996

Researching: PECZEN
Searching for Josef Peczen or relatives. Josef was living in Trnava (then Nagyszombat) in 1914.
email: John Petzen - - Updated 11 October 1996

Adding this surname to see if there is any information on one Joseph and wife Mary Krchnavy who emmigrated into Ellis Island in 1925. He had a brother Paul who did not emigrate. His son, Martin, emigrated from a village outside of Bratislava called Horne Oresany to Ellis Island in and 1914 and 1917. Also looking for information on Joseph and wife Mary Hamarla, who are from Rozina Kriznova. They emigrated to the United States around 1917 and went back in 1922.
email: - - Updated 10 October 1996

Researching: FAFRAK, DURAN
My name is Catharine Mary Fafrak, and I'm looking for any information on my Great-grandparents John and Anna (nee Duran) Fafrak. I believe they were from Gemer province in Slovakia. They came to this country around the turn of the century, and settled in Caldwell, Ohio. John was a coal miner at Coal Ridge. John passed away in the early 1930s and Anna (I believe) in the 1950s. They had seven children. A piece of information to pass on to others. Dr. Lorle Porter of Muskigum College in Ohio wrote a book called, "Immigrant Cocoon: Central Europeans in the Cambridge, Ohio Coalfield". It listed many surnames and statistics, and gave me some insight into what life was like for my Great-grandparents when they came to this country.
email: Cathy Fafrak - - Updated 10 October 1996

Researching: VANISKI
Looking for information on the Vaniski family.
email: - - Updated 10 October 1996

Researching: STOFA, TOMAS
Searching for Stofa and Tomas from Jasenov near Humenne, Zemplin. About 1860.
email: Al Stoffa - - Updated 10 October 1996

Looking for my wife's family around Presov, Bodolak. Researching the Borz, Borsz, Hudak, and Sedlak families from near Presov.
email: - - Updated 09 October 1996

Researching: MARTIS
Searching for information on surname Martis from village of Zubac.
email: - - Updated 09 October 1996

Looking for information for Tricia Konovalov. Her father is Ludvik Siroky. His father-Perer Siroky, His Mother-Maria Stavrovska, Grandparent's Parents - Peter's parents - Juraj & mother - Maria Kanukova. Juraj's Father-Josef Siroky. Maris's parents - Vasel Kanuk & Zuzan Hospodarova. Maria's father - Michal Staurovsky - Maria Sukoska. Michal' parents - Michal Staurovsky & Helena Kanockova. Maria's parents - Jan Sukovsky & Maria Staurovsky.
email: Roderick MacDougall - - Updated 09 October 1996

Researching: ZAKREVSKY
My grandfather, Sam Zakrevsky came to Canada in early 1900's. We are not sure where he came from, Ukraine, Russia, or where. He came over with a cousin named John Zakrevsky. Sam passed away a long time ago, with all the info. I would like to find out more about him, my ancestors, and the family he left behind, 2 daughter, one possibly named Leona. Anyone with family or friends who would have known these people, I would appreciate hearing from you. Thank you.
email: Sonia M. Zakrevsky - - Updated 09 October 1996

First record I have been able to find was of was a wealthy young Tartar in the Service of the Khan. Poland had been attacked by the Tarters in 1243, during which attack a holy relic was stolen. The young nobleman, whose mother was in captivity in Poland, undertook to return the relic. He recovered his mother and the relic, converted to Christianity and remained in Poland, receiving as a gift of thanks a castle in Debno and a new name. Others are Jan Pikarski, a judge, who for his military exploits was rewarded by the Mozowian princes with an estate in Labowicze. Zacheuusz Pikarski, a canaon, built a church in Gosbyn in the sixteenth century. Adryan Pikarski was Father Confessor to three Polish kings. Any information on these individuals would be of great help, or perhaps a e-mail address of someone at the Vatican or Holy See.
email: Victor James William Pekarcik III - - Updated 14 February 1998

Researching the Tarabchak family of Lomne.
email: - - Updated 09 October 1996

Researching: TELTSCHIK
I am seeking details on the history and meaning of my grandfather's family name - Teltschik. He was born in Tocnica, Lucenec, Slovakia. My family has records of the family back several generations, but nothing on the history or origin of the surname. A German, Walter Tektschik, has written a book/thesis on one portion of the family, but I have yet to read the contents.
email: Tim Telcik - - Posted 08 October 1996

I'm just beginning my search. My grandfather is Stephan Cmarada, grandmother - Catherine Otrubach; great-grandfather Paul Otrubach. The lived in Jablonica. My grandfather came to this country in approximately 1905 or 1906. He had one brother, John Cmarada and one or two sisters (I have not been able to confirm the sisters).
email: Sharon Williams - - Posted 08 October 1996

Researching: HUDAK, GRES, GRACE
Searching for the family Hudak from Fricske, Saris County, Slovakia. Father was Emericus born 6 April 1843 and Mother was Sophia Harcsarik born 17 June 1843. Petrus, 15 Oct 1864; Stephanus, born 1 Jan 1868; Andrus, born 11 Oct 1871 came to the U.S.A. and settled in the Larksville, Pennsylvania area. My grandfather was Stephanus who married Ann Gres (Grace) in 1893. The Gres family was from Hertnik, Saris County, Slovakia. I am looking for descendants of Andrew. Peter died young leaving one daughter who never married.
email: Mr. John S. Hudock - - Posted 08 October 1996

Surnames I am searching for are Pisonova or Pishonova. I am also looking for information on the Zuffa surname and the Povlick (sp) surname. The towns they are from are Bratislova and Podbiel. And info would be appreciated.
email: Elaine - - Posted 08 October 1996

I am researching the surname of Gyorgy Hlivko, Hlifka, or Hlivka born in Orehavica, Chechoslovakia in 1890. Came to Ellis Island, New York in 1914. I am also researching the surname of Anna Cepko, Anna Tsapik. Not much information on her other than a village of Orihovitsa, Uahorod District, Zakerb County, USSR. Thank you.
email: Julie Ann Davis - - Posted 08 October 1996

Researching: PLEVA
I am reseraching my last name, Pleva. I would like to know anything on our ancestors.
email: John Pleva - - Posted 08 October 1996

Researching: PANSKA
I am researching the surname Panska.
email: J. C. and A. J. Panska - - Posted 08 October 1996

Researching: YURICK, YURICEK
Hello my name is Mike Yurick. I do not know much about my past, but I would like to. My great grandparents moved to the United States from Czechoslovakia. The translation of my surname into English was Yuricek. My grandfather changed the surname to Yurick. This is all that I know. If you have any information please contact me through my E-mail address.
email: Mike Yurick - - Posted 08 October 1996

Researching: KOBLIK
I would like to research my family surname, Koblik, originating in Eastern Slovakia outside of Humenne in the village of Zbojne (pronounced by the family as Zbine). Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. I speak, read and write Slovak as well as German, French and English.
email: Gary Koblik - - Posted 06 October 1996

I need information on George Serdula d. 1929 who married Susan Sochanic d. 1950 and his brother John Serdula d.? who married Theresa Kapral (1st marriage) d. 1950 in Stakcin in far northeastern Slovakia. George and Susan had six children: Catherine (m. Hirbik) d. 1993?, George (m. Theresa Kapral) d. 1985, Maria (m. Lucov) d.1980, Anthony, my grandfather, m. Theresa Urban) d.1938 in Corning, New York, and Susan (m. Kustakova) d.1973.

John Serdula and Theresa Kapral had three children: Mary (m. Kalinich), Alex (m.Cimback) and Nicholas. John died and Theresa Kapral Serdulova then married Michael Urban and had four children: Theresa (m. Anthony Serdula), Michael, Charles, and George. Theresa Kapral came from the nearby town of Rustica? which is about a half hour, or less, north near the Polish/Ukraine border.

I'd like more information and addresses about and for these people and their children living in Stakcin and Rustica? Thery are all my cousins and I would like to have more information before I (Steve Frey), my mother (Helen Serdula Frey), her sister (Ann Serdula Lee), and my father Richard Frey visit Slovakia in Spring 1997.
email: Steve Frey - - Posted 06 October 1996

Researching: TKAC
Grandfather's name was Michael Tkac. He left Bratislava arond 1910 and entered the United States through Ellis Island. He resided until his death in McKeesport, Pennsylvania.
email: - - Posted 06 October 1996

Researching: POHLUT, POHLUD
I am looking for information on John Pohlot or Pohlud. The name may have been changed or shortened when he came through Ellis Island. He was born about 1860 because he married in 1885 to Theresa Walko, a Catholic in Yonkers, New York. John died 1912 in Yonkers. He spoke Slovak and was a Lutheran. Probably came alone as no other relatives are known. Was considered a Peasant but worked all his life in the city of Yonkers as a day laborer. Obviously came from a city in Slovakia. Where to start looking? Need help badly.
email: - - Posted 06 October 1996

Researching: NOSKO
I am looking for information on the Nosko surname.
email: Steve Nosko - - Posted 06 October 1996

Hi, my name is Christine Fetzko and I'm researching my family lines. My grandfather's slovak name was Fecko. According to what information I have the Fecko's have now become Parana, Hlavaty, Gura, and Wasko. My great great grandmother's name was Parana and was born in Pavlany near Poprad. I also have the following list of individual names: Jury Bradac, Partizaska 3, 04001 Kosice; Sophia Gurova, Vysne Repase, Spis Nove Ves; Paul Gura, Vysne Repase, Spis Nova Ves. Any info at all would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks.
email: Christine Fetzko - - Posted 05 October 1996

Researching: BINDAS
Our family name is Bindas from the city of Vranov Nad Toplou. Thank you for any help that anyone can provide.
email: Josie - - Posted 05 October 1996

Researching: SOKIRKA
I'm in the initial process of researching my family's roots. Depending on whom I ask, Sokirka is either Russian, Slovakian or Czech. My problem is that all the elder members of my family are now gone. If anyone can help, I'd be grateful for their assistance.
email: - - Posted 05 October 1996

Researching: SZIGETI, TOTH
The surnames I'm interested in are Szigeti which is my Grandfather's and Toth, his mother's maiden name. My grandfather was born Anthony Sigeti in Uzhorod in 1886.
email: Anthony F. Sigeti - - Posted 04 October 1996

Researching my Father's ancestry: Mother was Julia Orysic (Oryszczak? Oryszak?) and sister was Nastasia Orysic, emigrated from Sanok region in 1906. Village unknown. Father Michael and mother Mary Kulito, she had 7 brothers left in Carpathian region of southern Poland. Greek Catholic, perhapps Lemko, wrote Cyrilic hence uncertain spellings. They raised horses in the mountains and that's all I know. My brothers and sisters and I would be happy for any help or information from researchers, or translation of the Slovak word "Cislo". Thank you!
email: Ellen Orson (Orysic) - - Posted 04 October 1996

Researching: QUITTMAN
Any help on the Quittman surname from around Lubotin would be very welcome!
email: Phil Quittman - - Posted 04 October 1996

Researching: REPAK, HALCO
I think both surnames, Repak and Halco, are Slovak based on the family recipes I have recently found on Slovak web pages.
email: Terri (Repak) Lent - - Posted 04 October 1996

Researching: LESKO, LIPTAK
Seeking ancestors and descendants of John Lesko born 1874 in Krive, Saros County, Hungary. Deceased 1923 Duquesne, Pennsylvania. Elizabeth Liptak born 1881 in Fonix-Huta, Saros County, Hungary. Deceased 1970 Duquesne, Pennsylvania.
email: - - Posted 04 October 1996

I am researching the names Reiss (Reisz ?), and Kupfenburg in the town (which was in Austria-Hungary) was called Vagh-Besztercze and is now in Slovakia, and is called Povaszka-Bystrica. The farthest back I can go to date is my Great Great Grandfather, Adolf Reiss, who was born in the above mentioned town 19 January 1851, and his wife Nettie (Kupfenburg) Reiss born same on 05 July 1853. These dates are verified by death certificates which I possess. They emigrated to the Chicago area after marrying and having 5 boys and 3 girls, 6 of which went to Chicago, and 2 went to Los Angeles. I really would like to know who Adolf's Parents are, and if there were any siblings.
email: David Rosner - - Posted 04 October 1996

Researching the name Maruskin. My grandfather's name was Andrew. He was born in Polemka, Slovakia 29 October 1899. He had brother's Joe and Frank who emmigrated to Youngstown, Ohio. There was another brother who stayed in Slovakia. A nephew (John Maruskin) was a priest in Ohio. Any information on other family links would be appreciated. Andrew Maruskin married Mary Hroblak and moved to Canada.
email: Stephen Kubica - - Posted 01 October 1996

Researching: DINGA
Researching the surname Dinga. Their home was in Myjava.
email: Julie-Ann Zilavy - - Posted 01 October 1996

Researching: LYHA
Researching the family name Lyha. In particular Father Lyha who is a retired Catholic priest living in Bratislava. His sister was Caterina who was born in 1888 in Drahovic. Father Lyha has a niece (86 years old) in Canada.
email: Stephen Kubica - - Posted 01 October 1996

Researching: HAJDUK
Researching the name Hajduk. I am a Canadian presently researching my family name. I have been able to determine that my relatives came from a part(s) of slovakia called Ciesyn (Teshen), Silesia (Slizia). Any information that you have relative to the name Hajduk or the communities from where they came would be greatly appreciated. Thank-you in advance for taking the time to read my note.
email: David Heiduk - - Posted 01 October 1996

Researching: BUKOVAN
I am looking for any information on the surname Bukovan. If anyone has any information, please send it to me.
email: - - Posted 01 October 1996

Researching: STORA, FAJTAK
We are looking for information on the Stora surname and the Fajtak surname. The village they came from was Male Levare.
email: Julie-Ann Zilavy - - Posted 01 October 1996

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